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Книги серии «Rama»

Эта серия относится к следующим жанрам: Фантастика, Научная Фантастика, Космическая фантастика
В этой серии представлено творчесво следующих авторов: Clarke Arthur C, Clarke Arthur Charles, Lee Gentry,

Incontro con Rama , часть 1.

Come sarà il nostro primo incontro con una razza, una civiltà extraterrestre? Gli scettici dicono: non ci sarà mai. I pessimisti obiettano: già non riusciamo ad andare d'accordo fra noi, figurarsi con gli alieni. Nondimeno, milioni di uomini continuano a fantasticare appassionatamente su quel tema, e decine di scrittori a esplorarne tutte le varianti possibili. Questo Rama, questo corpo estraneo che si presenta un giorno nel nostro cielo, questo cilindro grandioso che è astronave, relitto, museo, enigmatica e solenne cattedrale, si può considerare una delle invenzioni di maggior fascino mai create dalla fantascienza. E la bravura di Clarke, maestro di verosimiglianza cosmica, sta nel persuaderci col suo inimitabile piglio insieme avventuroso e scientifico, che si tratta anche di un'invenzione tutt'altro che «impossibile». Che proprio così andranno forse le cose, quando scoccherà l'ora del primo incontro.

Автор: Clarke Arthur C
Rama II , часть 1.

70 years after the events of Rendezvous with Rama, a second Raman vessel enters our solar system. Its arrival is expected and an expedition is sent to unlock more of Rama’s mysteries, but the crew are unprepared both for what they find and for the conflicts that arise between them. Rama II brings new characters into a new story and is mostly unrelated to the original and largely serves to set up its own sequels. It ends with three of the twelve astronauts stranded inside Rama as it travels out of the solar system, Nicole des Jardins Wakefield, Richard Wakefield and Michael O’Toole.

Unlike Rendezvous with Rama, which depicted a utopian future and focused almost entirely on the hard science fiction elements regarding the scientific wonders of the alien spacecraft, Rama II and its sequels deconstruct Clarke’s vision of human colonies throughout the solar system through a global economic crisis that forced their almost total deactivation. Then follows a very different storytelling that brings forward contemporary issues like abortion, racism, drug abuse and organized crime.


In 1973, Clarke’s Rendezvous with Rama won the Hugo, Nebula and Campbell awards. This new novel is the second in a trilogy about the mystifying world-ships and their flybys of our solar system. Unfortunately, the focus is no longer on alien mysteries, but on the petty concerns of an unlikely assortment of cosmonauts. The 12 specialists chosen to explore a second Raman craft passing through human space 70 years after the first are more involved with adultery, religion and media contracts than they are with scientific advancement. Not only are their actions unrealistic, but the chapter titles telegraph what comes next. The excitement of discovery that was present in the first book is altogether missing from this soap opera plot.

(Publishers Weekly)
Автор: Clarke Arthur C
Rendezvous cu Rama , часть 1.

In anul de gratie 2130, un obiect straniu este descoperit insurubandu-se in spatiu, pe ceea ce ar putea constitui un curs de coliziune cu Pamantu.

Ce este? de unde vine? Si, cel mai important, ce doreste?

Автор: Clarke Arthur C
Rendezvous with Rama , часть 1.

Nebula Best Novel winner (1974)

Hugo Best Novel winner (1974)

At first, only a few things are known about the celestial object that astronomers dub Rama. It is huge, weighing more than ten trillion tons. And it is hurtling through the solar system at inconceivable speed. Then a space probe confirms the unthinkable: Rama is no natural object. It is an interstellar spacecraft. Space explorers and planet-bound scientists alike prepare for mankind’s first encounter with alien intelligence. It will kindle their wildest dreams… and fan their darkest fears. For no one knows who the Ramans are or why they have come. And now the moment of rendezvous awaits—just behind a Raman airlock door.

Автор: Clarke Arthur Charles
Setkání s Rámou , часть 1.

Román klasika světové sci-fi nás zavede do roku 2131, kdy lidstvo kolonizovalo už několik planet a setkává se s kosmickou lodí vyspělé mimozemské civilizace.

Автор: Clarke Arthur C
Rama II , часть 2.

Rama est revenu ! Rama, ou plutôt son double, son clone, son jumeau : Rama II. Soixante-dix ans plus tôt, un mystérieux engin extraterrestre traversait brièvement le système solaire, donnant corps à cette fabuleuse révélation : l’homme n’était pas seul dans l’Univers.

Et voilà qu’en cette année 2196, le scénario se répète ! Un deuxième vaisseau interstellaire, exactement semblable au précédent, se matérialise dans l’espace… L’humanité, pour la seconde fois de son histoire, envoie une équipe de savants à la rencontre du visiteur.

Mission exaltante, bien sûr, mais les intentions des uns et des autres sont-elles aussi nobles qu’elles le paraissent ? Sans oublier celles de l’étranger : pourquoi la nef infléchit-elle brusquement sa course vers la Terre ? Que dissimulent les flancs de Rama II ? Des merveilles… ou un danger mortel ?

Grădina din Rama , часть 3.

…Sesilele sunt o specie lipsita de aparare. Pe domeniul lor nu au nici un fel de arme. Pana si forma lor mobila, care are dexteritatea fizica de a folosi arme, este in esenta non-violenta. Pentru a se apara de ceea ce se tem ca va fi invazia inevitabila a oamenilor, sesilele le-au indrumat pe mirmipisicile mobile sa construiasca fortarete in jurul a patru dintre cele mai batrane si dezvoltate din specia lor. Intre timp pepenii-mana nu mai sunt lasati sa germineze, iar mirmipisicile care nu sunt implicate in procesul de construire sunt de timpuriu transformate in coconi. Daca oamenii isi mai intarzie atacul cu cateva intervale, cum se pare ca vor face, este posibil ca in timpul invaziei lor sa gaseasca doar cateva mirmipisici…

Автор: , Clarke Arthur C
O jardim de Rama , часть 3.

Nesta sequência de O Enigma de Rama, é mostrada a vida dos astronautas que foram deixados a bordo da espaçonave extraterrestre Rama. Em sua interação com esse estranho habitat vão descobrir que existem outros tripulantes que os acompanham na viagem para fora do Sistema Solar.

Zahrada Rámova , часть 3.

Zahrada Rámova je sci-fi román A.C. Clarka a Gentryho Lee. Román je součástí tetralogie o Rámovi, mimozemské kosmické lodi, která prolétávala Sluneční soustavou. V angličtině kniha vyšla 26. září 1991, v češtině v nakladatelství Baronet roce 1994 a 2010. Překladatelem knihy je Vladimír Hanák.

Román rozvádí děj předešlého dílu, Návrat Rámy, a líčí příběh Nicole des Jardinsové, Richarda Wakefielda a Michaela O'Toola, kteří zůstali v Rámovi poté, co z něj odletěl zbytek průzkumné posádky. Kniha má celkem 5 kapitol: Nicolin deník, V Uzlu, Setkání na Marsu, Svatební píseň a Soud.

Rama Revealed , часть 4.

“Rama Revealed” (1993) is a science fiction novel by Arthur C. Clarke and Gentry Lee. It is the last of three sequels to Clarke's “Rendezvous with Rama” by these authors, and as the title suggests reveals the mysteries behind the enigmatic “Rama” spacecraft.

The book picks up the story immediately after the end of “The Garden of Rama.” The book follows the story of Nicole Wakefield and her escape from imprisonment left at the cliffhanger of the previous book.

As the human colony continues to degenerate with respect to living conditions and human rights, the members of Nicole's family escape to the region nicknamed “New York”, where they come into contact with the third alien species, known as “Octospiders” living in the Rama spacecraft. The Octospiders were a simple species until a space-faring species made contact with them and forever changed their society. Undergoing genetic enhancements, the Octospiders were eventually able to form a utopia of sorts.

Eventually, the situation becomes dire enough that Rama's controlling intelligence intervenes to end the conflict caused by the Humans onboard.

The Rama spacecraft rendezvous with an enormous “Tetrahedron” near the star Tau Ceti, at a place designed to research any intelligent life capable of spaceflight.

Razboi pe Rama , часть 4.

…In ultimele patru zile, grupuri mici de oameni au intreprins misiuni de recunoastere la sol, iar cele doua elicoptere, misiuni similare in aer. In regiunea cercetata de oameni se afla aproape treizeci la suta din rezervele noastre de hrana, energie si apa. Nu au avut loc lupte…. Totusi, am plasat indicatoare in locuri cheie, folosind ceea ce cunoastem din limba voastra, pentru a-i informa pe soldatii oameni ca intregul semicilindru sudic este taramul unei alte specii avansate, dar pasnice si pentru a le cere sa se intoarca in regiunea lor. Indicatoarele noastre au fost ignorate. Acum doua zile s-a petrecut un incident neplacut. De aceea, am aratat in mod clar ca orice alt comportament similar va fi considerat un act de razboi…


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