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Книги серии «Warriors: Omen of the Stars»

В этой серии представлено творчесво следующих авторов: Hunter Erin

The Fourth Apprentice , часть 1.

It has been foretold that Jayfeather and Lionblaze will hold the power of the stars in their paws. Now they must wait for a sign from StarClan to tell them which of their Clanmates will complete the prophecy. Soon, a StarClan warrior will visit a new ThunderClan apprentice—and the lives of the three chosen cats will be forever linked.

Автор: Hunter Erin
Night Whispers , часть 3.

Jayfeather and Lionblaze are convinced that the deadly battle between ThunderClan and ShadowClan should not have happened, and they are determined to uncover the real reason that StarClan may have led them astray. Meanwhile, Dovepaw must face a startling fact and realize that evil is sometimes no more than a whisper’s length away. As tensions between the four Clans grow, one cat will make a stand for what is right—but at what price?

Автор: Hunter Erin
Sign of the Moon , часть 4.

The dark forces that have driven a rift between the four warrior Clans are growing stronger. While Lionblaze remains focused on protecting ThunderClan from another deadly battle, Jayfeather receives a desperate plea for help from the Tribe of Rushing Water and must travel to the mountains in search of answers. But with the summons comes an ominous warning that suggests the power of the stars may not be enough to save the Clans…

Автор: Hunter Erin
The Last Hope , часть 6.

The battle between the Dark Forest and the warrior Clans has come. As the cats seek out their allies and enemies, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovewing wait desperately for the fourth cat who is prophesied to help them lead the Clans to victory—and who may be their only hope for survival.

Автор: Hunter Erin

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