When Hunter stood his eyes were different, not so filled with dark shadows. He hugged Cynthia and said, “I’ll call when I get some time. You call if you need anything.”

Cynthia kissed his cheek. “Thank you.” She didn’t seem able to say anything else but walked them back out to the front porch and hugged Abbie good-bye.

Abbie was trying to assess everything that had happened, to figure out why Hunter had brought her here.

He walked over to the car and said something to the driver, who nodded, then drove away.

“How are we getting back to the airport?” Abbie asked.

“He’s not going far,” Hunter answered. “Take a walk with me to a park about a block away? Please?”

She put her hand in his. When they were out of sight of the house, she asked, “What’s this really about, Hunter?”

“You haven’t asked about Borys,” he said, blatantly dodging her question.

“Okay, I’ll play. How’s Borys?”

“He’s good. Sends his love. Says he’d like to see you. Don’t you want to know where he is?”

“No. I really understand your need to be careful.”

“He’s in Wyoming at a new location. Pretty place up in the mountains I’d like to show you.”

Abbie stopped and turned to him, but he held on to her hand. “Why are you telling me this?”

Hunter lifted his free hand and held her cheek. “Because I love you and I trust you. I’ve never told anyone about Cynthia, not even Borys. There are some things in my work I won’t be able to tell you, because it’s classified and this is what I do. But I trust you with my life and my love.”

A tear leaked and ran down her face. He really did trust her. “How do you do that?”

“What, sweetheart?”

“Make me crazy to beat you one minute and crazy to love you the next.”

He pulled her to him and kissed her. She gave up trying to figure out anything except how she could keep her hands on this incredible man forever. “I love you,” she murmured between kisses, then pulled back. “What about your people or agency or whatever?”

“They aren’t crazy about me being with someone connected to the media, but… I’m willing to leave the agency if reporting is what you want to do.”

“I couldn’t do that to the man I love,” she whispered.

“Baby, you have no idea how much I love you or what I’m willing to do to keep you.” He looked down at her. “I want you in my life more than anyone or anything else. Marry me.”

She smiled and lifted her hand to trace his lips. He kissed her fingertips. “The good news is that I hate working in television news. Hate dealing with scum. I want to film documentaries.”

“I’ll buy you anything you need-”

“You can buy me camera equipment, but I want to make my own contacts and build a name again for myself in the business.”

“Whatever you say as long as I get to hire a security team to protect you when I’m not around to do it myself.”

Her heart thumped. He’d be a possessive and protective husband. She could live with that. “How about a deal?”

Hunter stared at her a minute, then said, “Sounds like something that requires hours and hours of negotiating.”

“One thing isn’t negotiable,” she said, and smiled when he didn’t look so sure of himself.


“That I love you and always will.”

Sherrilyn Kenyon

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Dianna Love

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Изображение к книге Silent Truth