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A Carnivore's Inquiry

Sabina Murray’s first book since she won the PEN/Faulkner Award for The Caprices seduces with its dark delight in her taboo subject.

When we meet Katherine, the winning—and rather disturbing—twenty-three-year-old narrator, she has just left Italy and arrived in New York City, but what has propelled her there is a mystery. She soon strikes up an affair with a middle-aged Russian émigré novelist she meets on the subway, and almost immediately moves into his apartment. Katherine’s occasional allusions to a frighteningly eccentric mother and tyrannical father suggest a somberness at the center of her otherwise flippant and sardonic demeanor. Soon restless, she begins journeying from literary New York to rural Maine and Mexico City, trailed, everywhere she goes, by a string of murders. As the ritualistic killings begin to pile up, Katherine takes to meditating on cannibalism in literature, art, and history, and examining subjects as diverse as the Donner Party, the fall of Dante’s Count Ugolino, and the true story behind Géricault’s “The Raft of the Medusa.” The story races toward a hair-raising conclusion, while Katherine and the reader close in on the reasons for both her and her mother’s fascination with aberrant, violent behavior.

This is a novel of ideas and a brilliantly subtle commentary on twenty-first-century consumerism and Western culture’s obsession with new frontiers. Told in highly intelligent prose “with echoes of both Poe and Patrick McGrath” (Book Forum), A Carnivore’s Inquiry is a sly, unsettling exploration of the questionable appetites that lurk beneath the veneer of North American civilization.

Автор: Murray Sabina
A Chalice of Wind

After seventeen-year-old Thais Allard loses her widowed father in a tragic car accident, she is forced to leave the only home she's ever known to live with a total stranger in New Orleans. New Orleans greets Thais with many secrets and mysteries, but none as unbelievable as the moment she comes face to face with the impossible — an identical twin, Clio.

Thais soon learns that she and the twin she never knew come from a family of witches, that she possesses astonishing powers, and that she, along with Clio, has a key role in Balefire, the coven she was born into. Fiery Clio is less than thrilled to have to share the spotlight, but the twins must learn to combine their powers in order to complete a rite that will transform their lives and the coven forever.

Автор: Tiernan Cate
Серия: Balefire
A Fistful of Charms

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Серия: The Hollows
A Girl's Guide to Vampires

Joy Randall's Top 5 Tips for Vampire Hunters

1. Location, location, location. Remember, if you wouldn't be there, neither would a bloodsucker. They won't be found dead (ha!) in places like discos, ten-minute lube shops, or Switzerland. Check the Czech Republic.

2. Trust your eyes. You know the handsome, annoyingly arrogant, self-assured man in the shadows with long hair and a cleft in his chin? He's your vampire.

3. No matter how tempting it might be, DO NOT "ACCIDENTALLY" ACQUIRE A PAPER CUT AND SUGGEST YOUR VAMPIRE KISS YOUR FINGER TO MAKE IT BETTER. What you offer as a snack, he might take for a four-course meal.

4. From here on out, play it cool. Don't offer to accompany your prince of the night on the talk show circuit and WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T OFFER HIM YOUR HEART.

5. And most of all, remember—being a vampire is nothing to laugh about.

Серия: Dark Ones
A Good Marriage

Now a major motion picture, Stephen King’s brilliant and terrifying story of a marriage with truly deadly secrets.

Darcy Anderson’s husband of more than twenty years is away on one of his routine business trips when the unsuspecting Darcy looks for batteries in the garage. Her toe knocks up against a hidden box under a worktable and in it she discovers a trove of horrific evidence that her husband is two men—one, the benign father of her children, the other, a raging rapist and murderer. It’s a horrifying discovery, rendered with bristling intensity, and it definitively ends “A Good Marriage.”

About the Author

Stephen King is the author of more than fifty books, all of them worldwide bestsellers. His recent work includes Doctor Sleep and Under the Dome, now a major TV miniseries on CBS. His novel 11/22/63 was named a top ten book of 2011 by The New York Times Book Review and won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Mystery/Thriller as well as the Best Hardcover Book Award from the International Thriller Writers Association. He is the recipient of the 2003 National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. He lives in Bangor, Maine, with his wife, novelist Tabitha King.

Автор: King Stephen
A. Lisin [СИ]

Как Вы думаете, Вселенная — натура авантюрная? Могу Вас заверить, что да!

Многие заводят фейковые (ложные) страницы в соцсетях с разными целями. Алиса тоже не стала исключением и создала лжепрофиль, но не ради баловства, а чтобы доказать правоту. Может ли созданная ею страница зажить своей жизнью? И если да, то кто за этим стоит?

Автор: Piccirilli Tom
A Questionable Shape

"The smartest zombie novel since Colson Whitehead's Zone One."

— Ron Charles, The Washington Post

"A Questionable Shape presents the yang to the yin of Whitehead’s Zone One, with chess games, a dinner invitation, and even a romantic excursion. Echoes of [Thomas] Bernhard’s hammering circularity and [David Foster] Wallace’s bright mind that can’t stop making connections are both present. The point is where the mind goes, and, in that respect, Sims has his thematic territory down cold."

— The Daily Beast

"A thinking fan's zombie novel… one that asks the question: Do we lose our humanity when the world starts to crumble?"

— Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Yes, it's a zombie novel, but also an emotionally resonant meditation on memory and loss."

— San Francisco Chronicle

"Compressed, copiously footnoted and literary, Bennett Sims' A Questionable Shape focuses on a zombie outbreak's effect on a young man and his girlfriend in a single week, in which he and his best friend undertake a quixotic, zombie-strewn search for a missing father."

— Los Angeles Times

"Evokes the power of David Foster Wallace with a narrative that's cerebral, strangely beautiful, philosophical, and pretty, well, brilliant."

— Bustle

"A Questionable Shape is a novel for those who read in order to wake up to life, not escape it, for those who themselves like to explore the frontiers of the unsayable. [A Questionable Shape] is more than just a novel. It is literature. It is life."

— The Millions

"Brilliantly sensitive, whip-smart… Sims’ genius lies in how he builds a terrifically engrossing and utterly unique novel, not in spite, but rather because of the familiarity of the material. A book that is just as touching and funny as it is riotously smart."

— The Rumpus

"Bennett Sims is a writer fearsomely equipped with an intellectual and linguistic range to rival a young Nabokov's, Nicholson Baker's gift for miniaturistic intaglio, and an arsenal of virtuosities entirely his own. A Questionable Shape announces a literary talent of genre-wrecking brilliance."

— Wells Tower

Mazoch discovers an unreturned movie sleeve, a smashed window, and a pool of blood in his father's house; the man has gone missing. So he creates a list of his father's haunts and asks Vermaelen to help track him down.

However, hurricane season looms over Baton Rouge, threatening to wipe out any undead not already contained, and eliminate all hope of ever finding Mazoch's father.

Bennett Sims turns typical zombie fare on its head to deliver a wise and philosophical rumination on the nature of memory and loss.

Bennett Sims was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His fiction has appeared in A Public Space, Tin House, and Zoetrope: All-Story. A graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop, he currently teaches at the University of Iowa, where he is the Provost Postgraduate Visiting Writer in fiction.

Автор: Sims Bennett
A Winter Haunting

Dale Stewart's life has become a shadow of what it once was. A respected college professor and successful novelist, he sabotaged his career and his marriage with an obsessive love affair that ended badly.With darkness closing in on him, Dale decides to return to his boyhood home in Illinois. Drawn by a recurring nightmare that has plagued him since his youth -- and a troubling certainty that something is waiting for him there -- he hopes to exorcise his demons.In the last hours of Halloween, he reaches the outskirts of the dying town of Elm Haven. There, he moves into the abandoned farmhouse that was once the home of his closest boyhood friend, the strange and brilliant Duane McBride, who lost his young life in a grisly "accident" back in the terrible summer of 1960. Hoping to find peace in isolation, he settles in for the long, harsh winter.But Dale is not alone. Soon after he arrives, cryptic messages begin appearing mysteriously on his computer screen while he struggles to work on his novel. He sees black dogs roaming the grounds. And an old enemy has reemerged, a bully who seems as determined to persecute Dale as he was in childhood.

Автор: Simmons Dan

For more than 70 years the Exeter Packing House, with its foreboding red brick structure, clock tower and blackened smokestack, has stood alone in ominous silence amidst the industrial squalor of Derbytown—its empty and decayed interior hiding a horrific past with a deadly secret that’s patiently awaiting the light of day.

But famed architect Alex Cantrell has a vision. His ambitious dream is to transform the aged slaughterhouse (abattoir) into a thing of beauty—the most elegant, well-designed and appointed lofts the city has ever seen. The vision becomes a quest as he decides to go all in—foregoing his partnership in a leading architectural firm, leveraging his life savings, and risking everything (including his vast reputation)—to meet this ultimate challenge.

Soon, residents begin to move into the building, renamed the Exeter Lofts, anxious to begin their new lives in this one-of-a-kind abode. However, despite his best intentions, Cantrell’s dream will soon unleash unspeakable horror, resulting in an unforgettable nightmare. One by one, the residents begin to experience oddities—strange animal-like smells that come and go, clocks and timing devices that suddenly stop and start, the industrial whine of gears and chains in the dead of night, the sound of knives being sharpened, and fanning clouds of warm blood appearing on ceilings. Worse, the building’s very structure is somehow bringing the resident’s deepest, darkest fears to the surface. Over it all, a hidden presence is lurking somewhere within the abattoir’s walls—sensing, listening, watching.

Is it a haunting? Is it the residual negative energy that dates back to the building’s original purpose as a slaughterhouse? Is it a manifestation of pure evil? Or is it something much, much worse…?


Two-time Bram Stoker Award-winning author Elizabeth Massie’s “Abed” – called one of the most disturbing horror stories ever written – was first published in the anthology STILL DEAD, edited by John Skipp & Craig Spector. You’ve seen plenty of stories of zombies, decapitation, “double-tapping” and gore… but if you’ve never experienced this story (now a film by Ryan Lieske…


Автор: Massie Elizabeth
About a Woman, a Zombie Chronicles Novel

Dora suddenly has more to worry about than getting to the doctor's office. Smashing her car, she finds herself stranded on a day when all hell is breaking loose in Kansas City. Going on is not an option, walking two miles, in this heat? This is not something she does, not ever. Where are those overpaid cops when you need a hand? They always seemed to be there when Dora was driving forty-five in a twenty mile an hour school zone, but now when the flesh eating undead are after her, they are nowhere to be found.

Walking back to the last intersection she finds a fast food place still open for business as usual, going in she meets her new best friends; Paige and Mike. When the bullets start flying the three scuttle back to take cover in the manager's office, turning on an old television set they begin to realize how bad their situation actually is. They need to get out of the restaurant, but with the chaos starting all around them, where can they go?


The digital era: Analog is all but dead, but the rusted towers still strobe on the evening horizon. They project a conflicting myriad of hope, despair and eyeless ghouls who claim to see the world in gigahertz.

A small town in Vermont broadcasts prophecies of its residents’ deaths. Rey, a cutlery salesman, seems to flicker at the center of every murder on screen. He thinks the town is rigged with cameras, or the locals are trying to set him up. But as the broadcasts grow increasingly surreal, and maniacs start showing up in town to remove his sensory organs, Rey starts to realize that the images pulsing beneath the static-riddled airwaves have woven him into a battle between people who believe that analog is the frequency of the gods.

Автор: Jones Kirk

Jasper introduces tattoo artist Riley Poe in this shallow launch of a Southern-fried vampire romance trilogy. Once a wild child, Riley is now a surrogate parent to her younger brother, Seth. Riley's adopted Gullah relatives provide a living blood bank for the Dupré family of "good" vampires, who kept deadly undead "strigoi" bloodsuckers encrypted in Savannah's Bonaventure Cemetery until Seth's teenage prank freed them. Now evil strigoi Victorian and Valerian are bent on recruiting Seth and slaking their thirst on Riley's rare blood. Mysterious and magnetic Eli Dupré, entrusted with Riley's protection, both thrills her and freaks her out with vampiric cravings and sensual caresses. This superficial addition to today's vampire craze, couched in superheated first-person tough-girl lingo, adds only a few meager drops of insight into the current popularity of Dracula's literary descendants.

Автор: Jasper Elle
Alea jacta est

Тебя невзлюбил твой собственный класс. Что бы ты не делала — ты всегда была одна. Но, однажды вернулась твоя подруга. Твоя умершая подруга…

Alea jasta est

Тебя невзлюбил твой собственный класс. Что бы ты не делала — ты всегда была одна. Но, однажды вернулась твоя подруга. Твоя умершая подруга…

Alice in Zombieland

Can Alice escape Zombieland before the Dead Red Queen catches up to her?

When little Alice falls asleep, she finds herself in an undead nightmare of rotting flesh and insanity. Following a talking rat, she ventures further into this land of zombies and monsters.

There’s also something else troubling poor Alice: her skin is rotting and her hair is falling out. She’s cold and there’s the haunting feeling that if she remains in Zombieland any longer, she might never leave and forever be caught between life and death.

Have a seat at the table for the Tea Party of your life and explore the wondrous adventure that is Zombieland.

Alien: Covenant

Ridley Scott returns to the universe he created, with Alien: Covenant, a new chapter in his groundbreaking Alien adventure. The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise. But it is actually a dark, dangerous world.

When they uncover a threat beyond their imaginations, they must attempt a harrowing escape.

Acclaimed author Alan Dean Foster also returns to the universe he first encountered with the official novelization of the original Alien film. Alien: Covenant is the pivotal adventure that preceded that seminal film, and leads to the events that will yield one of the most terrifying sagas of all time.

Автор: Foster Alan Dean
Серия: Alien
Alien: Covenant - Origins - The Official Movie Prequel

The Covenant mission is the most ambitious endeavor in the history of Weyland-Yutani. A ship bound for Origae-6, carrying two thousand colonists beyond the limits of known space, this is make-or-break investment for the corporation—and for the future of all mankind.

Yet there are those who would die to stop the mission. As the colony ship hovers in Earth orbit, several violent events reveal a deadly conspiracy to sabotage the launch. While Captain Jacob Branson and his wife Daniels complete their preparations, security chief Daniel Lopé recruits the final key member of his team. Together they seek to stop the perpetrators before the ship and its passengers can be destroyed.

An original novel by the acclaimed ALAN DEAN FOSTER, author of the groundbreaking Alien novelization, Origins is the official chronicle of the events that led up to Alien: Covenant. It also reveals the world the colonists left behind.

Автор: Foster Alan Dean
Серия: Alien

Новинки! Свежие поступления книг жанра «Ужасы и Мистика»

  •  Кантата победивших смерть
     Тремблей Пол Дж
     Фантастика, Социально-психологическая фантастика, Ужасы и Мистика, Детективы и Триллеры, Триллер

    Пол Тремблей — американский писатель, работающий в жанрах хоррора, черного фэнтези и научной фантастики, произведения которого были отмечены тремя премиями Брэма Стокера, премией «Локус» и Британской премией фэнтези.

    Соединенные Штаты охвачены опаснейшей эпидемией бешенства. Койоты, кошки, лисы, мелкие грызуны нападают на жителей небольших городов и мегаполисов, укус приводит к немедленному заражению, в считаные часы развиваются лихорадка и нарушение мозговой деятельности. Жертвы «нового бешенства», в свою очередь, проявляют агрессию и тоже нападают на людей. Нерасторопность должностных лиц, всеобщая паника, заторы на дорогах, мародерство…

    Рамола Шерман, молодой педиатр, плыла по течению своей жизни, особо не задумываясь о будущем. Одинокая, старательная, надежный коллега, серая мышь. Но когда опасность подстерегает повсюду и земля горит под ногами, ей поневоле придется стать другим человеком. СОВСЕМ ДРУГИМ…

  •  Город Спящих
     Матюхин Александр Александрович
     Фантастика, Ужасы и Мистика, Детское, Детская фантастика, Детская литература

    Тошику исполнилось шестнадцать, а Вике, его сестре, шесть, когда родители пропали. Ребята узнали, что их папа на самом деле – охотник за нечистью, а мама – проводник в мир мёртвых! Много лет назад они сбежали из Города Спящих, хотели жить простой человеческой жизнью… И вот теперь Тошик и Вика отправляются в тот самый Город Спящих, чтобы найти родителей. Им нужно быть предельно осторожными: Забытый Зверь отправился на охоту, огромный, косматый, набравшийся смелости и сил. И он идёт по их следу. Хватит ли смелости и сил у брата и сестры, чтобы завершить начатое?

  •  Страх в кукольном домике
     Велес Анна
     Фантастика, Ужасы и Мистика, Детективы и Триллеры, Детектив

    В детективное агентство «Хеймдаль» обратился давний деловой партнер отца шефов, Майка и Гнома, – дядя Егор, как они с детства привыкли его называть. Его большая семья живет в загородном имении, давно выкупленном бизнесменом и его братом-близнецом. Там недавно умер дядя Юрий, второй глава семейства, и его старшая дочь Мария. Их смерть явно выглядит неестественной, притом есть одна зловещая деталь – рядом с телами были обнаружены куклы, пугающе похожие на убитых…

  •  До мозга костей
     Шеффер Ребекка
     Фантастика, Ужасы и Мистика,

    Нита расчленяет монстров. Ее мать их убивает и приносит дочери, чтобы потом продать органы и части тела в интернете. Но однажды мама приводит домой живое создание. Нита решает: это уже слишком, и, спасая жертву, сама в качестве товара оказывается на Рынке смерти, самом большом рынке по продаже частей тел сверхъестественных существ, ведь она… тоже монстр.

    Нита совершила благородный поступок – и лишилась всего. Теперь, чтобы спастись, ей придется совершить много плохих.

Новинки месяца жанра «Ужасы и Мистика»

  •  Дело 581-14/ОДЧ Опасно для человечества. Книга 2
     Крамаренко Н М, Щетинин О О
     Фантастика, Боевая фантастика, Киберпанк, Ужасы и Мистика, Научная Фантастика

    Эта книга продолжение 1 книги «Дело 581-14/ОДЧ – Опасно Для Человечества». История продолжается… На Тиране всё всегда кончается хорошо… вот только проблемы вышли за её пределы. Кто может противостоять «суперу» – псионику без верхнего предела силы? Флот Терры уже готовится уничтожить планету, чтобы не подвергать опасности миры Торгового Союза, но, может быть, есть другой выход?.. Только от главных героев зависит, поглотит ли огненный смерч всё живое, превращая поверхность далёкого мира в спёкшуюся радиоактивную корку…

  •  Дело 581-14/ОДЧ Опасно для человечества. Книга 1
     Крамаренко Н М, Щетинин О О
     Фантастика, Боевая фантастика, Киберпанк, Ужасы и Мистика, Научная Фантастика

    XXVI век. Человечество давно оправилось от последствий разрушительной войны с чужаками и прочно утвердилось в известной части Галактики. Десятки планет и планетных систем образуют мощный Торговый Союз во главе с Террой. Кажется, что объединённый флот человечества способен противостоять любой угрозе, да и кто будет ему угрожать? Колонии Тёмных миров, которые отказались вступать в Союз?.. Пираты?.. Смешно. Но иногда что-то идёт не так, и на материалах расследования чрезвычайного происшествия появляется гриф «ОДЧ – опасно для человечества». И тогда по тревоге поднимают флот, планетарная полиция, спецслужбы и преступные кланы начинают работать вместе… а беглая контрабандистка из Тёмных миров и бывший военный вынуждены решать задачу, с которой не могут справиться спецслужбы Торгового Союза. Но может быть, этим двоим лучше заняться тайнами собственного прошлого? Тим Найдёнов помнит только последние шестнадцать лет своей жизни, Инге Сонел наделена талантами, которых нет у обычных людей. Может быть, это они опасны для человечества?..

  •  Выползень
     Бережной Сергей Валерьевич
     Фантастика, Ужасы и Мистика

    Этот сериал смотрят во всем мире уже пятый год. Он вобрал в себя все страхи нашего времени, загадки и тайны, в реальности так и не получившие научного объяснения.

    Если вы хотите узнать подробности головоломных дел, раскрытых и нераскрытых неугомонной парочкой спецагентов ФБР, если вы хотите заглянуть за кулисы преступления, если вы хотите взглянуть на случившееся глазами не только людей, но и существ паранормальных, читайте книжную версию «Секретных материалов» — культового сериала 90-х годов.

  •  Самый лучший отдых в жизни (Holiday of a Lifetime)
     Сoндeрc КМ
     Фантастика, Ужасы и Мистика

     Потеряв работу, Найджел нисколечки не пожалел об этом. Работа на одном и том же месте, в одном и том же офисе, день за днем высасывает из тебя жизнь. Это существование, а не жизнь. По крайней мере, теперь у него будет время попробовать что-то другое. Получив хорошую компенсацию, Найджел со своей супругой Фионой отправляется на отдых в Таиланд. Самый лучший отдых в жизни.

  •  Дьявольски справедливо
     Лукьянова Алина
     Фантастика, Ужасы и Мистика, Детективы и Триллеры, Триллер,

    Что, если мир устроен гораздо сложнее, чем пишут в сказках о добре и зле?

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