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Автор: Lao Tse
The British Study Edition of the Urantia Papers

The British Study Edition of The Urantia Papers is a translation of the Fifth Epochal Revelation (also known as “The Urantia Book”) from American to British English as defined by the Oxford Dictionary of English. It has the following main features:

1. The Standard Reference Text (SRT) has been used as a base of this work.

2. All significant changes to the text (present also in SRT) are documented in the critical apparatus, together with a brief explanation of the reason for the change.

3. Study notes have been added.

4. The symbol ¶ marks the first paragraph in the group as in the 1955 first printing, where such groups were delimited by blank lines.

5. All distance and temperature measures have been converted to metric units, except where there was even the slightest potential for error, such as in the use of “Jerusem miles”, which was left intact. The idiomatic expressions like “carry his pack for a mile” were also left intact, obviously.

6. Long and hard to memorise phrases like “three hundred and forty-five thousand” have been converted to a more compact form “345,000”. Likewise, for phrases like “seventy-five per cent”, a more compact form of “75%” was chosen. Likewise, the time designations like “fifteen minutes past four o’clock” now read “16:15”.

7. The designation of the author of each paper (and Foreword) is printed in italics on a line by itself just before the text.

8. SRT paragraph numbering is used both in the superscript and in the paragraph ranges printed in the header of every page.

9. Possible textual corruptions are indicated in the footnotes.

For deriving etymology of the words coined by the revelators, I acknowledge the use of the notes by Dr Chris Halvorson. Many thanks to my friend Mitch Austin for helpful suggestions and comments, some of which have been incorporated into the study notes of the present edition.

Tigran Aivazian, London.

Sponsored by a Uversa Corps of Superuniverse Personalities acting by authority of the Orvonton Ancients of Days.
Sponsored by a Nebadon Corps of Local Universe Personalities acting by authority of Gabriel of Salvington.
These papers were sponsored by a Corps of Local Universe Personalities acting by authority of Gabriel of Salvington.
This group of papers was sponsored by a commission of twelve Urantia midwayers acting under the supervision of a Melchizedek revelatory director.
The basis of this narrative was supplied by a secondary midwayer who was onetime assigned to the superhuman watchcare of the Apostle Andrew.
Автор: Aivazian Tigran
The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception

The oldest Biblical manuscripts in existence, the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in caves near Jerusalem in 1947, only to be kept a tightly held secret for nearly fifty more years, until the Huntington Library unleashed a storm of controversy in 1991 by releasing copies of the Scrolls. In this gripping investigation authors Baigent and Leigh set out to discover how a small coterie of orthodox biblical scholars gained control over the Scrolls, allowing access to no outsiders and issuing a strict “consensus” interpretation. The authors’ questions begin in Israel, then lead them to the corridors of the Vatican and into the offices of the Inquisition. With the help of independent scholars, historical research, and careful analysis of available texts, the authors reveal what was at stake for these orthodox guardians: The Scrolls present startling insights into early Christianity—insights that challenge the Church’s version of the “facts.” More than just a dramatic expose of the intrigues surrounding these priceless documents, The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception presents nothing less than a new, highly significant perspective on Christianity.

The Death of Adam: Essays on Modern Thought

In this award-winning collection, the bestselling author of Gilead offers us other ways of thinking about history, religion, and society. Whether rescuing Calvinism and its creator Jean Cauvin from the repressive puritan stereotype, or considering how the McGuffey readers were inspired by Midwestern abolitionists, or the divide between the Bible and Darwinism, Marilynne Robinson repeatedly sends her reader back to the primary texts that are central to the development of American culture but little read or acknowledged today. A passionate and provocative celebration of ideas, the old arts of civilization, and life's mystery, The Death of Adam is, in the words of Robert D. Richardson, Jr., a grand, sweeping, blazing, brilliant, life-changing book.

Автор: Robinson Marilynne
Автор: Tolstoy Leo
The Holy Bible (King James Version)

Traditionally loved and accepted by all Christians, the King James Version was the first version of Scripture authorized by the Protestant church. Commissioned by England’s King James I, three panels of scholars drew upon the work of early translators and versions of Hebrew and Greek manuscripts available at that time. Purpose in translation was "to deliver God's book unto God's people in a tongue which they can understand." Timeless treasure.

In 1603 James I, already king of Scotland, ascended to the throne of England. He was presented with a petition containing grievances of the Puritan party. A conference was called at Hampton Court in 1604 to hear the complaints. At this conference Dr. John Reynolds, an Oxford scholar and Puritan leader, raised the subject of the imperfections of available Bibles. King James became interested in the idea of a new translation completed by university scholars, reviewed by bishops, and ratified by King James himself. James was displeased with the Geneva Bible, which he felt undermined the theory of divine right of kings and contained marginal notes that made it unacceptable to church leaders.

King James appointed 6 panels of translators (about 50 men) to revise and translate assigned portions of the Old Testament, Apocrypha (which was at the time included in all Bibles), and the New Testament. The completed work was reviewed by a group of 12, consisting of 2 men from each panel, after which the work was sent to bishops and leading churchmen for approval. Among the translators were some of the finest scholars of the day. The revisers/translators, while not paid for their efforts, were granted free room and board.

The Bishops’ Bible was used as the basis for this revision/translation, but it was also examined in the light of Hebrew and Greek documents, as well as compared with all other contemporary translations in various European languages. The work began in 1607, and in 1611 the new Bible was published. The Authorized Version — commonly referred to in America as the King James Version (KJV) — was dedicated to King James.

The AV was printed three times during the year of initial publication. The early editions contained a significant number of misprints and variations in wording and spelling. During the course of time the spelling in the earlier editions was modified, the chapter summaries were reduced, and the marginal references expanded. Revisions were made in 1613, 1629, and 1638, but it was the revisions made at Cambridge in 1762 and at Oxford in 1769 that modernized its spelling so that it may be read with relative ease in our day.

Trustworthy: It was developed by a committee of scholars and it represented a majority point of view. The scholars were able to build on the labors of many generations of Bible translators, and the revisers were able to draw from the recent growth in literary standards in the English language. The result was a work of excellent English prose.

But far greater than the literary significance has been the religious significance of this translation. The KJV has been the standard translation for millions for several hundred years. Despite its merits, however, the KJV would not remain unchallenged forever. Not only did the English language continue to develop, but early manuscripts of the Bible were discovered that have led to great improvement of the Biblical texts, especially in the Greek New Testament.

The Naked Communist

The Naked Communist was a best seller in the early 1960s, selling more than 1.5 million copies. It found its way into the libraries of the CIA, the FBI, the White House, and homes all across America and overseas in Spanish and excerpted in other languages.

In this hard-hitting book an urgent need is finally fulfilled. In one exciting, readable volume, the incredible story of Communism is graphically told. We believe this to be the most vivid and comprehensive book on the subject ever published. It contains a distillation of more than a hundred books and treatises on Communism, many written by Marxist authors. We see the Communist the way he sees himself—stripped of propaganda and pretense. Hence the title, “The Naked Communist.” Here is explained Communism’s amazing appeal, its history, and its basic and unchanging concepts—even its secret time-table of conquest! Vital questions are clearly answered—Who gave Russia the A-bomb? How did the FBI fight the battle of the underground? Why did the West lose 600 million allies after World War II? What really happened in Korea? What is Communism’s great secret weapon? Is there an answer to Communism? What lies ahead?

Best viewed with CoolReader.

Автор: Skousen Willard Cleon
The Secret History of Lucifer: And the Meaning of the True Da Vinci Code

Who is Lucifer? For many of us Lucifer and Satan are alternative names for the embodiment of pure evil. The orthodox Christian view tells us that Prince Lucifer challenged God, fell from Heaven, tempted Eve, and created death and suffering. Then he became Satan, horned king of Hell, whose hatred for God's creation motivated his mission to drag the rest of us down with him. In this highly readable and well-researched account, Lynn Picknett explains that the horned Devil is merely a new incarnation of the old woodland deity Pan, while Lucifer was once a personification of the Morning Star, the planet Venus and its goddess. "He" was therefore originally "she," and a divine representation of love, beauty, and human warmth. Indeed, many ancient goddesses were known as Lucifera, or "Light-bringer." While thousands follow Lucifer in order to achieve earthly wealth and power, Picknett explains that such misguided behavior is far from true Luciferan principles. Picknett draws together ancient heretical Christian and Egyptological texts, the implications of abnormal psychology, and the "extreme possibilities" of certain barely understood human attributes to ask if humans actually created God and Lucifer, not merely as icons or metaphors but in a terrifying, literal way.

Автор: Picknett Lynn
The Testimony of Satan

Satan actually has a role to perform on Earth. He provides us with first-hand knowledge of how much authority can be granted to an angel in Heaven. God uses him to correct the folly of humankind, specifically when we are off track, pushing us beyond the comfort and light of God. Discomfort is not always the indication of sin; rather, sin is living outside the light of God. Sin is the result of crimes against God, others, and ourselves…

The Testimony of Satan will give you a clear look into what your enemy has and has not been doing throughout history. Through I real life experience that took a man deep into darkest to have an encounter with the greatest manipulator. Only to develop a super natural understanding of how we continue to assist our worst enemy. This is probably not for the weak minded and those who can take a little constructive criticism, but for the one who welcomes an opportunity to grow. The Testimony of Satan will open your eyes to faults and show you how the enemy has been blocking you from being who you were created to be.… I believed in myself more than God, and thought myself better than He Who Is Everything.

Satan speaks “As the thought was developing in mind to cast God, who I felt unworthy of His own opulence, influence, and exuberance out of the Kingdom of Heaven, immediately I was cast out… as if by my own hand… in that Michael and the others under God were of the same source, same spirit, but not same will… I was the problem… and I had to be removed… My removal was quicker than lightning appears and descends, yet my fall continues to this day… Ever since that moment, I realized I would never receive a second chance. But judge me not—for if you were in my position… well, most of you would have done the same thing… As a matter of fact, a number of you prove it here on this very planet. You return to your own vomit as a dog or a clean sow wallowing in the mud… You revel in sin and look upon rebelliousness as revolution when they are not one in the same… and all because of pride, believing you deserve it… You are so fortunate to be given more than one chance. Only if you knew how much dominion and authority you have been granted as the children of God. If only you had the highest level of understanding, then and only then would you know a portion of my knowledge, and see the folly of humankind is embedded in your very creation, but not your salvation from being more like… me… I won't waste too much of my time trying to pull you toward me… unless you would be an extraordinary addition to my dominion… Most of you simply serve me by being drawn toward my entrapment of freedom whereas the Creator demands servitude in order to set you free. I tempted the Christ in the wilderness. I surely did. Yet, I knew—as he knew—since he and the Creator are one in the same that it was not the best use of my time. Christ knew who I was with a recollection of over millennia, long before his corporeal vessel came into being. Christ knew who he was long before all of us, both mortal and immortal knew who he truly was or rather “Who” lies within Him and in Whom he lies. I fled from Him, not solely because he was the Christ, but because He was and is God-in-Christ. I was like a rogue knight retreating from the eternal king… powerless to his omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience… and above all… His grace….”

Автор: Brown Jeremy
To Mend a Dream : A Southern Love Story

Savannah Darby would do almost anything to revisit her family home. So when new owner, Aidan Bedford, a Boston attorney and former Union soldier, seeks to redecorate the house for his fiancée, Savannah jumps at the opportunity. But the clock is ticking. Can she find the box her father supposedly hid there during the war before her assignment is completed? And before she sees yet another battle lost on the home front. This time, one of the heart.

*To Mend a Dream* is one of four Southern love stories included in the collection entitled AMONG THE FAIR MAGNOLIAS which features Tamera's novella (sold separately here), as well as novellas by Shelley Shepard Gray, Dorothy Love, and Elizabeth Musser (Harper Collins).

This novella includes a scrumptious Southern recipe perfect for a book club meeting. Discussion questions included.

Автор: Alexander Tamera

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  •  Основание семейной жизни: Размышления и советы архимандрита Иоанна (Крестьянкина)
     Горюнова (сост) А Г
     Религия и духовность, Религия, , ортодоксальная религия

    Вступая в брак, каждый человек мечтает о счастливой семье, строит самые радужные планы. Почему же так часто счастье разбивается о быт, о житейские невзгоды, о непонимание? Эта книга составлена из советов старца архимандрита Иоанна (Крестьянкина) о том, на каком основании возможно построить и сохранить хорошую семью, чтобы совместная жизнь мужчины и женщины, и вместе с ними — их детей, была счастливой и привела их в Царствие Небесное.

  •  Маркандея Пурана(СИ)
     Религия и духовность, Религия

    Вниманию читателя предлагается подробное изложение "Маркандея-пураны", древнеиндийского религиозного памятника. В основе этого изложения лежат несколько переводов Маркандея-пураны с санскрита на английский язык, а также ее краткие пересказы. Из русскоязычных источников были использованы переводы "Деви-махатмьи", выполненные А.А. Игнатьевым и Д.М. Рагозой. Большим подспорьем стала монография Д.П. Сахарова "Мифологическое повествование в санскритских пуранах". Данная работа названа "Подробным изложением", так как не претендует на дословную точность перевода, но по количеству глав и общему объему максимально приближена к оригиналу. Сохранена последовательность и структура повествования.

    Ю. Седов

  •  ШРИ САИ САТЧАРИТА Саи Баба Нектар бессмертия
     Даболкар Говинд Р
     Религия и духовность, Религия

    Эта книга содержит историю жизни и заповеди выдающегося индийского духовного учителя нашего времени Саи Бабы из Ширди.

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