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Stories of Faith and Courage fron the War in Iraq and Afghanistan

In this newest installment of the Battlefields & Blessings series, Stories of Faith and Courage from the War in Iraq & Afghanistan is a 365 day collection of inspiring stories of courage perseverance and faith based on first-hand accounts of more than seventy individuals who have served in the war. Through multiple, never-before-told stories, readers will uncover the personal challenges of the battlefield. In Stories of Faith and Courage from the War in Iraq & Afghanistan you will discover the experiences and perspectives of deployed soldiers, chaplains, military wives and parents, organizers of humanitarian efforts, and veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

It has won the prestigious 2010 Gold Medal Award from the MWSA (Military’s Writers Society of America) and the 2010 Silver Medal Award from the Branson Stars and Flags Book Award.

Through multiple, never-before-told stories, readers will uncover the personal challenges of the battlefield. In Stories of Faith and Courage from the War in Iraq & Afghanistan you’ll find the experiences and perspectives of deployed soldiers, chaplains, military wives and parents, organizers of humanitarian efforts, veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, loved ones of fallen soldiers, and more. You'll meet:

• The crew member on a Marine transport vessel combating a dust storm during the invasion.

• A major overcoming bureaucratic challenges to stand up the Iraq Air Force.

• A three-star general motivating his team to build a stronger Iraq through reconstruction projects.

• The mother of a Navy SEAL who herself demonstrated tremendous courage under fire after her son’s death.

• And a congressman heralding the founding principles of our nation, ones he passed along to his son who served in Iraq.

Readers will come away appreciating those who have lived loudly for liberty.

Stories of Faith and Courage from the War in Iraq and Afghanistan

In this newest installment of the Battlefields & Blessings series, Stories of Faith and Courage from the War in Iraq & Afghanistan is a 365 day collection of inspiring stories of courage perseverance and faith based on first-hand accounts of more than seventy individuals who have served in the war. Through multiple, never-before-told stories, readers will uncover the personal challenges of the battlefield. In Stories of Faith and Courage from the War in Iraq & Afghanistan you will discover the experiences and perspectives of deployed soldiers, chaplains, military wives and parents, organizers of humanitarian efforts, and veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

It has won the prestigious 2010 Gold Medal Award from the MWSA (Military’s Writers Society of America) and the 2010 Silver Medal Award from the Branson Stars and Flags Book Award.

Through multiple, never-before-told stories, readers will uncover the personal challenges of the battlefield. In Stories of Faith and Courage from the War in Iraq & Afghanistan you’ll find the experiences and perspectives of deployed soldiers, chaplains, military wives and parents, organizers of humanitarian efforts, veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, loved ones of fallen soldiers, and more. You'll meet:

• The crew member on a Marine transport vessel combating a dust storm during the invasion.

• A major overcoming bureaucratic challenges to stand up the Iraq Air Force.

• A three-star general motivating his team to build a stronger Iraq through reconstruction projects.

• The mother of a Navy SEAL who herself demonstrated tremendous courage under fire after her son’s death.

• And a congressman heralding the founding principles of our nation, ones he passed along to his son who served in Iraq.

Readers will come away appreciating those who have lived loudly for liberty.

Sex Around The Clock. Секс вокруг часов

Содержание нового романа Андрея Кучаева укладывается в семь больших глав. Суть его – бритвенно точный анализ действительности. В том же, что такое «Sex Around The Clock», почему это такое, откуда взялось и какие головокружительные события натолкнули автора на написание нижеприведённого эротико-приключенческого романа, читатель разберется сам, прочтя без отрыва написанное.

Sex Around The Clock. Секс вокруг часов

Содержание нового романа Андрея Кучаева укладывается в семь больших глав. Суть его – бритвенно точный анализ действительности. В том же, что такое «Sex Around The Clock», почему это такое, откуда взялось и какие головокружительные события натолкнули автора на написание нижеприведённого эротико-приключенческого романа, читатель разберется сам, прочтя без отрыва написанное.

Spook Country

Now that the present has caught up with William Gibson's vision of the future, which made him the most influential science fiction writer of the past quarter century, he has started writing about a time-our time-in which everyday life feels like science fiction. With his previous novel, Pattern Recognition, the challenge of writing about the present-day world drove him to create perhaps his best novel yet, and in Spook Country he remains at the top of his game. It's a stripped-down thriller that reads like the best DeLillo (or the best Gibson), with the lives of a half-dozen evocative characters connected by a tightly converging plot and by the general senses of unease and wonder in our networked, post-9/11 time.

Автор: Gibson William
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Shalimar the Clown

The Man Booker Prize (nominee)

Whitbread Prize (nominee)

International IMPAC Dublin Literary Awards (nominee)

Los Angeles, 1991. Ambassador Maximilian Ophuls, one of the makers of the modern world, is murdered in broad daylight on his illegitimate daughter India's doorstep, slaughtered by a knife wielded by his Kashmiri Muslim driver, a myscerious figure who calls himself Shalimar the clown. The dead man is a World War II Resistance hero, a man of formidable intellectual ability and much erotic appeal, a former US ambassador to India and subsequently America's counter-terrorism chief. The murder looks at first like a political assassination, but turns out to be passionately personal. This is the story of Max, his killer, and his daughter – and of a fourth character, the woman who links them, whose story finally explains them all. It is an epic narrative that moves from California to Kashmir, France and England, and back to California again. Along the way there are tales of princesses lured from their homes by demons, legends of kings forced to defend their kingdoms against evil. There is kindness and magic, capable of producing miracles, but there is also war, ugly, unavoidable, and seemingly interminable. And there is always love, gained and lost, uncommonly beautiful and mortally dangerous. Everything is unsettled. Everything is connected. Lives are uprooted, names keep changing – nothing is permanent. The story of anywhere is also the story of everywhere else. Spanning the globe and darting through history, Rushdie's narrative captures the heart of the reader and the spirit of a troubled age.

Автор: Rushdie Salman
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Stormy Weather

From Paulette Jiles, the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of Enemy Women, comes a poignant and unforgettable story of hardship, sacrifice, and strength in a tragic time-and of a desperate dream born of an undying faith in the arrival of a better day.

Oil is king of East Texas during the darkest years of the Great Depression. The Stoddard girls-responsible Mayme, whip-smart tomboy Jeanine, and bookish Bea-know no life but an itinerant one, trailing their father from town to town as he searches for work on the pipelines and derricks; that is, when he's not spending his meager earnings at gambling joints, race tracks, and dance halls. And in every small town in which the windblown family settles, mother Elizabeth does her level best to make each sparse, temporary house they inhabit a home.

But the fall of 1937 ushers in a year of devastating drought and dust storms, and the family's fortunes sink further than they ever anticipated when a questionable "accident" leaves Elizabeth and her girls alone to confront the cruelest hardships of these hardest of times. With no choice left to them, they return to the abandoned family farm.

It is Jeanine, proud and stubborn, who single-mindedly devotes herself to rebuilding the farm and their lives. But hard work and good intentions won't make ends meet or pay the back taxes they owe on their land. In desperation, the Stoddard women place their last hopes for salvation in a wildcat oil well that eats up what little they have left… and on the back of late patriarch Jack's one true legacy, a dangerous racehorse named Smoky Joe. And Jeanine, the fatherless "daddy's girl," must decide if she will gamble it all… on love.

Автор: Jiles Paulette




No angļu valodas tulkojusi ROTA EZERIŅA Mākslinieks MARĢERS VĪTOLIŅŠ

Автор: Londons eks




Rihards Ērglis






Māksliniece Elita Viliama Redaktors Arnolds Auziņš Par izdevumu atbild Veronika Lāce

Noskannējis grāmatu un FB2 failu izveidojis I.Ločmelis




Riharda Ērgļa romāns «Sēļi» vēsta par XIII gadsimta latviešu cilšu, leišu un lībiešu savstarpējām cīņām, kā arī cīņām pret jauno bīstamo ienaidnieku — vācu iebrucējiem.

«Pieminēšu senu latvju cilti — sēļus. Viņu vārds jau izzudis no ļaužu valodām. Ari viņu zemi vairs nedēvē senajā vārdā. Neviens, neviens!» — So skumjo ieskaņu lielā mērā palīdz pārvarēt pats stāsts, profesionāla vēsturnieka sacerējums — it kā sapnis par seno Sēliju. Vērtīgs ir iespējami drošais vēsturiskais un etno­grāfiskais pamats, uz kura autoram izdo­das iezīmēt ticamas tālā laikmeta ainas. Mūsu acu priekšā nostājas seni tēli: Sēl­pils virsaitis Vilnis, viņa sieva, viņa brā­ļadēls Valodis, Kokneses kņazs Vjačeks. Stāstījuma centrā ir Valoža un vācu gūs­teknes Ursulas mīlestība. R. Ērglis neide- alizē un pārspīlēti neromantizē tā laika notikumus un cilvēkus, «Sēļi» ir viens no nedaudzajiem darbiem, kur mēģināts ieskatīties šī savdabīgā un Latvijas lik­teņos tik svarīgā novada senatnē. Par to, cik tas nozīmīgi vēl šodien, «Kultūras Fonda Avīzē» (1990. g. oktobris) rak­stījis Gundars Ceipe:

«Viena no Austrumeiropas mezgla vietām ir Latvija, bet Latvijas mezgls, iespē­jams, meklējams Sēlijā. To apskauj Latvi­jas un citu valstu etnogrāfiski atšķirīgi novadi, turklāt sendienās to caurvija Dau­gavas «maģistrāle». Sēlija ir kā gul­tne starp kaimiņnovadiem, tā šķir un | vieno. Katrs novads ieaudis kādu re­dzamu vai neredzamu dzīparu Sēlijas veidolā».

Citiem vārdiem, latviešu tautas un kultūras tapšanā un attīstībā sēļiem pie­der ievērojama vieta kā centrālajai mūsu ciltij, kuras saknes iesniedzas sēliskajā i Lietuvas daļā, bet galotne — tālu Vid­zemē… Autors bagātās detaļās atklāj, kā pret šīm tautas dzīvības artērijām vērsās pirmie smagākie triecieni. Taču sēļi negāja bojā, bet atdzima kopā ar latviešu tautu.

«Maza bija ši cilts, visu mazākā no latvju ciltīm. Bet vai tādēļ cilvēks tur mazāk cieta, mazāk līksmojās, mazāk baudīja dzīvi, retāk pagura negaisa lauzts, retāk svinēja uzvaru pār likteņa nesaudzīgo iedomību?» — uz šo jautā­jumu atbild romāns «Sēļi».

Imants Auziņš

Vēsturiskā laikmeta raksturojumu skat. grā­matas beigās.

Автор: rglis Rihards








Tulk. Aleksandrs Čaks

Noskannējis grāmatu un FB2 failu izveidojis Imants Ločmelis






INDUĻA ZVAGŪŽA grafiskā apdare

.Liesma», 1981


Rutku Tēvs (Arveds Mihelsons, 1886—1961) ir desmit vēsturisku ro­mānu autors, kas publicēti 30. gados: «Latvietis un viņa kungs», «Dum­pīgā Rīga», «Bendes meita», «Mūk- salas brāļi», «Klibā Skrodera iela», «Gambija», «Sumpurņu ciems», «Ak­lais Valentīns», «Sabas ķēniņienes pēctecis», «Trīs vella kalpi». 1976. gadā izdevniecība «Liesma» laida klajā Rutku Tēva izlasi «Dum­pīgā Rīga», kur ievietoti divi romā­ni — «Klibā Skrodera iela» un «Dum­pīgā Rīga», kā arī fragmenti no teātra anekdotēm. /

šis grāmatas vākam izmantots gra­fiķa un gleznotāja Teodora Odera 11868—1915) ogles zīmējums «Krus­ta ceļš».

Noskannējis grāmatu un FB2 failu izveidojis I.Ločmelis

Автор: VS
Skeletons at the Feast

"Rich in character and gorgeous writing." – Jodi Picoult

In January 1945, in the waning months of World War II, a small group of people begin the longest journey of their lives: an attempt to cross the remnants of the Third Reich, from Warsaw to the Rhine if necessary, to reach the British and American lines.

Among the group is eighteen-year-old Anna Emmerich, the daughter of Prussian aristocrats. There is her lover, Callum Finella, a twenty-year-old Scottish prisoner of war who was brought from the stalag to her family's farm as forced labor. And there is a twenty-six-year-old Wehrmacht corporal, who the pair know as Manfred – who is, in reality, Uri Singer, a Jew from Germany who managed to escape a train bound for Auschwitz.

As they work their way west, they encounter a countryside ravaged by war. Their flight will test both Anna's and Callum's love, as well as their friendship with Manfred – assuming any of them even survive.

Perhaps not since The English Patient has a novel so deftly captured both the power and poignancy of romance and the terror and tragedy of war. Skillfully portraying the flesh and blood of history, Chris Bohjalian has crafted a rich tapestry that puts a face on one of the twentieth century's greatest tragedies – while creating, perhaps, a masterpiece that will haunt readers for generations.

Автор: Bohjalian Chris
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора

Seiscientos hombres, una reina del porno y un récord mundial que hará historia.

Cassie Wright, legendaria actriz porno, decide culminar su carrera batiendo el récord mundial de sexo en grupo al estar con seiscientos hombres y filmarlo. Todos desconocen que la actriz tiene la intención de morir durante la grabación y así desanimar a aquellas que quieran batir su marca. Esta novela incendiaria se basa en todo lo que dicen, piensan y hacen los señores 72, 137 y 600, que esperan su turno en una habitación.

Автор: Palahniuk Chuck
Something to Tell You

Jamal is a successful psychoanalyst haunted by his first love and a brutal act of violence from which he can never escape. Looking back to his coming of age in the 1970s forms a vivid backdrop to the drama that develops thirty years later, as he and his friends face an encroaching middle age with the traumas of their youth still unresolved. Like "The Buddha of Suburbia", "Something to Tell You" is full-to-bursting with energy, at times comic, at times painfully tender. With unfailing deftness of touch Kureishi has created a memorable cast of recognisable individuals, all of whom wrestle with their own limits as human beings, haunted by the past until they find it within themselves to forgive.

Автор: Kureishi Hanif
Stranger Things Happen

The 11 fantasies in this first collection from rising star Link are so quirky and exuberantly imagined that one is easily distracted from their surprisingly serious underpinnings of private pain and emotional estrangement. In "Water Off a Black Dog's Back," a na‹ve young man who has never known personal loss finds that the only way he can curry favor with his lover's physically afflicted family is to suffer a bizarre amputation. The protagonist in "Travels with the Snow Queen" reconsiders her fairy-tale romance when she deconstructs the clich‚s of traditional fairy tales and realizes that their heroines inevitably sacrifice and suffer much more than their heroes do. Link favors impersonal and potentially off-putting postmodern narrative approaches, but draws readers to the emotional core of her stories through vulnerable but brave characters who cope gamely with all the strangeness the world can throw their way. In the book's most effective tale, "Vanishing Act," a young girl's efforts to magically reunite herself with her distant family by withdrawing from the world around her poignantly calls attention to the spiritual vacancies and absence of affection in the family she stays with. "The Specialist's Hat" features twin sisters whose morbid obsessions seems due as much to their father's parental neglect as their mother's death. Although a few of the selections seem little more than awkward freshman exercises in the absurd, the best shed a warm, weird light on their worlds, illuminating fresh perspectives and fantastic possibilities.

Автор: Link Kelly

S. is Sarah Worth – doctor's wife, North Shore matron, loving mother, and now (suddenly!) ardent follower of a Hindu religious leader known as the Arhat. As this brilliant and very funny novel opens, Sarah is fleeing the confinement of her suburban life to become a sannyasin (pilgrim) at her guru's Arizona ashram.

In the letters and audiocassettes that Sarah sends to her husband, daughter, mother, brother, best friend – to her psychiatrist and her hairdresser and her dentist – master novelist John Updike gives us a witty comedy of manners, a biting satire of life on a religious commune, and the story – deep and true – of an American woman in search of herself.

Автор: Updike John
Secret Society

It's 2001, and Celess and Tina are at the top of their game. With Celess's fine features and Tina's voluptuous body, they attract attention from men wherever they go. From New York to Philly to Delaware, they hit all the clubs and every big party with the baddest outfits. And they don't pay for a thing. Celess has no job and no need to worry about getting one, not with boyfriends like O, Tariq, and James lining up to buy her the latest designer clothes, the hottest jewelry, and the most expensive cars.

But Tina's and Celess's fast, packed lives are about to catch up with them. The two share a devastating secret, and when it's revealed, Celess will need every ounce of her street smarts to survive. This book has a twist that will leave you shocked!

Автор: Miasha

This short story was tremendously interesting with such strong and mind gripping words that totally and utterly ensnared and encaptured from beginning to end.

Автор: Hurston Zora Neale
Sacred Hearts

Santa Catarina, a convent near Venice, is home to over one hundred women in 1567. But with powerful forces for change raging outside the convent, and with the world of the women within threatened by a new arrival, passions, hysteria, and conflict will come to threaten their very survival.

By the second half of the sixteenth century, the price of wedding dowries had risen so sharply within Catholic Europe that most noble families could not afford to marry off more than one daughter. The remaining young women were dispatched—for a much lesser price—to convents. Historians estimate that in the great towns and city-states of Italy up to half of all noblewomen became nuns. Not all of them went willingly… This story takes place in the northern Italian city of Ferrara in 1570, in the convent of Santa Caterina.

Автор: Dunant Sarah
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Silver Lady and the Fortyish Man

Nebula Best Novellette nominee (1990)

Автор: Lindholm Megan

Senność, nowa powieść Wojciecha Kuczoka to książka filmowa. Jej pierwszym szkicem był scenariusz pod tym samym tytułem, napisany na zamówienie reżyserki Magdaleny Piekorz. Adam jest młodym lekarzem naznaczonym piętnem tradycyjnego, prowincjonalnego wychowania. Rodzice lokują w nim wszystkie ambicje, jednak on, skrywający swój homoseksualizm i dręczony poczuciem winy, wie, że nigdy ich nie zadowoli. Robert to rozgoryczony autor jednej wybitnej książki. Pozostając pod dozorem żony i jej koszmarnej rodziny, od lat nie napisał ani słowa. Jego pracownia coraz bardziej staje się dla niego więzieniem. Róża była niegdyś wspaniałą i sławną aktorką teatralną, ale odkąd została żoną despotycznego karierowicza a aPana mężaa, cierpi na narkolepsję i całe dnie spędza w domowej samotni. zbieg okoliczności sprawia, że drogi bohaterów Senności, udręczonych własna niemocą, przecinają się. Czy te spotkania zmienią coś w ich życiua Czy uda im się przebudzić z długiego snua Przejmująca i brawurowo napisana powieść.Wojciech Kuczok obdarzony jest słuchem absolutnym do polszczyzny. Jego niezwykła inwencja językowa ma soczystość śląskiej gwary i swing wielkiej polskiej literatury. Czytanie Senności niesie radość obcowania ze słowem pisanym.

Автор: Kuczok Wojciech

Con motivo de una fiesta de cumpleaños, una serie de personajes procedentes de Londres, Nueva York, Escocia y España coinciden el el pequeño pueblo de Strachroy. Estamos en septiembre, mes durante el cual en Escocia se prodigan celebraciones, cacerías y bailes. Sin embargo, al compás de este ambiente festivo, el destino arrastrará a los protagonistas a situaciones tan dramáticas como sorprendentes, y les obligará a tomar decisiones y afrontar situaciones que marcarán profundamente sus vidas…

Автор: Pilcher Rosamunde
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора

For a small group of people, the dance that takes place in Perthshire in September will be a turning point in their lives. A group of people tied to each other by links of family and friendship are brought together.

Автор: Pilcher Rosamunde
Stworzenie Świata

Akcja powieści "Stworzenie świata" toczy się na przełomie VI i V w.p.n.e. Narratorem i bohaterem jest Cyrus Spitama, wnuk Zoroastra, pół-Grek po matce, wychowany na dworze perskim za panowania Dariusza, przyjaciel jego następcy, Kserksesa. Jako poseł perski podróżował po Indiach i Królestwie Środka, Chinach, pod koniec życia wysłany został przez kolejnego władcę, Artakserksesa, do Aten, gdzie podyktował młodemu krewnemu, Demokrytowi, dzieje swojego życia. Z relacji tej poznamy intrygi i knowania haremowe w Suzie, walki królów w Indiach, wojny o hegemonię w Chinach, poznamy też Zoroastra, Buddę, Konfucjusza, Anaksagorasa, Peryklesa i inne sławne osobistości. Dowiemy się również jak umarł Ajschylos, dlaczego Persowie podejmowali wyprawy przeciw Grecji zamiast przeciw bogatym Indiom, jak wyglądała rozpusta w Babilonie, jaki charakter miał Temistokles, w co wierzono w różnych krajach i co ich filozofowie mówili o stworzeniu świata. Wprawdzie z pewnymi wyobrażeniami autora o życiu i obyczajach w ówczesnej Persji, Indiach i Chinach, a także z niektórymi poglądami przypisywanymi ich mędrcom naukowcy być może by się nie zgodzili, niemniej książka Vidala dzięki talentowi autora zyska sobie z pewnością uznanie czytelników.

Автор: Vidal Gore

Podróż kilku kombinatorów przez Saharę: ciemne interesy, korupcja, afrykańska rzeczywistość i… piękne kobiety. Nie pozbawione erotyzmu.

Автор: ë Cizia
Salto Mortal

Un profesor divorciado de mediana edad regresa a Tokio tras pasar quince años impartiendo clases en una universidad americana, para ser sometido a una arriesgada operación. El recuerdo de un antiguo alumno le obsesiona y decide dar con él. Cuál será su sorpresa al encontrar al niño convertido en un muchacho que trabaja para la facción radical de una secta religiosa, un peligroso movimiento que predica el fin inminente de la humanidad.

En Salto mortal, la primera novela que publica Kenzaburo Oé desde que recibió el Premio Nobel de Literatura en 1994, el autor se desvía de la narración autobiográfica, para adentrarse en una magnífica historia sobre la fe, el carisma de los líderes y los riesgos del fanatismo en la que analiza, con meticulosa sagacidad, la moderna sociedad japonesa. Multitud de escenas se entretejen con naturalidad en una trama que el autor maneja hábilmente, dosificando las sorpresas y las revelaciones, para mantener el suspense hasta la última página.

Salto mortal es un logro asombroso que confirma a Kenzaburo Oé como uno de los narradores más importantes de la actualidad. Su obra ha encontrado siempre una unánime acogida: «Oé no nos ahorra nunca ni un instante de reflexión sobre la cruda realidad», ENRIQUE VILA-MATAS; «sus obras representan una de las exploraciones morales más impresionantes de la novela contemporánea», The Observer; «es un legítimo heredero de Dostoievski», HENRY MILLER.

Автор: é Kenzaburo
Sin destino

Historia del año y medio de la vida de un adolescente en diversos campor de contración nazis (experiencia que el autor vivió en propia carne), Sin destino no es, sin mbargo, ningún texto autobiográfico. Con la fría objetividad del entomólogo y desde una distancia irónica, Kertész nos muestra en su historia la hiriente realidad de los campos de exterminio en sus efectos más eficazmente perversos: aquellos que confunden justicia y humillación arbitraria, y la cotidianidad más inhumana con una forma aberrante de felicidad. Testigo desapasionado, Sin destino es, por encima de todo, gran literatura, y una de las mejores novelas del siglo xx, capaz de dejar una huella profunda e imperecedera en el lector.

Автор: ész Imre
Shanghai Baby

Cocó cive con su novio, Tiantian, un joven de una sensibilidad extraordinaria que tiene un grave problema de impotencia y que, a pesar de amar intensamente a Cocó, no puede satisfacerla sexualmente.

En una fiesta, Cocó conoce a Mark, un alemán casado con quien iniciará una aventura basada en la mutua atracción sexual pero que, inevitablemente, se irá desplazando hacia el centro mismo de sus ser. En medio del caos emocional, la voz de Cocó nos muestra cómo el amor y el deseo tienen a menudo caminos separados y nos transmite una inesperada y conmovedora sensación de verdad.

Shangai Baby es también el retrato de la fascinante ciudad de Shangai en la actualidad. Después de varios libros de éxito que nos han transportado al Oriente de las geishas y sus tradiciones, esta novela nos habla de la vida en la China de hoy.

Автор: Hui Wei
Shanghai Baby (chinese)

From Publishers Weekly

Although it caused an uproar in the author's native China, Western readers will find 27-year-old Wei Hui's semiautobiographical offering reminiscent of fiction by the brat pack writers of the '80s, though more clich‚d and less edgy. Waitress Nikki "but my friends call me Coco after Coco Chanel" is in love with Tian Tian, a melancholy and impotent artist who falls prey to narcotics. Coco loves him madly, but not so madly that she wants to give up sex, and this is why she's also been seeing Mark, a married German businessman. Coco's deceptions, Tian Tian's problems with his wealthy mother (who he suspects killed his father) and the intertwining worlds of art and fashion are all fodder for Coco's upcoming slice-of-lifestyle novel, in which Shanghai 's privileged 20-somethings are shown in their natural habitat of clubs and coffeehouses. Beneath the techno beat, though, the sore subject of Western imperialism its avatars, this time, multinational managers still lurks. Among Coco 's friends, one known as Madonna stands out in particular: she earned a fortune first as a madam and then as the widow of a rich man. Wei Hui evidently wants to imitate her heroes, the beats and Henry Miller, and relishes observations like "our bodies were already tarnished, and our minds beyond help." But she spends more time analyzing people by the brands they use and the cars they drive, thus giving the book an odd air of beat fluff, as if Jack Kerouac had mated with Judith Krantz. The book is as alluring as a gossip column, but, alas, as shallow as one, too. (Sept. 11)Forecast: Forty thousand copies of Shanghai Baby were burned by the Chinese government. Proving censors make the best publicists, rights were subsequently sold in 19 countries 200,000 copies are in print in Japan alone. U.S. media curiosity is already high, but the resulting sales bounce may be minor.

From Library Journal

Wei Hui's debut novel, which was banned in China, delves deep into the dark and glittering heart of Shanghai, as experienced by a hopeful and hedonistic young novelist, Nikki (better known to her friends as Coco, after the also irrepressibly glamorous Coco Chanel). Although deeply in love with her impotent artist boyfriend Tian Tian, the frustrated Coco takes a successful German businessman as a lover. What follows is the painful and explicit sexual and vocational journey of a young woman in search of her true self, attempting to gain control of her own trajectory as nefarious forces work on her from both within and without. Indeed, it seems almost as if the city's over-the-top materialism drives its inhabitants toward adultery and dark passions, forcing them at once into the dual role of victim/accomplice. It is just such paradoxes that make Wei Hui's novel so complex and thought-provoking: she deftly explores the intimate relationships that belie the seeming oppositions of East and West, love and desire, the natural and the artificial, hedonism and spiritualism. Haunting and resonant, Shanghai Baby proves the existence of the sacred in the profane. For all Chinese literature and contemporary fiction collections. Tania Barnes, "Library Journal"


Wei Hui's SHANGHAI BABY is the poetic, bittersweet and subtly spiritual tale of one woman's quest for personal fulfillment and drive for creative expression. The diverse and cultured city of Shanghai is more than the backdrop for the novel; it is a character itself. The city is celebrated by Hui, and its busy pace and natural sensuality contribute to the postmodern tone of the book. The most interesting character, however, is 25-year-old Nikki, the "baby" of the title. Nikki, known as Coco to her friends, is a writer. Unapologetic in her desire for both emotional and sexual satisfaction, Coco becomes involved with two very different men, all the while trying to write her first novel.

But more important than the details of Coco 's exploration of sex is the novel's examination of life, freedom, love, and death. Each man Coco is involved with offers a different path for that examination and different answers to the same philosophical questions.

Coco 's live-in boyfriend, Tien Tien, is a fragile and beautiful artist. The love between Coco and Tien Tien is sensual and spiritual. Obsessed by death, Tien Tien awakens in Coco an awareness of life and the importance of love. However, his impotence, physical but often emotional as well, leads her to a fierce and passionate affair with a married man. Strong, assertive Mark, a German businessman temporarily living in Shanghai, is the opposite of sensitive Tien Tien in every way. Coco 's fragile balance of juggling two lovers while writing her novel is upset as both men eventually become unavailable to her and she is faced with tragedy.

SHANGHAI BABY is a beautiful novel. The language is poetic and sensual yet funny and brutally honest. Coco is frank in her confusions, frustrations, elations, and joys. She is joined by a bevy of interesting characters, including a former madam, a computer hacker, a bisexual fashion stylist, an avant-garde filmmaker, drug addicts, and artists, not to mention her parents who must overcome their traditional expectations in order to understand and support her artistic and personal choices. Each character is faced with the same issues as Coco and each attempts to make sense of relationships, sexuality, family, and life in a changing Chinese culture. While Hui implies the struggle between tradition and modernity is lessening (at least in cosmopolitan Shanghai) her forecast for a woman's chance to find both sexual and emotional fulfillment is less optimistic.

We have been taught that through novels we can witness the changes and ultimately the growth of characters. As we read, they ideally become better people. Hui's novel is more challenging in that Coco does not fundamentally change and her growth is not overtly apparent. Hui's honest portrayal of Coco is both frustrating and refreshing and is thus an accurate reflection of the human condition. Coco 's vanity and selfishness (or confidence and trueness to her own needs) can verge on annoying; she is not always likable. However, she is capable of great insight.

This view into contemporary Chinese culture and the issues of female independence and sexuality is worthwhile. Coco's controversial publication of short stories mirror Hui's own experience -- the sex and sexuality described by Hui in SHANGHAI BABY doomed the novel to condemnation, banning, and public burnings in China, where it was originally published. However, American readers may be disappointed to find that what is scandalous in China is more commonplace in Western literature. Although a fairly easy read, it is not a light one. The themes of death, sadness, and loneliness balance the themes of romance and passion.

– - Reviewed by Sarah Egelman

Автор: Hui Wei
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора

One part Nietzsche, one part Humbert Humbert, and a soupcon of Milton's Lucifer, Axel Vander, the dizzyingly unreliable narrator of John Banville's masterful new novel, is very old, recently widowed, and the bearer of a fearsome reputation as a literary dandy and bully. A product of the Old World, he is also an escapee from its conflagrations, with the wounds to prove it. And everything about him is a lie.

Now those lies have been unraveled by a mysterious young woman whom Vander calls "Miss Nemesis." They are to meet in Turin, a city best known for its enigmatic shroud. Is her purpose to destroy Vander or to save him-or simply to show him what lies beneath the shroud in which he has wrapped his life? A splendidly moving exploration of identity, duplicity, and desire, Shroud is Banville's most rapturous performance to date.

Alex Vander is a fraud, big-time. An elderly professor of literature and a scholarly writer with an international reputation, he has neither the education nor the petit bourgeois family in Antwerp that he has claimed. As the splenetic narrator of this searching novel by Banville (Eclipse), he admits early on that he has lied about everything in his life, including his identity, which he stole from a friend of his youth whose mysterious death will resonate as the narrator reflects on his past. Having fled Belgium during WWII, he established himself in Arcady, Calif., with his long-suffering wife, whose recent death has unleashed new waves of guilt in the curmudgeonly old man. Guilt and fear have long since turned Vander into a monster of rudeness, violent temper, ugly excess, alcoholism and self-destructiveness. His web of falsehoods has become an anguishing burden, and his sense of displacement ("I am myself and also someone else") threatens to unhinge him altogether. Then comes a letter from a young woman, Cass Cleave, who claims to know all the secrets of his past. Determined to destroy her, an infuriated Vander meets Cass in Turin and discovers she is slightly mad. Even so, he begins to hope that Cass, his nemesis, could be the instrument of his redemption. Banville's lyrical prose, taut with intelligence, explores the issues of identity and morality with which the novel reverberates. At the end, Vander understands that some people in his life had noble motives for keeping secrets, and their sacrifices make the enormity of his deception even more shameful. This bravura performance will stand as one of Banville's best works.

A scholar and born liar, the elderly but still contentious Axel Vander is about to have his cover blown when an equally contentious young woman enters his life. Banville's lucky 13th novel.

Автор: Banville John
Suite Francesa

El descubrimiento de un manuscrito perdido de Irène Némirovsky causó una auténtica conmoción en el mundo editorial francés y europeo.

Novela excepcional escrita en condiciones excepcionales, Suite francesa retrata con maestría una época fundamental de la Europa del siglo XX. En otoño de 2004 le fue concedido el premio Renaudot, otorgado por primera vez a un autor fallecido. Imbuida de un claro componente autobiográfico, Suite francesa se inicia en París los días previos a la invasión alemana, en un clima de incertidumbre e incredulidad. Enseguida, tras las primeras bombas, miles de familias se lanzan a las carreteras en coche, en bicicleta o a pie. Némirovsky dibuja con precisión las escenas, unas conmovedoras y otras grotescas, que se suceden en el camino: ricos burgueses angustiados, amantes abandonadas, ancianos olvidados en el viaje, los bombardeos sobre la población indefensa, las artimañas para conseguir agua, comida y gasolina. A medida que los alemanes van tomando posesión del país, se vislumbra un desmoronamiento del orden social imperante y el nacimiento de una nueva época. La presencia de los invasores despertará odios, pero también historias de amor clandestinas y públicas muestras de colaboracionismo. Concebida como una composición en cinco partes -de las cuales la autora sólo alcanzó a escribir dos- Suite francesa combina un retrato intimista de la burguesía ilustrada con una visión implacable de la sociedad francesa durante la ocupación. Con lucidez, pero también con un desasosiego notablemente exento de sentimentalismo, Némirovsky muestra el fiel reflejo de una sociedad que ha perdido su rumbo. El tono realista y distante de Némirovsky le permite componer una radiografía fiel del país que la ha abandonado a su suerte y la ha arrojado en manos de sus verdugos. Estamos pues ante un testimonio profundo y conmovedor de la condición humana, escrito sin la facilidad de la distancia ni la perspectiva del tiempo, por alguien que no llegó a conocer siquiera el final del cataclismo que le tocó vivir.

Автор: émirovsky ène
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Suite Française


"A book of exceptional literary quality… it has the kind of intimacy found in the diary of Anne Frank."-The Times Literary Supplement

"Heroic… a novel about a nightmare in which the author is entirely embedded."-ANITA BROOKNER, The Spectator

"An exceptionally forceful and frank testimony… a real find. A masterpiece."-L'Express

"Remarkable as the story of the publication of Suite Française is, it will finally be of anecdotal interest compared with the importance of the book. Here is the work of a fine novelist at the top of her form, writing about the fate of her adopted country with a pitiless clarity."-Evening Standard

Автор: émirovsky ène
Snapshots of Modern Love

This is an imperfect love story between an imperfect man and woman that starts in the early eighties and goes nowhere because happy endings are not how real life works. Mistakes and misfortunes keep them apart until by chance they meet again twenty years later. Despite their emotional baggage, scars, and her reluctance and his doubts, they get together, wondering if they deserve a second chance.

This book contains content that may not be suitable for young readers 17 and under.

Автор: Rodriguez Jose
Souvenirs De La Maison Des Morts

La maison des morts, c'est le bagne de Sibérie où Dostoïevsky a purgé comme condamné politique une peine de quatre années de travaux forcés et de six ans de «service militaire». Il faut noter l'actualité des réflexions sur le pouvoir et la violence dont Dostoïevski a parsemé ces Souvenirs. Comment ne pas penser également aux bagnes qui ont marqué ensuite la Russie, à Staline, au Goulag.


Customarily, McEwan’s novels spring from a catastrophic incident in someone’s life, either a calamity that causes physical distress or a psychological trespass that causes emotional instability. For instance, in Enduring Love (1998), a man plunges to his death from a balloon, and in the aftermath, one witness continues to menace another witness. On Chesil Beach (2007) centers on an emotionally devastating wedding night. In his new novel, McEwan outdoes himself in terms of catastrophic occurrences. The protagonist, physicist Michael Beard, won a Nobel Prize several years ago and has been resting on his laurels ever since. A serial cheater, he is now married to his fifth wife, who leads a totally separate life, indicating her complete disdain for his wandering eye. His lack of effort in applying himself to either career or fidelity only increases our dislike of him. Even he says of himself, “No one loved him.” An accidental death in which he was involved and which he covered up, a politically incorrect statement aired before a professional audience, and his usurpation of the research of a deceased colleague: readers are taxed to even care about these crises. This draggy novel stands in stark contrast to its many beautiful predecessors, but McEwan is regarded as a major contemporary British novelist, so expect demand on that basis.

Автор: McEwan Ian

Sin noticias de Gurb

Esta divertida novela relata la búsqueda de un extraterrestre que ha desaparecido, tras adoptar la apariencia de la vocalista Marta Sánchez, en la jungla urbana barcelonesa. Pero el protagonista de la narración no es Gurb, sino otro alienígena que sale en pos de él y cuyo diario constituye el esqueleto de la narración. La verdadera naturaleza del relato es de carácter satírico: Mendoza convierte esta Barcelona, a un tiempo cotidiana y absurda, en el escenario de una carnavalada que revela el verdadero rostro del hombre urbano actual.

Автор: Mendoza Eduardo
Sous Le Soleil De Satan

Ce roman composite alterne récit biographique, lettres, digressions philosophiques et narration proprement dite, en un prologue et deux parties.

Prologue. Germaine Malorthy, Mouchette, a seize ans. Elle révèle à ses parents qu'elle est enceinte. Son père va demander réparation au marquis de Cadignan, hobereau local, qu'il soupçonne d'avoir séduit sa fille. Mais il n'en obtient rien et retourne sa colère contre Mouchette. Celle-ci s'enfuit, va trouver Cadignan et se heurte aussi à son incompréhension. Désespérée, elle le tue…

Première partie. Au cours de la nuit de Noël, l'abbé Donissan discute avec son supérieur, l'abbé Menou-Segrais. Ce dernier, conscient de la valeur du jeune prêtre, refuse d'accéder à la demande de Donissan qui se sent moralement trop faible pour accomplir correctement sa tâche pastorale. Il le maintient dans ses fonctions et lui confie de surcroît une mission à Étaples. Sur la route, Donissan s'égare, et, rencontrant un étrange maquignon, se trouve face à face avec lui-même – ou le Diable. C'est alors que, errant dans la nuit du côté du château de Cadignan, Mouchette surgit devant lui…

Ce premier véritable roman de Georges Bernanos annonce les principaux thèmes auxquels il restera fidèle par la suite: révolte contre le pharisaïsme bien-pensant, expérience du Mal, détresse des humbles.

Автор: Bernanos Georges
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Soldados de Salamina

Cuando en los meses finales de la guerra civil española las tropas republicanas se retiran hacia la frontera francesa, camino del exilio, alguien toma la decisión de fusilar a un grupo de presos franquistas. Entre ellos se halla Rafael Sánchez Mazas, fundador e ideólogo de Falange, quizás uno de los responsables directos del conflicto fratricida. Sánchez Mazas no sólo logra escapar de ese fusilamiento colectivo, sino que, cuando salen en su busca, un miliciano anónimo le encañona y en el último momento le perdona la vida.

Автор: Cercas Javier
Santa Evita

Diosa, reina, señora, madre, benefactora, árbitro de la moda y modelo nacional de comportamiento. Santa Evita para unos y para otros una analfabeta resentida, trepadora, loca y ordinaria, presidenta de una dictadura de mendigos.

El protagonista de esta novela es el cuerpo de Eva Duarte de Perón, una belleza en vida y una hermosura etérea de 1,25 m después del trabajo del embalsamador español Pedro Ara. Un cuerpo del que se hicieron varias copias y que, en su enloquecedor viaje por el mundo durante veintiséis años, trastorna a cuantos se le acercan y se confunde con un pueblo a la deriva que no ha perdido la esperanza de su regreso.

Dice Tomás Eloy: `El cadáver de Evita es el primer desaparecido de la historia argentina. Durante 15 años nadie supo en dónde estaba. El drama fue tan grande que su madre (Juana Ibarguren) clamaba de despacho en despacho pidiendo que se lo devolvieran. Y murió en 1970 sin poder averiguar nada. No sabía -nadie o casi nadie lo sabía- si la habían incinerado, si lo habían fondeado en el fondo del Río de la Plata. Si la habían enterrado en Europa… A diferencia de los cadáveres desaparecidos durante la última dictadura, que ruegan por ser enterrados, el cadáver de Evita plde ser ofrecido a la veneración. De algún modo, en `Santa Evita` hay una especie de conversión del cuerpo muerto en un cuerpo político.

Agrega Tomás Eloy: `la necrofilia argentina es tan vieja como el ser nacional. Comienza ya cuando Ulrico Schmidl, el primero de los cronistas de Indias que llegan hasta el Río de La Plata, narra cómo Don Pedro de Mendoza pretendía curarse de la sífilis que padecía aplicándose en sus llagas la sangre de los hombres que él mismo había ordenado ahorcar. Todos recuerdan la odisea del cadáver de Juan Lavalle, que se iba pudriendo a medida que los soldados trataban de preservarlo de los enemigos llevándolo por la Quebrada de Humahuaca. En 1841, un cierto capitán García cuenta el martirio de Marco Manuel de Avellaneda, el padre de Nicolás Avellaneda, un personaje importante de la Liga Federal, antirrosista y gobernador de Tucumán, asesinado por las fuerzas de Oribe. El relato de la muerte de Avellaneda es de un notable regocijo necrofílico. Cuenta que esa muerte tarda, que los ojos se le revuelven, que cortada la cabeza ésta se agita durante varios minutos en el suelo, que el cuerpo se desgarra con sus uñas ya decapitado. Una matrona llamada Fortunata García de García recuperó esa cabeza y la lavó con perfume y supuestamente la depositó en un nicho del convento de San Francisco. Yo investigué profundamente el tema y descubrí después que en realidad a la muerte de Fortunata García de García, encontraron en su cama, perfumada y acicalada la cabeza del mártir Marco Manuel de Avellaneda, con la cual había dormido a lo largo de treinta años`.

Apunta el autor: `el proceso de necrofilia se extiende a lo largo del siglo XIX y también se da en el siglo XX de infinitas maneras. Por un lado en el culto a Rosas y en la repatriación de sus restos y, por otro lado, en la Recoleta. Ese cementerio es una exposición de ese tipo de situaciones. Resulta notable esa especie de reivindicación de la necrofilia en los últimos años. Así, fue profanada la tumba de Fray Mamerto Esquiú, se robaron el cuerpo del padre de Martinez de Hoz (todo entre 1978 y 1988). Poco más tarde, en 1991, cuando se volvia riesgosa la elección de Palito Ortega, el presidente Menem se presentó en Tucumán con los restos de Juan Bautista Alberdi, y los ofrendó a la provincia. De ese modo garantizó la elección de Palito. Y Juan Bautista Alberdi es un muerto.`

Sigue el escritor: `Yo lo conocí personalmente a Perón, él me contó sus memorias. Lo que me desencantó sobre todo fue la conciencla de la manipulación del interlocutor. Perón decía lo que el interlocutor quería escuchar. Sin embargo, había una laguna en aquellos diálogos: Evita. Perón no me hablaba de Evita. Mejor dicho, López Rega, que siempre estaba presente durante las entrevistas, no se lo permitía. Cuando yo invocaba el nombre de Evita, López comenzaba a hablar de Isabel. Al fin yo le propuse a Perón que nos encontráramos una mañana a solas. Perón asintió.

Me recibió a las ocho en Puerta de Hierro. Empezábamos a hablar y de pronto irrumpió López Rega. Y volvió a desviar la conversación. Fue muy grosero. Dijo dirigiéndose a Perón: `Aqui viene mucha gente, General, y todos quieren sacarle a usted cosas, y a lo mejor después van y lo venden en Buenos Aires, y vaya a saber lo que hacen con todo eso.` Entonces, yo me puse muy mal y le dije a Perón: `Mire, General, usted me prometió que acá ibamos a hablar a solas. Y eso significa que yo no debo padecer la humillación de su servidumbre`. Perón estuvo de acuerdo. Miró a su secretario y le dijo: `López, el señor tiene razón, la señora Isabel me ha dicho que hay unas lechugas buenísimas en el mercado, ¿por qué no va y la acompaña a elegir unas lechugas?` Y allí me empezó a hablar de Evita. Me la describió como a una fanática, y me dijo que sin duda Eva hubiera armado y largado a la calle a los obreros el 16 de setiembre de 1955, porque no toleraba nada que no fuera peronista.`

La conclusión: `parece que en la Argentina -dice Tomás Eloy- hubiera como una especie de instinto fatal de destrucción, de devoración de las propias entrañas. Una veneración de la muerte. La muerte no signiflca el pasado. Es el pasado congelado, no significa una resurrección de la memoria, representa sólo la veneración del cuerpo del muerto. La veneración de ese residuo es una especie de ancla. Y por eso los argentinos somos incapaces de construirnos un futuro, puesto que estamos anclados en un cuerpo. La memoria es leve, no pesa. Pero el cuerpo sí.

La Argentina es un cuerpo de mujer que está embalsamado`.

Автор: ínez ás Eloy
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Sing You Home

Every life has a soundtrack. All you have to do is listen.

Music has set the tone for most of Zoe Baxter's life. There's the melody that reminds her of the summer she spent rubbing baby oil on her stomach in pursuit of the perfect tan. A dance beat that makes her think of using a fake ID to slip into a nightclub. A dirge that marked the years she spent trying to get pregnant.

For better or for worse, music is the language of memory. It is also the language of love.

In the aftermath of a series of personal tragedies, Zoe throws herself into her career as a music therapist. When an unexpected friendship slowly blossoms into love, she makes plans for a new life, but to her shock and inevitable rage, some people – even those she loves and trusts most – don't want that to happen.

Sing You Home is about identity, love, marriage, and parenthood. It's about people wanting to do the right thing for the greater good, even as they work to fulfill their own personal desires and dreams. And it's about what happens when the outside world brutally calls into question the very thing closest to our hearts: family.

Автор: Picoult Jodi
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Soul Mountain (chinese)

"Soul Mountain is one of those singular literary creations that seem impossible to compare with anything but themselves… In the writing of Gao Xingjian literature is born anew from the struggle of the individual to survive the history of the masses."

– from the citation of the Nobel Prize committee of the Swedish Academy

When this year's Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to Chinese expatriate novelist and playwright Gao Xingjian, few in the English-speaking West were familiar with his work. Gao's masterpiece, SOUL MOUNTAIN (PerfectBound, an e-book from HarperCollins; February 20, 2001; $19.95), is a dazzling kaleidoscope of fiction, philosophy, history and fable. Elegantly translated by Australian sinologist Mabel Lee, this richly textured autobiographical novel recounts a dual journey-a literal journey into the heart of China and a spiritual journey of the self.

When Gao was 43, he was incorrectly diagnosed with lung cancer. Resigned to death by the same means that had claimed his father just a few years before, Gao spent six weeks indulging his appetites and reading philosophy. The spot on Gao's lung mysteriously disappeared, but a new threat arose when rumors began to circulate that he was to be sent to a prison farm because of his controversial writings. No longer facing imminent death, the writer quickly left Beijing and disappeared into the remote forest regions of Sichuan, then spent five months wandering along the Yangtze River from its source down to the coast. Gao's 15,000 kilometer sojourn forms the geographic parameters of the fictional journey in SOUL MOUNTAIN.

While on a train at the start of his trip, the writer protagonist meets another traveler who says he is going to Lingshan, "soul mountain," which can be found by the remote source of the You River. The writer has never heard of such a place, and he resolves to go there, but his fellow traveler can give him none but the vaguest directions. Thus begins a metaphoric odyssey into the hinterlands of China and the outlying Qiang, Miao and Yi districts that dangle on the fringes of Han Chinese civilization.

The writer is in search of the traditions that are hidden in rural China, and as he travels he encounters a parade of unforgettable characters who embody both vestiges of the past-Daoist masters, Buddhist monks, ancient calligraphers-and the modern culture that has surfaced since the revolution: small town communist cadres, budding entrepreneurs, independent young girls grappling with parochial repression. The two worlds exist uneasily as one, with stories and customs from centuries past colliding with a world of televisions, automobiles, and technology. All is permeated by the dark legacy of the Cultural Revolution, the encroachment of ecological damage, and the harsh monetary realities of everyday life in contemporary China.

SOUL MOUNTAIN is a dazzling work of the imagination, where classic fables merge with tales of modern cruelty and ancient philosophy does battle with existentialism. But Gao goes deeper still as he explores notions of the devastation of the self at the hands of social expectations. He continually shifts his narrative voice as the "I" of the writer becomes the "you" of an imagined companion, then the "she" of a woman companion. Yet all reflects back on the protagonist, who craves these two seemingly contradictory ends-the solitude necessary for nurturing the self and the anxiety-provoking warmth of human society.

Gao began this novel in the mid-eighties, then carried the manuscript with him when he fled China in 1987. Now living in Paris, he completed the book there in 1989. His writings continue to be banned in his native country. As Gao's work at last gains the public's attention here in the West, SOUL MOUNTAIN provides a dazzling introduction to the achievement of one of contemporary literature's acknowledged masters.

Автор: Xingjian Gao
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Sievietes spēks




Tulkojums latviešu valodā.

«Liesma», 1974



Автор: Londons Dzeks




Tulkojums latviešu valodā.

«Liesma», 1974



Автор: Londons Dzeks
Sniega ceļa gudrība


Автор: Londons Dzeks
Stūrgalvīgais Jans




Tulkojums latviešu valodā.

«Liesma», 1974



Автор: Londons Dzeks
Suicide Notes

I’m not crazy. I don’t see what the big deal is about what happened. But apparently someone does think it’s a big deal because here I am. I bet it was my mother. She always overreacts.

Fifteen-year-old Jeff wakes up on New Year’s Day to find himself in the hospital. Make that the psychiatric ward. With the nutjobs. Clearly, this is all a huge mistake. Forget about the bandages on his wrists and the notes on his chart. Forget about his problems with his best friend, Allie, and her boyfriend, Burke. Jeff’s perfectly fine, perfectly normal, not like the other kids in the hospital with him. Now they’ve got problems. But a funny thing happens as his forty-five-day sentence drags on—the crazies start to seem less crazy.

Compelling, witty, and refreshingly real, Suicide Notes is a darkly humorous novel from award-winning author Michael Thomas Ford that examines that fuzzy line between "normal" and the rest of us.

From School Library Journal

Grade 9 Up—

Jeff, the irreverent, sarcastic, and utterly terrified 15-year-old narrator, wakes up on New Year’s Day in a psych ward with bandages around his wrists. He copes with his therapy by using extreme denial and avoidance, attempting to one-up his therapist, Dr. Katzrupus, or Cat Poop, with flippant, deflective wordplay and outrageous stories of faux Sugar Plum Fairy fantasies. Jeff spends the rest of his time with the other teens, including suicidal Sadie the sociopath and the gay teen in jock’s clothing, Rankin. While Sadie encourages Jeff’s resentment toward the program, it is Rankin’s actions that force Jeff to come to terms with his suicide attempt and his own sexuality.

This is a story of warped self-perception, of the lies that people tell themselves so they never have to face the truth. Ford is most successful in his withholding of Jeff’s secret, a disclosure not made until the last third of the book. While the book could be named Gay Boy, Interrupted due to many similarities to Susanna Kaysen’s characters and depictions of the mental-health community, Jeff’s wit and self-discovery are refreshing, poignant, and, at times, laugh-out-loud funny. Readers will relate to Jeff as a teen bumbling through horrible embarrassment and the shame that follows, and they will be inspired by his eventual integrity and grace.

—Kat Redniss, Brownell Library, Essex Junction, VT
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From Booklist

After Jeff, 15, wakes up in a psychiatric ward, he won’t talk about why he slit his wrists. He lies to the therapist (whom he names “Cat Poop”) and refuses to relate to the other teens in group therapy. He feels that he is not nutty like them, his parents are fine, nothing is bothering him, and he is “normal”; he just had one bad day. The therapy talk sometimes gets to be too much, but there is rising tension in Jeff’s fast, irreverent, frank, first-person narrative: what is he holding back? He bonds with another patient, Sadie, and tells her about his best friend, Allie, and about Allie’s cute boyfriend. When Jeff sees a jock masturbating in the shower, he feels attraction that is returned, and the two teens have sex. Long before Jeff confronts the truth, readers will realize that he is gay, and his denial is part of the humor and sadness many readers will recognize.

Grades 10–12.

—Hazel Rochman
Автор: Ford Michael Thomas
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора

On election day in the capital, it is raining so hard that no one has bothered to come out to vote. The politicians are growing jittery. What's going on? Should they reschedule the elections for another day? Around three o'clock, the rain finally stops. Promptly at four, voters rush to the polling stations, as if they had been ordered to appear.

But when the ballots are counted, more than 70 percent are blank. The citizens are rebellious. A state of emergency is declared. The president proposes that a wall be built around the city to contain the revolution. But are the authorities acting too precipitously? Or even blindly? The word evokes terrible memories of the plague of blindness that had hit the city four years before, and of the one woman who kept her sight. Could she be behind the blank ballots? Is she the organizer of a conspiracy against the state? A police superintendent is put on the case.

What begins as a satire on governments and the sometimes dubious efficacy of the democratic system turns into something far more sinister. A singular novel from the author of Blindness.

Автор: Saramago é
Schamanenfeuer. Das Geheimnis von Tunguska.

Автор: Andre Martina
Schwarzer Valentinstag

Stuttgart im 14. Jahrhundert: Drei geheimnisvolle Zahlen verändern Christophs Leben grundlegend. Wegen dieser Zahlen, die für eine explosive Formel stehen, wird sein Vater, ein reicher Gewürzhändler, gefoltert und anschließend aus der Stadt verbannt. Als der Vater an den Folgen der Folter stirbt, macht sich Christoph auf die Suche nach seinen Mördern. Der Bietigheimer Lehrer Bentele, der für seinen Jugendroman „Wolfsjahre“ mit dem Friedrich-Gerstäcker-Preis ausgezeichnet wurde, verknüpft Motive aus dem Kriminalroman mit historisch überlieferten Fakten und schildert detailliert das Aufkommen der verheerendsten Seuche des Mittelalters, der Pest. Wieder einmal werden die Juden als vermeintliche Verursacher dieser Geißel der Menschheit zur Verantwortung gezogen. Bentele beschreibt glaubwürdig, wie Hass, Vorurteile und Verzweiflung zu einem bestialischen Pogrom führen; er bemüht sich um eine objektive Analyse historischer Entwicklungen.

Автор: Bentele ünther
Sex. Убийство. Миллион

В запутанный клубок сплетаются судьбы героев — братьев Саймона и Давида, родившихся в солнечном городке Испании. Жизнь приготовила им массу сюрпризов и неожиданных поворотов: переезд в СССР, первый заработок, убийство, бездомная жизнь во Франции, тернистый путь к успеху в Украине. О том, как люди бывают одиноки, счастливы и богаты; о цене дружбы, предательства и силе Любви; о том, как заработать миллион и стать знаменитым; о сексе, мечтах и незабываемых приключениях — «Sex. Убийство. Миллион» никого не оставит равнодушным.

Автор: Арфуш Валид
Seis problemas para don Isidro Parodi

Amantes del género policial, Jorge Luis Borges y Adolfo Bioy Casares dieron cauce de expresión a las inquietudes y solaces fruto de su común afición en los singulares relatos que toman como eje a un «detective» o investigador no menos singular: Isidro Parodi, «el penado de la celda 273» de la Penitenciaría Nacional, que resuelve los casos que le plantean sin moverse de ella. Publicado en 1942 bajo el pseudónimo común de H. Bustos Domecq, SEIS PROBLEMAS PARA DON ISIDRO PARODI está integrado por seis piezas que, pese a ser completamente independientes, van desplegando en un segundo plano ante el lector todo un elenco de personajes que, sometidos a un baño de humor corrosivo que les imprime rasgos y aires propios de «grand guignol», sirven de articuladores de unas tramas que hunden su raíz en la mejor tradición del cuento de misterio. (Alianza Ed.)

Las doce figuras del mundo

Las noches de Goliadkin

El dios de los toros

Las previsiones de Sangiácomo

La víctima de Tadeo Limardo

La prolongada busca de Tal An

Siete Noches

Además de su reconocida importancia como poeta, narrador y ensayista, Jorge Luis Borges desempeñó un papel crucial en la cultura contemporánea como divulgador y conferenciante.

Este libro reúne el célebre ciclo de siete conferencias que pronunció en el teatro Coliseo de Buenos Aires en 1977, posteriormente revisadas por él mismo para su edición impresa. La serie comienza con un sorpresivo despiece de la Divina Comedia que introduce al lector en el mundo semi mágico de la creación literaria, como también ocurre en las charlas sobre `La poesía` y `Las mil y una noches`, en `La pesadilla` el autor tiende un magistral puente de citas entre el plano onírico y el real, `La cábala` se interna en el enigma del universo a partir de las creencias, lo mismo que `El budismo`. Por último, `La ceguera` es un conmovedor testimonio de índole personal.

Pensado con rigor y expuesto con una suerte de feliz despreocupación, Siete Noches recupera vívidamente el humor, la inventiva, la conversación genial de Borges.

Автор: Borges Jorge Luis
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Salem Falls

From the national bestselling author of PLAIN TRUTH comes an acclaimed, richly atmospheric novel about a teacher undone by a disturbing modern-day witch hunt.

Tall, blonde and handsome, Jack McBride was once a beloved teacher and football coach at a girl's school, until a student's crush sparked a powder-keg of accusation and robbed him of his career and reputation. Now after a devastatingly public ordeal that left him with an eight-month jail sentence and no job, Jack resolves to pick up the pieces of his life; taking a job washing dishes at Addie Peabody's diner, and slowly forming a relationship with her. But just when it seems like his life is back on track, Jack finds himself the object of fresh accusations of rape brought on by a coven of bewitching teenage girls from Salem Falls, and history repeats itself as Jack's hidden past catches up with him.

In a sleepy hamlet haunted by enduring love and wicked deceit, Picoult masterfully leads readers toward a truly shocking finale.

Автор: Picoult Jodie
Songs of the Humpback Whale: A Novel in Five Voices

Back in print by popular demand, national bestselling author Jodi Picoult's acclaimed debut novel treats fans old and new to a beautiful, poignant story of family, friendship and love. Jodi Picoult's powerful novel portrays an emotionaly charged marriage that changes course in one explosive moment.

For years, Jane Jones has lived in the shadow of her husband, renowned San Diego oceanographer Oliver Jones. But during an escalating argument, Janes turns to him with an alarming volatility. In anger and fear, Jane leaves with her teenage daughter, Rebecca, for a cross-country odyssey. Charted by letters from her borther Joley, they are guided to his Massachusetts apple farm, where surprising self-discoveries await. Now Oliver, an expert at tracking humpback whales across vast oceans, will search for his wife across a continent, and find a new way to see the world, his family, and himself: through her eyes.

Автор: Picoult Jodie
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Автор: London Jack
Автор: London Jack
Автор: Tyler Anne
Sangre En El Volga

Stalingrado era el golpe al dictador rojo, la prueba de que ningún obstáculo podía oponerse al victorioso Ejército alemán. Más de 300.000 hombres se adentraron entre las ruinas de la gran ciudad sembrada de fábricas. 300.000 hombres dispuestos a ocupar Stalingrado y a atravesar el río que se encuentra a espaldas de la villa.

El Volga.

A sus orillas se luchó como nunca se había peleado en Rusia, mil veces más feroz que la Batalla de Moscú, más intensa que la Batalla de Sebastopol, Stalingrado significó, sencillamente, la cúspide del avance germano en la URSS.

Cayeron los hombres en la ciudad mártir, alemanes y rusos, por cientos, por millares, por cientos de millares…

Y la sangre de tantos hombres corrió por las calles para, en densos torrentes, verterse en las aguas tranquilas del río.

Автор: Vereiter Karl von
Sentido y Sensibilidad

Reglas y emociones. Deberes y devociones. Ubicada en la Inglaterra de principios del siglo XIX, Sentido y sensibilidad presenta las alegrías y sinsabores de las hermanas Dashwood. Desamparadas tras la muerte de su padre y a merced de su medio hermano, Elinor y Marianne deberán enfrentarse a los contrastes del amor y a las exigencias de la sociedad, siempre acompañadas de su madre y su hermana menor. Están ya en edad casadera y sin embargo, ni su carácter ni sus habilidades las ayudan a concretar una relación. El tiempo sigue pasando y todo parece indicar que no lograrán una estabilidad emocional.

Esta novela examina la estructura social de la época donde el papel de la mujer se limitaba al de mera compañía, por no decir objeto decorativo. Para ellas estaba negada la posibilidad de ejercer una profesión o de poseer bienes. Sólo debían de tener y saber lo necesario. En consecuencia, para muchas su mayor ilusión era encontrar a su príncipe azul, aunque éste no siempre viniera acompañado de dicha.

Автор: Austen Jane
Автор: Дарк Олег

Writing a novel after having won a Nobel Prize for Literature must be even more daunting than trying to follow a brilliant, bestselling debut. In Somersault (the title refers to an abrupt, public renunciation of the past), Kenzaburo Oe has himself leapt in a new direction, rolling away from the slim, semi-autobiographical novel that garnered the 1994 Nobel Prize (A Personal Matter) and toward this lengthy, involved account of a Japanese religious movement. Although it opens with the perky and almost picaresque accidental deflowering of a young ballerina with an architectural model, Somersault is no laugh riot. Oe's slow, deliberate pace sets the tone for an unusual exploration of faith, spiritual searching, group dynamics, and exploitation. His lavish, sometimes indiscriminate use of detail can be maddening, but it also lends itself to his sobering subject matter, as well as to some of the most beautiful, realistic sex scenes a reader is likely to encounter. – Regina Marler

From Publishers Weekly

Nobelist Oe's giant new novel is inspired by the Aum Shinrikyo cult, which released sarin gas in Tokyo 's subway system in 1995. Ten years before the novel begins, Patron and Guide, the elderly leaders of Oe's fictional cult, discover, to their horror, that a militant faction of the organization is planning to seize a nuclear power plant. They dissolve the cult very publicly, on TV, in an act known as the Somersault. Ten years later, Patron decides to restart the fragmented movement, after the militant wing kidnaps and murders Guide, moving the headquarters of the church from Tokyo to the country town of Shikoku. Patron's idea is that he is really a fool Christ; in the end, however, he can't escape his followers' more violent expectations. Oe divides the story between Patron and his inner circle, which consists of his public relations man, Ogi, who is not a believer; his secretary, Dancer, an assertive, desirable young woman; his chauffeur, Ikuo; and Ikuo's lover, Kizu, who replaces Guide as co-leader of the cult. Kizu is a middle-aged artist, troubled by the reoccurrence of colon cancer. Like a Thomas Mann character, he discovers homoerotic passion in the throes of illness. Oe's Dostoyevskian themes should fill his story with thunder, but the pace is slow, and Patron doesn't have the depth of a Myshkin or a Karamazov-he seems anything but charismatic. It is Kizu and Ikuo's story that rises above room temperature, Kizu's sharp, painterly intelligence contrasting with Ikuo's rather sinister ardor. Oe has attempted to create a sprawling masterpiece, but American readers might decide there's more sprawl than masterpiece here.

Автор: Oe Kenzaburo
Sugar Street

Sugar Street is the final novel in Nobel Prize-winner Naguib Mahfouz’s magnificent Cairo Trilogy, an epic family saga of colonial Egypt that is considered his masterwork.

The novels of the Cairo Trilogy trace three generations of the family of tyrannical patriarch al-Sayyid Ahmad Abd al-Jawad, who rules his household with a strict hand while living a secret life of self-indulgence. Sugar Street brings Mahfouz’s vivid tapestry of an evolving Egypt to a dramatic climax as the aging patriarch sees one grandson become a Communist, one a Muslim fundamentalist, and one the lover of a powerful politician. Filled with compelling drama, earthy humor, and remarkable insight, Mahfouz’s Cairo Trilogy is the achievement of a master storyteller.

Автор: Mahfouz Naguib
Серия: The Cairo Trilogy
Shattered Image

Forensic sculptor Toni Sullivan's job takes her to crime scenes to put faces to victims. Shaping the clay always gives her a sense of purpose and order, but that all changes when she feels a mysterious connection to the victim found on Red Bud Isle.

When Toni accepts another assignment that may officially prove an old friend is dead, memories of her nursing days in Vietnam begin to haunt her.

Suddenly, her calm professionalism is gone. To find peace, she'll do whatever it takes to unmask a murderer. But where will she find the strength to handle the traumatic legacy of the past?

Автор: Margos J F
Sarah’s Key

Paris, July 1942: Sarah, a ten year-old girl, is brutally arrested with her family by the French police in the Vel' d'Hiv' roundup, but not before she locks her younger brother in a cupboard in the family's apartment, thinking that she will be back within a few hours.

Paris, May 2002: On Vel' d'Hiv's 60th anniversary, journalist Julia Jarmond is asked to write an article about this black day in France 's past. Through her contemporary investigation, she stumbles onto a trail of long-hidden family secrets that connect her to Sarah. Julia finds herself compelled to retrace the girl's ordeal, from that terrible term in the Vel d'Hiv', to the camps, and beyond. As she probes into Sarah's past, she begins to question her own place in France, and to reevaluate her marriage and her life.

Tatiana de Rosnay offers us a brilliantly subtle, compelling portrait of France under occupation and reveals the taboos and silence that surround this painful episode.

Автор: Rosnay Tatiana de

Super-Cannes – a Sunday Times bestseller in hardback – was the winner of the 2001 Commonwealth Writers Prize for the Eurasian region.

'Sublime: an elegant, elaborate trap of a novel, which reads as a companion piece to Cocaine Nights but takes ideas from that novel and runs further. The first essential novel of the 21st century.'

– Nicholas Royle, Independent

'Possibly his greatest book. Super-Cannes is both a novel of ideas and a compelling thriller that will keep you turning the pages to the shocking denouement. Only Ballard could have produced it.'

– Simon Hinde, Sunday Express

'In this tautly paced thriller he brilliantly details how man's darker side derails a vast experiment in living, and shows the dangers of a near-future in which going mad is the only way of staying sane.'

– Charlotte Mosley, Daily Mail

'Vintage Ballard, a gripping blend of stylised thriller and fantastic imaginings.'

– Alex Clark, Guardian

'Ballard at his best. Truly superb: the best book he has written. The story achieves the optimum balance of perfectly wrought lucid thriller-writing with formidable and pervasive intelligence.'

– Edward Docx, Daily Express

'Like watching a slow-motion action replay of a spectacular collision, you can't take your eyes away from Super-Cannes.'

– Mike Pattenden, The Times

'Super-Cannes is one of those novels whose last 100 pages you turn over faster and faster, wanting hundreds more: One peels this novel like an onion. Halfway through, I thought I could see the denouement. Three-quarters of the way through, something quite different seemed to be looming up. I have to say that the ending eluded and amazed me. As Ballard always amazes.'

– John Sutherland, Sunday Times

'Ballard's extraordinary new novel reads like a survival manual for the new century: There is a peculiar Englishness that manifests itself in exploration of the exotic, and J. G. Ballard is the most exotic author of all. Super-Cannes is a gleaming, tooled-up taste of tomorrow, beguiling, subversive and so appropriate to the mood of the new century that it feels like a survival handbook; it might just save your life.'

– Christopher Fowler, Independent on Sunday

'A magical hybrid that belongs to no known genre, a masterpiece of the surrealist imagination, Super-Cannes is another triumph by Britain 's most uncompromisingly contemporary novelist.'

John Gray, New Statesman

'J. G. Ballard is the Dr Moreau of British fiction, creator of controlled environments and out-of-control dystopias: More than any other writer Ballard understands the transformation technology may effect on human desire. This is his most potent statement yet of the outcome of that transformation, an elegant nightmare with all the internal coherence of an Escher engraving or a Calvino fable: Ballard unravels the secrets of his post-industrial Elysium with panache, leading us into a society which is both an exaggerated parable for our times and a chill piece of futurology: compelling.'

– Tim Adams, Observer

'With this sharply focused novel, Ballard takes a long sniper's look at the mirror-walled corporate dream, and then shatters it.'

– Helen Brown, Daily Telegraph

'Ballard remains that very rare thing, an original. He is undoubtedly the most exciting of contemporary novelists.

His genius lies in the mood he creates and his often dazzlingly surreal images. Super-Cannes possesses a relentless energy and an atmosphere of calculated corruption: the chilling narrative succeeds as an apocalyptic comment on modern society's inhuman dance of death.'

– Eileen Battersby, Irish Times

'Tainted idylls have always been J. G. Ballard's fictional speciality. With Super-Cannes, he dreams up one of his most memorable. Electrifyingly vivid prose and a storyline alive with shocks power a novel that casts lurid light on an exclusive Riviera enclave of the technological ©lite.'

– Peter Kemp, Sunday Times

'For those who know his work, the familiar pleasures are all present: fecund ideas, the disquieting poetry of his imagery and a strong spine of narrative. For first-timers, the ride begins here. Much writing is touted as essential; little, however, can claim any such distillation of its times. Ballard's is the real thing.'

– Gareth Evans, Time Out

'A dark and incendiary thriller, doing to the gated community and business park what Bram Stoker did for the Transylvanian castle.'

– S. B. Kelly, Scotland on Sunday

'He continues to produce the most trenchant and effective critique of the era and remains the most important contemporary British writer.' Will Self, Independent 'The storyline of intrigue and manipulation sees Ballard's devious imagination on tiptop form. Pacy, intelligent and accessible – one of his most enjoyable books ever, a pageturner that is also a novel of ideas.'

– David Profumo, Literary Review

'One of our strangest and most brilliant novelists. A new novel from Ballard is a literary event to make the heart jolt with uneasy expectation. Super-Cannes, super-saturated with Ballard iconography, is one of the first novels to gaze unflinchingly at the new millennium.'

– Catherine Lockerbie, Scotsman

'Super-Cannes is prime Ballard – weighty, potent and extraordinary.'

– John Preston, Evening Standard

'Ballard just gets hipper and hipper.'

– Guardian

Автор: Ballard JG
Scènes De La Vie De Jeunesse

L'auteur est connu pour les «Scènes de la vie de bohème», roman qui inspira à Puccini son opéra «la Bohème». C'est le même thème qui est traité dans les «Scènes de la vie de jeunesse». Beaucoup de talent et d'esprit, mais un livre très curieux où chacune des nouvelles décrit avec un humour noir, féroce et particulier, la vie de bohème des jeunes artistes des années 1850. «Le bonhomme Jadis» et «Le manchon de Francine» sont à cet égard remarquables. Miné par ses années de bohème, de même que les héros de ses nouvelles, Henry Murger est mort en 1861 à l'âge de 39 ans.

Автор: Murger Henry
Scènes De La Vie De Bohème

L’histoire, les histoires plutôt ici narrées se déroulent à Paris au beau milieu du XIXè siècle, à la même époque et dans les mêmes endroits que la seconde partie des «Misérables» de Victor Hugo en fait. Là où par exemple le jeune Marius rencontre Enjolras et ses amis au jardin du Luxembourg en plein cœur de Paris et fraternisent autour du thème de la liberté, de l’amitié et du pouvoir au peuple entre deux beuveries et barricades.

Le Luxembourg parlons-en puisqu’un buste de l’auteur de ce livre survit encore dans un recoin peu fréquenté de ce grand jardin, un coin discret et érodé comme le parfait symbole de ce qui est raconté en ces lignes, pour moi le livre sans doute le plus beau et touchant que j’ai jamais pu lire.

L’histoire ce livre rejoint celle des fameux «Mystères de Paris» d’Eugène Sue, préalablement publié sous formes de feuilleton dans un journal avant d’être réuni et d’avoir le succès que l’on connaît. «Scènes de vie de Bohème» eut le même sort à la différence que le journal dans lequel ces «feuilletons» étaient publiés était une aimable mais discrète feuille satyrique appelée «Le corsaire». Henry Murger publia de plus ces différents feuilletons de manière irrégulière. Malgré ce parcours de bohème pourrait-on dire ses feuilletons trouvèrent toutefois un fort bel écho auprès de quelques éclaireurs de la vie littéraire parisienne (pas la plus dégueu de l’histoire hein?)

Pour le «grand» public, façon de parler bien sur puisque nous sommes mi XIXè, ce fut en fait l’adaptation très libre que fit Henry Murger avec l’aide du dramaturge Théodore Barrière au théâtre sous le nom «La vie de bohème» qui connut un immense succès fin 1849 et fit d’Henry Murger un auteur reconnu à défaut d’être très célèbre.

En 1851 parut donc pour la première fois ce livre-ci sous une forme et une construction voulue par l’auteur qui réunit le tout via un commencement inédit et une fin à l’avenant

Ce livre reprend donc comme le chef d’œuvre d’Eugène Sue le principe d’une écriture de feuilleton, ainsi des chapitre ne dépassant guère les 4-5 pages avec une chute finale toujours remarquée et remarquable;ainsi au hasard, celle-ci prise pour le chapitre XIV: «Hélas, pensa Rodolphe, lequel vaut le mieux? Ou de se laisser tromper toujours pour avoir cru ou ne jamais croire de peur d’être trompé toujours?»

Car d’amour il en est beaucoup question évidemment dans ces lignes et ces pages, mais pas seulement. La vie de bohème telle que l’on imagine aujourd’hui trouvant là son illustration littéraire la plus achevée avec bien entendu certains des poèmes des acteurs marquants de cette belle époque (cette vraie belle époque) dans l’histoire de la littérature française, citons sans être complet Gérard de Nerval, Théophile Gautier, Les frères Goncourt, Théodore de Banville et Charles Baudelaire bien entendu.

L’histoire relate les aventures de quatre amis tout «artistes» de cœur et d’âme:

– Le Musicien Schaunard tout occupé à composer sa grande œuvre musicale «l’influence du bleu dans l’art»

– Le philosophe Colline arpentant les rues parisiennes son grand manteau aux larges poches remplis de livres ou de papiers

– Le poète Rodolphe, héros central avec son amour avec Mimi, leur séparation et leurs retrouvailles douloureuses.

– Le peintre Marcel, celui qui refuse de vendre un tableau à un «amateur» ne connaissant rien de l’art (bien que l’on puisse se tromper à ce sujet comme le montrera l’un des épisodes les plus cocasses du livre)

Tout ce petit monde ayant en commun de mettre leur amitié et leur art (et l’amour) au-dessus de toute autre chose dans leur vie, partageant avec un égal mépris la moindre petite contingence les enlisant dans le réel alors qu’ils se vivent dans l’art et l’amour!!

Ce petit monde ayant aussi en commun de vivre sans le sou dans des mansardes où le maigre argent gagné se transforme bien plus souvent en peinture ou papier qu’en nourriture ou bois pour se chauffer, la vie de bohème est depuis restée dans le langage commun pour symboliser cette manière de vivre.

Cette succession de tableaux, tantôt légers, tantôt graves, qu’on devine d’ailleurs teintés d’emprunt au réel (Henry Murger a vécu cette bohème là et cette vie intellectuelle trépidante là qui n’allait pas encore de mise avec les beaux salons et l’opulence) nous raconte donc leurs différentes aventures avant de centrer une bonne partie de l’intrigue autour des amours tumultueux de Rodolphe et de Mimi, de leur amour lumineux puis de la lassitude de la demoiselle à vivre aussi pauvrement et précairement alors qu’un beau marquis lui fait une cour assidue. Elle s’en ira enfin vers lui mais pour au bout de quelques mois revenir s’enivrer l’espace de quelques jours avec son éternel amour puis de revenir en ces beaux quartiers, racontant son escapade au marquis de ces quelques lignes qui pour moi encore aujourd’hui sont sans doute les plus belles que j’ai jamais pu lire:

«Que voulez-vous? fit Mimi, j’ai besoin de temps en temps d’aller respirer l’air de cette vie-là. Mon existence folle est comme une chanson; chacun de mes amours est un couplet mais Rodolphe en est le refrain»

Mais outre cette histoire d’amour magnifique (à l’issue douloureuse sans vouloir effleurer la fin) ces récits regorgent de moments euphoriques, de moments difficiles mais toujours surmontés par un enthousiasme spontané et naïf de consacrer sa vie à l’art, à l’amour et à l’amitié en dépit des terribles épreuves vécues ici ou là.

Imaginez une série à la «Friends» centrée sur les garçons et se passant dans le Paris de 1840-1850, une série un peu moins comique certes mais autrement plus réelle et avec une profondeur de sentiments et d’émotions donnant presque chair aux personnages pour nous aussi par moment nous rendre euphoriques ou terriblement tristes selon les épisodes vécus.

En 1880 Puccini adaptera lui-aussi la pièce tirée de ces feuilletons pour en faire son plus célèbre opéra «La bohème», les amours de Rodolphe et Mimi feront à partir de là le tour du monde.

Plus d’un siècle plus tard et après nombre d’emprunt ou de citations dans la chanson ou à la littérature (comme Aznavour bien sur se retournant vers ces jeunes années et illustrant un nouveau chapitre de cette vie de bohème immortalisée par Murger) le cinéaste finlandais Aki Kaurismaki réalisera une adaptation libre du livre d’Henry Murger, basant l’histoire dans un Paris factice d’après-guerre et donnant à ces pages, et par la grâce d’acteurs magnifiques, d’une photo lumineuse et d’une mise en scène magique, une bouleversante version filmée de l’œuvre de Murger.

La prochaine fois que vous serez dans le jardin du Luxembourg, allez donc faire un tour devant le buste d’Henry Murger, il le mérite bien.

Автор: Murger Henry
Автор: Maalouf Amin
Sankt Joseph der Zweite

Erzählung aus Wilhelm Meisters Wanderjahre. (Geschrieben 1807/08).

Sankt-Rochus-Fest zu Bingen

Goethes Erlebnisse auf dem Sankt-Rochus-Fest zu Bingen. am 16. August des Jahres 1814 und sein späterer Bericht über dieses Volksfest.

Slow Man

One day while cycling along the Magill road in Adelaide Paul Rayment is knocked down by a car, resulting in the amputation of his leg. Humiliated, he retreats to his flat and a succession of day-care nurses. After a series of carers who are either "unsuitable" or just temporary, he happens upon Marijana, with whom he has a European childhood in common: his in France, hers in Croatia. Marijana nurses him tactfully and efficiently, ministering to his new set of needs. His feelings for her soon become deeper and more complex. He attempts to fund her son Drago's passage through college, a move which meets the refusal of her husband, causing a family rift. Drago moves in with Paul, but not before an entirely different complication steps in, in the form of celebrated Australian novelist Elizabeth Costello, who threatens to take over the direction of Paul's life in ways he's not entirely comfortable with.

Slow Man has to get the award for "hardest novel of the year to unwrap", in that it's actually more like three novels layered variously on top of each other, and all in a mere 263 pages! It is also, without doubt, the most challenging novel of the year. Coetzee having won the thing two times already and being a Nobel laureate, it never stood a chance getting to the Booker shortlist, but that doesn't stop it being possibly the best novel of the year by miles.

The start is relatively easy to get to grips with: Paul is knocked from his bike, has his limb removed, and becomes one of those who must submit to being cared for. Just like David Lurie from his Booker-prize-winning Disgrace, Paul stubbornly refuses the aid which could make his life superficially normal, (an artificial limb,) and surrenders himself stubbornly to his incapacity. So begins a novel that seems to be concerning itself with an analysis of the spirit of care and the psychological effect any severe injury (or, symbolically, any obvious difference to others) has on a person when their life is "truncated" so. And it is a superb beginning, too. The first 100 pages are astounding, presented in Coetzee's trademark analytical prose that manages to be both spare and yet busting with riches.

It's complicated a little by the fact that Rayment is clearly a kind of semi alter-ego for Coetzee, who himself is reputed to be very keen on cycling the streets of Adelaide. Coetzee and his protagonist share a similar history, too: divorced Rayment grew up in France and now lives in a quiet lonely flat in Adelaide, where he feels out of place. He has never, he thinks, felt the sense of having a real "home" that many do. South-African born Coetzee's early fiction focused much on the White "place" in South Africa; he escaped to London in his youth, he has since lived out extended Professorships in the USA, and is now based in Adelaide. Coetzee, too, feels this sense of unbelonging that is rife in Paul. Slow Man is almost claustrophobic in its sense of lives ending and purposes coming to a close: living in Australia and with South Africa mostly stable, Coetzee is having to look elsewhere for his fiction. And he seems to be turning the focus largely onto himself. His 2003 novel was a series of vignettes concerning Coetzee's alter-ego, the famed but fictional elderly Australian novelist Elizabeth Costello.

When the woman in question knocks on Paul's door, then, it becomes clear Coetzee has far more on his mind than a mere novel about growing old and out of place and cared for. There are potential problems with what Coetzee's doing here: by self-consciously bringing Costello (himself) in, it can seem as if he doesn't really know what to do with this fiction he's making, doesn't know where to go with it, so brings her in to play some nice metafictional tricks, to talk about writing and character and their relationship to the author ("you came to me", Costello says to Paul.) instead of getting on with the real business at hand. She pushes Paul to become "more of a main character", as if she's uncertain about him but can't entirely control him herself. (Though in the end we realise that everyone can be a main character, however dull they may seem. Because they are not.) It might also seem a little heavy-handed, an obvious and self-consciously clever trick. It might seem like these things, but for Coetzee's absolute skill at weaving his narrative together seamlessly. Costello never does seem out of place, not really. There's an air of mystery to her and her presence, some things that are never quite clear in the reader's head, but Coetzee handles her appearance so smoothly it's almost dreamlike. He stitches her into the book almost flawlessly. Not only that, but she becomes an entire character herself, rich with her own frailties and concerns. He's got himself a brilliant set-up, then: like an illusion you can only fully glimpse the parts of separately, he's managed to give himself a narrative where he give us a novel about Paul, himself, and the act of creating fictions, without any one getting in the way of another, and without the doing so seeming obvious or contrived. It's a rather remarkable achievement.

Not that all this intelligent manipulation comes without problems. The fact that we have two versions (Paul and Elizabeth) of Coetzee almost set-up against one another allows him to explore lots of interesting philosophical problems, but he's doing so much here that these questions often just end up going in circles and knocking off one another. The attrition between the two characters says something vaguely itchy about Coetzee's own feelings about his acts of artistic creation, though the way the two finally seem to make peace with one another in the end is pleasingly conclusive in a novel where the other remaining aspects are resolved rather ambiguously.

Slow Man, his first book since winning the Nobel in 2003, is a novel that consists of a full internal novel and at least one full external one. Childless Paul's legacy remains uncertain (where will his meddling with Marijana's family get him? will he find an heir in Drago, if only symbolically?) but Coetzee's is not: with his beautifully stark prose he has left us unnerving and important pictures of South Africa and what it means to be an outsider, and is now – perhaps uncertainly; it may be this tremulous uncertainty of purpose that is the only slight stain on Slow Man – moving on to new terrain. His body of work is one of the most impressive of any current writer in English. Anyone who wants to know just how much of a transcendent experience fiction can be needs to read his work.

Автор: Coetzee J M

Anglia, okres regencji. Zdawać by się mogło, że lady Julianie Myfleet nie zależało na opinii. Czy gdyby było inaczej, grałaby w karty o bardzo wysokie stawki, brała udział w skandalizujących przyjęciach czy wreszcie romansowała z byłym kochankiem własnej matki? Wielu ją potępiało, niektórzy tolerowali, lecz nikt jej nie rozumiał. Lord Martin Davencourt pamiętał inną Julianę, niewinną i radosną. Postanowił sprawdzić, co kryje się za postępowaniem pięknej wdowy. Tym bardziej że, wbrew rozsądkowi, był nią coraz bardziej zauroczony.

Автор: Cornick Nicola

Иэн Макьюэн – один из самых известных современных британских прозаиков, Букеровский лауреат.

В нашей стране выходили его романы «Амстердам» и «Невинный». Предлагаемый читателю роман «Stop-кадр!» переведен на русский язык впервые.

Не названный, но легко узнаваемый итальянский город с его дворцами, мостами, гондолами и толпами разноязычных туристов, летняя томительная жара, дни, полные праздности… Английская пара, чья любовная связь с течением лет вошла в спокойное русло, вливается в неторопливое течение летней жизни. Нюансы отношений двух близкий людей, их разговоры, полные недомолвок и запоздалых открытий, их многозначительное молчание… Ничто не предвещает грядущего взрыва, трагического финала, оборвавшего размеренные дни, как оказалось, счастливой жизни двоих.

Автор: Макьюэн Иэн

Alphonse Daudet n'a pas seulement chanté la Provence perdue de son enfance. Dans Sapho, c'est un Paris bien incarné qu'il met en scène, celui de la bohème artistique de son temps, se consumant dans l'ivresse de la fête et des conquêtes d'un soir. Jean, jeune provençal fraîchement monté à Paris, s'éprend d'une très belle femme – modèle – connue sous le nom de Sapho. Sera-ce une de ces liaisons sans lendemain? Sapho n'est plus jeune et pressent qu'elle vit son dernier amour, mais, pour Jean, c'est le premier. Décalage du temps, désaccord des âmes… Trente ans avant le Chéri de Colette, Daudet a l'intuition magistrale de " ce genre d'amours auxquels le sentiment maternel ajoute une dimension délicieuse et dangereuse "

Автор: Daudet Alphonse
Smilla's Sense of Snow aka Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow

A little boy falls off a roof in Copenhagen and is killed. Smilla, his neighbour, suspects it is not an accident: she has seen his footsteps in the snow, and, having been brought up by her mother, a Greenlander, she has a feeling for snow.

Автор: øeg Peter
Salaam Paris

Tanaya Shah longs for the wonderful world of Paris, the world that she fell in love with while watching Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina-so when a proposal comes along for an arranged marriage with a man who is living in Paris, Tanaya seizes the chance. But once she lands in the city, she shuns the match. A stroke of luck turns Tanaya into a supermodel, and soon the traditional girl is cavorting with rock stars and is disowned by her family.

In her new whirlwind life, she is reintroduced to the man she was supposed to marry, the man she now realizes she should have never walked away from, the man who is her only connection to the family she longs to reconcile with, if only it's not too late.

Автор: Daswani Kavita
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора

Свое “совсем уж неизвестно что” написал по молодости лет Альдо Нове (р. в 1967). Нове – одна из самых заметных фигур в стане “юных людоедов”, новейшего течения гипернатурализма в итальянской литературе на рубеже веков...

Сборник дебютных и теперь уже культовых страшилок А. Нове “Вубинда” (1996) во втором издании разросся до размеров обескураживающей энциклопедии современной жизни, девизом которой могло бы быть “ни дня без конца света”...


Автор: Нове Альдо
Автор: Явас Артём
Simple Storys

Роман из жизни восточногерманской провинции

Инго Шульце написал книгу о современности, вглядываясь в «простого человека», в «мелочь» жизни, в те времена, когда взлетала и оседала пыль Берлинской стены. «Simple storys» – сборник историй, образующих своеобразный роман о провинциальных немцах исчезнувшей страны. Как Клод Моне маленькими мазками чистого тона воссоздавал восход солнца, надеясь на оптический эффект зрения, так и Инго Шульце рассказ за рассказом создает картину, описывающую сплетенные друг с другом судьбы разных людей восточного городка Альтенбург после объединения Германии.

Автор: Шульце Инго
Stranger Than Fiction (True Stories)

"Full of wonderful moments…Palahniuk's voice is so distinctive and intimate-he writes as though he is recounting a great story to a close friend." — Los Angeles Times

"Step into Palahniuk's dark worldview and watch for what crawls out. These stories are true to him and no one else." — The Oregonian

“One of the oddest and most oddly compelling collections to come along for some time.” —The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“In Chuck Palahniuk’s world, the ride is fast, often disturbing, and there is never any holding back.” —The New Orleans Times-Picayune

“Eccentric, idiosyncratic, and often entertaining.” —The Onion

"Priceless grace notes from an exceptionally droll and sharp-eyed observer." — The New York Times

“Rarely does a collection of essays continually resonate with a main theme and accumulate a weight that would lead you to call it a great book. . This is a pretty great book.” —The Seattle Times

"The book's lurid appeal rests largely on being let in on Palahniuk's secrets, the raw material for much of his fiction. . Acts that give spice to his novels are made more menacing when encountered in the real world." — Black Book

Автор: Palahniuk Chuck
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора


The Man Booker Prize

Set in South Yorkshire, this is the story of Colin's struggle to come to terms with his family – his mercurial, ambitious father, his deep-feeling, long-suffering mother – and to escape the stifling heritage of the raw mining community into which he was born. This book won the 1976 Booker Prize.

Автор: Storey David
Secret Society Girl

In a fabulous blend of the bestselling traditions of Prep and The Devil Wears Prada, Secret Society Girl takes us into the heart of the Ivy League's ultraexclusive secret societies when a young woman is invited to join as one of their first female members.

Elite Eli University junior Amy Haskel never expected to be tapped into Rose & Grave, the country's most powerful - and notorious - secret society. She isn't rich, politically connected, or.well, male.

So when Amy receives the distinctive black-lined invitation with the Rose & Grave seal, she's blown away. Could they really mean her?

Whisked off into an initiation rite that's a blend of Harry Potter and Alfred Hitchcock, Amy awakens the next day to a new reality and a whole new set of 'friends' - from the gorgeous son of a conservative governor to an Afrocentric lesbian activist whose society name is Thorndike. And that's when Amy starts to discover the truth about getting what you wish for. Because Rose & Grave is quickly taking her away from her familiar world of classes and keggers, fueling a feud, and undermining a very promising friendship with benefits. And that's before Amy finds out that her first duty as a member of Rose & Grave is to take on a conspiracy of money and power that could, quite possibly, ruin her whole life.

A smart, sexy introduction to the life and times of a young woman in way over her head, Secret Society Girl is a charming and witty debut from a writer who knows her turf - and isn't afraid to tell all....

Автор: Peterfreund Diana
Серия: Ivy League
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора


Aleksandrs Dimā (tēvs)

Trešais sējums


Kopoti raksti piecpadsmit sējumos

Izdevumu sagatavojusi informācijas un izdevējdarbības aģentūra "AEROEKSRESIS"

Tulkojis Vitolds Zibelis Redaktors A.Mukāns Mākslinieks J.Sīmanis Sastādītāji G.Špakovs un S.Smoļskis

Ofseta papīrs. Formāts 60x90 1/16. 12,5 iespiedloksnes Tirāža 16 000 eks. Līgumcena Izdevējdarbības licence Nr. 2-0116

Автор: vs) Aleksandrs


Aleksandrs Dimā (tēvs)

Kopoti raksti piecpadsmit sējumos

Desmitais sējums

Rīgā, 1994

Автор: vs) Aleksandrs

Džeks Londons


KOPOTI raksti desmit sējumos-II SĒJUMS


Автор: Londons eks
Stāstu izlase

Marks Tvens

Stāstu izlase

Sefarad. Una novela de novelas

Como su nombre indica, Sefarad no es una novela, sino una multitud de novelas cuyos hilos se cruzan y entrelazan sin cesar. Una serie de vidas (muchas de ellas reales) que nos saltan al paso a lo largo de los diecisiete capítulos en que está dividido el libro para contarnos su historia de desarraigo, de persecución o exilio.

Muchas de esas historias tienen una raíz común: el éxodo. Desde los menos traumáticos: de una ciudad a otra por causa del trabajo, hasta los provocados por los conflictos bélicos o por las persecuciones generadas en ellos. Pero todas están marcadas por el desarraigo que sufren sus protagonistas. Es un sentimiento de extrañeza bien hacia el nuevo lugar que habitan, bien hacia una situación que les convierte en algo distinto que les aparta de la sociedad. En el primer caso están las historias de los emigrantes de poblaciones pequeñas a otras más grandes y que mantienen vivas las tradiciones de sus lugares de origen en sus nuevos ambientes, buscando cualquier pretexto (la fiesta del pueblo, las vacaciones, etc.) para regresar y revivir por unos días el tiempo irrecuperable de la nostalgia. En el segundo caso los acontecimientos están fuera del control del personaje y se presentan con la fuerza arrolladora de lo impensable: una persona sana se convierte en una persona a punto de morir tras una visita al médico, un servidor fiel del régimen soviético se convierte en un traidor de la noche a la mañana, una persona amante de su país se convierte en un enemigo del mismo por el simple hecho de pertenecer a una familia judía, etc. También hay historias de los que, mucho tiempo más tarde, volvieron al lugar de donde escaparon para encontrar que nunca más podrán sentirme cómodos entre los vecinos que, tal vez incluso, les denunciaron, de aquellos que fueron a visitar los campos de concentración en los que murieron la mayoría de sus familiares, de aquellos que, de repente y sin motivo aparente, en un lugar cualquiera se sienten intrusos y fuera de lugar.

Es una novela individual y colectiva a un tiempo, un viaje de destierro que usa el tren como lugar mágico o terrible en el que todo puede pasar: desde el encuentro apasionado de dos desconocidos que marcará el resto de la vida del que, vez tras vez, narra la historia a cada nuevo amigo, hasta el viaje hacia la muerte cierta que les aguarda en el campo de exterminio a los viajeros hacinados en sus vagones. Un tren en el que los viajeros son los perseguidores de un sueño imposible y los perseguidos por una pesadilla abominable.

Primo Levi, Kafka, Milena Jesenska, Heinz y Margaret Neumann, Victor Klemperer, Jean Améry, Nadiezhda Mandelstam, Evgenia Ginzburg, Willi Münzenberg, Walter Benjamin, son algunos de los personajes de carne y hueso que aparecen en esta novela, muchos de ellos víctimas del fascismo hitleriano, del totalitarismo soviético y de la dictadura franquista. Sus historias se mezclan con las de otros menos conocidos y con las inventadas por Muñoz Molina, quien, al final del libro, ofrece una “Nota de lecturas” para aquellos que quieran profundizar en esas vidas desgarradas por los acontecimientos.

Автор: Molina Antonio ñoz
Автор: Palahniuk Chuck
Sacred Sins

Tess Court, a lovely psychologist, and Ben Paris, a police sergeant, fall in love as they work together to capture a mad killer who is strangling attractive women.

Автор: Roberts Nora
Side Effects

Before Woody Allen set his sights on becoming the next Ingmar Bergman, he made a fleeting (but largely successful) attempt at becoming the next S.J Perelman. Side Effects, his third and final collection of humor pieces, shows his efforts. These essays appeared in The New Yorker during the late 1970s, as he showed more and more discontent with his funnyman status. Fear not, humor fans-Allen's still funny. He is less manic, however, than in his positively goofy Getting Even/Without Feathers days, and this makes Side Effects a more nuanced read. Woody picks and chooses when to flash the laughs, as in an article discussing UFOs:

[I]n 1822 Goethe himself notes a strange celestial phenomenon. "En route home from the Leipzig Anxiety Festival," he wrote, "I was crossing a meadow, when I chanced to look up and saw several fiery red balls suddenly appear in the southern sky. They descended at a great rate of speed and began chasing me. I screamed that I was a genius and consequently could not run very fast, but my words were wasted. I became enraged and shouted imprecations at them, whereupon they flew away frightened. I related this story to Beethoven, not realizing he had already gone deaf, and he smiled and nodded and said, "Right."

Though not as explosively, mind-alteringly funny as his earlier books, Side Effects is still loaded with chuckles; the much-anthologized "Kugelmass Episode" is worth the price of the book. For fans of his films-or for anyone who wants a final glimpse of Woody in his first, best role as court jester, Side Effects is a must-have. -Michael GerberA humor classic by one of the funniest writers today, SIDE EFFECTS is a treat for all those who know his work and those just discovering how gifted he is. Included here are such classics as REMEMBERING NEEDLEMAN, THE KUGELMASS EPISODE, a new sory called CONFESSIONS OF A BUGLAR, and more.

Автор: Allen Woody
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Si tú me dices ven lo dejo todo pero dime ven

Para Dani, la vida de repente deja de tener sentido. Tiene cuarenta años, amaba a “ella”, su pareja, y con ella planeaban tener un niño. Se llamaría Izan, las paredes de su habitación estarían llenas de estrellas, y su llegada sería señal de eterna felicidad. Pero “ella” hace las maletas y se va. Al mismo tiempo, Dani recibe una llamada a la que se aferra como si ahora eso fuera lo único que puede hacer en esta vida.

Dani es un buscador de niños perdidos, y esta vez debe viajar a Capri para cumplir su misión. Justamente Capri, el escenario de su descubrimiento, el lugar en donde, gracias a dos personas extraordinarias, tuvo lugar su verdadera iniciación en esta, su vida que ahora se pierde en un incierto recorrido. Junto con Dani, el lector se reencuentra con dos personas queno olvidará. Un anciano que le descubrió el significado de las cosas, un viajero que le transmitió un saber excepcional. Ambos salvaron su vida, la de un chico que había perdido a sus padres, librado a su albedrío.

Un viaje hacia una sensibilidad nueva, distinta; ese modo único de ver y leer la vida de Albert Espinosa: amor, vida, muerte y enfermedad. Soledad y amistad -también la maravillosa amistad que puede establecerse entre quien está a punto de dejar esta vida y quien acaba de llegar a ella-, y esa obligación de ser felices que, una vez más, este dotado escritor nos transmite con su talento inusual.

Автор: Espinosa Albert

Mit seinem eigenen Boot, der Snark, kreuzte Jack London zwei Jahre lang in der Südsee. Die Erfahrungen dieser Zeit liegen den vierzehn Erzählungen dieses Bandes zugrunde, in denen das Leben der Insulaner, ihre Freiheitsliebe und die Brutalität beschrieben werden, mit der die Weißen in die naivgrausame Welt der Eingeborenen einbrachen. Die Südseegeschichten kreisen um den nackten Existenzkampf der weißen Abenteurer und um den Widerstand, den ihnen die Insulaner -vorwiegend Kannibalen und Kopfjäger -entgegenbringen.    Zauberglauben    und

Kannibalismus werden mit Sklavenhandel und Hochmut der Weißen konfrontiert. Auf beiden Seiten wird mit erbarmungsloser Härte gekämpft und gemordet. Die Natur ist in diesen Abenteuergeschichten mehr als Kulisse: Die Südsee mit ihren gefährlichen Stürmen, Korallenriffs und Sandbänken fordert die Menschen immer wieder zum Kampf heraus und nimmt sie gleichzeitig mit dem Zauber ihrer bizarren Wildheit und Ursprünglichkeit gefangen. Hier stellt Jack London seine meisterhafte Erzählkunst erneut unter Beweis.

Автор: London Jack
Sostiene Pereira

Lisboa, 1938. La opresiva dictadura de Salazar, el furor de la guerra civil española llamando a la puerta, al fondo el fascismo italiano. En esta Europa recorrida por el virulento fantasma de los totalitarismos, Pereira, un periodista dedicado durante toda su vida a la sección de sucesos, recibe el encargo de dirigir la página cultural de un mediocre periódico, el Lisboa.

Автор: Tabucchi Antonio
Se está haciendo cada vez más tarde

Con esta novela epistolar -«una pequeña comedia humana de bolsillo» la define irónicamente su autor- Tabucchi renueva una ilustre tradición narrativa, si bien rompiendo sus códigos y pervirtiendo el género. Poco a poco nos damos cuenta de que algo «no funciona» en todas estas misivas: el paisaje parece desplazarse ante nuestros ojos, los tiempos se vuelven del revés, como si las cartas llegaran anticipadamente o con retraso respecto al propio mensaje que transmiten, como si los destinos de los hombres, según exige el Mito, siguieran sin encontrarse y las personas se extraviaran en el laberinto de sus breves existencias. Como si la vida fuera una película perfecta, pero cuyo montaje resultara totalmente equivocado.

El conjunto resulta un extraordinario recorrido por las pasiones humanas, donde el amor parece el ilusorio punto central, cuando en realidad no es más que el punto de fuga que nos conduce hacia las zonas más oscuras del alma. Ternura, sensualidad, nostalgia, diecisiete cartas de personajes masculinos a otras tantas figuras femeninas, en las que se tejen los hilos de una insólita trama narrativa hecha de círculos concéntricos que parecen ensancharse en la nada, pobres voces monologantes, ávidas de una respuesta que nunca llegará. A todas ellas responde, por último, una voz femenina distante e implacable, y al mismo tiempo rebosante de pena.

Автор: Tabucchi Antonio
Sept jours pour une éternité…

Marc Levy, roi du best-seller depuis Et si c'était vrai…, est de retour avec Sept jours pour une éternité! San Francisco aujourd'hui. Lucas est le genre beau brun ténébreux un peu vénéneux sur les bords; Zofia est une belle plante ingénue à qui on donnerait le Bon Dieu sans confession. À qui s'en remettre pour que ces deux-là se rencontrent? Au destin, forcément, qui s'en charge aux alentours de la quarantième page. Tous deux sont envoyés du ciel: Lucas est le délégué sur terre du diable, ici nommé le Président, et Zofia l'émissaire de Monsieur, c'est-à-dire Dieu en personne. Lucas et Zofia vont jouer sur le plan singulier la partie que le diable et Dieu jouent à l'échelle universelle. Le diable a plus d'un tour dans son sac et Dieu sait tout, par définition. Le seul impondérable c'est ce fichu Destin qui pousse page après page Lucas dans les bras de Zofia et fait croître entre eux un attachement très spécifique aux humains: l'amour.

Sur fond de péripéties policières et d'une intrigue pas tout à fait nécessaire mettant en scène des promoteurs immobiliers véreux (l'auteur était architecte avant d'être romancier à succès, peut-être y a-t-il ici un règlement de comptes par la bande), Marc Levy signe une fable moderne, bien troussée, sur l'amour. Joueur, il multiplie à loisir les métaphores et les situations cocasses entre les anges et les démons. Les droits de Et si c'était vrai… ont été achetés par Spielberg pour une adaptation hollywoodienne. Nous ne serions pas étonné que Sept jours pour une éternité trouve également preneur!

Автор: Levy Marc

Some years ago a reliable friend told me I should read José Saramago's Blindness. Faced with pages of run-on sentences and unparagraphed dialogue without quotation marks, I soon quit, snarling about literary affectations. Later I tried again, went further, and quit because I was scared. Blindness is a frightening book. Before I'd let an author of such evident power give me the horrors, he'd have to earn my trust. So I went back to the earlier novels and put myself through a course of Saramago.

It's hard not to gallop through prose that uses commas instead of full stops, but once I learned to slow down, the rewards piled up: his sound, sweet humour, his startling imagination, his admirable dogs and lovers, the subtle, honest workings of his mind. Here indeed was a novelist worthy of a reader's trust. So at last I could read his great book – or his greatest until its sequel.

Accepting his Nobel prize, Saramago, calling himself "the apprentice", said: "The apprentice thought, 'we are blind', and he sat down and wrote Blindness to remind those who might read it that we pervert reason when we humiliate life, that human dignity is insulted every day by the powerful of our world, that the universal lie has replaced the plural truths, that man stopped respecting himself when he lost the respect due to his fellow-creatures."

This, on the face of it, is an odd description of Blindness, for in that book it is powerless people who insult human dignity – ordinary people, terrified at finding themselves and everyone else blind, everything out of control. Some behave with stupid, selfish brutality, sauve qui peut. The group of men who seize power in an asylum and use and abuse the weaker inmates have indeed abandoned self-respect and human decency: they are a microcosm of the corruption of power. But the truly powerful of our world don't even appear in Blindness. Seeing is all about them: the perverters of reason, the universal liars. It is about government gone wrong.

Very evidently Saramago's novels are not simple parables. It would be rash to "explain" what all the people (but one) in the first book were blind to, or what it is that the citizens of Seeing see. What's clear is that they're the same people, it's the same city, a few years later: one book illuminates the other in ways I can only begin to glimpse.

The story begins with those ordinary citizens, who not so long ago regained their sight and their tranquil day-to-day lives, doing something that seems quite unconnected with vision or lack of it. It is voting day, and 83% of them, after not going to the polls at all in the morning, go in the late afternoon and cast a blank ballot.

We see the dismay of bureaucrats, the excitement of journalists, the hysteria of the government, and the mild non-response of the citizens, who, when asked how they voted, refuse to say, reminding the questioner that the question is illegal. The satire is at first quite funny, and I thought it was going to be a light, Voltairean tale.

Turning in a blank ballot is a signal unfamiliar to most Britons and Americans, who aren't yet used to living under a government that has made voting meaningless. In a functioning democracy, one can consider not voting a lazy protest liable to play into the hands of the party in power (as when low Labour turn-out allowed Margaret Thatcher's re-elections, and Democratic apathy secured both elections of George W Bush). It comes hard to me to admit that a vote is not in itself an act of power, and I was at first blind to the point Saramago's non-voting voters are making. I began to see it at last, when the minister of defence announces that what the country is facing is terrorism.

Other ministers oppose him but he gets what he wants – a state of emergency, then the exodus of the government, by night, from the capital city, which is declared to be under siege. A bomb is exploded (by terrorists, of course, as the media report), killing quite a few people. An attempted evacuation of the 17% of voters who marked their ballots ends in failure, as the government forgets to tell the troops blocking all the roads to let the refugees through. The so-called terrorists in the city, still mild and peaceable, help the refugees carry back upstairs all they tried to take with them – the tea service, the silver platter, the painting, grandpa…

The humour is still tender but the tone darkens, tension rises. Characters, individuals, begin to come to the fore – all nameless except a dog, Constant, the dog of tears from Blindness. The ministers jockey horribly for power. A superintendent of police is sent into the city to find the woman who did not go blind when everyone else did four years ago, sought as the link between the "plague of white blindness and the plague of blank ballots". The superintendent becomes our viewpoint and mediator; we begin to see as he begins to see. He brings us to the woman, the gentle light-bearer of the first book. But where that story began with an awful darkness that slowly opened into light, this one goes right down into the dark.

José Saramago will be 84 this year. He has written a novel that says more about the days we are living in than any book I have read. He writes with wit, with heartbreaking dignity, and with the simplicity of a great artist in full control of his art. Let us listen to a true elder of our people, a man of tears, a man of wisdom.

Ursula K Le Guin 's Gifts is published by Orion.

Автор: Saramago Jose
Smooth Talking Stranger

Jack Travis is a macho Houston businessman – rich, tough and always in control. So when a beautiful young woman approaches his office carrying a baby that she claims is his, he's shaken more than he would ever let on. Stunned, Jack listens to Ella Varner as she explains that her sister recently gave birth and then abandoned her baby boy – and that enquiries have brought Ella to Jack's door. He virtually has a seizure when she asks him to do a paternity test. But ultimately, will a paternity test set things right? If Jack is the father, will he be the one to care for the baby? Would Ella be prepared to let him go? And if not? Ella can't bear to think of an answer…

Автор: Kleypas Lisa
Salvage the Bones

A hurricane is building over the Gulf of Mexico, threatening the coastal town of Bois Sauvage, Mississippi, and Esch's father is growing concerned. A hard drinker, largely absent, he doesn't show concern for much else. Esch and her three brothers are stocking food, but there isn't much to save. Lately, Esch can't keep down what food she gets; she's fourteen and pregnant. Her brother Skeetah is sneaking scraps for his prized pitbull's new litter, dying one by one in the dirt. Meanwhile, brothers Randall and Junior try to stake their claim in a family long on child's play and short on parenting.

As the twelve days that make up the novel's framework yield to their dramatic conclusion, this unforgettable family-motherless children sacrificing for one another as they can, protecting and nurturing where love is scarce-pulls itself up to face another day. A big-hearted novel about familial love and community against all odds, and a wrenching look at the lonesome, brutal, and restrictive realities of rural poverty, Salvage the Bones is muscled with poetry, revelatory, and real.

Автор: Ward Jesmyn
Sabotaje Olímpico

Pepe Carvalho nació en Yo maté a Kennedy, en 1970. Desde entonces, Vázquez Montalbán ha escrito una decena de novelas en las que el peculiar detective es el protagonista. Destacan, por citar sólo algunos títulos, Tatuaje, Las pájaros de Bangkok, Los mares del Sur o Asesinato en el Comité Central. Todas ellas siguen una línea muy definida, con argumentos sólidos, adscritas al género negro o policiaco y que el propio Vázquez Montalbán califica acertadamente de crónica de una ciudad y una época. Pues bien, esta línea se rompe bruscamente en El laberinto griego, sobre la Barcelona preolímpica y, sobre todo, en Sabotaje olímpico, sobre los Juegos Olímpicos, Vázquez Montalbán da con ellas un giro de 180 grados en la relación fondo / forma y cuenta su historia al margen de las fórmulas habituales

Sabotaje olímpico fue concebida como una anticrónica de los Juegos Olímpicos de Barcelona que se publicó en capítulos en el suplemento olímpico de EL PAÍS. Manuel Vázquez Montalbán (Barcelona, 1939) ha dejado reposar la historia y la ha reelaborado desde la visión de una Barcelona y una España del verano de 1993, cuando todos los fastos y la alegría del 92 ya han acabado y la palabra crisis está en boca de todos: `los dioses se han marchado al olimpo verdadero, pero ni siquiera, de creer a las autoridades económicas, han tenido la gentileza de dejarnos el pan y el vino`.

Автор: án Manuel ázquez
Self's Punishment

Sixty-eight years old; a smoker of Sweet Aftons, a dedicated drinker of Aviateur cocktails, and the owner of a charismatic cat named Turbo, Gerhard Self is an unconventional private detective. When Self is summoned by his long-time friend and rival Korten to investigate several incidents of computer-hacking at a chemicals company, he finds himself dealing with an unfamiliar kind of crime that throws up many challenges. But in his search for the hacker, Self stumbles upon something far more sinister. His investigation eventually unearths dark secrets that have been hidden for decades, and forces Self to confront his own demons.

Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Stern Men

Off the coast of Maine, Ruth Thomas is born into a feud fought for generations by two groups of local lobstermen over fishing rights for the waters that lie between their respective islands. At eighteen, she has returned from boarding school – smart as a whip, feisty, and irredeemably unromantic – determined to throw over her education and join the 'stern men' working the lobster boats. Gilbert utterly captures the American spirit through an unforgettable heroine who is destined for greatness – and love – despite herself.

Автор: Gilbert Elizabeth
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Sereno en el peligro

Sereno en el peligro. La aventura histórica de la Guardia Civil ofrece un recorrido por el devenir español, desde 1844, en busca de una línea vertebradora que nos explique lo que de excepción tiene un cuerpo de seguridad pública que se conoce con el apelativo de benemérito: sus peculiaridades, sus claroscuros, sus miserias y, pese a todo, sus glorias. Lorenzo Silva, que ya conoce el éxito con sus novelas sobre los guardias civiles Bevilacqua y Chamorro, se aventura por el ensayo en busca del «carácter de esta peculiar institución y de los hombres, y más recientemente mujeres, que la integran». Contra los tópicos más arraigados, que sobre el Cuerpo existen, esta obra presenta una interpretación personal del papel histórico de la institución. Muchos españoles todavía la ven como una entidad reaccionaria, cuando en realidad es una creación de la España liberal y ha sido históricamente motor de progreso.

Автор: Silva Lorenzo
Siete domingos rojos

Siete domingos rojos (1932) es una de las primeras novelas de Ramón J. Sender (1901-1982) y también una de las más vigorosas de su extensa producción. Con abundantes dosis de reportaje, con no pocos ingredientes extraídos de su propia circunstancia personal, el autor traza las líneas maestras del anarquismo español en el periodo republicano, Samar, el protagonista, recuerda al propio Sender tanto por la pasión con que se inmiscuye en las luchas sociales de su tiempo como por el afán reflexivo mediante el que pretende distanciarse del torbellino de la historia para entenderlo mejor. Conviene recordar que hasta ahora no se había reeditado la primera versión de la obra. En los años setenta, fue publicada en varias ocasiones pero siempre con importantes modificaciones con respecto al texto original, como bien pone en evidencia la presente edición crítica.

Автор: Sender ón J
Автор: Twain Mark
Stawka Większa Niż Życie Tom – II

Andrzej Zbych to pseudonim autorskiego duetu, który przeszedł do historii, tworząc „Stawkę większą niż życie”.

O bohaterskich przygodach wojennych oficera polskiego wywiadu, działającego pod kryptonimem J-23. Przystojny Polak, w twarzowym mundurze oficera Abwehry, wygrywa II wojnę światową! Wykrada najgłębsze tajemnice Rzeszy, ujawnia plany najważniejszych operacji wroga, kpi z wysiłków niemieckiego kontrwywiadu, ośmiesza starania gestapo. W trudnej, niebezpiecznej służbie posługuje się przebiegłością, wdziękiem wobec dam, czujny okiem, mocnymi pięściami i ciętym słowem. Wkrótce awansuje do stopnia kapitana, a nawet odznaczony zostaje niemieckim Żelaznym Krzyżem.

Автор: Zbych Andrzej
Stawka Większa Niż Życie Tom – I

Andrzej Zbych to pseudonim autorskiego duetu, który przeszedł do historii, tworząc „Stawkę większą niż życie”.

O bohaterskich przygodach wojennych oficera polskiego wywiadu, działającego pod kryptonimem J-23. Przystojny Polak, w twarzowym mundurze oficera Abwehry, wygrywa II wojnę światową! Wykrada najgłębsze tajemnice Rzeszy, ujawnia plany najważniejszych operacji wroga, kpi z wysiłków niemieckiego kontrwywiadu, ośmiesza starania gestapo. W trudnej, niebezpiecznej służbie posługuje się przebiegłością, wdziękiem wobec dam, czujny okiem, mocnymi pięściami i ciętym słowem. Wkrótce awansuje do stopnia kapitana, a nawet odznaczony zostaje niemieckim Żelaznym Krzyżem.

Автор: Zbych Andrzej
State of Wonder

Pharmaceutical researcher Dr. Marina Singh sets off into the Amazon jungle to find the remains and effects of a colleague who recently died under somewhat mysterious circumstances. But first she must locate Dr. Anneck Swenson, a renowned gynecologist who has spent years looking at the reproductive habits of a local tribe where women can conceive well into their middle ages and beyond. Eccentric and notoriously tough, Swenson is paid to find the key to this longstanding childbearing ability by the same company for which Dr. Singh works. Yet that isn’t their only connection: both have an overlapping professional past that Dr. Singh has long tried to forget. In finding her former mentor, Dr. Singh must face her own disappointments and regrets, along with the jungle’s unforgiving humidity and insects, making State of Wonder a multi-layered atmospheric novel that is hard to put down. Indeed, Patchett solidifies her well-deserved place as one of today’s master storytellers. Emotional, vivid, and a work of literature that will surely resonate with readers in the weeks and months to come, State of Wonder truly is a thing of beauty and mystery, much like the Amazon jungle itself.

Автор: Patchett Ann
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Shadow Country


Peter Matthiessen's great American epic-Killing Mister Watson, Lost Man's River, and Bone by Bone-was conceived as one vast mysterious novel, but because of its length it was originally broken up into three books. In this bold new rendering, Matthiessen has cut nearly a third of the overall text and collapsed the time frame while deepening the insights and motivations of his characters with brilliant rewriting throughout. In Shadow Country, he has marvelously distilled a monumental work, realizing his original vision.

Inspired by a near-mythic event of the wild Florida frontier at the turn of the twentieth century, Shadow Country reimagines the legend of the inspired Everglades sugar planter and notorious outlaw E. J. Watson, who drives himself relentlessly toward his own violent end at the hands of neighbors who mostly admired him, in a killing that obsessed his favorite son.

Shadow Country traverses strange landscapes and frontier hinterlands inhabited by Americans of every provenance and color, including the black and Indian inheritors of the archaic racism that, as Watson's wife observed, "still casts its shadow over the nation."

Peter Matthiessen's lyrical and illuminating work in the Watson narrative has been praised highly by such contemporaries as Saul Bellow, William Styron, and W. S. Merwin. Joseph Heller said "I read it in great gulps, up each night later than I wanted to be, in my hungry impatience to find out more and more."

Автор: Matthiessen Peter
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Sword Woman and Other Historical Adventures

The immortal legacy of Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan the Cimmerian, continues with this latest compendium of Howard’s fiction and poetry. These adventures, set in medieval-era Europe and the Near East, are among the most gripping Howard ever wrote, full of pageantry, romance, and battle scenes worthy of Tolstoy himself. Most of all, they feature some of Howard’s most unusual and memorable characters, including Cormac FitzGeoffrey, a half-Irish, half-Norman man of war who follows Richard the Lion-hearted to twelfth-century Palestine—or, as it was known to the Crusaders, Outremer; Diego de Guzman, a Spaniard who visits Cairo in the guise of a Muslim on a mission of revenge; and the legendary sword woman Dark Agnès, who, faced with an arranged marriage to a brutal husband in sixteenth-century France, cuts the ceremony short with a dagger thrust and flees to forge a new identity on the battlefield.

Lavishly illustrated by award-winning artist John Watkiss and featuring miscellanea, informative essays, and a fascinating introduction by acclaimed historical author Scott Oden, Sword Woman and Other Historical Adventures is a must-have for every fan of Robert E. Howard, who, in a career spanning just twelve years, won a place in the pantheon of great American writers.

Автор: Howard Robert E
Sword Of The Yueh Maiden

This is the only short story wrote by Jin Yong. Because of its short length, you can't really see Jin Yong's full talent at story-telling. However, this translation can give you some idea of what a martial arts story is like. My clumsy translation can't really do the original justice, but I hope I have stirred your interest enough that you will go out there and find out more about Chinese culture, history and legend. The process of finding out will not be easy, but I assure you, what you will find will never be dull.

Автор: Yong Jin
Si pudieras verme ahora

En la vida de Elizabeth Egan todo tiene su sitio, desde las tazas para café exprés en su reluciente cocina hasta los muestrario y los botes de pintura de su negocio de diseño de interior. El orden y la precisión le dan una sensación de control sobre la vida y mantienen el corazón de Elizabeth apartado del dolor que sufrió en el pasado. ejercer de madre de su sobrino de seis años al tiempo que saca adelante su empresa es un empleo a jornada completa, que deja poco margen al error y la diversión. Hasta que un día alguien muy singular aparece inesperadamente en sus vidas. El misterioso Ivan es despreocupado, espontáneo y amante de la aventura, todo lo contrario que Elizabeth. Reconoce a su verdadero amor antes de que ella le vea siquiera, y le enseña que la vida sólo merece la pena ser vivida cuando se nos presenta con todo su color y una pizca de desorden. Pero ¿quién es Ivan en realidad? Pícara y por momento profundamente conmovedora, esta novela nos permite recuperar toda la ternura y la emotividad características de la autora de Posdata: Te amo, novela que será llevada al cine con Hillary Swank como protagonista.

Автор: Ahern Cecelia

"Silikon" to zbiór błyskotliwych tekstów, w których Manuela Gretkowska ujawnia jeszcze jeden swój dar – talent publicystyczny. Pisze przeciw stereotypom, wbrew konwencjom obyczajowym i estetycznym. Autorka zaskakuje czytelnika, bawi go, a przede wszystkim – nie nudzi, opisując ikony popkultury, tajemnice litery Alef i Catherine Deneuve, półlesbijki z haremu i namolne feministki (…). Te publiczne wypowiedzi Gretkowskiej są dla jednych dowcipną, trafną analizą absurdów i zjawisk kulturalno-społecznych, a dla innych prowokacją i powodem podania autorki do sądu".

Автор: Gretkowska Manuela

Ekaterina Sedia resides in the Pinelands of New Jersey. Her new novel, The Secret History of Moscow, was published by Prime Books in November 2007. Her next one, The Alchemy of Stone, will be published in June 2008. Her short stories have sold to Analog, Baen's Universe, Fantasy Magazine, and Dark Wisdom, as well as the Japanese Dreams (Prime Books) and Magic in the Mirrorstone (Mirrorstone Books) anthologies. Visit her at www.ekaterinasedia.com.

Автор: Sedia Ekaterina
Sami Swoi

"Sami swoi" to opowieść o zwaśnionych rodach Pawlaków i Kargulów. Przed wojną kargulowa krowa weszła na łąkę Pawlaków, co spowodowało, że spłonęły dwie stodoły, polała się krew i Jaśko Pawlak, uciekając przed karą za pocięcie kosą Kargula musiał wyemigrować do Ameryki. Jednak spór dwóch rodzin trwa dalej.

Film "Sami Swoi" cieszy się popularnością aż po dziś dzień. Został on oparty na książce pod takim samym tytułem. Książka ta została napisana przez Andrzeja Mularczyka, który również napisał scenariusz do filmu "Sami Swoi".

Początek filmu Sami Swoi jest nieco mało sielankowy… Przed wojną kargulowa krowa weszła na łąkę Pawlaków, Władyk Kargul zaorał miedze na trzy palce i w końcu polała się krew. Jaśko Pawlak, uciekając przed karą za pocięcie kosą Kargula, musiał wyemigrować do Ameryki. Tenże Jaśko, teraz John, przyjeżdża po wojnie do Polski i zastaje sytuację niezwykłą – obie rodziny żyją w zgodzie i harmonii. Tak jednak nie od razu było, ale życie zmusiło emigrantów zza Buga do zakończenia dawnego sporu, a miłość Witii Pawlaka i Jadźki Kargulanki połączyła ich więzami rodzinnymi.

Автор: Mularczyk Andrzej

Новелла "Sanctus" входит в авторский сборник "Ночные истории". В нем объединены произведения, отражающие интерес Гофмана к "ночной стороне души", к подсознательному, иррациональному в человеческой психике. Гофмана привлекает тема безумия, преступления, таинственные, патологические душевные состояния.

Это целый мир, где причудливо смешивается реальное и ирреальное, царят призрачные, фантастические образы, а над всеми событиями и судьбами властвует неотвратимое мистическое начало. Это поэтическое закрепление неизведанного и таинственного, прозреваемого и ощущаемого в жизни, влияющего на человеческие судьбы, тревожащего ум и воображение.

Sessanta racconti

Premio Strega 1958

Автор: Buzzati Dino
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
S@motność w sieci

S@motność w Sieci – powieść tak współczesna, że bardziej nie można: z Internetem, elektronicznymi biletami lotniczymi, dekodowaniem genomu i SMS-ami. A przy tym tak tradycyjna jak klasyczna historia miłosna. Powieść o miłości w Internecie. Tej ostatecznej, tej, o której się marzy, takiej, «aby się popłakać i aby dech zaparło».

Wiśniewski analitycznie i urzekająco relacjonuje tę miłość, wprowadzając na przemian nastrój niemal uroczystej czułości, aby kilka linijek dalej zadziwić odważnym erotyzmem. S@motność... to także hołd składany mądrości i wiedzy. Splecione kunsztownie z wątkiem miłosnym fascynujące historie o molekułach emocji, o tym, kto tak naprawdę odkrył DNA, i o tym, co po śmierci stało się z mózgiem Einsteina. Przeczytawszy S@motność... wie się, że wirtualność Internetu to tylko umowa i że e-mail – tak naprawdę – nie musi się różnić od listu przysłanego przez posłańca.

Автор: śniewski Janusz Leon
Sweet Thursday

Sweet Thursday is a 1954 novel by John Steinbeck. It is a sequel to Cannery Row and set in the years after the end of World War II. According to the author, “Sweet Thursday” is the day after Lousy Wednesday and the day before Waiting Friday.

Автор: Steinbeck John
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Sunset Park

`Sunset Park` cuenta la historia de Miles Heller, un joven de veintiocho años, que hace ocho, rompió todos los vínculos que lo unían al mundo que había conocido hasta entonces. Abandonó la universidad, y dejó una breve nota de despedida para sus padres, se alejó de Nueva York y nadie volvió a saber nada de él.

Desde ese momento, ha estado errando por sitios casi marginales y oficios poco cualificados, moviéndose siempre en ese sombrío espacio entre el suelo y el peldaño más bajo del escalafón social y laboral. Ahora vive en Florida y tiene un empleo en una empresa de servicios para las entidades bancarias de la localidad, que se ocupa de despejar las casas de los desahuciados, que en plena recesión, no pudieron seguir pagando su hipoteca, y las acondiciona para una nueva venta.

Miles no tiene pretensiones, vive con lo mínimo, mantiene relaciones sociales muy escasas, y el único exceso que se permite son los libros, que adquiere en ediciones económicas, y la cámara con la que registra a los `fantasmas` (se dedica a fotografiar los objetos abandonados por las familias desalojadas).

Si hay una cosa que ha conseguido, en estos siete años, ha sido poder vivir el presente, sin anhelos y sin mañana. Y así habría continuado de no ser por una muchacha, Pilar Sánchez. La conoció en un parque, cuando los dos estaban sentados en la hierba leyendo `El gran Gatsby`. Miles era la tercera vez que lo leía, porque fue un obsequio de su padre al cumplir los dieciséis años.

Y esa es, exactamente, la edad de Pilar, una menor. Y debido a que Miles puede ser detenido por sus amoríos con ella, cuando la codiciosa hermana de Pilar empieza a coaccionarlos, él regresa a Nueva York para aguardar allí la emancipación de su amiga.

Su regreso es la vuelta al pasado y a sus secretos, a su padre, un magnífico editor, a su madre, una actriz despiadadamente cautivadora, y a su madrastra, una intelectual cuyo juicio no pudo aguantar. Pero es también el retorno al mundo, a la comunidad de Sunset Park y a sus camaradas okupas, a la vida, con todas sus penas y glorias.

Автор: Auster Paul
Sobre héroes y tumbas

Sobre héroes y tumbas es una novela escrita por el escritor argentino Ernesto Sabato, de quien sea quizá su obra más conocida. Publicada en 1961, ésta irrumpe en el panorama de la literatura latinoamericana aglutinando una variedad de elementos que la distinguen entre las ficciones de América del Sur. De este modo, es frecuentemete considerada como una novela total, con rasgos de surrealismo inusitados en la literatura latinoamericana (especialmente en la sección de "El Informe sobre ciegos"). Buena parte de su trama puede insertarse también en la tradición de la Bildungsroman ("novela de formación") de la que se cuentan varios ejemplos en la literatura alemana. Por otro lado, la descripción de una familia retratada a través de una largo lapso temporal con tintes decadentes, emparenta temáticamente esta novela con las ficciones de Faulkner y García Márquez.

Автор: Sabato Ernesto

Esta novela se desarrolla en la la Francia de los Borbones., André-Louis Moreau, un abogado ve como su amigo el seminarista Phillippe de Vilmorin, muere a consecuencia de un duelo injusto con el mejor espadachín de Francia, el Marques de LaTour d´Azyr, y Moreau se enrola con grupos revolucionarios. Su tio, que es su tutor, se siente dececionado..Monroe se esconderá en una compañía de cómicos haciendo el papel de Arlequin y descubrirá sus aptitudes para la escena. Se hará muy famoso para ejecutar su venganza contra su enemigo LaTour D´Azyr. Durante la novela se palpa el ambiente y los tumultos de la pre revolución francesa y el autor te hace sentirte dentro del protagonista, viviendo cada aventura y pensamiento.

El siempre quiso saber quien fueron sus padres, y al final de la novela, se descubre el secreto…

La novela fue publicada en 1921 y constituye el mayor éxito de su autor, gracias al cual los lectores de la época recuperaron el gusto por la novela de aventuras de corte clásico., fue adaptada al cine en 1952.

Автор: Sabatini Rafael
Sodome et Gomorrhe

Sodome, c'est M. de Charles et Gomorrhe, c'est Albertine. Entre ces deux figures, chacune étant le centre d'une tragi-comédie dont le spectateur ne fait que percevoir les échos mêlés, le héros du livre, celui qui parle à la première personne, poursuit son voyage à la recherche du temps perdu.

Автор: Proust Marcel

Hermann Hesses Auseinandersetzung mit der indischen Philosophie und Religion spiegelt sich im Siddhartha wider. Die stark stilisierte Geschichte eines indischen Brahmanensohns trägt autobiografische Züge, was u. a. in der Ablehnung dogmatischer Lehren deutlich wird.

Die Erzählung schildert den Weg Siddharthas, der zusammen mit seinem Freund Govinda sein Elternhaus und seine Heimat auf der Suche nach Erkenntnis verlässt. Bei den besitzlos lebenden Samanas hoffen sie, diese als asketische Büßer in der Überwindung des Ich und durch die Verachtung der irdischen Welt zu finden. Doch vergeblich, und so führt der Weg die beiden Freunde weiter zu Gautama Buddha, dem Erhabenen. Während Govinda zum Jünger Buddhas wird, findet Siddharta keine Erfüllung in dessen Lehre. Durch ein ausschweifendes weltliches Leben hofft er seinem Ziel näher zu kommen. Die Kurtisane Kamala führt ihn in die Liebeskunst ein, der reiche Kaufmann Kamaswami verhilft ihm zu Geld und Macht. Nach Jahren fühlt sich Siddhartha leer und lebensmüde. Er verlässt Kamala und sucht Ruhe beim Fährmann Vasudeva. Siddhartha lernt von den Stimmen des Flusses das Geheimnis des ewigen Wandels begreifen und erkennt die Einheit, die aus der Vielfalt erwächst. Bei einer letzten Begegnung mit seinem Freund Siddhartha sieht Govinda in das Gesicht eines Heiligen, der wie Buddha die Vollendung erlangt hat.

Автор: Hesse Hermann
Sugar Mama

Андрей Филатов работает копирайтером в столичном рекламном агентстве и хорошо знаком с кухней рекламного бизнеса изнутри. Впрочем, книга его не об этом. Вернее, не совсем об этом. Герой романа – пиар-директор и автор рейтинговой программы одной московской FM-станции – обижен плутоватым начальником по кличке Фернандель и «кидает» станцию на довольно крупные деньги. Его, конечно, пытаются найти и наказать подключают «пацанов», но в последний момент герою удается улизнуть на Остров свободы – Кубу. И вот тут начинается совершенно необычайная история, потому что на Кубе необычайно все.

Shanghai Girls

For readers of the phenomenal bestsellers Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and Peony in Love-a stunning new novel from Lisa See about two sisters who leave Shanghai to find new lives in 1930s Los Angeles.

May and Pearl, two sisters living in Shanghai in the mid-1930s, are beautiful, sophisticated, and well-educated, but their family is on the verge of bankruptcy. Hoping to improve their social standing, May and Pearl ’s parents arrange for their daughters to marry “ Gold Mountain men” who have come from Los Angeles to find brides.

But when the sisters leave China and arrive at Angel’s Island (the Ellis Island of the West)-where they are detained, interrogated, and humiliated for months-they feel the harsh reality of leaving home. And when May discovers she’s pregnant the situation becomes even more desperate. The sisters make a pact that no one can ever know.

A novel about two sisters, two cultures, and the struggle to find a new life in America while bound to the old, Shanghai Girls is a fresh, fascinating adventure from beloved and bestselling author Lisa See.

Автор: See Lisa
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Sea of Poppies

At the heart of this vibrant saga is a vast ship, the Ibis. Its destiny is a tumultuous voyage across the Indian Ocean; its purpose, to fight China 's vicious nineteenth-century Opium Wars. As for the crew, they are a motley array of sailors and stowaways, coolies and convicts.

In a time of colonial upheaval, fate has thrown together a diverse cast of Indians and Westerners, from a bankrupt raja to a widowed tribeswoman, from a mulatto American freedman to a freespirited French orphan. As their old family ties are washed away, they, like their historical counterparts, come to view themselves as jahaj-bhais, or ship-brothers. An unlikely dynasty is born, which will span continents, races, and generations.

The vast sweep of this historical adventure spans the lush poppy fields of the Ganges, the rolling high seas, the exotic backstreets of China. But it is the panorama of characters, whose diaspora encapsulates the vexed colonial history of the East itself, that makes Sea of Poppies so breathtakingly alive – a masterpiece from one of the world's finest novelists.

Автор: Ghosh Amitav
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Swan Song

From preface: In naming this second part of The Forsyte Chronicles "A Modern Comedy" the word Comedy is stretched, perhaps as far as the word Saga was stretched to cover the first part. And yet, what but a comedic view can be taken, what but comedic significance gleaned, of so restive a period as that in which we have lived since the war? An Age which knows not what it wants, yet is intensely preoccupied with getting it, must evoke a smile, if rather a sad one.

Серия: A Modern Comedy
Silencio De Blanca

Ganadora del XVIII Premio La Sonrisa Vertical, en 1996. Hector es un maduro y solitario profesor de piano, es, ademas, un maestro de la transfiguracion erotica que le lleva a recrear criaturas que, en ocasiones, forman parte de la realidad, como su aplicada alumna Elisa quien va cediendo a sus perversas insinuaciones. Sin embargo, es una misteriosa joven, Blanca, con la que ira inventando y poniendo en escena todas las ceremonias que el deseo les ordena celebrar. Precisa y turbadora. Una gran novela que confirma a un autor en estado de gracia.

Автор: Somoza é Carlos
Stateczna I Postrzelona

Tytuł powieści (oczywiście ukłon w stronę niezrównanej Jane Austen) sugeruje dwie bohaterki, i tak jest rzeczywiście: są dwie, mają dosyć różne charaktery i różne prowadzą życie jedna jest kustoszką w muzeum, druga luksusową narzeczoną biznesmena. Ten, niestety, okazuje się gangsterem, w dodatku pechowym: idzie siedzieć, a narzeczona zostaje na lodzie. Wraz z przyjaciółką i przyjaciółmi przyjaciółki rozpoczyna więc nowe życie daleko od rodzinnego miasta, w podupadającym ośrodku jeździeckim, który zamierzają przekształcić w kwitnące gospodarstwo agroturystyczne. Żadne z nich nie ma co prawda zielonego pojęcia o gospodarzeniu, ale od czegóż wrodzona inteligencja! Ponieważ wszyscy mieszkańcy Rotmistrzówki (nie wyłączając gospodyni, starej rotmistrzowej) dysponują nie tylko inteligencją, ale również wdziękiem i iście mołojecką fantazją, życie w dworku zaczyna się toczyć w zupełnie nowym tempie. Zwłaszcza kiedy w charakterze gościa przybywa dawna właścicielka domu i całej wsi, leciwa niemiecka baronowa. Dodajmy do tego skomplikowane perypetie sercowe i rodzinne, leciutki i raczej dobrotliwy powiew kryminału, sporo humoru, ciepła i życzliwości dla ludzi, a otrzymamy pełny obraz tej pogodnej i bardzo kobiecej powieści.

Автор: Szwaja Monika
Samotność bogów

Piękna, nowoczesna baśń rozgrywająca się w czasach średniowiecza i współczesności. Rzecz dzieje się w świecie budowanym z motywów mitologii słowiańskiej i tradycji chrześcijańskiej, elementów rzeczywistości baśniowej i wizji historiograficznej, w którym nowy bóg zajmuje miejsce starych i okrutnych bóstw plemiennych. Przesłaniem autorki jest uświadomienie nie tylko młodemu odbiorcy, konieczności wzajemnej tolerancji między ludźmi żyjącymi w różnych światach, tradycjach i kulturach. Powieść odznaczona Nagrodą Poznańskiego Przeglądu Nowości Wydawniczych WIOSNA 98 oraz Nagrodą IBBY 98.

Автор: Terakowska Dorota

Nasz świat jest zagadką. Przedmioty, miejsca, z którymi się stykamy, mogą znaczyć więcej, niż można by się spodziewać. Olga Tokarczuk w trzech mistrzowsko skonstruowanych opowiadaniach podpatruje nas od strony najmniej oczywistej.

Автор: Tokarczuk Olga
Si Te Dicen Que Cai

En palabras del autor, la novela no es tanto una revancha personal contra el franquismo, como una secreta y nostálgica despedida de su infancia. Lo cual no quita para que, en efecto, la sórdida vida cotidiana en un barrio ya desaparecido (Guinardó) vuelva a ser el marco de unas historias en las que se entremezclan la sátira y la violencia sexual con una indiscutible riqueza de sensaciones y fantasías. Muchas de ellas se cuentan mediante las `aventis`, un hallazgo que permite, a partir de historias inventadas por unos niños nacidos de la violencia y criados en la calle, ir tejiendo una realidad alucinante y, al mismo tiempo, extrañamente cotidiana.

Автор: é Juan

Внимание! Цена действительна только на период предзаказа. В момент поступления книги в продажу она увеличится до 199 руб.

«SNUFF» – роман-утопия Виктора Пелевина о глубочайших тайнах женского сердца и высших секретах летного мастерства.


Oates's latest collection explores certain favorite Oatesian themes, primary among them violence, loss, and privilege. Three of the stories feature white, upper-class, educated widows whose sheltered married lives have left them unprepared for life alone. In «Pumpkin-Head» and «Sourland», the widows-Hadley in the first story, Sophie in the second-encounter a class of Oatesian male: predatory, needy lurkers just out of prosperity's reach. In the first story, our lurker is Anton Kruppe, a Central European immigrant and vague acquaintance of Hadley whose frustrations boil over in a disastrous way. In the second story, Sophie is contacted by Jeremiah, an old friend of her late husband, and eventually visits him in middle-of-nowhere northern Minnesota, where she discovers, too late, his true intentions. The third widow story, «Probate», concerns Adrienne Myer's surreal visit to the courthouse to register her late husband's will, but Oates has other plans for Adrienne, who is soon lost in a warped bureaucratic funhouse worthy of Kafka. Oates's fiction has the curious, morbid draw of a flaming car wreck. It's a testament to Oates's talent that she can nearly always force the reader to look.

Автор: Oates Joyce Carol
Salmonella Men on Planet Porno

This collection of marvelously off-kilter short stories – the American debut of acclaimed Japanese writer Yasutaka Tsutsui – portrays the consequences of a world where the fantastic and the mundane collide and throw the lives of ordinary men and women into disarray.

In 'The Dabba Dabba Tree' Tsutsui describes the hilarious side effects of a small conical tree that, when placed at the foot of one's bed, creates erotic dreams that metamorphose into communal farce. In 'Commuter Army' -a sly commentary on the ludicrousness of war-a weapons supplier whose rifles cease functioning after just one shot becomes an unwilling conscript in a war zone. 'The World is Tilting' imagines a floating city that slowly begins to sink on one side, causing its citizens to reorient their daily lives to preserve a semblance of normality. In 'Rumors About Me', an ordinary office worker finds himself the subject of intense media scrutiny, his every action documented in the tabloids. And in the title story, we learn just how obscenely absurd the environment on Planet Porno can seem to a group of hapless research scientists.

With a sharp eye towards the insanities of contemporary life, Yasutaka Tsutsui crafts in Salmonella Men on Planet Porno an irresistible mix of imagination, satiric fantasy, and truly madcap hilarity.

Автор: Tsutsui Yasutaka
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Sobre todo sobre mi padre

Для Аркана Карива одним из самых сильных переживаний, связанных с отцом, писателем Юрием Карабчиевским, стал сон, преследовавший его в течение многих лет. Историей этого ночного кошмара Аркан Карив поделился с проектом «Сноб»

Автор: Карив Аркан

Роман-утопия Виктора Пелевина о глубочайших тайнах женского сердца и высших секретах летного мастерства.

Salut, Galarneau!

Galarneau est un drôle de bonhomme. Il tient un snack-bar dans un vieil autobus et vend des hot dog. Bien sûr, il s'intéresse à son commerce mais en même temps il pense à beaucoup d'autres choses. À son père, lui aussi un drôle de bonhomme, à ses frères, à son enfance. Ses amours vont tant bien que mal. Marise est appétissante mais on tourne autour d'elle. François Galarneau la défend mal contre les assauts de Jacques, son frère, beaucoup plus hardi. Et puis Galarneau écrit des poèmes. Il faut bien s'occuper entre deux fritures. Ses projets sont vagues et sérieux en même temps, jusqu'au jour où Galarneau oubliera tout pour s'emmurer vivant dans sa maison. Ce qui lui manquait, c'était de construire une vie, sa vie qui s'en va de tous les côtés, qui prend l'eau comme un navire échoué au fond d'un bassin. On aime bien Galarneau. Mais où est Galarneau? Dans la lune, dans ses petits cahiers ou dans son joli langage québécois, dru et savoureux? On aimerait serrer la main de Galarneau.

Автор: Godbout Jacques

Betty Theissen kieruje firmą budowlaną swojego teścia, od kiedy uległ on wypadkowi i znalazł się na wózku inwalidzkim. Młoda synowa z zaangażowaniem oddaje się pracy. Na drodze do szczęścia staje jednak jej własny mąż, Herbert Theissen, nadmiernie lubiący wesołe życie, drogie sportowe samochody, alkohol, młode śliczne dziewczęta i hazard.

Автор: Hammesfahr Petra
Sто причин убить босса

Автор ничего не придумал. Он просто собрал истории сотен офисных служащих и набрался смелости сплести их в один сюжет. Когда-то все персонажи романа были успешными вице-президентами, промоутерами, креативными директорами и копирайторами. Но в один миг их мир сгорел дотла только потому, что все они желали большего, чем должны были иметь. Многие из них наложили на себя руки, кто-то сошел с ума, кто-то еще долго будет считаться пропавшим без вести, кто-то умер от спиртного, опустившись на самое дно московских трущоб.

Но о них автор думает также мало, как и атеист об адовых мучениях и райских наслаждениях. Да и судьба самой книги его мало волнует. Как ни крути, у истины нет шанса стать бестселлером.


Рассказ вошёл в сборники:

Dark Carnival (Тёмный карнавал)

The October Country (Октябрьская страна)

The Vintage Bradbury (Классический Брэдбери)

The Stories of Ray Bradbury (И грянул гром: 100 рассказов)


Siedziałem, patrzyłem na czerwonego mercedesa i dumałem o Cindy. I świerzbiło mnie, żeby wziąć się do działania. Pomyślałem, że może warto zakraść się do domu. Może zdołam podsłuchać, jak Cindy rozmawia przez telefon? Może wpadnę na jakiś trop? Pewnie, że było to niebezpieczne. Sam środek dnia. A ja uwielbiam ryzyko. Sprawia, że uszy mi dzwonią, a zwieracz w tyłku mocniej się ściska. Żyje się raz, no nie? Chyba że jest się Łazarzem. Biedny skurwiel, musiał zdychać 2 razy. Ale ja jestem Nick Belane. Po jednej kolejce zsiadam z karuzeli. Świat należy do odważnych.

Автор: Bukowski Charles
Steampunk Poe

If you combined clockwork gears, parasols, and air balloons with Edgar Allan Poe, what would you get? Steampunk: Poe! This is the first collection ever of Poe stories illustrated with the influence of steampunk. Running Press Teens has selected some of the most popular, thrilling, and memorable stories and poems by the classic 19th century American writer whose literary talent continues to open the mind to countless interpretations.

Every Poe story and poems is fully illustrated with steampunk-inspired art—from 1920s aviation gear to elaborate musical instruments—creating a fresh perspective on his work containing bizarre characters of madmen and mystery. Just in time for Halloween, Steampunk: Poe is the perfect classic horror choice with a haunting steampunk twist!

Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Started Early, Took My Dog

A day like any other for security chief Tracy Waterhouse, until she makes a purchase she hadn't bargained for. One moment of madness is all it takes for Tracy 's humdrum world to be turned upside down, the tedium of everyday life replaced by fear and danger at every turn.

Witnesses to Tracy 's Faustian exchange in the Merrion Centre in Leeds are Tilly, an elderly actress teetering on the brink of her own disaster, and Jackson Brodie, who has returned to his home county in search of someone else's roots. All three characters learn that the past is never history and that no good deed goes unpunished.

Kate Atkinson dovetails and counterpoints her plots with Dickensian brilliance in a tale peopled with unlikely heroes and villains. Started Early, Took My Dog is freighted with wit, wisdom and a fierce moral intelligence. It confirms Kate Atkinson’s position as one of the great writers of our time.

Автор: Atkinson Kate
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора

Na oczach czytelnika zostaje powołany do życia wielkomiejski plac, po którym krąży tramwaj. W tej minimalistycznej scenerii zawiązuje się historyjka o dniu powszednim i utajonych namiętnościach mieszkańców: notariusza obarczonego rodziną, studenta radykała, ospałego policjanta, młodej służącej. Sprawy te jednak pozostają w cieniu niejasnej gry, prowadzonej na zapleczach, gdzie ważne są tylko pokątne korzyści niewidocznego personelu, odpowiedzialnego za zewnętrzną oprawę zdarzeń. Wszechobecna, destrukcyjna prowizorka jest wyrazem jego arogancji, która udziela się mieszkańcom, zatruwając uczucia. Ze swej strony pogardzają oni każdym, kto jest od nich zależny. Pogarda wprawia w ruch mechanizm przemocy i wykluczenia, gdy plac zapełnia przybyły tramwajem tłum, nagle pozbawiony dachu nad głową. Im mniej ktoś w tym świecie znaczy, tym więcej cudzych win przychodzi mu dźwigać.

Автор: Tulli Magdalena
Sekretny Dziennik Adriana Mole’a Lat 13 i 3/4

Powieść otwierająca zabawny i zarazem ironiczny cykl o fajtłapowatym brytyjskim nastolatku Adrianie Mole’u. Dlaczego nikt oprócz samego ciamajdy zdaje się nie dostrzegać jego geniuszu?

Męki dojrzewania nigdy jeszcze nie były tak bolesne – i tak zabawne – jak w słynnym sekretnym dzienniku Adriana Mole’a. Uporczywe pryszcze i kryzys małżeński rodziców, porażki na polu literatury i drwiny kumpli ze szkoły – gdyby nie kłody rzucane pod nogi przez okrutny los, geniusz Adriana, niedocenianego intelektualisty i poety, z pewnością rozbłysnąłby pełnym blaskiem. Może dostrzeże go chociaż Pandora?

„Adrian Mole lat 13 i ¾. Sekretny dziennik”, wydany po raz pierwszy w 1982 r., to pierwsza część cyklu o największym fajtłapie wszech czasów, który błyskawicznie podbił serca czytelników w Wielkiej Brytanii, a potem na całym świecie. Z równie gorącym przyjęciem spotkały się kolejne tomy opisujące perypetie sympatycznego nieudacznika, np. „Bolesne dojrzewanie Adriana Mole’a” i „Adrian Mole. Szczere wyznania”.

Автор: Townsend Sue

The classified experiment is the brainchild of renowned scientist Peter Whitney and his brilliant daughter, Lily. Created to enhance the psychic abilities of an elite squadron, it can transform their natural mental powers into a unique military weapon. But something goes wrong. In the isolated underground labs, the men have been dying-victims of bizarre accidents. Captain Ryland Miller knows he is next. When Dr. Whitney himself is murdered, Ryland has only one person left to trust: the beautiful Lily. Possessed of an uncanny sixth sense herself, Lily shares Ryland's every new fear, every betrayal, every growing suspicion, and every passionate beat of the heart. Together, they will be drawn deeper into the labyrinth of her father's past…and closer to a secret that someone would kill to keep hidden.

Автор: Feehan Christine
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Scandal Sheet aka Hollywood Scandals

Tina Bender is the gossip columnist at the infamous L.A. Informer tabloid. She knows everything about everyone who's anyone. And she's not afraid to print it. That is, until she receives a threatening note, promising, "If you don't stop writing about me, you're dead." Teaming with a built bodyguard, a bubbly blonde, and an alcoholic obituary writer, Tina sets out to uncover just which juicy piece of Hollywood gossip is worth killing over.

Автор: Halliday Gemma
Specimen Days

Specimen Daysis a 2005 novel by American writer Michael Cunningham. It contains three stories: one that takes place in the past, one in the present and one in the future. Each of the three stories depicts three central, semi-consistent character-types: a young boy, a man, and a woman. Walt Whitman’s poetry is also a common thread in each of the three stories and the title is from Whitman’s own prose works.

Автор: Cunningham Michael
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Автор: Block Lawrence
Strafbatallion 999

Strafbataillon 999 – das ist eine jener Straf- und Bewährungseinheiten, die der Landser schlicht und treffend "Himmelfahrtskommandos" nannte. Deutsche Soldaten, die sich größtenteils nur geringfügiger Vergehen schuldig gemacht hatten, wurden darin zusammengefaßt und härtestem Drill unterworfen. Die Männer kamen in den vordersten Linien zum Einsatz – überall da, wo es am gefährlichsten war, wo der Dreck am tiefsten und das Blut so wertlos war wie das Spülwasser der Feldküche. Kein Wunder, daß von Tausenden nur eine Handvoll überlebte.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

A masterpiece of modern Gothic literature, Something Wicked This Way Comes is the memorable story of two boys, James Nightshade and William Halloway, and the evil that grips their small Midwestern town with the arrival of a ‘dark carnival’ one Autumn midnight. How these two innocents, both age 13, save the souls of the town (as well as their own), makes for compelling reading on timeless themes. What would you do if your secret wishes could be granted by the mysterious ringmaster Mr. Dark? Bradbury excels in revealing the dark side that exists in us all, teaching us ultimately to celebrate the shadows rather than fear them. In many ways, this is a companion piece to his joyful, nostalgia-drenched Dandelion Wine, in which Bradbury presented us with one perfect summer as seen through the eyes of a 12-year-old. In Something Wicked This Way Comes, he deftly explores the fearsome delights of one perfectly terrifying, unforgettable autumn.

Автор: Bradbury Ray Douglas

Steve Martin's first foray into fiction is as assured as it is surprising. Set in Los Angeles, its fascination with the surreal body fascism of the upper classes feels like the comedian's familiar territory, but the shopgirl of the book's title may surprise his fans. Mirabelle works in the glove department of Neiman's, "selling things that nobody buys any more." Spending her days waiting for customers to appear, Mirabelle "looks like a puppy standing on its hind legs, and the two brown dots of her eyes, set in the china plate of her face, make her seem very cute and noticeable." Lonely and vulnerable, she passes her evenings taking prescription drugs and drawing "dead things," while pursuing an on-off relationship with the hopeless Jeremy, who possesses "a slouch so extreme that he appears to have left his skeleton at home." Then Mr. Ray Porter steps into Mirabelle's life. He is much older, rich, successful, divorced, and selfish, desiring her "without obligation." Complicating the picture is Mirabelle's voracious rival, her fellow Neiman's employee Lisa, who uses sex "for attracting and discarding men."

The mutual incomprehension, psychological damage, and sheer vacuity practiced by all four of Martin's characters sees Shopgirl veer rather uncomfortably between a comedy of manners and a much darker work. There are some startling passages of description and interior monologue, but the characters are often rather hazy types. Martin tries too hard in his attempt to write a psychologically intense novel about West Coast anomie, but Shopgirl is still an enjoyable, if rather light, read.

Автор: Martin Steve
Stāsti, noveles, humoreskas

Es atkritu zālē un raudāju. Pār mani noliecās zāles stiebrs un jautāja:

— Kāpēc tu raudi?

— Cilvēki man nodarīja pāri. Tie samina kājām manu darbu, ko es strādāju viņu labā, — es atbildēju.

— Cilvēki mani katru dienu min kājām. Es slienos atkal uz augšu un turpinu augt, — teica zāles stiebrs. Es noslaucīju asaras un ķēros pie darba.

Автор: Sakse Anna
Schatten im Paradies

Der Ich-Erzähler ist ein deutscher Journalist namens Robert Ross. Mit falschen Papieren ist er aus Deutschland vor den Nazis geflohen. Seine Flucht führte ihn über Lissabon, bis nach New York und Hollywood, wo er nun versucht ein neues Leben zu beginnen. Ross überlebt zwar als Flüchtling und Emigrant, aber sein Leben erscheint ihm kaum noch lebenswert.

Demütigungen und das ewige Gefühl, ein Fremder zu sein, lassen ihn im amerikanischen „Paradies“ nicht heimisch werden. Er findet einen fragwürdigen Job als Zubringer für einen ausgekochten Kunsthändler und arbeitet später auch noch als Spezialist für SS-Uniformen in Hollywood. Obwohl Ross Geld verdient und sich in das russische Mannequin Natascha Petrowa verliebt, bleibt er gezeichnet von der Verfolgung. Die Liebe zwischen den Beiden ist eine wundervolle Illusion, hilft jedoch nicht über das Gefühl der Heimatlosigkeit hinweg.

Ross begreift, dass er zwar den Nazis entkommen ist, aber auf ewig ein einsames, geborgtes Leben führen muss. So ungeliebt in der neuen Heimat und fremd in der gesamten Welt erlebt Ross das Ende des Zweiten Weltkrieges. Nach der deutschen Kapitulation erhält er eine Rückreisegenehmigung nach Europa. Doch auch in der alten, einst so vertrauten Heimat soll er Gast bleiben.

Автор: Remarque Erich Maria
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

This is the story of Dr Alfred Jones, a fisheries scientist-for whom diary notable events include the acquisition of a new electric toothbrush and getting his article on caddis fly larvae published in ‘Trout and Salmon’-who finds himself reluctantly involved in a project to bring salmon fishing to the Highlands of the Yemen…a project that will change his life, and the course of British political history forever. With a wickedly wonderful cast of characters-including a visionary Sheikh, a weasely spin doctor, Fred’s devilish wife and a few thousand transplanted salmon-Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a novel about hypocrisy and bureaucracy, dreams and deniability, and the transforming power of faith and love.

Автор: Torday Paul
Sky Burial, An Epic Love Story of Tibet

In the world of fiction reviewing, extraordinary is an over-used word. Yet there really is no other way to describe Chinese author Xinran's second book, Sky Burial. It is extraordinary in so many ways-the subject matter, the setting, the central character, but mostly its authenticity and the author's continuing search for the woman whose life is told here.

Sky Burial is the true story of a Chinese woman's 30-year search through Tibet for news of her lost, presumed dead, husband. Xinran is working as a radio journalist on a women's programme when a listener calls in to tell her about Shuwen. Xinran travels hundreds of miles across China to interview her and, over two days, Shuwen opens her heart and reveals her tragic, scarcely imaginable life story. Xinran returns to her life and spends the subsequent 10 years trying to find Shuwen again, researching her story and writing this book-a homage to an ordinary woman's extraordinary life-long search for the truth.

The story is a simple one: Shuwen meets her intelligent, idealistic husband-to-be while they are both training to be doctors. After less than 100 days of marriage, Kejun travels to Tibet as a Chinese army doctor and before long, Shuwen is notified that he has died in an "incident". Shuwen decides to join the army herself, travel to Tibet and find out if he really is dead, and if so, how and why he died.

And then, as if travelling to a closed country like Tibet as a young woman in the 1950s is not difficult enough, Shuwen quickly becomes separated from her unit and, close to death herself, is taken in by a family of Tibetan nomads. Her transformation from Chinese doctor to nomadic Buddhist is a long, painful and at many turns, deeply distressing one.

Sky Burial is a slight book-little more than an extended short story-and yet the ground it covers is immense, not just because of the fascinating glimpse it offers into a land and a people still largely unknown in the West. Despite its tragic themes of loss and survival in one of the world's harshest landscapes, it is an uplifting tale of unwavering loyalty and immeasurable inner strength. -Carey Green

Автор: Xue Xinran
Stealing Bradford

The Carter House girls are divided when two of them go after the same guy. Rhiannon and Taylor are at serious odds, and before it’s over several girls get hurt.

Автор: Melody Carlson
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Автор: Poe Edgar Allan
Автор: Poe Edgar Allan
Sense and Sensibility

Originally titled "Elinor and Marianne", "Sense and Sensibility" was the first of Jane Austen's novels to be published. The contrasting personalities of two sisters are the centre of the story, supported by a wealth of satirically portrayed minor characters.

Автор: Austen Jane
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Автор: Maugham W Somerset

Stardust is an utterly charming fairy tale in the tradition of The Princess Bride and The Neverending Story. Neil Gaiman, creator of the darkly elegant Sandman comics and author of The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish, tells the story of young Tristran Thorn and his adventures in the land of Faerie. One fateful night, Tristran promises his beloved that he will retrieve a fallen star for her from beyond the Wall that stands between their rural English town (called, appropriately, Wall) and the Faerie realm. No one ever ventures beyond the Wall except to attend an enchanted flea market that is held every nine years (and during which, unbeknownst to him, Tristran was conceived). But Tristran bravely sets out to fetch the fallen star and thus win the hand of his love. His adventures in the magical land will keep you turning pages as fast as you can--he and the star escape evil old witches, deadly clutching trees, goblin press-gangs, and the scheming sons of the dead Lord of Stormhold. The story is by turns thrillingly scary and very funny. You'll love goofy, earnest Tristran and the talking animals, gnomes, magic trees, and other irresistible denizens of Faerie that he encounters in his travels. Stardust is a perfect read-aloud book, a brand-new fairy tale you'll want to share with a kid, or maybe hoard for yourself. (If you read it to kids, watch out for a couple of spicy sex bits and one epithet.) --Therese Littleton

Автор: Gaiman Neil
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Автор: Henry O
Серия: The Gentle Grafter
Steal This Book

A driving force behind the social revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, Hoffman inspired a generation to challenge the status quo. Meant as a practical guide for the aspiring hippie, Steal This Book captures Hoffman’s puckish tone and became a cult classic with over 200,000 copies sold. Outrageously illustrated by R. Crumb, it nevertheless conveys a serious message to all would-be revolutionaries: You don’t have to take it anymore. “All Power to the Imagination was his credo. Abbie was the best.”

— Studs Terkel
Автор: Hoffman Abbie
Schmetterling und Taucherglocke

Ein Gehirnschlag beendete Ende letzten Jahres das alltägliche, das «normale» Leben des vierundvierzigjährigen Jean-Dominique Bauby, der bis dahin Chefredakteur der Zeitschrift «Elle» war und von da an nur noch vier Monate zu leben hatte. Bauby nutzte seine Zeit, um alles, was ihn bewegte, zu Papier zu bringen. Doch er selber sollte dazu gar nicht mehr in der Lage sein, war er doch vollständig gelähmt und dazu verdammt, nur noch mit dem linken Auge zu blinzeln.

Mittels eines Spezialalphabets, das sich an der Häufigkeit der Vokale und Konsonanten im Französischen orientierte, diktierte er der Lektorin Claude Mendibil fortan alles, was ihn bewegte – mittels Lidschlag: Aus seiner abgeschirmten Taucherglocke heraus funkte bzw. blinzelte er auf diese Weise empfindsame letzte Nachrichten an eine Welt, die für ihn schon unerreichbar weit weg war.

Автор: Bauby Jean-Dominique
Stupeur et tremblements

Grand prix du roman de l'Académie française

Amélie, une jeune femme belge, vient de terminer ses études universitaires. Sa connaissance parfaite du japonais, langue qu'elle maîtrise pour y avoir vécu dans son enfance, lui permet de décrocher un contrat d'un an dans une prestigieuse entreprise de l'empire du soleil levant, la compagnie Yumimoto. Amélie espère réussir dans ce pays qui la fascine tant. Fascinée par la hiérarchie d'entreprise japonaise, précise et méthodique, la jeune femme l'est d'autant plus par sa supérieure directe, l'intrigante et fière Mademoiselle Mori. Ses débuts sont déconcertants. Monsieur Saito lui fait rédiger une lettre, réponse à une invitation pour une partie de golf. A peine le courrier est-il terminé que Saito le déchire et ordonne à Amélie de recommencer. La jeune fille va rapidement déchanter à la découverte d'une culture qu'elle ne connaît absolument pas. Ses fréquentes initiatives sont régulièrement sujettes aux réprobations de ses supérieurs. Les humiliations et les vexations se succèdent et la soumission s'installe. Face à cet acharnement, la jeune femme se plie à leurs exigences. Amélie pensait être traductrice, elle finira dame pipi dans les toilettes de l'entreprise.

«Monsieur Haneda était le supérieur de monsieur Omochi, qui était le supérieur de monsieur Saito, qui était le supérieur de mademoiselle Mori, qui était ma supérieure. Et moi, je n'étais la supérieure de personne. On pourrait dire les choses autrement. J'étais aux ordres de mademoiselle Mori, qui était aux ordres de monsieur Saito, et ainsi de suite, avec cette précision que les ordres pouvaient, en aval, sauter les échelons hiérarchiques. Donc, dans la compagnie Yumimoto, j'étais aux ordres de tout le monde.»

Автор: Nothomb élie
Song for lovers

Ирина Денежкина – сверхновая звезда русской литературы. Книга, изданная немедленно после того, как Ирина стала финалистом премии `Национальный бестселлер`, завоевала русских читателей силой чувств, необузданностью энергии и мастерством исполнения.

Сегодня `Дай мне!` – всемирный бестселлер. Книга вышла в Италии, где заняла место в Топ-10 между Паоло Коэльо и Исабель Альенде. Летом книга Денежкиной выходит в Голландии, Германии, Литве, осенью – в Англии, Швеции, Финляндии, Франции. В начале 2004 года – в США. `Дай мне!`, как ледокол, взломала лед недоверия к современной русской литературе.

Герои повестей и рассказов Ирины Денежкиной переживают самый сложный период жизни, когда их главной заботой становится реализация сексуального влечения. Но наряду с ними такими же действующими лицами можно считать саму ювенильную реальность и скрытый механизм романтики любви.

Spisek przeciwko Ameryce

Philip Roth od lat diagnozuje Amerykę, wykazując kruchość jej rzekomo fundamentalnej tolerancyjności i demokracji. W swojej wielkiej amerykańskiej trylogii – „Amerykańska sielanka”, „Poślubiłam komunistę”, „Ludzka skaza” – odmalowuje wielokulturowego molocha społecznego, podatnego na autodestruktywne fobie i mody ideologiczne: lewacki anarchizm, prawicowy despotyzm, rasizm.

„Spisek przeciwko Ameryce” wpisuje się właśnie w ten najlepszy nurt pisarstwa wielokrotnego kandydata do literackiego Nobla, godnego następcy wielkich mistrzów prozy zza oceanu. W tej powieści Roth poddaje Amerykę eksperymentowi historii alternatywnej: co by było gdyby w roku 1940, u szczytu szalejącej za Altantykiem gorączki II wojny światowej, Stany Zjednoczone zaraziły się faszyzmem, wybierając na prezydenta nie F.D. Roosevelta, lecz Charlesa Lindbergha – legendarnego awiatora, sympatyzującego (o czym świadczą dołączone do książki dokumenty) z ideologią nazistowską? Z dnia na dzień, na oczach żydowskiego dziecka – narratorem jest tu bowiem mały Philip – bezpieczny świat dobrobytu i miłości bliźniego zmienia się w poligon uprzedzeń, nienawiści i szykan, których główną ofiarą padają Żydzi. „Kwestia żydowska” znajduje znane z historii rozwiązania: izolacja, ostracyzm, obozy koncentracyjne.

Cóż, że historia dopisała do tej fantazji happy end? Eksperyment Rotha powiódł się znakomicie.

Автор: Roth Philip
S@motność w sieci

S@motność w Sieci opisuje miłość dwójki Polaków, którzy prawie całą swoją znajomość ograniczają do kontaktów w Internecie. Jakub, ceniony na świecie polski genetyk, na stałe pracuje i mieszka w Niemczech. Któregoś dnia otrzymuje na ICQ wiadomość od Polki, chcącej zwierzyć mu się ze swoich problemów. Ta niewinna wiadomość zapoczątkowuje ich znajomość i fascynację sobą nawzajem. Uczucie, którym się darzą, w pewnym momencie przeradza się w coś na miarę miłości na odległość… Akcja powieści widziana jest oczami dwóch osób: Jakuba i Jej (nie wiadomo, jak ma na imię bohaterka, mimo iż jest jedną z głównych postaci, choć w filmie nadano jej imię Ewa). Autor często zmienia bohatera, który rozwija akcję – raz obserwujemy działania Jakuba, raz Jej. Taki sposób prowadzenia akcji pozwala czytelnikowi lepiej poznać obydwoje bohaterów. Bieżące wydarzenia często przerywane są retrospekcjami z przeszłości postaci, co pozwala czytelnikom lepiej zrozumieć uczucia bohaterów w danym momencie oraz w kontekście całej książki. Książka ukazała się w Polsce w czasie, w którym miłość przez Internet była jeszcze czymś niewyobrażalnym. Obecnie internetowe miłości zadziwiają coraz mniej osób, dlatego książka nieco straciła na swojej oryginalności i niepowtarzalności, ponieważ wirtualne miłości są coraz częściej spotykanym motywem w romansach i powieściach miłosnych.


Trois scénaristes et une romancière se retrouvent un matin dans le bureau du directeur d'une grande chaîne de télévision. Celui-ci va leur confier la rédaction d'une nouvelle série qu'ils devront entièrement créer. Ça commence un peu comme un conte de fée pour ces quatre écrivains plus ou moins ratés. Seulement ils apprennent très vite que la série n'existera que pour remplir les quotas minimums de fictions françaises sur la chaîne. Et donc qu'elle sera diffusée en plein milieu de la nuit. Pour nos quatre protagonistes la question de travailler " à blanc " ne se pose pas longtemps : ils ont besoin d'argent. En plus l'horaire de diffusion leur permet d'avoir toutes les libertés scénaristiques (à partir du moment où ça coûte le moins cher possible). Ce livre se déroule entre critique acerbe du milieu de la télévision et portrait attendrissant de quatre personnages complexes et troublants. Il pose également la question de la création artistique, de l'engagement que cela demande, de sa force et de sa faiblesse. Enfermés tous les quatre dans une pièce avec ordinateurs, télévisions, à se gaver de pizzas et de vodka poivrée, ils vont finir par créer une saga qui va finalement bouleverser leur vie. Ce livre passe par plusieurs étapes littéraires : on est tout d'abord dans le roman contemporain assez classique, avec des personnages un peu paumés mais sympathiques, puis petit à petit s'installe une analyse des coulisses de la télévision, on passe ensuite par une société décrite dans une certaine folie. Et on atteint la " surenchère ", dans une sorte d'histoire proche de la science fiction où la folie semble habiter tous les protagonistes. Vraiment un excellent livre, haletant, qui mène son lecteur de rebondissements en découvertes humaines époustouflantes !

Автор: Benacquista Tonino
Si c'est un homme

"On est volontiers persuadé d'avoir lu beaucoup de choses à propos de l'holocauste, on est convaincu d'en savoir au moins autant. Et, convenons-en avec une sincérité égale au sentiment de la honte, quelquefois, devant l'accumulation, on a envie de crier grâce. C'est que l'on n'a pas encore entendu Levi analyser la nature complexe de l'état du malheur. Peu l'ont prouvé aussi bien que Levi, qui a l'air de nous retenir par les basques au bord du menaçant oubli : si la littérature n'est pas écrite pour rappeler les morts aux vivants, elle n'est que futilité." Angelo Rinaldi." 'Si c'est un homme', occupe une place centrale dans la littérature de témoignage sur l'extermination des Juifs d'Europe et l'univers concentrationnaire."J.-B. Marongiu – "Libération"

Автор: Levi Primo
Si c'est un homme

"On est volontiers persuadé d'avoir lu beaucoup de choses à propos de l'holocauste, on est convaincu d'en savoir au moins autant. Et, convenons-en avec une sincérité égale au sentiment de la honte, quelquefois, devant l'accumulation, on a envie de crier grâce. C'est que l'on n'a pas encore entendu Levi analyser la nature complexe de l'état du malheur. Peu l'ont prouvé aussi bien que Levi, qui a l'air de nous retenir par les basques au bord du menaçant oubli : si la littérature n'est pas écrite pour rappeler les morts aux vivants, elle n'est que futilité." Angelo Rinaldi." 'Si c'est un homme', occupe une place centrale dans la littérature de témoignage sur l'extermination des Juifs d'Europe et l'univers concentrationnaire."J.-B. Marongiu – "Libération"

Автор: Levi Primo
So Cold the River

It started with a beautiful woman and a challenge. As a gift for her husband, Alyssa Bradford approaches Eric Shaw to make a documentary about her father-in-law, Campbell Bradford, a 95-year-old billionaire whose past is wrapped in mystery. Eric grabs the job even though there are few clues to the man's past-just the name of his hometown and an antique water bottle he's kept his entire life.

In Bradford's hometown, Eric discovers an extraordinary history-a glorious domed hotel where movie stars, presidents, athletes, and mobsters once mingled, and hot springs whose miraculous mineral water cured everything from insomnia to malaria. Neglected for years, the resort has been restored to its former grandeur just in time for Eric's stay.

Just hours after his arrival, Eric experiences a frighteningly vivid vision. As the days pass, the frequency and intensity of his hallucinations increase and draw Eric deeper into the town's dark history. He discovers that something besides the hotel has been restored-a long-forgotten evil that will stop at nothing to regain its lost glory. Brilliantly imagined and terrifyingly real, So Cold the River is a tale of irresistible suspense with a racing, unstoppable current.

Автор: Koryta Michael
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Sinfonía Inacabada

La joven pianista Vanessa Sexton había vuelto a su ciudad natal tratando de obtener algunas respuestas de su madre, de la que se había separado hacía doce años. Pero en aquel viaje de reencuentro con su pasado también tenía que enfrentarse a Brady Tucker, el único hombre al que había amado y que ya le había roto el corazón en una ocasión. Vanessa creía que aquel enamoramiento era algo que ya no le podría afectar, pero cada vez que veía a Brady sentía unas emociones que no sabía si estaba dispuesta a aceptar…

Автор: Roberts Nora
Singles collection

«Ночной маршрут».

Книга, которую немецкая критика восхищенно назвала «развлекательной прозой для эстетов и интеллектуалов».

Сборник изящных, озорных рассказов-«ужастиков», в которых классическая схема «ночных кошмаров, обращающихся в явь» сплошь и рядом доводится до логического абсурда, выворачивается наизнанку и приправляется изрядной долей чисто польской иронии…

Sinouhé l’Egyptien. Tome 1

Par amour pour une courtisane, le médecin égyptien Sinouhé s'est vendu comme esclave. Il va vivre une odyssée à mi-chemin des mythes et de la réalité.

Médecin, mais aussi espion pour le compte du pharaon Aménophis IV, il ira de Thèbes à Babylone, et aussi chez les mystérieux Hittites et chez les Crétois soumis au Minotaure.

Prodigieux roman d'aventures qui nous initie à la politique, à la religion et aux sciences du quatorzième siècle avant Jésus-Christ, le chef-d'œuvre du grand écrivain finlandais Mika Waltari invite aussi à réfléchir sur l'homme d'aujourd'hui, le plaisir, la liberté, le pouvoir, la violence, l'injustice et tout ce qui fait notre destin.

Автор: Waltari Mika
Sinuhé, El Egipcio

En el ocaso de su vida, el protagonista de este relato confiesa: `porque yo, Sinuhé, soy un hombre y, como tal, he vivido en todos los que han existido antes que yo y viviré en todos los que existan después de mí. Viviré en las risas y en las lágrimas de los hombres, en sus pesares y temores, en su bondad y en su maldad, en su debilidad y en su fuerza`.

Sinuhé el egipcio nos introduce en el fascinante y lejano mundo del Egipto de los faraones, los reinos sirios, la Babilonia decadente, la Creta anterior a la Hélade…, es decir, en todo el mundo conocido catorce siglos antes de Jesucristo. Sobre este mapa, Sinuhé dibuja la línea errante de sus viajes, y aunque la vida no sea generosa con él, en su corazón vive inextinguible la confianza en la bondad de los hombres.

Esta novela es una de las más célebres de nuestro siglo y, en su momento, constituyó un notable éxito cinematográfico.

Автор: Waltari Mika
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Sinouhé l’Egyptien. Tome 2

Par amour pour une courtisane, le médecin égyptien Sinouhé s'est vendu comme esclave. Il va vivre une odyssée à mi-chemin des mythes et de la réalité.

Médecin, mais aussi espion pour le compte du pharaon Aménophis IV, il ira de Thèbes à Babylone, et aussi chez les mystérieux Hittites et chez les Crétois soumis au Minotaure.

Prodigieux roman d'aventures qui nous initie à la politique, à la religion et aux sciences du quatorzième siècle avant Jésus-Christ, le chef-d'œuvre du grand écrivain finlandais Mika Waltari invite aussi à réfléchir sur l'homme d'aujourd'hui, le plaisir, la liberté, le pouvoir, la violence, l'injustice et tout ce qui fait notre destin.

Автор: Waltari Mika
Stories, или Истории, которые мы можем рассказать

Безумная атмосфера рок-движения середины 70-х насквозь пронизывает этот роман. Даже его название («Stories We Could Tell») в точности повторяет название хита Тома Петти, звезды рок-музыки того времени. Истории, которые рассказывает нам автор, продолжаются всего один день, 16 августа 1977 года. Но для трех героев романа, работающих в музыкальном журнале, это не просто день. В этот день умер Элвис Пресли, король рок-н-ролла. Для одних это означает конец эпохи, лозунгом которой было знаменитое «Секс, наркотики, рок-н-ролл». Для других это всего лишь этап быстротечной и изменчивой жизни, один из многих…

Standing in the Rainbow

Right in the middle of everywhere, which could be anywhere. WWII has ended and the joyous transitions to peace are being — mostly — embraced. This book portrays characters ranging from Bobby Smith, the son of the well-known radio hostess Neighbour Dorothy, to the phenomena known as the Sunset Club, Dinner on the Ground and the Funeral King.

Автор: Flagg Fannie
Small World

Нет ничего тайного, что не стало бы явным. Обнаружить же тайное в явном призван герой романа по имени Конрад Ланг, которого поражает болезнь Альцгеймера. Недуг серьезный, чреватый полной утратой памяти и повседневных рефлексов, однако картины детства и далекого довоенного прошлого при этом оживают с невероятной четкостью. А ожившее прошлое, как вы понимаете, далеко не всем по душе.

Не по душе оно в первую очередь Эльвире Зенн, солидной даме, хозяйке заводов Коха, которая своего нынешнего положения в обществе добилась, скажем так, не самым праведным путем. Постепенно, погружаясь в растревоженные видения Ланга,читатель узнает подноготную этой «воротилы» швейцарского бизнеса. Самое же интересное то, что Мартин Сутер сумел нравственно-философскую драму выстроить как детектив, из-за чего роман читается с неослабевающим интересом и по праву сделался на Западе бестселлером.

Something Happened

In the 1960's, we were never able to look at military life in the same way again. Now Joseph Heller has struck far closer to home.

Something Happened is about ambition, greed, love, lust, hate and fear, marriage and adultery. It is about the struggle among men, the war between the sexes, the conflict of parents and children. It is about the life we all lead today — and you will never be able to look at that life in the same way again.

Once in a decade, something important happens in books. In the 1970's, it is Something Happened.

"Hypnotic, seductive. as clear and as hard-edged as a cut diamond!"

— Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., The New York Times Sunday Book

"The test of a novel is when it deserves to be read a second time. People will be rereading Something Happened and fifty years from now they'll be reading it still!"

— Philadelphia Inquirer

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Siete Días Para Una Eternidad

Por primera vez, Dios y el diablo están de acuerdo. Cansados de sus eternas disputas y deseosos de determinar de una vez por todas quién de los dos debe reinar en el mundo, deciden entablar una última batalla. Las reglas son las siguientes: cada uno de ellos enviará a la Tierra un emisario que contará con siete días para decantar el destino de la humanidad hacia el Bien o el Mal. Dios y Lucifer establecen que el enfrentamiento se producirá en la ciudad de San Francisco y eligen a sus mediadores. Dios escoge a Zofia, una joven competente, con el encanto de un ángel. Lucifer se decide por Lucas, un hombre atractivo sin ningún tipo de escrúpulos. La tarde de su primer día en la Tierra, los destinos de Zofia y Lucas se cruzan, pero para consternación de Dios y el diablo, el encuentro, lejos de provocar un altercado, toma unos derroteros insospechados.

Marc Levy nos ofrece una irresistible comedia romántica protagonizada por dos seres procedentes de mundos dispares que nunca deberían haberse encontrado, pero irremediablemente predestinados a hacerlo.

Автор: Levy Marc
Sociedad limitada

Es la disección novelada de una ciudad, Valencia, donde un elenco de personajes ha convertido la traición, la inquina y la intriga pérfida en el modelo de conducta cotidiana. Julia Aleixandre, además de ostentar un importante cargo público, es una experta manipuladora de marionetas humanas de todos los colores y tamaños. Francesc Petit, Secretario General de un partido político sin representación parlamentaria, quiere escapar del ostracismo humillante a cualquier precio. Juan Lloris, otrora exitoso empresario de la construcción, ha caído en desgracia ante las autoridades y mendiga rastreramente una presidencia, una secretaría o al menos una vocalía. Y entre todos ellos y sus respectivas trifulcas, un periodista sin futuro aparente encontrará la manera de purgar sus abundantes culpas, cómo no, a costa de los demás.

Sociedad Limitada es una instantánea irónica y mordaz que se adentra en la corrupción política, la especulación inmobiliaria, la miseria cotidiana de los inmigrantes, la destrucción sistemática del medio ambiente… y, en definitiva, las infames maniobras que ejerce el poder desde la sombra para conseguir perpetuarse.

Автор: Torrent Ferran
Автор: Nabokov Vladimir
Super Sad True Love Story

The author of two critically acclaimed novels, The Russian Debutante's Handbook and Absurdistan, Gary Shteyngart has risen to the top of the fiction world. Now, in his hilarious and heartfelt new novel, he envisions a deliciously dark tale of America's dysfunctional coming years – and the timeless and tender feelings that just might bring us back from the brink.

In a very near future – oh, let's say next Tuesday – a functionally illiterate America is about to collapse. But don't that tell that to poor Lenny Abramov, the thirty-nine-year-old son of an angry Russian immigrant janitor, proud author of what may well be the world's last diary, and less-proud owner of a bald spot shaped like the great state of Ohio. Despite his job at an outfit called Post-Human Services, which attempts to provide immortality for its super-rich clientele, death is clearly stalking this cholesterol-rich morsel of a man. And why shouldn't it? Lenny's from a different century – he totally loves books (or 'printed, bound media artifacts,' as they're now known), even though most of his peers find them smelly and annoying. But even more than books, Lenny loves Eunice Park, an impossibly cute and impossibly cruel twenty-four-year-old Korean American woman who just graduated from Elderbird College with a major in Images and a minor in Assertiveness.

After meeting Lenny on an extended Roman holiday, blistering Eunice puts that Assertiveness minor to work, teaching our 'ancient dork' effective new ways to brush his teeth and making him buy a cottony nonflammable wardrobe. But America proves less flame-resistant than Lenny's new threads. The country is crushed by a credit crisis, riots break out in New York's Central Park, the city's streets are lined with National Guard tanks on every corner, the dollar is so over, and our patient Chinese creditors may just be ready to foreclose on the whole mess. Undeterred, Lenny vows to love both Eunice and his homeland. He's going to convince his fickle new love that in a time without standards or stability, in a world where single people can determine a dating prospect's 'hotness' and 'sustainability' with the click of a button, in a society where the privileged may live forever but the unfortunate will die all too soon, there is still value in being a real human being.

Wildly funny, rich, and humane, Super Sad True Love Story is a knockout novel by a young master, a book in which falling in love just may redeem a planet falling apart.

Автор: Shteyngart Gary
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Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk

A collection of stories

Featuring David Sedaris's unique blend of hilarity and heart, this new collection of keen-eyed animal-themed tales is an utter delight. Though the characters may not be human, the situations in these stories bear an uncanny resemblance to the insanity of everyday life.

In "The Toad, the Turtle, and the Duck," three strangers commiserate about animal bureaucracy while waiting in a complaint line. In "Hello Kitty," a cynical feline struggles to sit through his prison-mandated AA meetings. In "The Squirrel and the Chipmunk," a pair of star-crossed lovers is separated by prejudiced family members.

Автор: Sedaris David
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Secrets of Eden

From the bestselling author of The Double Bind, Midwives, and Skeletons at the Feast comes a novel of shattered faith, intimate secrets, and the delicate nature of sacrifice.

"There," says Alice Hayward to Reverend Stephen Drew, just after her baptism, and just before going home to the husband who will kill her that evening and then shoot himself. Drew, tortured by the cryptic finality of that short utterance, feels his faith in God slipping away and is saved from despair only by a meeting with Heather Laurent, the author of wildly successful, inspirational books about… angels.

Heather survived a childhood that culminated in her own parents' murder-suicide, so she identifies deeply with Alice's daughter, Katie, offering herself as a mentor to the girl and a shoulder for Stephen – who flees the pulpit to be with Heather and see if there is anything to be salvaged from the spiritual wreckage around him.

But then the State's Attorney begins to suspect that Alice's husband may not have killed himself…and finds out that Alice had secrets only her minister knew.

Secrets of Eden is both a haunting literary thriller and a deeply evocative testament to the inner complexities that mark all of our lives. Once again Chris Bohjalian has given us a riveting page-turner in which nothing is precisely what it seems. As one character remarks, 'Believe no one. Trust no one. Assume all of our stories are suspect.'

Автор: Bohjalian Chris
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Supreme Courtship

In bestselling author Christopher Buckley's hilarious novel, the President of the United States, ticked off at the Senate for rejecting his nominees, decides to get even by nominating America 's most popular TV judge to the Supreme Court.

President Donald Vanderdamp is having a hell of a time getting his nominees onto the Supreme Court. After one nominee is rejected for insufficiently appreciating To Kill a Mockingbird, the president chooses someone so beloved by voters that the Senate won't have the nerve to reject her-Judge Pepper Cartwright, star of the nation's most popular reality show. Will Pepper, a vivacious Texan, survive a Senate confirmation battle? Will becoming one of the most powerful women in the world ruin her love life? Soon, Pepper finds herself in the middle of a constitutional crisis, a presidential reelection campaign that the president is determined to lose, and oral arguments of a romantic nature. Supreme Courtship is another classic Christopher Buckley comedy about the Washington institutions most deserving of ridicule.

Автор: Buckley Christopher
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Summer Morning, Summer Night

"Bradbury’s familiar poetic magic sings in every paragraph, reminding his readers why Green Town is worth visiting again and again."


GREEN TOWN, Illinois stands at the very heart of Ray Bradbury Country. A lovingly re-imagined version of the author’s native Waukegan, it has served as the setting for such modern classics as Dandelion Wine, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and Farewell Summer. In Summer Morning, Summer Night, Bradbury returns to this signature locale with a generous new collection of twenty-seven stories and vignettes, seventeen of which have never been published before. Together, they illuminate some of Green Town’s previously hidden corners, and reaffirm Bradbury’s position as the undisputed master of a unique fictional universe.

In the course of this volume, readers will encounter a gallery of characters brought vividly to life by that indefinable Bradbury magic. Included among them are a pair of elderly sisters whose love potion carries an unexpected consequence; a lonely teacher who discovers love on Green Town’s nocturnal streets; a ten-year-old girl who literally unearths the intended victim of a vicious crime; and an aging man who recreates his past with the aid of a loaf of pumpernickel bread.

Each of these stories is engaging, evocative, and deeply felt. Each reflects the characteristic virtues that have always marked the best of Bradbury’s fiction: optimism, unabashed nostalgia, openness to experience, and, most centrally, an abiding generosity of spirit. Summer Morning, Summer Night is both an unexpected gift and a treasure trove of Story. Its people, places, images, and events will linger in the reader’s mind for many years to come.

Автор: Bradbury Ray Douglas
Six Weeks at Heppenheim

That has never been our way in Germany. There are people employed by the Government to examine the vines, and report when the grapes are ripe. It is necessary to make laws about it; for, as you must have seen, there is nothing but the fear of-the law to protect our vineyards and fruit-trees; there are no enclosures along the Berg-Strasse, as you tell me you have in England; but, as people are only allowed to go into the vineyards on stated days.

Strong Medicine

Miracle drugs save lives and ease suffering, but for profit-motivated companies, the miracle is the money they generate... at any cost.  Billions of dollars in profits will make men and women do many things--lie, cheat, even kill.  now one beautiful woman will be caught in the cross fire between ethics and profits.  As Celia Jordan's fast-track career sweeps her into the highest circles of an international drug company, she begins to discover the sins and secrets hidden in the research lab... and in the marketplace.  Now the company's powerful new drug promises a breakthrough in treating a deadly disease.  But Celia Jordan knows it may deliver a nightmare.

Автор: Hailey Arthur
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Sky Strike

A NATO air assault hurtles towards a vital Warsaw Pact rail junction and marshalling yard. Betrayed, waiting for them is a mass of enemy anti-aircraft guns and missiles. The battle becomes one of survival as Major Revells’ men have to fight their way home across the Zone.


Aboard helicopter transports bristling with weaponry and with a powerful escort of gunships, an airborne NATO assault group crosses the Zone to attack and destroy a Warsaw Pact rail junction and marshalling yard. But the attack force has been betrayed and the already powerful anti-aircraft defences have been massively reinforced. Faced with batteries of missiles, massed cannons and Shilka flak tanks the attack is scattered and brutally clawed from the sky. Surviving the slaughter Revells’ Special Combat Force finds itself deep inside enemy territory and has to engage in a running battle to carve a path through the enemy forces. Using stolen enemy vehicles they have to fight every inch of the way to return to the NATO lines.


First NEL Paperback Edition July 1981

First IMPRINT Publication E-Book Edition May 2005

First Revision IMPRINT Publications E-Book Edition April 2007

Автор: Rouch James
Серия: The Zone
Side Effects May Vary

What if you’d been living your life as if you were dying—only to find out that you had your whole future ahead of you?

When sixteen-year-old Alice is diagnosed with leukemia, her prognosis is grim. To maximize the time she does have, she vows to spend her final months righting wrongs—however she sees fit. She convinces her friend Harvey, whom she knows has always had feelings for her, to help her with a crazy bucket list that’s as much about revenge (humiliating her ex-boyfriend and getting back at her arch nemesis) as it is about hope (doing something unexpectedly kind for a stranger and reliving some childhood memories). But just when Alice’s scores are settled, she goes into remission.

Now Alice is forced to face the consequences of all that she’s said and done, as well as her true feelings for Harvey. But has she done irreparable damage to the people around her, and to the one person who matters most?

Julie Murphy’s SIDE EFFECTS MAY VARY is a fearless and moving tour de force about love, life, and facing your own mortality.

Автор: Murphy Julie
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Sunset Oasis

As the 19th century draws to a close, the politically disgraced Mahmoud Abd El Zahir takes up his post as District Commissioner of the remote and dangerous Egyptian oasis of Siwa, knowing he has no choice. The hostile, warring natives are no surprise — but little did he expect to fall in love, his Irish wife to alienate the entire community, or a local beauty to prove a fatal ally. As the gulf between occupier and occupied, husband and wife, dreams and reality widens, tensions reach boiling point.

Автор: Taher Bahaa
Sir Vidia's Shadow: A Friendship Across Five Continents

This heartfelt and revealing account of Paul Theroux's thirty-year friendship with the legendary V. S. Naipaul is an intimate record of a literary mentorship that traces the growth of both writers' careers and explores the unique effect each had on the other. Built around exotic landscapes, anecdotes that are revealing, humorous, and melancholy, and three decades of mutual history, this is a personal account of how one develops as a writer and how a friendship waxes and wanes between two men who have set themselves on the perilous journey of a writing life.

Автор: Theroux Paul
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора

Following the tremendous popular success of Jane Eyre, which earned her lifelong notoriety as a moral revolutionary, Charlotte Bront? vowed to write a sweeping social chronicle that focused on "something real and unromantic as Monday morning." Set in the industrializing England of the Napoleonic wars and Luddite revolts of 1811-12, Shirley (1849) is the story of two contrasting heroines. One is the shy Caroline Helstone, who is trapped in the oppressive atmosphere of a Yorkshire rectory and whose bare life symbolizes the plight of single women in the nineteenth century. The other is the vivacious Shirley Keeldar, who inherits a local estate and whose wealth liberates her from convention.

Автор: Bronte Charlotte
Safety of Objects: Stories

The breakthrough story collection that established A. M. Homes as one of the most daring writers of her generation.

Originally published in 1990 to wide critical acclaim, this extraordinary first collection of stories by A. M. Homes confronts the real and the surreal on even terms to create a disturbing and sometimes hilarious vision of the American dream. Included here are "Adults Alone," in which a couple drops their kids off at Grandma's and gives themselves over to ten days of Nintendo, porn videos, and crack; "A Real Doll," in which a girl's blond Barbie doll seduces her teenaged brother; and "Looking for Johnny," in which a kidnapped boy, having failed to meet his abductor's expectations, is returned home. These stories, by turns satirical, perverse, unsettling, and utterly believable, expose the dangers of ordinary life even as their characters stay hidden behind the disguises they have so carefully created.

Автор: Homes A M
Scorch Atlas

In this striking novel-in-stories, a series of strange apocalypses have hit America. Entire neighborhoods drown in mud, glass rains from the sky, birds speak gibberish, and parents of young children disappear. Millions starve while others grow coats of mold. But a few are able to survive and find a light in the aftermath, illuminating what we’ve become. In "The Disappeared", a father is arrested for missing free throws, leaving his son to search alone for his lost mother. A boy swells to fill his parents’ ransacked attic in "The Ruined Child". Rendered in a variety of narrative forms, from a psychedelic fable to a skewed insurance claim questionnaire, Blake Butler’s full-length fiction debut paints a gorgeously grotesque version of America, bringing to mind both Kelly Link and William H. Gass, yet imbued with Butler's own vision of the apocalyptic and bizarre.

Автор: Butler Blake
Sky Saw

I could go on at what these days were but the truth is I am tired. Would you even believe me if I did or didn't? Could this paper touch your face? I've spent enough years with my face arranged in books. I've read enough to crush my sternum. In each of the books are people talking, saying the same thing, their tongues thin and white and speckled.

I don't want to be here. I want to get older. I want to see my skin go folding over.

Someday I plan to die.

Books that reappear when you destroy them, lampshades made of skin, people named with numbers and who can't recall each other, a Universal Ceiling constructed by an otherwise faceless authority, a stairwell stuffed with birds: the terrain and populace of Sky Saw is packed with stroboscopic memory mirage. In dynamic sentences and image, Blake Butler crafts a post-Lynchian nightmare where space and family have deformed, leaving the human persons left in the strange wake to struggle after the shapes of both what they loved and who they were.

Автор: Butler Blake
Scent of a Woman

Two soldiers travel across Italy at the height of summer, passing through Genoa, Rome and Naples. One of the soldiers is blind, graceful, gleefully vicious and wears a prosthetic arm; the other, twenty years his junior, is his guide. But as these men drink their way through bars, brothels and train carriages, who is guiding who? Only as they reluctantly approach the blind man’s destination, and a stifled love affair, does the purpose of the trip become tragically clear.

The inspiration for two acclaimed films, Scent of a Woman is a lyrical exploration of regret, defiance, and what it really means to see.

Автор: Arpino Giovanni
Scent of a Woman

Two soldiers travel across Italy at the height of summer, passing through Genoa, Rome and Naples. One of the soldiers is blind, graceful, gleefully vicious and wears a prosthetic arm; the other, twenty years his junior, is his guide. But as these men drink their way through bars, brothels and train carriages, who is guiding who? Only as they reluctantly approach the blind man’s destination, and a stifled love affair, does the purpose of the trip become tragically clear.

The inspiration for two acclaimed films, Scent of a Woman is a lyrical exploration of regret, defiance, and what it really means to see.

Автор: Arpino Giovanni
Someday This Will Be Funny

The stories in Some Day This Will Be Funny marry memory to moment in a union of narrative form as immaculate and imperfect as the characters damned to act them out on page. Lynne Tillman, author of American Genius, presides over the ceremony; Clarence Thomas, Marvin Gaye, and Madame Realism mingle at the reception. Narrators — by turn infamous and nameless — shift within their own skin, struggling to unknot reminiscence from reality while scenes rush into warm focus, then cool, twist, and snap in the breeze of shifting thought. Epistle, quotation, and haiku bounce between lyrical passages of lucid beauty, echoing the scattered, cycling arpeggio of Tillman’s preferred subject: the unsettled mind.

Collectively, these stories own a conscience shaped by oaths made and broken; by the skeleton silence and secrets of family; by love’s shifting chartreuse. They traffic in the quiet images of personal history, each one a flickering sacrament in danger of being swallowed up by the lust and desperation of their possessor: a fistful of parking tickets shoved in the glove compartment, a little black book hidden from a wife in a safe-deposit box, a planter stuffed with flowers to keep out the cooing mourning doves. They are stories fashioned with candor and animated by fits of wordplay and invention — stories that affirm Tillman’s unshakable talent for wedding the patterns and rituals of thought with the blushing immediacy of existence, defying genre and defining contemporary short fiction.

Автор: Tillman Lynne

Мальчик, затем уже юноша, мужчина рассказывает в хронологическом порядке историю всей своей жизни, собственного становления, ощущений, мыслей, чувств и женщин, которых любил. Он взрослеет, и даже манера речи, взгляды, стиль повествования меняются с детских и наивных в более зрелые вместе с ним. Казалось бы, обычный человек вспоминает свою жизнь, но одна особенность мешает чистоте восприятия этого рассказа: слишком часто мечты и истинные события путаются, не давая понять, что было на самом деле, а что являлось лишь плодом фантазии. Окруженный любимыми людьми уже пожилой герой доживает свои абсолютно счастливые дни, пока еще не задаваясь вопросом, что именно из происходящего вокруг него реально… И кто реален.


The Bigtree alligator wrestling dynasty is in decline — think Buddenbrooks set in the Florida Everglades — and Swamplandia! their island home and gator-wrestling theme park, is swiftly being encroached upon by a sophisticated competitor known as the World of Darkness.

Ava, a resourceful but terrified twelve year old, must manage seventy gators and the vast, inscrutable landscape of her own grief. Her mother, Swamplandia!’s legendary headliner, has just died; her sister is having an affair with a ghost called the Dredgeman; her brother has secretly defected to the World of Darkness in a last-ditch effort to keep their sinking family afloat; and her father, Chief Bigtree, is AWOL. To save her family, Ava must journey on her own to a perilous part of the swamp called the Underworld, a harrowing odyssey from which she emerges a true heroine.

Автор: Russell Karen
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Surveillance: A Novel

In the not-too-distant future, no one trusts anyone and everyone is watching everybody else. America is obsessed with information and under siege from an insidious enemy: paranoia. National identify cards are mandatory, terrorism alerts are a daily event, and privacy is laid bare on the Internet. For a freelance journalist, her daughter, a bestselling author, and a struggling actor, these tumultuous times provide the backdrop as their lives become inextricably bound in a darkly humorous, frighteningly accurate story of life in an unstable world. "From the Trade Paperback edition."

Автор: Raban Jonathan
Sentinels of Fire

P.T. Deutermann's World War II navy series began with the award-winning Pacific Glory, followed by the brilliantly reviewed Ghosts of Bungo Suido. His new novel Sentinels of Fire tells the tale of a lone destroyer, the USS Malloy, part of the Allied invasion forces attacking the island of Okinawa and the Japanese home islands.

By the spring of 1945, the once mighty Japanese fleet has been virtually destroyed, leaving Japan open to invasion. The Japanese react by dispatching hundreds of suicide bombers against the Allied fleet surrounding Okinawa. By mid-May, the Allied fleet is losing a major ship a day to murderous swarms of kamikazes streaming out of Formosa and southern Japan. The radar picket line is the first defense and early warning against these hellish formations, but the Japanese direct special attention to these lone destroyers stationed north and west of Okinawa.

One destroyer, the USS Malloy, faces an even more pressing issue when her Executive Officer Connie Miles begins to realize that the ship's much-admired Captain Pudge Tallmadge is losing his mind under the relentless pressure of the attacks. Set against the blazing gun battles created by the last desperate offensive of the Japanese, Executive Officer Miles and the ship's officers grapple with the consequences of losing their skipper's guidance — and perhaps the ship itself and everyone on board.

Vividly authentic, historically accurate, and emotionally compelling, Sentinels of Fire is military adventure at its best, by an author whose career as a Navy captain informs every page.

Автор: Deutermann P T

Suder, Percival Everett's acclaimed first novel, follows the exploits and ordeals of Craig Suder, a struggling black third baseman for the Seattle Mariners. In the midst of a humiliating career slump and difficulties with his demanding wife and troubled son, Suder packs up his saxophone, phonograph, and Charlie Parker's Ornithology and begins a personal crusade for independence, freedom, and contentment. This ambitious quest takes Suder on a series of madcap adventures involving cocaine smugglers, an elephant named Renoir, and a young runaway, but the journey also forces him to reflect on bygone times. Deftly alternating between the past and the present, Everett tenderly reveals the rural South of Suder's childhood — the withdrawn father; the unhinged, protective mother; the detached, lustful brother; and the jazz pianist who teaches Suder to take chances. And risk it all he finally does: Suder's travels culminate in the fulfillment of his most fanciful childhood dream.

Автор: Everett Percival
Samedi the Deafness

One morning in the park James Sim discovers a man, crumpled on the ground, stabbed in the chest. In the man's last breath, he whispers his confession: Samedi.

What follows is a spellbinding game of cat and mouse as James is abducted, brought to an asylum, and seduced by a woman in yellow. Who is lying? What is Samedi? And what will happen on the seventh day?

Автор: Ball Jesse
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора

Confession time: Ken Baumann's debut Solip isn't a novel. Think of how it feels to watch an engrossing film; now imagine becoming that film, your vision little more than a flickering image, your body just a burst of white vinyl. Baumann's non-novel, a vast detonation of language, not only captures that feeling, but also challenges you not to be held in its thrall. Indebted to Samuel Beckett and Gaspar Noé, Solip asks the reader to give up all human prejudice and surrender to life's new texture, the flesh become word: a code all Baumann's own, which bludgeons language as much as it opens prose fiction up to the highest horizon. Solip is a world for those who already dwell in the sentence, an anarchic hell that sounds something like heaven, by one of America's most promising young writers.

Автор: Baumann Ken
Silence Once Begun

From the celebrated author of The Curfew (“A spare masterwork of dystopian fiction” —The New York Times Book Review), Jesse Ball’s Silence Once Begun is an astonishing novel of unjust conviction, lost love, and a journalist’s obsession.

Over the course of several months, eight people vanish from their homes in the same Japanese town, a single playing card found on each door. Known as the “Narito Disappearances,” the crime has authorities baffled — until a confession appears on the police’s doorstep, signed by Oda Sotatsu, a thread salesman. Sotatsu is arrested, jailed, and interrogated — but he refuses to speak. Even as his parents, brother, and sister come to visit him, even as his execution looms, and even as a young woman named Jito Joo enters his cell, he maintains his vow of silence. Our narrator, a journalist named Jesse Ball, is grappling with mysteries of his own when he becomes fascinated by the case. Why did Sotatsu confess? Why won’t he speak? Who is Jito Joo? As Ball interviews Sotatsu’s family, friends, and jailers, he uncovers a complex story of heartbreak, deceit, honor, and chance.

Wildly inventive and emotionally powerful, Silence Once Begun is a devastating portrayal of a justice system compromised, and evidence that Jesse Ball is a voraciously gifted novelist working at the height of his powers.

Автор: Ball Jesse
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Stay Up With Me

A deeply humane, piercingly funny, and already widely acclaimed new short story collection that features men and women we all know or might be, nagivating a world made unfamiliar by a lapse in judgment, a change of fortune, by loss, or by love.

The stories in Tom Barbash's evocative and often darkly funny collection explore the myriad ways we try to connect to one another and to the sometimes cruel world around us. The newly single mother in "The Break" interferes with her son's love life over his Christmas vacation from college. The anxious young man in "Balloon Night" persists in hosting his and his wife's annual watch-the-Macy's-Thanksgiving-Day-Parade-floats-be-inflated party, while trying to keep the myth of his marriage equally afloat. "Somebody's Son," tells the story of a young man guiltily conning an elderly couple out of their home in the Adirondacks, and the young narrator in "The Women" watches his widowed father become the toast of Manhattan's mid-life dating scene, as he struggles to find his own footing.

The characters in Stay Up with Me find new truths when the old ones have given out or shifted course. In the tradition of classic story writer like John Cheever and Tobias Wolff, Barbash laces his narratives with sharp humor, psychological acuity, and pathos, creating deeply resonant and engaging stories that pierce the heart and linger in the imagination.

Автор: Barbash Tom
Spectacle: Stories

An inventive new collection from the author of Hydroplane and The End of Free Love

* A San Francisco Chronicle, Complex, Flavorwire, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Largehearted Boy and Slaughterhouse 90210 Best Book of the Year *

In these innovative linked stories, women confront loss and grief as they sift through the wreckage of their lives. In the title story, a woman struggles with the death of her friend in a plane crash. A daughter decides whether to take her father off life support in the Pushcart Prize-winning “Cowboys.” And in “Underthings,” when a man hits his girlfriend, she calls it an accident. Spectacle bears witness to alarming and strange incidents: carnival rides and plane crashes, affairs spied through keyholes and amateur porn, vandalism and petty theft. These wounded women stand at the edge of disaster and risk it all to speak their sharpest secrets.

In lean, acrobatic prose, Susan Steinberg subverts assumptions about narrative and challenges conventional gender roles. She delivers insight with a fierce lyric intensity in sentences shorn of excessive sentiment or unnecessary ornament. By fusing style and story, Steinberg amplifies the connections between themes and characters so that each devastating revelation echoes throughout the collection. A vital and turbulent book from a distinctive voice, Spectacle will break your heart, and then, before the last page is turned, will bind it up anew.

“Experimental but never opaque, Steinberg’s stories seethe with real and imagined menace.” —Publishers Weekly

Автор: Steinberg Susan
Sag Harbor

The warm, funny, and supremely original new novel from one of the most acclaimed writers in America.The year is 1985. Benji Cooper is one of the only black students at an elite prep school in Manhattan. He spends his falls and winters going to roller-disco bar mitzvahs, playing too much Dungeons and Dragons, and trying to catch glimpses of nudity on late-night cable TV. After a tragic mishap on his first day of high school — when Benji reveals his deep enthusiasm for the horror movie magazine Fangoria — his social doom is sealed for the next four years.

But every summer, Benji escapes to the Hamptons, to Sag Harbor, where a small community of African American professionals have built a world of their own. Because their parents come out only on weekends, he and his friends are left to their own devices for three glorious months. And although he’s just as confused about this all-black refuge as he is about the white world he negotiates the rest of the year, he thinks that maybe this summer things will be different. If all goes according to plan, that is.

There will be trials and tribulations, of course. There will be complicated new handshakes to fumble through, and state-of-the-art profanity to master. He will be tested by contests big and small, by his misshapen haircut (which seems to have a will of its own), by the New Coke Tragedy of ’85, and by his secret Lite FM addiction. But maybe, with a little luck, things will turn out differently this summer.

In this deeply affectionate and fiercely funny coming-of-age novel, Whitehead — using the perpetual mortification of teenage existence and the desperate quest for reinvention — lithely probes the elusive nature of identity, both personal and communal.

Автор: Colson Whitehead
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Suspended Sentences

Although originally published separately, Patrick Modiano’s three novellas form a single, compelling whole, haunted by the same gauzy sense of place and characters. Modiano draws on his own experiences, blended with the real or invented stories of others, to present a dreamlike autobiography that is also the biography of a place. Orphaned children, mysterious parents, forgotten friends, enigmatic strangers — each appears in this three-part love song to a Paris that no longer exists. In this superb English-language translation of Afterimage, Suspended Sentences, and Flowers of Ruin, Mark Polizzotti captures not only Modiano’s distinctive narrative voice but also the matchless grace and spare beauty of his prose.

Shadowed by the dark period of the Nazi Occupation, these novellas reveal Modiano’s fascination with the lost, obscure, or mysterious: a young person’s confusion over adult behavior; the repercussions of a chance encounter; the search for a missing father; the aftershock of a fatal affair. To read Modiano’s trilogy is to enter his world of uncertainties and the almost accidental way in which people find their fates.

Автор: Modiano Patrick
Saint Jack

Jack Flowers knew he needed to shake things up when he jumped into the Straits of Malacca and hitched a ride to Singapore. Deftly identifying the fastest route to fame along the seedy port, Jack starts hiring girls out to lonely tourists, sailors, bachelors — anyone with some loose change and a wandering eye — soon making enough money to open two pleasure palaces. But just as Jack is finally coming into his own, a shocking tumble toward the brink of death leaves him shaken, desperate to pull himself up to greatness. Depressed and vulnerable, he’s quick to do business with Edwin Shuck, a powerful American working to take down an unsuspecting general. Marked with Paul Theroux’s trademark biting humor and audacious prose, Saint Jack is a gripping work from an award-winning author.

Автор: Theroux Paul
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Say, Cut, Map

"Say, Cut, Map stakes out a literary terrain that so far has no name. Its constantly shifting cartography is made up of severed hands, premature burials, hospital wards, and fragile families. This novel of compounding mysteries redraws itself from sentence to sentence, while still relentlessly propelling the reader through its pages. Ken Baumann has constructed a dazzling mirage that pulses with real emotion."

— Jeff Jackson, author of Mira Corpora.

Автор: Baumann Ken
Shifu, You'll Do Anything for a Laugh

In these stories, we see the breathtaking range of Mo Yan's vision-which critics have compared to those of Tolstoy and Kafka. The stories range from the tragic to the comic, though Mo Yan's humor is always tinged with a shade of black. They embody, too, the author's deep and abiding love of his fellow man, equaled only by his intense disdain of bureaucracy and repression-despite which his fiction is never didactic. Satire, fantasy, the supernatural, mystery: all are present in this remarkable and intensely enjoyable volume.

— The release of award-winning director Zhang Yimou's major film adaptation of the title story (Happy Times) in summer 2002 heightened the visibility of both the author and this collection.

— This paperback is being published simultaneously with the author's mangum opus, Big Breasts and Wide Hips-a return to the sweep and ambition of his bestelling Red Sorghum-which will receive major critical acclaim and further raise Mo Yan's profile in the States.

— One of the stories in the volume serves as a companion piece to the author's hugely popular Red Sorghum.

Автор: Yan Mo
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора

Grantland Book of the Year.

Vol. 1 Brooklyn, A Year of Favorites, Jason Diamond.

Book Riot, 2014’s Must-Read Books from Indie Presses.

"Valeria Luiselli is a writer of formidable talent, destined to be an important voice in Latin American letters. Her vision and language are precise, and the power of her intellect is in evidence on every page." — Daniel Alarcón

"I'm completely captivated by the beauty of the paragraphs, the elegance of the prose, the joy in the written word, and the literary sense of this author." — Enrique Vilas-Matas

Valeria Luiselli is an evening cyclist; a literary tourist in Venice, searching for Joseph Brodsky's tomb; an excavator of her own artifacts, unpacking from a move. In essays that are as companionable as they are ambitious, she uses the city to exercise a roving, meandering intelligence, seeking out the questions embedded in our human landscapes.

Valeria Luiselli was born in Mexico City in 1983 and grew up in South Africa. Her novel and essays have been translated into many languages and her work has appeared in publications including the New York Times, Granta, and McSweeney's. Some of her recent projects include a ballet performed by the New York City Ballet in Lincoln Center; a pedestrian sound installation for the Serpentine Gallery in London; and a novella in installments for workers in a juice factory in Mexico. She lives in New York City.

Автор: Luiselli Valeria

Еврейский русскоязычный писатель, видный деятель сионистского движения. Близкий друг Корнея Чуковского.

South of the Border, West of the Sun

Born in 1951 in an affluent Tokyo suburb, Hajime—beginning in Japanese—has arrived at middle age wanting for almost nothing. The postwar years have brought him a fine marriage, two daughters, and an enviable career as the proprietor of two jazz clubs. Yet a nagging sense of inauthenticity about his success threatens Hajime’s happiness. And a boyhood memory of a wise, lonely girl named Shimamoto clouds his heart.

Автор: Murakami Haruki
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Selbstopfermänner: под крылом божественного ветра

Возможно, когда-то было время, когда бы я позволил тебе уйти, Я бы даже не пытался, но я думаю, ты могла бы спасти мою жизнь… Просто не бросай меня, я не подведу тебя. Нет, я не подведу тебя… Просто не переставай верить, я все утрясу. Пожалуйста, не сдавайся! Я не подведу тебя… Whataya Want From Me (с) Adam Lambert

South of the Border, West of the Sun

Born in 1951 in an affluent Tokyo suburb, Hajime—beginning in Japanese—has arrived at middle age wanting for almost nothing. The postwar years have brought him a fine marriage, two daughters, and an enviable career as the proprietor of two jazz clubs. Yet a nagging sense of inauthenticity about his success threatens Hajime’s happiness. And a boyhood memory of a wise, lonely girl named Shimamoto clouds his heart.

Автор: Murakami Haruki
Sputnik Sweetheart

Sumire is in love with a woman seventeen years her senior. But whereas Miu is glamorous and successful, Sumire is an aspiring writer who dresses in an oversized second-hand coat and heavy boots like a character in a Kerouac novel.

Sumire spends hours on the phone talking to her best friend K about the big questions in life: what is sexual desire, and should she ever tell Miu how she feels for her? Meanwhile K wonders whether he should confess his own unrequited love for Sumire.

Then, a desperate Miu calls from a small Greek island: Sumire has mysteriously vanished…

Автор: Murakami Haruki
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Strike from the Sea

Indo-China 1941.

Cruising somewhere off Saigon is the world's largest and most dangerous submarine — the French Soufrière. A rich prize for the enemy, the British navy must capture her for themselves before she is used against them.

For Commander Robert Ainslie, it represents the greatest challenge of his career. He must take the foreign submarine and use her against the enemy in the defence of Singapore…

Автор: Reeman Douglas
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора

The action of Toby Olson's PEN/Faulkner Award-winning novel "Seaview" sweeps eastward, following three men and two women across a wasted American continent to an apocalyptic confrontation on Cape Cod. Melinda hopes to reach the seaside where she was born before she dies of cancer. Allen, her husband, earns their way back by golf hustling, working the links en route. Outside of Tucson, the two meet up with a Pima Indian also headed toward the Cape to help a distant relative who has claims on a golf course there that is laid out on tribal grounds. Throughout the journey, Allen knows he is being stalked by a former friend, Richard, a drug-pusher whom he has crossed and who is now determined to murder him. The tortured lives of Richard and his wife Gerry stand as a dream of what might have become of Allen and Melinda had things been otherwise. The lines that draw these people together converge at Seaview Links, and on the mad battlefield that this golf course becomes, the novel reaches its complex ending. "Seaview's" vibrant language and fateful plot make this study of an America on the edge an unforgettable read.

Автор: Olson Toby
Signs and Wonders

These sixteen stories by the much-celebrated Alix Ohlin illuminate the connections between all of us — connections we choose to break, those broken for us, and those we find and make in spite of ourselves.

Автор: Ohlin Alix
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Spoiled Brats: Stories

A brilliant new collection from "one of the funniest writers in America"- Jimmy So, Daily Beast.

In his collection SPOILED BRATS, Simon Rich takes his absurd, culture-skewering style to new heights, marrying the literary polish of writers like Karen Russell and George Saunders with the humor of Steve Martin to deliver truly dazzling tales.

SPOILED BRATS is about the battles we fight with the ones who love us most: our parents. In "Family Business," a young chimpanzee offends his working class father by choosing to become a research animal instead of joining the family grub-hunting business. In "Proud Mom," a young mother is so besotted she doesn't realize her child is actually, truly a monster. And in "Animals," the fate of a terrified classroom hamster hangs in the balance when a notorious kid is picked for hamster care duty.

SPOILED BRATS confirms Rich as one of the most "adept, inarguably funny" (San Francisco Chronicle) young writers at work today.

Автор: Rich Simon

A previously unpublished novel by a literary master, Skylight tells the intertwined stories of the residents of a faded apartment building in 1940s Lisbon.

Silvestre and Mariana, a happily married elderly couple, take in a young nomad, Abel, and soon discover their many differences. Adriana loves Beethoven more than any man, but her budding sexuality brings new feelings to the surface. Carmen left Galicia to marry humble Emilio, but hates Lisbon and longs for her first love, Manolo. Lidia used to work the streets, but now she’s kept by Paulo, a wealthy man with a wandering eye.

These are just some of the characters in this early work, completed by Saramago in 1953 but never published until now. With his characteristic compassion, depth, and wit, Saramago shows us the quiet contentment of a happy family and the infectious poison of an unhappy one. We see his characters’ most intimate moments as well as the casual encounters particular to neighbors living in close proximity. Skylight is a portrait of ordinary people, painted by a master of the quotidian, a great observer of the immense beauty and profound hardships of the modern world.

Автор: Saramago é
Snow in August

In the year 1947, Michael Devlin, eleven years old and 100 percent American-Irish, is about to forge an extraordinary bond with a refugee of war named Rabbi Judah Hirsch. Standing united against a common enemy, they will summon from ancient sources a power in desperately short supply in modern Brooklyn — a force that’s forgotten by most of the world but is known to believers as magic.

Автор: Hamill Pete
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора

Winner of the 1989 National Book Award.

A classic tale of a man, a boat, and a storm, Spartina is the lyrical and compassionate story of Dick Pierce, a commercial fisherman along the shores of Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay. A kind, sensitive, family man, he is also prone to irascible outbursts against the people he must work for, now that he can no longer make his living from the sea.

Pierce's one great passion, a fifty-foot fishing boat called Spartina, lies unfinished in his back yard. Determined to get the funds he needs to buy her engine, he finds himself taking a foolish, dangerous risk. But his real test comes when he must weather a storm at sea in order to keep his dream alive. Moving and poetic, Spartina is a masterly story of one man's ongoing struggle to find his place in the world

Автор: Casey John
Satin Island

From the author of Remainder (the major feature-film adaption of which will be released in 2015) and C (short-listed for the Booker Prize), and winner of the Windham Campbell Prize, a novel that promises to give us the first and last word on the world-modern, postmodern, whatever world you think you are living in.

When we first meet U., our narrator, he is waiting out a delay in the Turin airport. Clicking through corridors of trivia on his laptop he stumbles on information about the Shroud of Turin-and is struck by the degree to which our access to the truth is always mediated by a set of veils or screens, with any world built on those truths inherently unstable. A "corporate ethnographer," U. is tasked with writing the "Great Report," an ell-encompassing document that would sum up our era. Yet at every turn, he feels himself overwhelmed by the ubiquity of data, lost in buffer zones, wandering through crowds of apparitions. Madison, the woman he is seeing, is increasingly elusive, much like the particulars in the case of the recent parachutist's death with which U. is obsessed. Add to that his longstanding obsession with South Pacific cargo cults and his developing, inexplicable interest in oil spills. As he begins to wonder if the Great Report might remain a shapeless, oozing plasma, his senses are startled awake by a dream of an apocalyptic cityscape. In Satin Island, Tom McCarthy captures-as only he can- the way we experience our world, our efforts to find meaning (or just to stay awake) and discern the narratives we think of as our lives.

Автор: McCarthy Tom
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора

She teases and deceives. She writhes her way across the nation and beyond, seducing us all with her light and noise. Love her or hate her, you can’t escape her. She’s the American media — and nobody understands her better than Scott Singer.

A rising star in the world of public relations, Scott is a master at manipulating the news, especially when the news isn’t good for his clients. To journalists, he’s the dark prince of deception. To others, he’s merely the product of an amoral corporate culture. Not that their opinions matter to Scott, who shelved his ego years ago. It’s the only way to stay sane in a business that thrives on flying off the handle.

The trouble begins on the first day of Sweeps, when a fifteen-year-old girl goes on a fatal shooting spree in her high school cafeteria. For the news networks, it’s a ratings bonanza, especially when clues suggest that the tragedy was loosely inspired by a popular rap song. Suddenly America’s outrage is focused on Hunta, a young L.A. hip-hop artist who was on the verge of becoming a mainstream star. Now he’s Public Enemy Number One, and his life is about to get infinitely worse.

Saving Hunta could be the crowning achievement of Scott’s career, but he knows it won’t be easy. To take control of the story, he’ll have to upstage it. And to do that, he’ll have to engineer a hoax more ambitious and more elaborate than any publicist has ever attempted before.

Автор: Price Daniel
See You in Paradise

The first substantial collection of short fiction from “a writer with enough electricity to light up the country” (Ann Patchett)

“I guess the things that scare you are the things that are almost normal,” observes one narrator in this collection of effervescent and often uncanny stories. Drawing on fifteen years of work, See You in Paradise is the fullest expression yet of J. Robert Lennon’s distinctive and brilliantly comic take on the pathos and surreality at the heart of American life.

In Lennon’s America, a portal to another universe can be discovered with surprising nonchalance in a suburban backyard, adoption almost reaches the level of blood sport, and old pals return from the dead to steal your girlfriend. Sexual dysfunction, suicide, tragic accidents, and career stagnation all create surprising opportunities for unexpected grace in this full-hearted and mischievous depiction of those days (weeks, months, years) we all have when things just don’t go quite right.

Автор: Lennon J Robert

In a room with no windows on the coast of Africa, an Englishman, James More, is held captive by jihadist fighters. Posing as a water expert to report on al-Qaeda activity in the area, he now faces extreme privation, mock executions, and forced marches through the arid badlands of Somalia. Thousands of miles away on the Greenland Sea, Danielle Flinders, a biomathematician, half-French, half-Australian, prepares to dive in a submersible to the ocean floor. She is obsessed with the life that multiplies in the darkness of the lowest strata of water.

Both are drawn back to the previous Christmas, and to a French hotel on the Atlantic coast, where a chance encounter on the beach led to an intense and enduring romance. For James, his mind escapes to utopias both imagined and remembered. Danny is drawn back to beginnings: to mythical and scientific origins, and to her own. It is to each other and to the ocean that they most frequently return: magnetic and otherworldly, a comfort and a threat.

Автор: Ledgard J M
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора

Second in the trilogy that began with The Good Earth, Buck's classic and starkly real tale of sons rising against their honored fathers tells of the bitter struggle to the death between the old and the new in China. Revolutions sweep the vast nation, leaving destruction and death in their wake, yet also promising emancipation to China's oppressed millions who are groping for a way to survive in a modern age.

Автор: Buck Pearl S
Stempenyu: A Jewish Romance

Even the most pious Jew need not shed so many tears over the destruction of Jerusalem as the women were in the habit of shedding when Stempenyu was playing.

The first work of Sholom Aleichem’s to be translated into English — this long out-of-print translation is the only one ever done under Aleichem’s personal supervision — Stempenyu is a prime example of the author’s hallmark traits: his antic and often sardonic sense of humor, his whip-smart dialogue, his workaday mysticism, and his historic documentation of shtetl life.

Held recently by scholars to be the story that inspired Marc Chagall’s “Fiddler on the Roof” painting (which in turn inspired the play that was subsequently based on Aleichem’s Tevye stories, not this novella), Stempenyu is the hysterical story of a young village girl who falls for a wildly popular klezmer fiddler — a character based upon an actual Yiddish musician whose fame set off a kind of pop hysteria in the shtetl. Thus the story, in this contemporaneous “authorized” translation, is a wonderful introduction to Aleichem’s work as he wanted it read, not to mention to the unique palaver of a nineteenth-century Yiddish rock star.


“I wanted them all, even those I'd already read.”

—Ron Rosenbaum, The New York Observer

“Small wonders.”

—Time Out London

“[F]irst-rate… astutely selected and attractively packaged… indisputably great works.”

—Adam Begley, The New York Observer

“I’ve always been haunted by Bartleby, the proto-slacker. But it’s the handsomely minimalist cover of the Melville House edition that gets me here, one of many in the small publisher’s fine ‘Art of the Novella’ series.”

—The New Yorker

“The Art of the Novella series is sort of an anti-Kindle. What these singular, distinctive titles celebrate is book-ness. They’re slim enough to be portable but showy enough to be conspicuously consumed — tiny little objects that demand to be loved for the commodities they are."

—KQED (NPR San Francisco)

“Some like it short, and if you’re one of them, Melville House, an independent publisher based in Brooklyn, has a line of books for you… elegant-looking paperback editions… a good read in a small package.”

—The Wall Street Journal
Автор: Aleichem Sholem
Slow Fade

With a geography as diverse as the streets of Beverly Hills and the charnel grounds of India, a Mexican beach resort and the Russian Tea Room in New York City, this is a spare, eloquent, and deeply informed novel about the world of the movies. It is a profound and utterly convincing portrait of a man whose career and life has been devoted to the manipulation of images — on the screen and at the conference table, with actors and technicians — and the story of how, at the age of 71, he tries to divest himself of illusions and make peace with his demons and his past.

Автор: Wurlitzer Rudolph
Saving Agnes

Winner of the Whitbread Prize for Best First Novel.

Agnes Day is mildly discontent. As a child, she never wanted to be an Agnes — she wanted to be a pleasing Grace. Alas, she remained the terminally middle class, hopelessly romantic Agnes. Now she's living with her two best friends in London and working at a trade magazine. Life and love seem to go on without her. Not only does she not know how to get back into the game, she isn't even sure what the game is. But she gives a good performance — until she learns that her roommates and her boyfriend are keeping secrets from her, and that her boss is quitting and leaving her in charge. In great despair, she decides to make it her business to set things straight. Saving Agnes is a perceptive, fresh, and honest novel that has delighted readers and critics on both sides of the Atlantic.

Автор: Cusk Rachel
Seven Years

Alex has spent the majority of his adult life between two very different women — and he can’t make up his mind. Sonia, his wife and business partner, is everything a man would want. Intelligent, gorgeous, charming, and ambitious, she worked tirelessly alongside him to open their architecture firm and to build a life of luxury. But when the seven-year itch sets in, their exhaustion at working long hours coupled with their failed attempts at starting a family get the best of them. Alex soon finds himself kindling an affair with his college lover, Ivona. The young Polish woman who worked in a Catholic mission is the polar opposite of Sonia: dull, passive, taciturn, and plain. Despite having little in common with Ivona, Alex is inexplicably drawn to her while despising himself for it. Torn between his highbrow marriage and his lowbrow affair, Alex is stuck within a spiraling threesome. But when Ivona becomes pregnant, life takes an unexpected turn, and Alex is puzzled more than ever by the mysteries of his heart.

Peter Stamm, one of Switzerland’s most acclaimed writers, is at his best exploring the complexities of human relationships. Seven Years is a distinct, sobering, and bold novel about the impositions of happiness in the quest for love.

Автор: Stamm Peter
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Sweet Land Stories

In these magnificent portraits of people living life in America today, the bestselling author brilliantly ranges over the American continent, from Alaska to Washington D.C., in fiction that illuminates the heart of modern life.

Автор: Doctorow E L
Ship of Force

The summer of 1917.

Britain is losing the war against the deadly German U-boats.

After a close fought action, Commander David Smith uncovers what he believes is a deadly plot against Britain from a dying German sailor. Code-named SchwerttrZiger — or Swordbearer — it could turn the tide of the war in Germany's favour. But nobody will listen to him. He is under suspicion, and ignored. With just one one ancient destroyer, a turtle-back ‘thirty-knotter’ known as ‘Bloody Mary’, under his command, he must wage this battle on his own. Smith has to take on shore batteries and bigger, faster enemy destroyers. He has to fight the hostility of his commanding officer and is plunged into a world of espionage behind enemy lines. Through it all the mystery behind ‘Schwerttriiger’ lures him on — until he stakes his career and his life in a desperate attempt to solve it.

Ship of Force’ is an edge-of-the-seat WWI naval adventure that combines thrilling story-telling with meticulous research.

I think a 21 gun salute is required… Alan Evans has produced a cracking thriller

The Daily Mirror

Evans provides a different sea story, sustained suspense and vivid battle scenes

Publishers Weekly

Alan Evans was a thriller writer known for vividly recreating the atmosphere of the First World War.

Автор: Evans Alan
Song of the Shank

A contemporary American masterpiece about music, race, an unforgettable man, and an unreal America during the Civil War era.

At the heart of this remarkable novel is Thomas Greene Wiggins, a nineteenth-century slave and improbable musical genius who performed under the name Blind Tom.

Song of the Shank opens in 1866 as Tom and his guardian, Eliza Bethune, struggle to adjust to their fashionable apartment in the city in the aftermath of riots that had driven them away a few years before. But soon a stranger arrives from the mysterious island of Edgemere — inhabited solely by African settlers and black refugees from the war and riots — who intends to reunite Tom with his now-liberated mother.

As the novel ranges from Tom’s boyhood to the heights of his performing career, the inscrutable savant is buffeted by opportunistic teachers and crooked managers, crackpot healers and militant prophets. In his symphonic novel, Jeffery Renard Allen blends history and fantastical invention to bring to life a radical cipher, a man who profoundly changes all who encounter him.

Автор: Allen Jeffery Renard
State of Grace

Nominated for the National Book Award in 1974, this haunting, profoundly disquieting novel manages to be at once sparse and lush, to combine Biblical simplicity with Gothic intensity and strangeness. It is the story of Kate, despised by her mother, bound to her father by ties stronger and darker than blood. It is the story of her attempted escapes−in detached sexual encounters, at a Southern college populated by spoiled and perverse beauties, and in a doomed marriage to a man who cannot understand what she is running from. Witty, erotic, searing acute, STATE OF GRACE bears the inimitable stamp of one of our fines and most provocative writers.

Автор: Williams Joy
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Spring Flowers, Spring Frost

From behind the closed door, the man shouts, 'Be on your way — you have no business here!'

'Open up, I am the messenger of Death'.

As spring arrives in the Albanian mountain town of B, some strange things are emerging in the thaw. Bank robbers strike the National Bank. Old terrors are dredged up from the shipwreck of history. And ultra-explosive state secrets are threatening to flood the entire nation. Mark, an artist, finds the peaceful rhythms of his life turned upside down by ancient love and modern barbarism and by the particular brutality of a country surprised and divided by its new freedom.

Автор: Kadare Ismail
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Sister Golden Hair

When Jesse’s family moves to Roanoke, Virginia, in the summer of 1972, she’s 12 years old and already mindful of the schism between innocence and femininity, the gap between childhood and the adult world. Her father, a former pastor, cycles through spiritual disciplines as quickly as he cycles through jobs. Her mother is dissatisfied, glumly fetishizing the Kennedys and anyone else that symbolizes status and wealth. The residents of the Bent Tree housing development may not hold what Jesse is looking for, but they’re all she’s got. Her neighbor speaks of her married lover; her classmate playacts being a Bunny at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Club; the boy she’s interested in fantasizes about moving to Hollywood and befriending David Soul. In the midst of it all, Jesse finds space to set up her room with her secret treasures: busts of Emily Dickinson and Shakespeare, a Venus flytrap, her Cher 45s, and The Big Book of Burial Rites, which she reads obsessively. But outside awaits all the misleading sexual mores, muddled social customs, and confused spirituality. Girlhood has never been more fraught than in Jesse’s telling, its expectations threatening to turn at any point into delicious risk, or real danger.

Автор: Steinke Darcey
Suicide Blonde

Vanity Fair called this intensely erotic story of a young woman's sexual and psychological odyssey "a provocative tour through the dark side." Jesse, a beautiful twenty-nine-year-old, is adrift in San Francisco's demimonde of sexually ambiguous, bourbon-drinking, drug-taking outsiders. While desperately trying to sustain a connection with her bisexual boyfriend in a world of confused and forbidden desire, she becomes the caretaker of and confidante to Madame Pig, a besotted, grotesque recluse. Jesse also falls into a dangerous relationship with Madison, Pig's daughter or lover or both, who uses others' desires for her own purposes, hurtling herself and Jesse beyond all boundaries. With Suicide Blonde, Darcey Steinke delves into themes of identity and time, as well as the common — and now tainted — language of sexuality.

Автор: Steinke Darcey

Slumberland is laugh-out-loud funny and its wit and satire can be burning…There are incredible moments of tenderness…Beatty is a kind of symphonic W. E. B. Du Bois.”—Los Angeles Times

Ferocious, bombastic, and hilarious, Slumberland is vintage Paul Beatty and belongs on the shelf next to Jonathan Lethem, Colson Whitehead, and Junot Diaz. In this widely praised novel of race, identity, and underground music, DJ Darky has created the perfect beat. Now, he must seek out Charles Stone, a little known avant-garde jazzman, who can help bring his sonic masterpiece to fruition.

Автор: Beatty Paul
Such A Long Journey

It is Bombay in 1971, the year India went to war over what was to become Bangladesh. A hard-working bank clerk, Gustad Noble is a devoted family man who gradually sees his modest life unravelling. His young daughter falls ill; his promising son defies his father’s ambitions for him. He is the one reasonable voice amidst the ongoing dramas of his neighbours. One day, he receives a letter from an old friend, asking him to help in what at first seems like an heroic mission. But he soon finds himself unwittingly drawn into a dangerous network of deception. Compassionate, and rich in details of character and place, this unforgettable novel charts the journey of a moral heart in a turbulent world of change.

Автор: Mistry Rohinton
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Shyness And Dignity

"Nothing in Elias' measured life, in his whole career as a teacher of literature, in his marriage to the 'indescribably beautiful' Eva, foreshadowed the events of that apparently ordinary day. He makes sure he has his headache pills and leaves for work as he has done every morning for the past twenty-five years." He is only too familiar with his pupils' hostile attitude both to his lectures and to himself, but today he feels their impatience, their oafishness, more painfully than ever before and, after their ritually dismissive and bored response to his passionate lecture on Ibsen's The Wild Duck, he reaches a point of crisis. Shyness and Dignity is the story of a man's awakening to a world that no longer recognises what he has always stood for or his talent.

Автор: Solstad Dag
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
St Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves

A dazzling debut, a blazingly original voice: the ten stories in St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves introduce a radiant new talent.

In the collection's title story, a pack of girls raised by wolves are painstakingly reeducated by nuns. In 'Haunting Olivia,' two young boys make midnight trips to a boat graveyard in search of their dead sister, who set sail in the exoskeleton of a giant crab. In 'Z.Z.'s Sleepaway Camp for Disordered Dreamers,' a boy whose dreams foretell implacable tragedies is sent to a summer camp for troubled sleepers (Cabin 1, Narcoleptics; Cabin 2, Sleep Apneics; Cabin 3, Somnambulists. .). And 'Ava Wrestles the Alligator' introduces the remarkable Bigtree Wrestling Dynasty' Grandpa Sawtooth, Chief Bigtree, and twelve-year-old Ava' proprietors of Swamplandia! the island's #1 Gator Theme Park and Cafe. Ava is still mourning her mother when her father disappears, his final words to her the swamp maxim 'Feed the gators, don't talk to strangers.' Left to look after seventy incubating alligators and an older sister who may or may not be having sex with a succubus, Ava meets the Bird Man, and learns that when you're a kid it's often hard to tell the innocuous secrets from the ones that will kill you if you keep them.

Russell's stories are beautifully written and exuberantly imagined, but it is the emotional precision behind their wondrous surfaces that makes them unforgettable. Magically, from the spiritual wilderness and ghostly swamps of the Florida Everglades, against a backdrop of ancient lizards and disconcertingly lush plant life 'in an idiom that is as arrestingly lovely as it is surreal' Karen Russell shows us who we are and how we live.

Автор: Russell Karen
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Sleep Donation

From the author of the New York Times bestseller Swamplandia!, and finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, an imaginative and haunting novella about an insomnia epidemic set in the near future.

A crisis has swept America. Hundreds of thousands have lost the ability to sleep. Enter the Slumber Corps, an organization that urges healthy dreamers to donate sleep to an insomniac. Under the wealthy and enigmatic Storch brothers the Corps' reach has grown, with outposts in every major US city. Trish Edgewater, whose sister Dori was one of the first victims of the lethal insomnia, has spent the past seven years recruiting for the Corps. But Trish’s faith in the organization and in her own motives begins to falter when she is confronted by “Baby A,” the first universal sleep donor, and the mysterious "Donor Y."

Sleep Donation explores a world facing the end of sleep as we know it, where “Night Worlds” offer black market remedies to the desperate and sleep deprived, and where even the act of making a gift is not as simple as it appears.

Автор: Russell Karen
Sacred Games

Seven years in the making, Sacred Games is an epic of exceptional richness and power. Vikram Chandra's novel draws the reader deep into the life of Inspector Sartaj Singh — and into the criminal underworld of Ganesh Gaitonde, the most wanted gangster in India.

Sartaj, one of the very few Sikhs on the Mumbai police force, is used to being identified by his turban, beard and the sharp cut of his trousers. But "the silky Sikh" is now past forty, his marriage is over and his career prospects are on the slide. When Sartaj gets an anonymous tip-off as to the secret hide-out of the legendary boss of G-Company, he's determined that he'll be the one to collect the prize.

Vikram Chandra's keenly anticipated new novel is a magnificent story of friendship and betrayal, of terrible violence, of an astonishing modern city and its dark side. Drawing inspiration from the classics of nineteenth-century fiction, mystery novels, Bollywood movies and Chandra's own life and research on the streets of Mumbai, Sacred Games evokes with devastating realism the way we live now but resonates with the intelligence and emotional depth of the best of literature.

Автор: Chandra Vikram
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора

Three dramatic and emblematic stories intertwine in Zachary Lazar's extraordinary new novel, SWAY-the early days of the Rolling Stones, including the romantic triangle of Brian Jones, Anita Pallenberg, and Keith Richards; the life of avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger; and the community of Charles Manson and his followers. Lazar illuminates an hour in American history when rapture found its roots in idolatrous figures and led to unprovoked and inexplicable violence. Connecting all the stories in this novel is Bobby Beausoleil, a beautiful California boy who appeared in an Anger film and eventually joined the Manson "family." With great artistry, Lazar weaves scenes from these real lives together into a true but heightened reality, making superstars human, giving demons reality, and restoring mythic events to the scale of daily life.

Автор: Lazar Zachary
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Slapboxing with Jesus

Twelve original and interconnected stories in the traditions of Junot Díaz and Sherman Alexie. Victor D. LaValle's astonishing, violent, and funny debut offers harrowing glimpses at the vulnerable lives of young people who struggle not only to come of age, but to survive the city streets.

In "ancient history," two best friends graduating from high school fight to be the one to leave first for a better world; each one wants to be the fortunate son. In "pops," an African-American boy meets his father, a white cop from Connecticut, and tries not to care. And in "kids on colden street," a boy is momentarily uplifted by the arrival of a younger sister only to discover that brutality leads only to brutality in the natural order of things.

Written with raw candor, grit, and a cautious heart, slapboxing with jesus introduces an exciting and bold new craftsman of contemporary fiction. LaValle's voices echo long after their stories are told.

Автор: Lavalle Victor
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So Many Ways to Begin

In this potent examination of family and memory, Jon McGregor charts one man's voyage of self-discovery. Like Kazuo Ishiguro's The Remains of the Day, So Many Ways to Begin is rich in the intimate details that shape a life, the subtle strain that defines human relationships, and the personal history that forms identity. David Carter, the novel's protagonist, takes a keen interest in history as a boy. Encouraged by his doting Aunt Julia, he begins collecting the things that tell his story: a birth certificate, school report cards, annotated cinema and train tickets. After finishing school, he finds the perfect job for his lifetime obsession — curator at a local history museum. His professional and romantic lives take shape as his beloved aunt and mentor's unravels. Lost in a fog of senility, Julia lets slip a secret about David's family. Over the course of the next decades, as David and his wife Eleanor live out their lives — struggling through early marriage, professional disappointments, the birth of their daughter, Eleanor's depression, and an affair that ends badly — David attempts to physically piece together his past, finding meaning and connection where he least expects it.

Автор: McGregor Jon
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Serious Men

A poignant, bitingly funny Indian satire and love story set in a scientific institute and in Mumbai’s humid tenements.

Ayyan Mani, one of the thousands of dalit (untouchable caste) men trapped in Mumbai’s slums, works in the Institute of Theory and Research as the lowly assistant to the director, a brilliant self-assured astronomer. Ever wily and ambitious, Ayyan weaves two plots, one involving his knowledge of an illicit romance between his married boss and the institute’s first female researcher, and another concerning his young son and his soap-opera-addicted wife. Ayyan quickly finds his deceptions growing intertwined, even as the Brahmin scientists wage war over the question of aliens in outer space. In his debut novel, Manu Joseph expertly picks apart the dynamics of this complex world, offering humorous takes on proselytizing nuns and chronicling the vanquished director serving as guru to his former colleagues. This is at once a moving portrait of love and its strange workings and a hilarious portrayal of men’s runaway egos and ambitions.

Автор: Joseph Manu
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Show Business

This triumphant novel about the razzle-dazzle Hindi film industry confirms Shashi Tharoor’s reputation as one of India’s most important voices and a writer of world stature. His hero — or antihero — is Ashok Banjara, one of Bollywood’s mega-movie stars, a man of great ambition and dubious morals. Even as his star rises, his life becomes a melodrama of its own, with love affairs, Parliamentary appointments, framings, disgrace, and, in the end, sustaining a life-threatening injury on the set of a low-budget film. With irrepressible charm and a genius for satire, Tharoor positions the film world, with all its Hollywood glitz and glamour, egos, and double standards, as a metaphor for modern society.

Автор: Tharoor Shashi
Signs Preceding the End of the World

Signs Preceding the End of the World is one of the most arresting novels to be published in Spanish in the last ten years. Yuri Herrera does not simply write about the border between Mexico and the United States and those who cross it. He explores the crossings and translations people make in their minds and language as they move from one country to another, especially when there’s no going back.

Traversing this lonely territory is Makina, a young woman who knows only too well how to survive in a violent, macho world. Leaving behind her life in Mexico to search for her brother, she is smuggled into the USA carrying a pair of secret messages — one from her mother and one from the Mexican underworld.

In this grippingly original novel Yuri Herrera explores the actual and psychological crossings and translations people make — with their feet, in their minds, and in their language as they move from one country to another, especially when there's no going back.

Born in Actopan, Mexico, in 1970, Yuri Herrera studied in Mexico and El Paso and took his PhD at Berkeley. Signs Preceding the End of the World (Señales que precederán al fin del mundo) was shortlisted for the Rómulo Gallegos Prize and is being published in several languages. After publishing Signs Preceding the End of the World, And Other Stories will publish his two other novels in English, starting with The Transmigration of Bodies(La transmigración de los cuerpos) in 2016. He is currently teaching at the University of Tulane, in New Orleans.

Lisa Dillman is based in Atlanta, Georgia, where she translates Spanish, Catalan and Latin American writers and teaches at Emory University. Her recent translations include The Frost on His Shoulders by Lorenzo Mediano, Op Oloop by Juan Filloy (longlisted for the Best Translated Book Award), Me, Who Dove into the Heart of the World by Sabina Berman and Rain Over Madrid by Andrés Barba. She is obsessed with words, running, cooking and her dog, Maya.

Автор: Herrera Yuri
San Miguel

On a tiny, desolate, windswept island off the coast of Southern California, two families, one in the 1880s and one in the 1930s, come to start new lives and pursue dreams of self-reliance and freedom. Their extraordinary stories, full of struggle and hope, are the subject of T. C. Boyle’s haunting new novel.

Thirty-eight-year-old Marantha Waters arrives on San Miguel on New Year’s Day 1888 to restore her failing health. Joined by her husband, a stubborn, driven Civil War veteran who will take over the operation of the sheep ranch on the island, Marantha strives to persevere in the face of the hardships, some anticipated and some not, of living in such brutal isolation. Two years later their adopted teenage daughter, Edith, an aspiring actress, will exploit every opportunity to escape the captivity her father has imposed on her. Time closes in on them all and as the new century approaches, the ranch stands untenanted.

And then in March 1930, Elise Lester, a librarian from New York City, settles on San Miguel with her husband, Herbie, a World War I veteran full of manic energy. As the years go on they find a measure of fulfillment and serenity; Elise gives birth to two daughters, and the family even achieves a celebrity of sorts. But will the peace and beauty of the island see them through the impending war as it had seen them through the Depression? Rendered in Boyle’s accomplished, assured voice, with great period detail and utterly memorable characters, this is a moving and dramatic work from one of America’s most talented and inventive storytellers.

Автор: Boyle T C
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора

A wonderful, balanced novel about how the remains of the past reverberate in the present, Shutterspeed sensitively and delicately describes the powerful emotions which lie just beneath the surface of the unruffled sheen of village life. Joris’ father died young, and his mother moved to Spain, so he has lived with his aunt and uncle since early childhood. He is quiet and introverted, and his aunt and uncle fear that he harbours a deep resentment for the loss of his parents. The gentle pace of life in the village is suddenly disturbed when a decision is made to remove the cemetery in the centre. For the boy, this awakens various emotionally charged memories of his dead father. The books ends with the death of the boy’s foster parents, marking a definitive end to his youth.

Автор: Mortier Erwin
Автор: Komuda Jacek
Серия: Orły na Kremlu
Автор: Komuda Jacek
Серия: Orły na Kremlu

May 4th, 1970. A week earlier President Nixon has ordered American ground forces into Cambodia to pursue the Vietcong. By the end of the day four students will be shot dead by the National Guards in the grounds of Kent State University. On the other side of the Atlantic, it's a brilliant sunny morning after an April of heavy rain, and at the "Concept House" therapeutic community he has set up in the London suburb of Willesden, maverick psychiatrist Dr Zack Busner has been tricked into joining a decidedly ill advised LSD trip with several of its disturbed residents. Five years later, sitting in a nearby cinema watching Steven Spielberg's Jaws, Busner realizes the true nature of the events that transpired on that dread-soaked day, when a survivor of the worst disaster in the US Navy's history — the sinking of the USS Indianapolis — came face-to-face with the British Royal Air Force observer on the Enola Gay's mission to bomb Hiroshima.

Set a year before the action of his Booker-shortlisted Umbrella, Will Self's new novel Shark continues its exploration of the complex relationship between human psychopathology and human technological progress.

Автор: Self Will
Серия: Umbrella
Streets of Gold

Ignazio Silvio Di Palermo was born in an Italian neighborhood in New York’s East Harlem in 1926. He was born blind but was raised in a close, vivid, lusty world bounded by his grandfather’s love, his mother’s volatility, his huge array of relatives, weekly feasts, discovery of girls, the exhilaration of music and his great talent leading to a briefly idolized jazz career.

Автор: Hunter Evan
Street of Thieves

Recipient of three French literary awards, Mathias Énard's follow-up to the critically acclaimed Zone is a timely novel about a young Moroccan boy caught up in the turbulent events of the Middle East, and a possible murder.

Exiled from his family for religious transgressions related to his feelings for his cousin, Lekhdar finds himself on the streets of Barcelona hiding from both the police and the Muslim Group for the Propagation of Koranic Thoughts, a group he worked for in Tangiers not long after being thrown out on the streets by his father.

Lekhdar's transformations — from a boy into a man, from a devout Muslim into a sinner — take place against the backdrop of some of the most important events of the past few years: the violence and exciting eruption of the Arab Spring and the devastating collapse of Europe's economy.

If all that isn't enough, Lekhdar reunites with a childhood friend — one who is planning an assassination, a murder Lekhdar opposes.

A finalist for the prestigious Prix Goncourt, Street of Thieves solidifies Énard's place as one of France's most ambitious and keyed-in novelists of this century. This novel may even take Zone's place in Christophe Claro's bold pronouncement that Énard's earlier work is "the novel of the decade, if not of the century."

Mathias Énard studied Persian and Arabic and spent long periods in the Middle East. A professor of Arabic at the University of Barcelona, he received several awards for Zone—also available from Open Letter — including the Prix du Livre Inter and the Prix Décembre.

Charlotte Mandell has translated works from a number of important French authors, including Marcel Proust, Gustave Flaubert, Jean Genet, Guy de Maupassant, and Maurice Blanchot, among others.

Автор: Énard Mathias

The U.S. debut of leading U.K. author David Szalay, named one of The Daily Telegraph’s twenty best British novelists under forty.

James is a man with a checkered past — sporadic entrepreneur, one-time film producer, almost a dot-com millionaire — now alone in a flat in Bloomsbury, running a shady horse-racing-tips operation. Katherine is a manager at a luxury hotel, a job she’d intended to leave years ago, and is separated from her husband. The novel unfolds in 2006, at the end of the money-for-nothing years, as a chance meeting leads to an awkward tryst and James tries to make sense of a relationship where “no” means “maybe” and a “yes” can never be taken for granted.

David Szalay builds a novel of immense resonance as he cycles though perspectives that add layers of depth to the hesitations, missteps, and tensions as James tries to win Katherine. James’s other pursuit is money, and Spring follows his investments and schemes, from a half share in a thoroughbred to a suit-and-tie day job he’s taken to pay the bills. Spring is a sharply tuned novel so nuanced and precise in its psychology that it establishes Szalay as a major talent.

Автор: Szalay David
Street Sleeper

Renegade librarian Ishmael (aka Barry) takes to the open road in his customized VW Beetle in search of himself only to find that the M62 is a very poor substitute for Route 66. The sequel to this book, Geoff Nicholson's first novel, is called "Still Life with Volkwagons".

Автор: Nicholson Geoff
Still life with Volkswagens

Barry Osgathorpe, known in the seventies as Ishmael the Zen Road Warrior, has decided to hole up for the nineties. A person can't even drive his Volkswagen Beetle with a clear conscience any more, for fear of polluting the environment. Yet, powerful forces are converging that will get him on the road again. When Barry learns that Volkswagens are being blown up all over the country, that a gang of skinheads is cruising the streets in a fleet of customized Beetles, and that his ex-girlfriend's deranged, Volkswagen-obsessed father and her current VW-collecting boyfriend are missing, he knows it's time to put the pedal to the metal.

Автор: Nicholson Geoff
Season of the Rainbirds

From the author of Maps for Lost Lovers, which was long-listed for the Man Booker Prize, Aslam’s exquisite first novel, the powerful story of a secluded Pakistani village after the murder of its corrupt and prominent judge.

Judge Anwar’s murder sets the people of the village on edge. Their anxieties are compounded when a sack of letters, thought lost in a train crash nineteen years ago, suddenly reappears under mysterious circumstances. What secrets will these letters bring to light? Could the letters shed any light on Judge Anwar’s murder? As Aslam traces the murder investigation over the next eleven days, he explores the impact that these two events have on the town’s inhabitants — from Judge Anwar’s surviving family to the journalist reporting on the delivery of the mail packet. With masterful attention to detail and beautiful scenes that set the rhythms of daily life in Pakistan, Aslam creates a lush and timeless world — played out against an ominous backdrop of religious tensions, assassinations, changing regimes, and faraway civil wars.

Автор: Aslam Nadeem
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора

A boozing, sex-obsessed writer finds himself employed by the Catholic Church (an institution he loathes) to proofread a 1,100 page report on the army's massacre and torture of thousands of indigenous villagers a decade earlier, including the testimonies of the survivors. The writer's job is to tidy it up: he rants, "that was what my work was all about, cleaning up and giving a manicure to the Catholic hands that were piously getting ready to squeeze the balls of the military tiger." Mesmerized by the strange Vallejo-like poetry of the Indians' phrases ("the houses they were sad because no people were inside them"), the increasingly agitated and frightened writer is endangered twice over: by the spell the strangely beautiful heart-rending voices exert over his tenuous sanity, and by real danger — after all, the murderers are the very generals who still run this unnamed Latin American country.


Mark Renton has it all: he's good-looking, young, with a pretty girlfriend and a place at university. But there's no room for him in the 1980s. Thatcher's government is destroying working-class communities across Britain, and the post-war certainties of full employment, educational opportunity and a welfare state are gone. When his family starts to fracture, Mark's life swings out of control and he succumbs to the defeatism which has taken hold in Edinburgh's grimmer areas. The way out is heroin.

It's no better for his friends. Spud Murphy is paid off from his job, Tommy Lawrence feels himself being sucked into a life of petty crime and violence — the worlds of the thieving Matty Connell and psychotic Franco Begbie. Only Sick Boy, the supreme manipulator of the opposite sex, seems to ride the current, scamming and hustling his way through it all.

Skagboys charts their journey from likely lads to young men addicted to the heroin which has flooded their disintegrating community. This is the 1980s: a time of drugs, poverty, AIDS, violence, political strife and hatred — but a lot of laughs, and maybe just a little love; a decade which changed Britain for ever. The prequel to the world-renowned Trainspotting, this is an exhilarating and moving book, full of the scabrous humour, salty vernacular and appalling behaviour that has made Irvine Welsh a household name.

Автор: Welsh Irvine
Серия: Mark Renton
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Stars and bars

Sharply observed and brilliantly plotted, Stars and Bars is an uproarious portrait of culture clash deep in the heart of the American South, by one of contemporary literature’s most imaginative novelists.

A recent transfer to Manhattan has inspired art assessor Henderson Dores to shed his British reserve and aspire to the impulsive and breezy nature of Americans. But when Loomis Gage, an eccentric millionaire, invites him to appraise his small collection of Impressionist paintings, Dores's plans quite literally go south. Stranded at a remote mansion in the Georgia countryside, Dores is received by the bizarre Gage family with Anglophobic slurs, nausea-inducing food, ludicrous death threats, and a menacing face off with competing art dealers. By the time he manages to sneak back to New York City — sporting only a cardboard box — Henderson Dores realizes he is fast on the way to becoming a naturalized citizen.

Автор: Boyd William
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Small Holdings

Hilarious, poignant and frequently surreal, Small Holdings is a is a comedy of errors from a neglected corner of everyday life by the brilliantly unconventional Nicola Barker.

An attractive park in Palmers Green plays host to Phil, a chronically shy gardener who feels truly at home only with his plants. He and his gentle colleague Ray, a man with all the sense of a Savoy cabbage, are tortured by Doug, their imposing and unpredictable supervisor, and a malevolent one-legged ex-museum curator called Saleem. In love with the truck-obsessed Nancy, Phil strives nobly to maintain his equilibrium despite being systematically mystified, brutalised, drugged, derided and seduced. But when he loses his eyebrows, he decides to fight back.

Автор: Barker Nicola
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора

The great master of farce turns to an exclusive island retreat for a comedy of mislaid identities, unruly passions, and demented, delicious disorder

On the private Greek island of Skios, the high-paying guests of a world-renowned foundation prepare for the annual keynote address, to be given this year by Dr. Norman Wilfred, an eminent authority on the scientific organization of science. He turns out to be surprisingly youthful, handsome, and charming — quite unlike his reputation as dry and intimidating. Everyone is soon eating out of his hands. So, even sooner, is Nikki, the foundation's attractive and efficient organizer.

Meanwhile, in a remote villa at the other end of the island, Nikki's old friend Georgie has rashly agreed to spend a furtive horizontal weekend with a notorious schemer, who has characteristically failed to turn up. Trapped there with her instead is a pompous, balding individual called Dr. Norman Wilfred, who has lost his whereabouts, his luggage, his temper, and increasingly all sense of reality — indeed, everything he possesses other than the text of a well-traveled lecture on the scientific organization of science.

In a spiraling farce about upright academics, gilded captains of industry, ambitious climbers, and dotty philanthropists, Michael Frayn, the farceur "by whom all others must be measured" (CurtainUp), tells a story of personal and professional disintegration, probing his eternal theme of how we know what we know even as he delivers us to the outer limits of hilarity.

Автор: Frayn Michael
Sweet Dreams

"A man sits in his car at the traffic-lights, waiting for them to go green." This may sound like a calm opening to a novel, but readers can be absolutely assured that the minute this man's distracted foot hits the accelerator, they will be off on a voyage of such imagination, a trip of such tart hilarity, a solipsistic sojourn of such universality that they will not draw breath until the man, Howard Baker, returns, so to speak, to earth at journey's end.

Howard finds himself checking into a great metropolis at the nerve center of the universe, where anything is possible. He can do anything he likes, from expressing himself in any language — and being understood — to flying and changing his age at will. It is a city of vast enjoyment, but one which also presents a real moral and intellectual challenge, and offers deeply satisfying possibilities for self-development and self-realization. In short, it is a city which is highly adapted to the requirements of a modest, responsible, likable, educated man of liberal views and genuine social concern called Howard Baker. It is the best holiday he has ever had, and it may turn out to be just he kind of place the reader is looking for himself.

After all, who among us has not tried to order the universe in his mind, right up to and including our very own God? Thanks to Michael Frayn's immeasurable powers of imagination, Howard Baker gets a chance that will be a landmark in celestial satire.

Relax and let Frayn-Baker be your Virgil to a world wildly conceived yet devastatingly recognizable — splendid, human, silly, and sad, where everyone will laugh at your jokes and your dress is always perfect and yet man's shoelaces turn out to be tied together after all.

Автор: Frayn Michael

With unreliable memories and scraps of photographs as his only clues, Conor Lyons follows in the tracks of his father, a rootless photographer, as he moved from war-torn Spain, to the barren plains of Mexico, where he met and married Conor's mother, to the American West, and finally back to Ireland, where the marriage and the story reach their heartrending climax. As the narratives of Conor's quest and his parents' lives twine and untwine, Collum McCann creates a mesmerizing evocation of the gulf between memory and imagination, love and loss, past and present.

Автор: McCann Colum
So You've Been Publicly Shamed

For the past three years, Jon Ronson has traveled the world meeting recipients of high-profile public shamings. The shamed are people like us, people who, say, made a joke on social media that came out badly or made a mistake at work. Once the transgression is revealed, collective outrage circles with the force of a hurricane and the next thing they know, they're being torn apart by an angry mob, jeered at, demonized, sometimes even fired from their job.

A great renaissance of public shaming is sweeping our land. Justice has been democratized. The silent majority are getting a voice, but what are we doing with our voice? We are mercilessly finding people's faults. We are defining the boundaries of normality by ruining the lives of those outside it. We are using shame as a form of social control.

Simultaneously powerful and hilarious in the way only Jon Ronson can be, So You've Been Publicly Shamed is a deeply honest book about modern life, full of eye-opening truths about the escalating war on human flaws and the very scary part we all play in it.

Автор: Ronson Jon
Seven Veils of Seth

Isan, the novel s protagonist, is either Seth himself or a latter-day avatar. A desert-wandering seer and proponent of desert life, he settles for an extended stay in a fertile oasis. If Jack Frost, the personification of the arrival of winter, were to visit a tropical rain forest, the results might be similarly disastrous. Not surprisingly, since this is a novel by Ibrahim al-Koni, infanticide, uxoricide, serial adultery, betrayal, metamorphosis, murder by a proxy animal, ordinary murder, and a life-threatening chase through the desert all figure in the plot, although the novel is also an existential reflection on the purpose of human life.Ibrahim al-Koni typically layers allusions in his works as if he were an artist adding a suggestion of depth to a painting by applying extra washes. Tuareg folklore, Egyptian mythology, Russian literature, and medieval European thought elbow each other for room on the page. One might expect a novel called The Seven Veils of Seth to be a heavy-handed allegory. Instead, the reader is left wondering. The truth is elusive, a mirage pulsing at the horizon."

Автор: al-Koni Ibrahim
She Weeps Each Time You're Born

A luminous fiction debut: the tumultuous history of modern Vietnam as experienced by a young girl born under mysterious circumstances a few years before reunification — and with the otherworldly ability to hear the voices of the dead.

At the peak of the war in Vietnam, a baby girl is born on the night of the full moon along the Song Ma River. This is Rabbit, who will journey away from her destroyed village with a makeshift family thrown together by war. Here is a Vietnam we've never encountered before: through Rabbit's inexplicable but radiant intuition, we are privy to an intimate version of history, from the days of French Indochina and the World War II rubber plantations through the chaos of postwar reunification. With its use of magical realism — Rabbit's ability to "hear" the dead — the novel reconstructs a turbulent historical period through a painterly human lens. This is the moving story of one woman's struggle to unearth the true history of Vietnam while simultaneously carving out a place for herself within it.

Автор: Barry Quan
Something to Be Desired

A physical novel in which Lucien Taylor, a native son of Montana, embarks on a half-witted, half-unwilling journey into self-discovery.

Автор: McGuane Thomas
Saint Mazie

Meet Mazie Phillips: big-hearted and bawdy, she's the truth-telling proprietress of The Venice, the famed New York City movie theater. It's the Jazz Age, with romance and booze aplenty-even when Prohibition kicks in-and Mazie never turns down a night on the town. But her high spirits mask a childhood rooted in poverty, and her diary, always close at hand, holds her dearest secrets.

When the Great Depression hits, Mazie's life is on the brink of transformation. Addicts and bums roam the Bowery; homelessness is rampant. If Mazie won't help them, then who? When she opens the doors of The Venice to those in need, this ticket-taking, fun-time girl becomes the beating heart of the Lower East Side, and in defining one neighborhood helps define the city.

Then, more than ninety years after Mazie began her diary, it's discovered by a documentarian in search of a good story. Who was Mazie Phillips, really? A chorus of voices from the past and present fill in some of the mysterious blanks of her adventurous life.

Inspired by the life of a woman who was profiled in Joseph Mitchell's classic Up in the Old Hotel, Saint Mazie is infused with Jami Attenberg's signature wit, bravery, and heart. Mazie's rise to "sainthood"-and her irrepressible spirit-is unforgettable.

Автор: Attenberg Jami
Sarah Court

Sarah Court. Meet the resident.

The haunted father of a washed-up stuntman. A disgraced surgeon and his son, a broken-down boxer. A father set on permanent self-destruct, and his daughter, a reluctant powerlifter. A fireworks-maker and his daughter. A very peculiar boy and his equally peculiar adopted family.

Five houses. Five families. One block.

Ask yourself: How well do you know your neighbours? How well do you know your own family? Ultimately, how well do you know yourself? How deeply do the threads of your own life entwine with those around you? Do you ever really know how tightly those threads are knotted? Do you want to know?

I know, and can show you. Please, let me show you.

Welcome to Sarah Court: make yourself at home.

From Publishers Weekly

Davidson (The Fighter) delivers a dark, dense, and often funny collection of intertwined tales that are rewarding enough to overcome their flaws. The five families in the squirrel-infested homes on the titular street are made up of broken and dysfunctional characters. Patience shoplifts for a hobby; daredevil Colin has no sense of fear; hit man Jeffrey was raised in a foster home and might have Asperger's, synesthesia, or some entirely different neurological weirdness; Nick still rankles from the years his father forced him to try his hand at boxing; and Donald is trying to sell a strange box that he says contains a demon. Davidson delivers his story at a leisurely pace with only a hint of gonzo gore, aiming for readers who appreciate nonlinear narrative structure, flawed characters often unsure of their own motivations, and an evocative sense of place.

Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

From Booklist

Lives of the people who live in five houses in one block on Sarah Court, just north of Niagara Falls, intertwine in these five chapters of tightly packed prose. River man Wesley Hill, who picks up the “plungers,” can’t dissuade his daredevil son, Colin, from going over the falls. Patience Nanavatti, whose basement was blown up by Clara Russell’s pyromaniac foster child, finds a preemie in a Walmart toilet. Competitive neighbors Fletcher Burger and Frank Saberhagen pit their children, pending power-lifter Abby Burger and amateur boxer Nick Saberhagen, against each other athletically. And there’s much more, as Davidson loops back and forth, playing with chronology to finish stories. There is a strong emphasis on fatherhood here, with wives and mothers largely absent, and the masculine bent is particularly obvious in a stupid bet — a finger for a Cadillac — over a dog’s trick. Given that a handful of characters suffer significant brain damage, caused as often by intent as by accident, the introduction of a mysterious alien being seems superfluous. In Davidson’s vividly portrayed, testosterone-fueled world, humans cause enough pain all by themselves.

—Michele Leber

Автор: Davidson Craig
Signals of Distress

Winter 1836, and the "Belle of Wilmington" discharges its doomed crew on Wherrytown. Little daunted, the Captain and his sailors flirt, drink and brawl their way through the village, marooned along with Aymer Smith, a virgin and a blunderer in search of a wife. As vivid and alive as characters by Dickens, these men play out their dreams against a haunting, monumental landscape, bringing the New World back to the Old, with fresh discoveries, fresh hazards, fresh hopes.

'The passions and mores of the 1830s are flawlessly delineated in this masterly novel, imbued with the tang and power of the sea' "Independent".

Автор: Crace Jim

Set in the turbulent years before the 1952 revolution that would overthrow King Farouk and bring Gamal Abdel Nasser to power, Stealth by Sonallah Ibrahim, one of Egypt s most respected and uncompromising novelists is a gripping story seen through the eyes of an eleven-year-old boy. A young Egyptian s coming of age proves halting and uncertain as he fails to outgrow dependence on his aging father and tries to come to terms with the absence of his mother. Through the boy s memories, fantasies, and blunt observations, we experience his attempts at furtively spying on the world of Egyptian adults. His adventures portray a Cairo full of movie stars, royalty, revolutionaries, and ordinary people trying to survive in the decaying city."

Автор: Ibrahim Sonallah
Ship of Force

The summer of 1917.

Britain is losing the war against the deadly German U-boats.

After a close fought action, Commander David Smith uncovers what he believes is a deadly plot against Britain from a dying German sailor. Code-named SchwerttrZiger — or Swordbearer — it could turn the tide of the war in Germany's favour. But nobody will listen to him. He is under suspicion, and ignored. With just one one ancient destroyer, a turtle-back ‘thirty-knotter’ known as ‘Bloody Mary’, under his command, he must wage this battle on his own. Smith has to take on shore batteries and bigger, faster enemy destroyers. He has to fight the hostility of his commanding officer and is plunged into a world of espionage behind enemy lines. Through it all the mystery behind ‘Schwerttriiger’ lures him on — until he stakes his career and his life in a desperate attempt to solve it.

Ship of Force’ is an edge-of-the-seat WWI naval adventure that combines thrilling story-telling with meticulous research.

I think a 21 gun salute is required… Alan Evans has produced a cracking thriller

The Daily Mirror

Evans provides a different sea story, sustained suspense and vivid battle scenes

Publishers Weekly

Alan Evans was a thriller writer known for vividly recreating the atmosphere of the First World War.

Автор: Evans Alan
Secret Son

Raised by his mother in a one-room house in the slums of Casablanca, Youssef El Mekki has always had big dreams of living another life in another world. Suddenly his dreams are within reach when he discovers that his father — whom he’d been led to believe was dead — is very much alive. A wealthy businessman, he seems eager to give his son a new start. Youssef leaves his mother behind to live a life of luxury, until a reversal of fortune sends him back to the streets and his childhood friends. Trapped once again by his class and painfully aware of the limitations of his prospects, he becomes easy prey for a fringe Islamic group.

In the spirit of The Inheritance of Loss and The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Laila Lalami’s debut novel looks at the struggle for identity, the need for love and family, and the desperation that grips ordinary lives in a world divided by class, politics, and religion.

Автор: Lalami Laila
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора

Shira is Nobel laureate S.Y. Agnon’s final, epic novel. Unfinished at the time of his death in 1970, the Hebrew original was published a year later. With this newly revised English translation by Zeva Shapiro, including archival material never before published in English, The Toby Press launches its S.Y. Agnon Library — the fullest collection of Agnon’s works in new and revised translations. “Shira is S. Y. Agnon’s culminating effort to articulate through the comprehensive form of the novel his vision of the role of art in human reality…Enacted against the background of Jerusalem life in the gathering shadows of a historical cataclysm of inconceivable proportions, Shira is so brilliantly rendered that, even without an ending, it deserves a place among the major modern novels."

Автор: Agnon S Y
Saint Maybe

In 1965, the happy Bedloe family is living an ideal, apple-pie existence in Baltimore. Then, in the blink of an eye, a single tragic event occurs that will transform their lives forever-particularly that of 17-year-old Ian Bedloe, the youngest son, who blames himself for the sudden "accidental" death of his older brother.Depressed and depleted, Ian is almost crushed under the weight of an unbearable, secret guilt. Then one crisp January evening, he catches sight of a window with glowing yellow neon, the CHURCH OF THE SECOND CHANCE. He enters and soon discovers that forgiveness must be earned, through a bit of sacrifice and a lot of love…A New York Times Notable Book.

Автор: Tyler Anne
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Seven Women: An Erotic Private Investigation

"I've been sitting at the counter of this bar for almost an hour, now on my third drink, when I notice one of the women, in a group of women, saunter in and sit in a booth. There are five of them, all in their mid-twenties to early thirties. I don't want to seem too conspicuous. I try to verify my suspicion from the mirror at the bar. There are too many bottles in the way. I turn around and look. Yes, it's her — my ex-wife. She sees me looking, no expression on her face, quickly goes back to her four friends — smiling and laughing, as if I don't exist." Say you're a private eye and, using your skills and techniques, you probe and pry the intimate sensual details from a group of women. Each woman has her own sordid, enticing, and kinky past — including your ex-wife, who has some doozies to tell!

Get the scoop, gumshoe, and don't let it show — you're a tough guy, and tough guys don't cry!

Автор: Hemmingson Michael
Some Things That Meant the World to Me

“A startling debut. Joshua Mohr takes us to a different city, but a city we know, populated by the dark side of ourselves.”—Stephen Elliott

Enter Damascus, the womb-like bar in San Francisco’s Mission District, and you’ll find Rhonda, a thirty-year-old man suffering from depersonalization — a disorder allowing him to reconfigure his reality to tolerate trauma. When Rhonda was young he imagined the rooms of his house drifting apart like separating continents as he raced to avoid his mother’s abusive boyfriend while trying to make sense of her extended disappearances.

The next stool over is Vern, a diaper-clad Vet nursing warm beers, who wishes for nothing more than the opportunity to re-break Rhonda’s arm.

Beside Vern, Old Lady Rhonda, a neglected housewife who excels at Wheel of Fortune.

Some Things That Meant the World to Me is the gritty tale of a band of outcasts struggling to make sense of their broken pasts in this subtly affecting, achingly poignant, and mature debut novel.

I’d like to brag about the night I saved a hooker’s life. Like to tell you how quiet everything else in the world was while I helped her. This was in San Francisco. Late 2007. I’d been drinking in Damascus, my favorite dive bar, which was painted entirely black — floor, walls, and ceiling. Being surrounded by all that darkness had this slowing effect on time, like a shunned astronaut meandering in space.

Joshua Mohr has been published in Other Voices, The Cimarron Review, Pleiades, and Gulf Coast, among others.

Автор: Mohr Joshua
Sleeping On Jupiter

A train stops at a railway station. A young woman jumps off. She has wild hair, sloppy clothes, a distracted air. She looks Indian, yet she is somehow not. The sudden violence of what happens next leaves the other passengers gasping.The train terminates at Jarmuli, a temple town by the sea. Here, among pilgrims, priests and ashrams, three old women disembark only to encounter the girl once again. What is someone like her doing in this remote corner, which attracts only worshippers? Over the next five days, the old women live out their long-planned dream of a holiday together; their temple guide finds ecstasy in forbidden love; and the girl is joined by a photographer battling his own demons. The fullforce of the evil and violence beneath the serene surface of the town becomes evident when their lives overlap and collide. Unexpected connections are revealed between devotion and violence, friendship and fear as Jarmuli is revealed as a place with a long, dark past that transforms all who encounter it. This is a stark and unflinching novel by a spellbinding storyteller, about religion, love, and violence in the modern world.

Автор: Roy Anuradha

First acclaimed as a story-length memoir, then expanded into a novel, Sylvia draws us into the lives of a young couple whose struggle to survive Manhattan in the early 1960s involves them in sexual fantasias, paranoia, drugs, and the extreme intimacy of self-destructive violence.

Reproducing a time and place with extraordinary clarity, Leonard Michaels explores with self-wounding honesty the excruciating particulars of a youthful marriage headed for disaster.

Автор: Michaels Leonard
Secrets & Surprises

These fifteen stories by Ann Beattie garnered universal critical acclaim on their first publication, earning Beattie the reputation as the most celebrated new voice in American fiction. Today these stories — "A Vintage Thunderbird;" "The Lawn Party, " " La Petite Danseuse de Quatorze Ans," to name a few — seem even more powerful, and are read and studied as classics of the short-story form. Spare and elegant, yet charged with feeling and with the tension of things their characters cannot say, they are masterly portraits of improvised lives.

Автор: Beattie Ann
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Secondhand Souls

In San Francisco, the souls of the dead are mysteriously disappearing — and you know that can't be good — in New York Times bestselling author Christopher Moore's delightfully funny sequel to A Dirty Job.

Something really strange is happening in the City by the Bay. People are dying, but their souls are not being collected. Someone — or something — is stealing them and no one knows where they are going, or why, but it has something to do with that big orange bridge. Death Merchant Charlie Asher is just as flummoxed as everyone else. He's trapped in the body of a fourteen-inch-tall "meat" waiting for his Buddhist nun girlfriend, Audrey, to find him a suitable new body to play host.

To get to the bottom of this abomination, a motley crew of heroes will band together: the seven-foot-tall death merchant Minty Fresh; retired policeman turned bookseller Alphonse Rivera; the Emperor of San Francisco and his dogs, Bummer and Lazarus; and Lily, the former Goth girl. Now if only they can get little Sophie to stop babbling about the coming battle for the very soul of humankind…

Автор: Moore Christopher
Серия: Grim Reaper
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора

When Speedboat burst on the scene in the late ’70s it was like nothing readers had encountered before. It seemed to disregard the rules of the novel, but it wore its unconventionality with ease. Reading it was a pleasure of a new, unexpected kind. Above all, there was its voice, ambivalent, curious, wry, the voice of Jen Fain, a journalist negotiating the fraught landscape of contemporary urban America. Party guests, taxi drivers, brownstone dwellers, professors, journalists, presidents, and debutantes fill these dispatches from the world as Jen finds it.

A touchstone over the years for writers as different as David Foster Wallace and Elizabeth Hardwick, Speedboat returns to enthrall a new generation of readers.

Автор: Adler Renata
Stone Arabia

Stone Arabia, Dana Spiotta’s moving and intrepid third novel, is about family, obsession, memory, and the urge to create — in isolation, at the margins of our winner-take-all culture.

In the sibling relationship, “there are no first impressions, no seductions, no getting to know each other,” says Denise Kranis. For her and her brother, Nik, now in their forties, no relationship is more significant. They grew up in Los Angeles in the late seventies and early eighties. Nik was always the artist, always wrote music, always had a band. Now he makes his art in private, obsessively documenting the work, but never testing it in the world. Denise remains Nik’s most passionate and acute audience, sometimes his only audience. She is also her family’s first defense against the world’s fragility. Friends die, their mother’s memory and mind unravel, and the news of global catastrophe and individual tragedy haunts Denise. When her daughter, Ada, decides to make a film about Nik, everyone’s vulnerabilities seem to escalate.

Dana Spiotta has established herself as a “singularly powerful and provocative writer” (The Boston Globe) whose work is fiercely original. Stone Arabia — riveting, unnerving, and strangely beautiful — reexamines what it means to be an artist and redefines the ties that bind.

Автор: Spiotta Dana
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора

Sphinx is the remarkable debut novel, originally published in 1986, by the incredibly talented and inventive French author Anne Garréta, one of the few female members of Oulipo, the influential and exclusive French experimental literary group whose mission is to create literature based on mathematical and linguistic restraints, and whose ranks include Georges Perec and Italo Calvino, among others.

A beautiful and complex love story between two characters, the narrator, "I," and their lover, A***, written without using any gender markers to refer to the main characters, Sphinx is a remarkable linguistic feat and paragon of experimental literature that has never been accomplished before or since in the strictly-gendered French language.

Anne Garréta (b. 1962) is a lecturer at the University of Rennes II and research professor of literature and Romance studies at Duke University. She joined the Oulipo in 2000, becoming the first member to join born after the Oulipo was founded. Garréta won France's prestigious Prix Médicis in 2002, awarded each year to an author whose "fame does not yet match their talent," for her novel Pas un jour.

Emma Ramadan is a graduate of Brown University and received her master's in literary translation from the American University of Paris. Her translation of Anne Parian's Monospace is forthcoming from La Presse. She is currently on a Fulbright Fellowship for literary translation in Morocco.

Автор: Garreta Anne
Screwtop Thompson

All of Magnus Mills' darkly comic and hugely entertaining stories are here collected in one book for the first time.

Автор: Mills Magnus

With an imaginative audacity and lyrical brilliance that puts him in the company of David Mitchell and Alexander Hemon, Rana Dasgupta paints a portrait of a century through the story of a hundred-year-old blind Bulgarian man in a first novel that announces the arrival of an exhilarating new voice in fiction.

In the first movement of Solo we meet Ulrich, the son of a railroad engineer, who has two great passions — the violin and chemistry. Denied the first by his father, he leaves for the Berlin of Einstein and Fritz Haber to study the latter. His studies are cut short when his father's fortune evaporates, and he must return to Sofia to look after his parents. He never leaves Bulgaria again. Except in his daydreams; and it is those dreams we enter in the volatile second half of the book. In a radical leap from past to present, from life lived to life imagined, Dasgupta follows Ulrich's fantasy children, born of communism but making their way into a post-communist world of celebrity and violence.

Intertwining science and heartbreak, the old world and the new, the real and imagined, Solo is a virtuoso work.

Автор: Dasgupta Rana
Sign Languages

A collection of fictional short stories mainly set in East Texas. Hannah's protagonists tend to be males, lonely due to some form of exile struggling to find some connection to others.

Автор: Hannah James
Salt and Saffron

A beautiful novel detailing the life and loves of a Pakistani girl living in the U.S.

Aliya may not have inherited her family's patrician looks, but she is as much a prey to the legends of her family that stretch back to the days of Timur Lang. Aristocratic and eccentric-the clan has plenty of stories to tell, and secrets to hide.

Like salt and saffron, which both flavor food but in slightly different ways, it is the small, subtle differences that cause the most trouble in Aliya's family. The family problems and scandals caused by these minute differences echo the history of the sub-continent and the story of Partition.

A superb storyteller, Kamila Shamsie writes with warmth and gusto. Through the many anecdotes about Pakistani family life, she hints at the larger tale of a divided nation. Spanning the subcontinent from the Muslim invasions to the Partition, this is a magical novel about the shapes stories can take- turning into myths, appearing in history books and entering into our lives.

Автор: Shamsie Kamila
Stone Mattress: Nine Tales

A recently widowed fantasy writer is guided through a stormy winter evening by the voice of her late husband. An elderly lady with Charles Bonnet’s syndrome comes to terms with the little people she keeps seeing, while a newly-formed populist group gathers to burn down her retirement residence. A woman born with a genetic abnormality is mistaken for a vampire. And a crime committed long-ago is revenged in the Arctic via a 1.9 billion year old stromatalite.

In these nine tales, Margaret Atwood ventures into the shadowland earlier explored by fabulists and concoctors of dark yarns such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Daphne du Maurier and Arthur Conan Doyle — and also by herself, in her award-winning novel Alias Grace. In Stone Mattress, Margaret Atwood is at the top of her darkly humorous and seriously playful game.

Автор: Atwood Margaret
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Saul and Patsy

Five Oaks, Michigan is not exactly where Saul and Patsy meant to end up. Both from the East Coast, they met in college, fell in love, and settled down to married life in the Midwest. Saul is Jewish and a compulsively inventive worrier; Patsy is gentile and cheerfully pragmatic. On Saul s initiative (and to his continual dismay) they have moved to this small town a place so devoid of irony as to be virtually a museum of earlier American feelings where he has taken a job teaching high school.

Soon this brainy and guiltily happy couple will find children have become a part of their lives, first their own baby daughter and then an unloved, unlovable boy named Gordy Himmelman. It is Gordy who will throw Saul and Patsy s lives into disarray with an inscrutable act of violence. As timely as a news flash yet informed by an immemorial understanding of human character, Saul and Patsy is a genuine miracle."

Автор: Baxter Charles
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Special Topics in Calamity Physics

Marisha Pessl’s dazzling debut sparked raves from critics and heralded the arrival of a vibrant new voice in American fiction. At the center of Special Topics in Calamity Physics is clever, deadpan Blue van Meer, who has a head full of literary, philosophical, scientific, and cinematic knowledge, but she could use some friends. Upon entering the elite St. Gallway School, she finds some-a clique of eccentrics known as the Bluebloods. One drowning and one hanging later, Blue finds herself puzzling out a byzantine murder mystery. Nabokov meets Donna Tartt (then invites the rest of the Western Canon to the party) in this novel-with visual aids drawn by the author-that has won over readers of all ages.

Автор: Pessl Marisha
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Soulcatcher: And other stories

Twelve stories about the African experience of slavery in America, by the National Book Award-winning novelist.

Nothing has had as profound an effect on American life as slavery. For blacks and whites alike, the experience has left us with a conflicted and contradictory history. Now, famed novelist Charles Johnson, whose Middle Passage won the National Book Award, presents a dozen tales of the effects and experience of slavery, each based on historical fact, and each about those Africans who arrived on our shores in shackles. From Martha Washington's management of her slaves, bequeathed to her at the death of the first president, to a boy chained in the bowels of a ship plying the infamous passage from Africa to the South laden with human cargo, from a lynching in Indiana to a hunter of escaped slaves searching the Boston market for his quarry, from an early Quaker meeting exploring resettlement in Africa to the day after Emancipation-the voices, terrors, and savagery of slavery come vividly and unforgettably to life.

These stories, told by a master storyteller, transcend history even as they present it, and retell the mythic proportions of a historical period with astounding realism and beauty, power, and emotion.

Автор: Johnson Charles
Sleet: Selected Stories

Stig Dagerman (1923–1954) is regarded as the most talented young writer of the Swedish post-war generation. By the 1940s, his fiction, plays, and journalism had catapulted him to the forefront of Swedish letters, with critics comparing him to William Faulkner, Franz Kafka, and Albert Camus. His suicide at the age of thirty-one was a national tragedy. This selection, containing a number of new translations of Dagerman's stories never before published in English, is unified by the theme of the loss of innocence. Often narrated from a child's perspective, the stories give voice to childhood's tender state of receptiveness and joy tinged with longing and loneliness.

Автор: Dagerman Stig

Kelly scavenges for scrap metal from the hundred thousand abandoned buildings in a part of Detroit known as “the zone,” an increasingly wild landscape where one day he finds something far more valuable than the copper he’s come to steal: a kidnapped boy, crying out for rescue. Briefly celebrated as a hero, Kelly secretly takes on the responsibility of avenging the boy’s unsolved kidnapping, a task that will take him deeper into the zone and into a confrontation with his own past, his long-buried trauma, memories made dangerous again.

Scrapper is a devastating reimagining of one of America’s greatest cities, its beautiful architecture, Its lost houses and its shuttered factories, its boxing gyms and storefront churches, anywhere hope lingers. With precise and powerful prose, it asks: What transgressions would we allow if we believed they would ensure the safety of the people we loved? What do we owe for our crimes, even those committed to protect our charges from harm?

Автор: Bell Matt
Sinai Tapestry

Sinai Tapestry, the brilliant first novel of the Jerusalem Quartet,is an epic alternate history of the Middle East in which the discovery of the original Bible links a disparate group of remarkable people across time and space.

In 1840, Plantagenet Strongbow, the twenty-ninth Duke of Dorset, seven-feet-seven-inches tall and the greatest swordsman and botanist of Victorian England, walks away from the family estate and disappears into the Sinai Desert carrying only a large magnifying glass and a portable sundial. He emerges forty years later as an Arab holy man and anthropologist, now the author of a massive study of Levantine sex — and the secret owner of the Ottoman Empire.

Meanwhile, Skanderbeg Wallenstein has discovered the original Bible, lost on a dusty bookshelf in the monastery library. To his amazement, it defies every truth held by the three major religions. Nearly a century later, Haj Harun, an antiquities dealer who has acted as guardian of the Holy City for three thousand years, uncovers the hidden Bible.

Sinai Tapestry is the first volume of the Jerusalem Quartet, which continues with Jerusalem Poker, Nile Shadows,and Jericho Mosaic.

Автор: Whittemore Edward
Серия: The Jerusalem Quartet

It is Florence, 1691. The Renaissance is long gone, and the city is a dark, repressive place, where everything is forbidden and anything is possible. The Enlightenment may be just around the corner, but knowledge is still the property of the few, and they guard it fiercely. Art, sex and power — these, as always, are the obsessions.

Facing serious criminal charges, Gaetano Zummo is forced to flee his native Siracusa at the age of twenty, first to Palermo, then Naples, but always has the feeling that he is being pursued by his past, and that he will never be free of it. Zummo works an artist in wax. He is fascinated by the plague, and makes small wooden cabinets in which he places graphic, tortured models of the dead and dying. But Cosimo III, Tuscany's penultimate Medici ruler, gives Zummo his most challenging commission yet, and as he tackles it his path entwines with that of the apothecary's daughter Faustina, whose secret is even more explosive than his.

Poignant but paranoid, sensual yet chilling, Secrecy is a novel that buzzes with intrigue and ideas. It is a love story, a murder mystery, a portrait of a famous city in an age of austerity, an exercise in concealment and revelation, but above all it is a trapdoor narrative, one story dropping unexpectedly into another, the ground always slippery, uncertain…

Автор: Thomson Rupert
Sweet Caress

Born into Edwardian England, Amory Clay’s first memory is of her father standing on his head. She has memories of him returning on leave during the First World War. But his absences, both actual and emotional, are what she chiefly remembers. It is her photographer uncle Greville who supplies the emotional bond she needs, who, when he gives her a camera and some rudimentary lessons in photography, unleashes a passion that will irrevocably shape her future. A spell at boarding school ends abruptly and Amory begins an apprenticeship with Greville in London, photographing socialites for the magazine Beau Monde. But Amory is hungry for more and her search for life, love and artistic expression will take her to the demi monde of Berlin of the late ’20s, to New York of the ’30s, to the blackshirt riots in London, and to France in the Second World War, where she becomes one of the first women war photographers. Her desire for experience will lead Amory to further wars, to lovers, husbands and children as she continues to pursue her dreams and battle her demons.

In this enthralling story of a life fully lived, illustrated with “found” period photographs, William Boyd has created a sweeping panorama of some of the most defining moments of modern history, told through the camera lens of one unforgettable woman, Amory Clay. It is his greatest achievement to date.

Автор: Boyd William
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора

In a near-future France, François, a middle-aged academic, is watching his life slowly dwindle to nothing. His sex drive is diminished, his parents are dead, and his lifelong obsession — the ideas and works of the nineteenth-century novelist Joris-Karl Huysmans — has led him nowhere. In a late-capitalist society where consumerism has become the new religion, François is spiritually barren, but seeking to fill the vacuum of his existence.

And he is not alone. As the 2022 Presidential election approaches, two candidates emerge as favourites: Marine Le Pen of the Front National, and Muhammed Ben Abbes of the nascent Muslim Fraternity. Forming a controversial alliance with the mainstream parties, Ben Abbes sweeps to power, and overnight the country is transformed. Islamic law comes into force: women are veiled, polygamy is encouraged and, for François, life is set on a new course.

Submission is both a devastating satire and a profound meditation on isolation, faith and love. It is a startling new work by one of the most provocative and prescient novelists of today.

Автор: Houellebecq Michel
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Swimming Home

Swimming Home is a subversive page-turner, a merciless gaze at the insidious harm that depression can have on apparently stable, well-turned-out people. Set in a summer villa, the story is tautly structured, taking place over a single week in which a group of beautiful, flawed tourists in the French Riviera come loose at the seams. Deborah Levy's writing combines linguistic virtuosity, technical brilliance and a strong sense of what it means to be alive. Swimming Home represents a new direction for a major writer. In this book, the wildness and the danger are all the more powerful for resting just beneath the surface. With its deep psychology, biting humour and deceptively light surface, it wears its darkness lightly.

Автор: Levy Deborah
Selected Cronicas

"Clarice Lispector was a born writer….she writes with sensuous verve, bringing her earliest passions into adult life intact, along with a child's undiminished capacity for wonder." — The New York Times Book Review

"In 1967, Brazil's leading newspaper asked the avant-garde writer Lispector to write a weekly column on any topic she wished. For almost seven years, Lispector showed Brazilian readers just how vast and passionate her interests were. This beautifully translated collection of selected columns, or crônicas, is just as immediately stimulating today and ably reinforces her reputation as one of Brazil's greatest writers. Indeed, these columns should establish her as being among the era's most brilliant essayists. She is masterful, even reminiscent of Montaigne, in her ability to spin the mundane events of life into moments of clarity that reveal greater truths." — Publishers Weekly

Автор: Lispector Clarice

“Michael Bible may have hit what a lot of us were trying, a singular new voice for CEOs to slackers. He’s so open, so easy, so fluid, you’ll smile with joy turning every page.”—Barry Hannah

If Nicholson Baker shaved his beard and moved south of the Mason-Dixon line, he’d look and sound a lot like Michael Bible. Uproariously funny, unabashedly sexy, and with a nuanced sincerity that won’t sneak up on you till the end, Michael Bible’s novel is not only much-anticipated, but highly rewarding.

Автор: Bible Michael
Sworn Virgin

Elvira Dones tackles cultural and gender disorientation and identity while seamlessly expanding upon immigrant and emigrant status and the multiple levels of transition. Mark's decision to shake off her oath after fourteen years and to re-appropriate what is left of Hana's body and mind by moving to the United States creates a powerful rupture. The transition to a new life as a woman striving to shed the burden of her virginity is fraught with challenges, and the first-generation assimilated cousins with whom Hana tentatively undertakes her new life make her task no easier.

Sworn Virgin is the first novel Elvira Dones wrote in Italian. She adds her voice to the burgeoning new generation of "blended" Italians, who deliberately adopt a "dirty" immigrant/exile approach to their language.

According to Albanian tradition, if there are no male heirs, a woman can "choose" to become a man — and enjoy the associated freedoms — as long as she swears herself to virginity for life.

Clever young Hana is ushered home by her uncle's impending death. Forced to abandon her studies in Tirana, she takes an oath and assumes the persona of Mark, a hardened mountain peasant — her only choice if she wants to be saved from an arranged marriage.

Автор: Dones Elvira
Sweet Nothing

In these gripping and intense stories, Richard Lange returns to the form that first landed him on the literary map.

These are edge-of-your-seat tales: A prison guard must protect an inmate being tried for heinous crimes. A father and son set out to rescue a young couple trapped during a wildfire. An ex-con trying to make good as a security guard stumbles onto a burglary plot. A young father must submit to blackmail to protect the fragile life he's built.

Sweet Nothing is an unforgettable collection that shows once again why T.C. Boyle wrote, "Richard Lange's stories combine the truth-telling and immediacy of Raymond Carver with the casual hip of Denis Johnson. There is a potent artistic sensibility at work here."

Автор: Lange Richard
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
See You Tomorrow

Pal has a shameful secret that has dragged him into huge debt, and he is desperate that his teenage daughters and ex-wife don't find out. Sixteen-year-old Sandra also has a secret. She's in love with the delinquent Daniel William, a love so strong and pure that nothing can get in its way. Cecilie has the biggest secret of them all, a baby growing inside her. But she's trapped in her small-time, criminal existence, and dreams of an escape from it all. Over three fateful September days, these lives cross in a whirlwind of brutality, laughter, tragedy, and love that will change them forever. A fast-paced, moving, and darkly funny page-turner. "A dense literary novel that moves like a thriller. . Renberg gives us a novel, rooted in noir softened by comedy, that gets to the serious business of how our shortcomings are all linked."-Kirkus Reviews.

Автор: Renberg Tore
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по требованию правообладателя

For twelve generations, when the fish were plentiful and when they all-but disappeared, the inhabitants of this remote island in Newfoundland have lived and died together. Now, in the second decade of the 21st century, they are facing resettlement, and each has been offered a generous compensation package to leave. But the money is offered with a proviso: everyone has to go; the government won't be responsible for one crazy coot who chooses to stay alone on an island.

That coot is Moses Sweetland. Motivated in part by a sense of history and belonging, haunted by memories of the short and lonely time he spent away from his home as a younger man, and concerned that his somewhat eccentric great-nephew will wilt on the mainland, Moses refuses to leave. But in the face of determined, sometimes violent, opposition from his family and his friends, Sweetland is eventually swayed to sign on to the government's plan. Then a tragic accident prompts him to fake his own death and stay on the deserted island. As he manages a desperately diminishing food supply, and battles against the ravages of weather, Sweetland finds himself in the company of the vibrant ghosts of the former islanders, whose porch lights still seem to turn on at night.

Автор: Crummey Michael
Sons of Fortune

It is Hartford, Connecticut, in the late 1940’s, and a set of twins is separated at birth by a desperate nurse. Nat Cartwright goes home with his parents, a schoolteacher and an insurance salesman. But his twin brother is to begin his days as Fletcher Andrew Davenport, son of a wealthy CEO and his society wife.

During the years that follow, the two brothers grow up unaware of each other’s existence. Nat leaves college at the University of Connecticut to serve in Vietnam. Returning a war hero, he finishes school and goes on to become a successful bank executive. Fletcher, meanwhile, has graduated from Yale University and distinguishes himself as a criminal defence lawyer before he is elected a senator. As their lives unfold, both men are confronted with tragedy and betrayal, loss and hardship, all the time overcoming life’s obstacles to become the men they are destined to be.

In the tradition of Jeffrey Archer’s most popular books, SONS OF FORTUNE is as much a chronicle of a nation in transition as it is the story of the making of these two men — and how, eventually, they come to find each other...

Автор: Archer Jeffrey
Shoplifting From American Apparel

Set mostly in Manhattan — although also featuring Atlantic City, Brooklyn, GMail Chat, and Gainsville, Florida — this autobiographical novella, spanning two years in the life of a young writer with a cultish following, has been described by the author as “A shoplifting book about vague relationships,” “2 parts shoplifting arrest, 5 parts vague relationship issues,” and “An ultimately life-affirming book about how the unidirectional nature of time renders everything beautiful and sad.”

From VIP rooms in hip New York City clubs to central booking in Chinatown, from New York University’s Bobst Library to a bus in someone’s backyard in a college-town in Florida, from Bret Easton Ellis to Lorrie Moore, and from Moby to Ghost Mice, it explores class, culture, and the arts in all their American forms through the funny, journalistic, and existentially-minded narrative of someone trying to both “not be a bad person” and “find some kind of happiness or something,” while he is driven by his failures and successes at managing his art, morals, finances, relationships, loneliness, confusion, boredom, future, and depression.

Автор: Lin Tao

Attending summer camp as a boy, Erik Schroder — a first generation East German immigrant — adopts the name of Eric Kennedy, a decision that will set him on an improbable and transformative journey, SCHRODER relates the story of how years later, Erik finds himself on an urgent escape to Lake Champlain, Vermont with his daughter, hiding from authorities amidst a heated custody battle with estranged wife, Laura, who is unaware of his previous identity. From a correctional facility, Erik surveys the course of his life: his love for Laura, his childhood, his experience as a father. In this way, this sweeping and deftly-imagined novel is an exploration of the identities we take on in our lives-those we are born with, and those we construct for ourselves.

Автор: Gaige Amity

In 1978, gifted student and writer Greg Roberts turned to heroin when his marriage collapsed, feeding his addiction with a string of robberies. Caught and convicted, he was given a nineteen-year sentence. After two years, he escaped from a maximum- security prison, spending the next ten years on the run as Australia's most wanted man. Hiding in Bombay, he established a medical clinic for slum- dwellers, worked in the Bollywood film industry and served time in the notorious Arthur Road prison. He was recruited by one of the most charismatic branches of the Bombay mafia for whom he worked as a forger, counterfeiter, and smuggler, and fought alongside a unit of mujaheddin guerrilla fighters in Afghanistan. His debut novel, SHANTARAM, is based on this ten-year period of his life in Bombay. The result is an epic tale of slums and five-star hotels, romantic love and prison torture, mafia gang wars and Bollywood films. A gripping adventure story, SHANTARAM is also a superbly written meditation on good and evil and an authentic evocation of Bombay life.

Автор: Roberts Gregory David
Southern Cross the Dog

An epic odyssey in which a young man must choose between the lure of the future and the claims of the past.

With clouds looming ominously on the horizon, a group of children play among the roots of the gnarled Bone Tree. Their games will be interrupted by a merciless storm — bringing with it the Great Flood of 1927–but not before Robert Chatham shares his first kiss with the beautiful young Dora. The flood destroys their homes, disperses their families, and wrecks their innocence. But for Robert, a boy whose family has already survived unspeakable pain, that single kiss will sustain him for years to come.

Losing virtually everything in the storm's aftermath, Robert embarks on a journey through the Mississippi hinterland — from a desperate refugee camp to the fiery brothel Hotel Beau-Miel and into the state's fearsome swamp, meeting piano-playing hustlers, well-intentioned whores, and a family of fierce and wild fur trappers along the way. But trouble follows close on his heels, fueling Robert's conviction that he's marked by the devil and nearly destroying his will to survive. And just when he seems to shake off his demons, he's forced to make an impossible choice that will test him as never before.

Teeming with language that voices both the savage beauty and the complex humanity of the American South, Southern Cross the Dog is a tour de force of literary imagination that heralds the arrival of a major new voice in fiction.

Автор: Cheng Bill
Sudden Death

A daring, kaleidoscopic novel about the clash of empires and ideas in the sixteenth century that continue to reverberate throughout modernity — a story unlike anything you’ve ever read before.

Sudden Death begins with a brutal tennis match that could decide the fate of the world. The bawdy Italian painter Caravaggio and the loutish Spanish poet Quevedo battle it out before a crowd that includes Galileo, Mary Magdalene, and a generation of popes who would throw Europe into the flames. In England, Thomas Cromwell and Henry VIII behead Anne Boleyn, and her crafty executioner transforms her legendary locks into the most sought-after tennis balls of the time. Across the ocean in Mexico, the last Aztec emperors play their own games, as conquistador Hernán Cortés and his Mayan translator and lover, La Malinche, scheme and conquer, fight and f**k, not knowing that their domestic comedy will change the world. And in a remote Mexican colony a bishop reads Thomas More’s Utopia and thinks that instead of a parody, it’s a manual.

In this mind-bending, prismatic novel, worlds collide, time coils, traditions break down. There are assassinations and executions, hallucinogenic mushrooms, utopias, carnal liaisons and papal dramas, artistic and religious revolutions, love stories and war stories. A dazzlingly original voice and a postmodern visionary, Álvaro Enrigue tells a grand adventure of the dawn of the modern era in this short, powerful punch of a novel. Game, set, match.

Автор: Enrigue Álvaro
Shylock Is My Name

Man Booker Prize-winner Howard Jacobson brings his singular brilliance to this modern re-imagining of one of Shakespeare’s most unforgettable characters: Shylock.

Winter, a cemetery, Shylock. In this provocative and profound interpretation of “The Merchant of Venice,” Shylock is juxtaposed against his present-day counterpart in the character of art dealer and conflicted father Simon Strulovitch. With characteristic irony, Jacobson presents Shylock as a man of incisive wit and passion, concerned still with questions of identity, parenthood, anti-Semitism and revenge. While Strulovich struggles to reconcile himself to his daughter Beatrice's “betrayal” of her family and heritage — as she is carried away by the excitement of Manchester high society, and into the arms of a footballer notorious for giving a Nazi salute on the field — Shylock alternates grief for his beloved wife with rage against his own daughter's rejection of her Jewish upbringing. Culminating in a shocking twist on Shylock’s demand for the infamous pound of flesh, Jacobson’s insightful retelling examines contemporary, acutely relevant questions of Jewish identity while maintaining a poignant sympathy for its characters and a genuine spiritual kinship with its antecedent — a drama which Jacobson himself considers to be “the most troubling of Shakespeare’s plays for anyone, but, for an English novelist who happens to be Jewish, also the most challenging.”

Автор: Jacobson Howard
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Sanaaq: An Inuit Novel

Sanaaq is an intimate story of an Inuit family negotiating the changes brought into their community by the coming of the qallunaat, the white people, in the mid-nineteenth century. Composed in 48 episodes, it recounts the daily life of Sanaaq, a strong and outspoken young widow, her daughter Qumaq, and their small semi-nomadic community in northern Quebec. Here they live their lives hunting seal, repairing their kayak, and gathering mussels under blue sea ice before the tide comes in. These are ordinary extraordinary lives: marriages are made and unmade, children are born and named, violence appears in the form of a fearful husband or a hungry polar bear. Here the spirit world is alive and relations with non-humans are never taken lightly. And under it all, the growing intrusion of the qallunaat and the battle for souls between the Catholic and Anglican missionaries threatens to forever change the way of life of Sanaaq and her young family.

Автор: Nappaaluk Mitiarjuk
Snow in May: Stories

Kseniya Melnik's Snow in May introduces a cast of characters bound by their relationship to the port town of Magadan in Russia's Far East, a former gateway for prisoners assigned to Stalin’s forced-labor camps. Comprised of a surprising mix of newly minted professionals, ex-prisoners, intellectuals, musicians, and faithful Party workers, the community is vibrant and resilient and life in Magadan thrives even under the cover of near-perpetual snow. By blending history and fable, each of Melnik's stories transports us somewhere completely new: a married Magadan woman considers a proposition from an Italian footballer in '70s Moscow; an ailing young girl visits a witch doctor’s house where nothing is as it seems; a middle-aged dance teacher is entranced by a new student’s raw talent; a former Soviet boss tells his granddaughter the story of a thorny friendship; and a woman in 1958 jumps into a marriage with an army officer far too soon.

Weaving in and out of the last half of the twentieth century, Snow in May is an inventive, gorgeously rendered, and touching portrait of lives lived on the periphery where, despite their isolation — and perhaps because of it — the most seemingly insignificant moments can be beautiful, haunting, and effervescent.

Автор: Melnik Kseniya
Spill Simmer Falter Wither

You find me on a Tuesday, on my Tuesday trip to town. A note sellotaped to the inside of the jumble-shop window: COMPASSIONATE & TOLERANT OWNER. A PERSON WITHOUT OTHER PETS & WITHOUT CHILDREN UNDER FOUR.

A misfit man finds a misfit dog. Ray, aged fifty-seven, ‘too old for starting over, too young for giving up’, and One Eye, a vicious little bugger, smaller than expected, a good ratter. Both are accustomed to being alone, unloved, outcast — but they quickly find in each other a strange companionship of sorts. As spring turns to summer, their relationship grows and intensifies, until a savage act forces them to abandon the precarious life they’d established, and take to the road.

Spill Simmer Falter Wither is a wholly different kind of love story: a devastating portrait of loneliness, loss and friendship, and of the scars that are more than skin-deep. Written with tremendous empathy and insight, in lyrical language that surprises and delights, this is an extraordinary and heartbreaking debut by a major new talent.

Автор: Baume Sara
Seeing Red

"Meruane's prose has great literary force: it emerges from the hammer blows of conscience, but also from the ungraspable, and from pain." — Roberto Bolaño

This powerful, profound autobiographical novel describes a young Chilean writer recently relocated to New York for doctoral work who suffers a stroke, leaving her blind and increasingly dependent on those closest to her. Fiction and autobiography intertwine in an intense, visceral, and caustic novel about the relation between the body, illness, science, and human relationships.

Lina Meruane (b. 1970), considered the best woman author of Chile today, has won numerous prestigious international prizes, and lives in New York, where she teaches at NYU.

Автор: Meruane Lina
Seven Ways to Kill a Cat

As tense as a thriller, as vivid as an undercover documentary, a brilliant first novel from Argentina takes readers right into the streets and slums of Buenos Aires as one young man fights for his life.

In Buenos Aires the economy has collapsed and people are protesting on the streets. But in the barrio, life goes on — the slums of the city are ruled by gangs, drugs, and guns. Gringo and Chueco are almost adults, and joining the gang warfare that governs their community seems inevitable. Chueco thinks he can join El Jetita’s gang but remain his own man, while Gringo knows this can't happen — you obey the leader or else. As they two get drawn ever deeper into the turf war between El Jetita and his rival Charly, Gringo sees an alternative way of life, and love, pass before his eyes. A few days ago he and Chueco were joking about killing cats; now he's fighting to save his skin. Matias Nespolo's bold and brilliant first novel takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride through a place of crime and deprivation.

Автор: Nespolo Matias
Servants of the Map

Ranging across two centuries, and from the western Himalaya to an Adirondack village, these wonderfully imagined stories and novellas travel the territories of yearning and awakening, of loss and unexpected discovery. A mapper of the highest mountain peaks realizes his true obsession. A young woman afire with scientific curiosity must come to terms with a romantic fantasy. Brothers and sisters, torn apart at an early age, are beset by dreams of reunion. Throughout, Barrett's most characteristic theme — the happenings in that borderland between science and desire — unfolds in the diverse lives of unforgettable human beings. Although each richly layered tale stands independently, readers of Ship Fever (National Book Award winner) and Barrett's extraordinary novel The Voyage of the Narwhal, will discover subtle links both among these new stories and to characters in the earlier works.

Автор: Barrett Andrea
Sunstroke and Other Stories

Everyday life crackles with the electricity sparking between men and women, between parents and children, between friends. A son confesses to his mother that he is cheating on his girlfriend; a student falls in love with her lecturer and embarks on an affair with a man in the pub who looks just like him. Young mothers pent-up in childcare dream treacherously of other possibilities; a boy becomes aware of the woman, a guest at his parents' holiday home, who is pressing up too close against him on the beach.

Hidden away inside the present, the past is explosive; the future can open unexpectedly out of any chance encounter; ordinary moments are illuminated with lightning flashes of dread or pleasure. These stories about family life are somehow undomesticated and dangerous.

Автор: Hadley Tessa
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Ship Fever: Stories

1996 National Book Award Winner for Fiction.

The elegant short fictions gathered hereabout the love of science and the science of love are often set against the backdrop of the nineteenth century. Interweaving historical and fictional characters, they encompass both past and present as they negotiate the complex territory of ambition, failure, achievement, and shattered dreams. In "Ship Fever," the title novella, a young Canadian doctor finds himself at the center of one of history's most tragic epidemics. In "The English Pupil," Linnaeus, in old age, watches as the world he organized within his head slowly drifts beyond his reach. And in "The Littoral Zone," two marine biologists wonder whether their life-altering affair finally was worth it. In the tradition of Alice Munro and William Trevor, these exquisitely rendered fictions encompass whole lives in a brief space. As they move between interior and exterior journeys, "science is transformed from hard and known fact into malleable, strange and thrilling fictional material" (Boston Globe).

Автор: Barrett Andrea
Safe as Houses

Safe as Houses, the debut story collection of Marie-Helene Bertino, proves that not all homes are shelters. The titular story revolves around an aging English professor who, mourning the loss of his wife, robs other people's homes of their sentimental knick-knacks. In "Free Ham," a young dropout wins a ham after her house burns down and refuses to accept it. “Has my ham done anything wrong?” she asks when the grocery store manager demands that she claim it.

In "Carry Me Home, Sisters of Saint Joseph," a failed commercial writer moves into the basement of a convent and inadvertently discovers the secrets of the Sisters of Saint Joseph. A girl, hoping to talk her brother out of enlisting in the army, brings Bob Dylan home for Thanksgiving dinner in the quiet, dreamy "North Of." In “The Idea of Marcel,” Emily, a conservative, elegant girl, has dinner with the idea of her ex-boyfriend, Marcel. In a night filled with baffling coincidences, including Marcel having dinner with his idea of Emily, she wonders why we tend to be more in love with ideas than with reality. In and out of the rooms of these gritty, whimsical stories roam troubled, funny people struggling to reconcile their circumstances to some kind of American Ideal and failing, over and over.

The stories of Safe as Houses are magical and original and help answer such universal and existential questions as: How far will we go to stay loyal to our friends? Can we love a man even though he is inches shorter than our ideal? Why doesn’t Bob Dylan ever have his own smokes? And are there patron saints for everything, even lost socks and bad movies?

All homes are not shelters. But then again, some are. Welcome to the home of Marie-Helene Bertino.

Автор: Bertino Marie-Helene

Mark Casey has left home, the rural Irish community where his family has farmed the same land for generations, to study for a doctorate in Dublin, a vibrant, contemporary city full of possibility. To his father, Tom, who needs help baling the hay and ploughing the fields, Mark's pursuit isn't work at all, and indeed Mark finds himself whiling away his time with pubs and parties. His is a life without focus or responsibility, until he meets Joanne Lynch, a trainee solicitor whom he finds irresistible. Joanne too has a past to escape from and for a brief time she and Mark share the chaos and rapture of a new love affair, until the lightning strike of tragedy changes everything.

Solace is a work to be admired for its spare, intense lyricism, its range, and its deeply compassionate portrayal of life as it is lived now.

'An elegant, consuming and richly inspired novel. A superb debut. This one will last' Colum McCann

'A novel of quiet power, filled with moments of carefully-told truth. . this book will appeal to readers both young and old' Colm Tóibín

'A story of clear-eyed compassion and quiet intelligence' Anne Enright

Автор: McKeon Belinda

Zakhar Prilepin’s novel-in-stories, Sin, has become a literary phenomenon in Russia, where it was published in 2007. It has been hailed as the epitome of the spirit of the opening decade of the 21st century, and was called “the book of the decade” by the prestigious Super Natsbest Award jury.

In the episodes of Zakharka’s life, presented here in non-chronological order, we see him as a little boy, a lovelorn teenager, a hard-drinking grave-digger, a nightclub bouncer, a father, and a soldier in Chechnya. Sin offers a fascinating glimpse into the recent Russian past, as well as its present, with its unemployment, poverty, violence, and local wars — social problems that may be found in many corners of the world.

Zakhar Prilepin presents these realities through the eyes of Zakharka, taking us along on the life-affirming journey of his unforgettable protagonist.

Автор: Prilepin Zakhar

Why should a man care for his parents when they failed to take care of him as a child?

One of The Millions' Most Anticipated Books of the Year (Selected by Edan Lepucki)

Kyung Cho is a young father burdened by a house he can’t afford. For years, he and his wife, Gillian, have lived beyond their means. Now their debts and bad decisions are catching up with them, and Kyung is anxious for his family’s future.

A few miles away, his parents, Jin and Mae, live in the town’s most exclusive neighborhood, surrounded by the material comforts that Kyung desires for his wife and son. Growing up, they gave him every possible advantage — private tutors, expensive hobbies — but they never showed him kindness. Kyung can hardly bear to see them now, much less ask for their help. Yet when an act of violence leaves Jin and Mae unable to live on their own, the dynamic suddenly changes, and he’s compelled to take them in. For the first time in years, the Chos find themselves living under the same roof. Tensions quickly mount as Kyung’s proximity to his parents forces old feelings of guilt and anger to the surface, along with a terrible and persistent question: how can he ever be a good husband, father, and son when he never knew affection as a child?

As Shelter veers swiftly toward its startling conclusion, Jung Yun leads us through dark and violent territory, where, unexpectedly, the Chos discover hope. Shelter is a masterfully crafted debut novel that asks what it means to provide for one's family and, in answer, delivers a story as riveting as it is profound.

Автор: Yun Jung
Some Rain Must Fall

The fifth installment in the epic six-volume My Struggle cycle is here, highly anticipated by Karl Ove Knausgaard's dedicated fan club-and the first in the cycle to be published separately in Canada.

The young Karl Ove moves to Bergen to attend the Writing Academy. It turns out to be a huge disappointment: he wants so much, knows so little, and achieves nothing. His contemporaries have their manuscripts accepted and make their debuts while he begins to feel the best he can do is to write about literature. With no apparent reason to feel hopeful, he continues his exploration of and love for books and reading. Gradually his writing changes; his relationship with the world around him changes too. This becomes a novel about new, strong friendships and a serious relationship that transforms him until the novel reaches the existential pivotal point: his father dies, Karl Ove makes his debut as a writer and everything disintegrates. He flees to Sweden, to avoid family and friends.

Автор: Knausgaard Karl Ove
Серия: My Struggle
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Summer of My Amazing Luck

A Novel by the Governor General’s Literary Award — winning author of A Complicated Kindness.

Lucy Van Alstyne always thought she’d grow up to become a forest ranger. Instead, at the age of eighteen, she’s found herself with quite a different job title: Single Mother on the Dole. As for the father of her nine-month-old son, Dillinger, well…it could be any of number of guys.

At the Have-a-Life housing project — aptly nicknamed Half-a-Life by those who call it home — Lucy meets Lish, a zany and exuberant woman whose idea of fashion is a black beret with a big silver spider brooch stuck on it. Lish is the mother of four daughters, two by a man on welfare himself and twins from a one-week stand with a fire-eating busker who stole her heart — and her wallet.

Living on the dole isn’t a walk in the park for Lucy and Lish. Dinner almost always consists of noodles. Transportation means pushing a crappy stroller through the rain. Then there are the condescending welfare agents with their dreaded surprise inspections. And just across the street is Serenity Place, another housing project with which Half-a-Life is engaged in a full-on feud. When the women aren’t busy snitching on each other, they’re spreading rumours — or plotting elaborate acts of revenge.

In the middle of a mosquito-infested rainy season, Lish and Lucy decide to escape the craziness of Half-A-Life by taking to the road. In a van held together with coat-hangers and electrical tape and crammed to the hilt with kids and toys, they set off to Colorado in search Lish’s lost love and the father of her twins. Whether they’ll find him is questionable, but the down-and-out adventure helps Lucy realize that this just may be the summer of her amazing luck.

Miriam Toews’s debut novel, Summer of My Amazing Luck opens our eyes to a social class rarely captured in fiction. At once hilarious and heartbreaking, it is inhabited by an unforgettable and poignant group of characters. Shortlisted for both the McNally Robinson Book of the Year Award and for the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour, it also earned Miriam the John Hirsch Award for the Most Promising Manitoba Writer.

Автор: Toews Miriam
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Stork Mountain

Stork Mountain tells the story of a young Bulgarian immigrant who, in an attempt to escape his mediocre life in America, returns to the country of his birth. Retracing the steps of his estranged grandfather, a man who suddenly and inexplicably cut all contact with the family three years prior, the boy finds himself on the border of Bulgaria and Turkey, a stone's throw away from Greece, high up in the Strandja Mountains. It is a place of pagan mysteries and black storks nesting in giant oaks; a place where every spring, possessed by Christian saints, men and women dance barefoot across live coals in search of rebirth. Here in the mountains, the boy reunites with his grandfather. Here in the mountain, he falls in love with an unobtainable Muslim girl. Old ghosts come back to life and forgotten conflicts, in the name of faith and doctrine, blaze anew.

Stork Mountain is an enormously charming, slyly brilliant debut novel from an internationally celebrated writer. It is a novel that will undoubtedly find a home in many readers' hearts.

Автор: Penkov Miroslav
Sweetness #9

Fast Food Nation meets The Corrections in the brilliant literary debut T.C. Boyle calls "funny and moving."

David Leveraux is an Apprentice Flavor Chemist at one of the world's leading flavor production houses. While testing Sweetness #9, he notices that the artificial sweetener causes unsettling side-effects in laboratory rats and monkeys. But with his career and family at risk, David keeps his suspicions to himself.

Years later, Sweetness #9 is America's most popular sweetener-and David's family is changing. His wife is gaining weight, his daughter is depressed, and his son has stopped using verbs. Is Sweetness #9 to blame, along with David's failure to stop it? Or are these just symptoms of the American condition?

An exciting literary debut, SWEETNESS #9 is a darkly comic, wildly imaginative investigation of whether what we eat makes us who we are.

Автор: Clark Stephan Eirik

Praised on both sides of the Atlantic as well as in the author’s native Uganda, Moses Isegawa’s first novel Abyssinian Chronicles was a “big, transcendently ambitious book” (Boston Globe) that “blasts open the tidy borders of the conventional novel and redraws the literary map to reveal a whole new world” (Elle).

In Snakepit, Isegawa returns to the surreal, brutalizing landscapes of his homeland during the time of dictator Idi Amin, when interlocking webs of emotional cruelty kept tyrants gratified and servants cooperative, a land where no one — not husbands or wives, parents or lovers — is ever safe from the implacable desires of men in power. Men like General Bazooka, who rues the day he hired Cambridge-educated Bat Katanga as his “Bureaucrat Two”—a man too good at his job — and places in his midst (and his bed) a seductive operative named Victoria, whose mission and motives are anything but simple. Ambitious and acquisitive, more than a little arrogant, Katanga finds himself steadily boxed in by events spiraling madly out of control, where deception, extortion, and murder are just so many cards to be played.

Автор: Isegawa Moses
Something Will Happen, You'll See

Ikonomou's stories convey the plight of those worst affected by the Greek economic crisis-laid-off workers, hungry children. In the urban sprawl between Athens and Piraeus, the narratives roam restlessly through the impoverished working-class quarters located off the tourist routes. Everyone is dreaming of escape: to the mountains, to an island or a palatial estate, into a Hans Christian Andersen story world. What are they fleeing? The old woes-gossip, watchful neighbors, the oppression and indifference of the rich-now made infinitely worse. In Ikonomou's concrete streets, the rain is always looming, the politicians' slogans are ignored, and the police remain a violent, threatening presence offstage. Yet even at the edge of destitution, his men and women act for themselves, trying to preserve what little solidarity remains in a deeply atomized society, and in one way or another finding their own voice. There is faith here, deep faith-though little or none in those who habitually ask for it.

Автор: Ikonomou Christos
Soho or Alex in Wonderland

Since this is a work of fiction, I have permitted myself certain inexactitudes. For example, the Soho Waiters’ Race does not immediately precede the Soho Ball.

The setting is obviously real, as are most of the streets, although some are not. Most of the locations are made up; real ones appear only when they have an innocuous role to play. Most of the characters are fictitious and bear the usual non-resemblance to any person living — I will not necessarily add to any person dead. Where real personages appear they have only walk-on parts.


Sewing Shut My Eyes

Sewing Shut My Eyes is a tour-de-force avant-pop anti-spectacle — nine darkly satiric out-takes of America tubing. Visions of mid-air synchronicities, robotic cockroaches, cyborg poets and one monstrous HDTV, all rendered in a hypo-manic style of electrified clauses and full-throttle patter. Here's Mona Sausalito, self-proclaimed "fricking gorgeous" bad-little-girl for Escort a la Mode and, on the side, Neogoth lyricist in the band of her boyfriend Mosh ("His real name is Marvin Goldstein"). Mona wants to be a poet. "I write about human sacrifices, cannibalism, vampires, and stuff. Mosh loves my work. He says we're all going to be famous some day. Only right now we're not, which bites, cuz I've been writing for like almost ten months. These things take time, I guess."

Olsen hallucinates a turned-on, channel-surfing nation where pain has become home theater and given enough channels, watching would beat sex. A nameless agent of the ultimate phantom bureaucracy holds his Yeltsin-70 at the ready and recalls O.J. on trial, supermodels and styrofoam landscapes, America screening fast and addictive. In the title story, Kerwin Penumbro wakes on his birthday to the ultimate tv, the renowned Mitsubishi Stealth, and at a point thirty-three thousand feet above the triangulation of Iron Lightning, Faith, and Thunder Butte, SD, Itty Snibb, supremely confident dwarf and prosperous entrepreneur, prepares to meet God.

These are fictions for minds lit with cathode-ray tubes, hands pixilated with static, for bodies that have become switching stations for the Society of the Spectacle.

The only thing left to do is start sewing shut our eyes.

Автор: Olsen Lance
Slaves of New York

A coterie of artists, prostitutes, saints, and seers are all aspiring towards fame and hoping for love and acceptance. Instead they find high rents, faithless partners, and dead-end careers. Offbeat, funny and bitingly satirical, "Slaves of New York" sheds an incomparable light on the city's denizens and social mores.

Автор: Janowitz Tama
Self-Portrait in Green

It seems there is no genre of writing Marie NDiaye will not make her own. Asked to write a memoir, she turned in this paranoid fantasia of rising floodwaters, walking corpses, eerie depictions of her very own parents, and the incessant reappearance of women in green. Just who are these green women? They are powerful (one was NDiaye’s disciplinarian grade-school teacher). They are mysterious (one haunts a house like a ghost and may be visible only to the author). They are seductive (one stole a friend’s husband). And they are unbearably personal (one is NDiaye’s own mother). They are all, in their way, aspects of their creator, at once frightening, menacing, and revealing of everything submerged within the consciousness of this singular literary talent. A courageous, strikingly honest, and unabashedly innovative self-portrait, NDiaye’s kaleidoscopic look at the women in green is a revelation to us all — about how we form our identities, how we discover those things we repress, and how our obsessions become us.

Автор: NDiaye Marie

Crime and punishment, passion and loyalty, betrayal and redemption are only a few of the ingredients in Shantaram, a massive, over-the-top, mostly autobiographical novel. Shantaram is the name given Mr. Lindsay, or Linbaba, the larger-than-life hero. It means "man of God's peace," which is what the Indian people know of Lin. What they do not know is that prior to his arrival in Bombay he escaped from an Australian prison where he had begun serving a 19-year sentence. He served two years and leaped over the wall. He was imprisoned for a string of armed robberies peformed to support his heroin addiction, which started when his marriage fell apart and he lost custody of his daughter. All of that is enough for several lifetimes, but for Greg Roberts, that's only the beginning.

He arrives in Bombay with little money, an assumed name, false papers, an untellable past, and no plans for the future. Fortunately, he meets Prabaker right away, a sweet, smiling man who is a street guide. He takes to Lin immediately, eventually introducing him to his home village, where they end up living for six months. When they return to Bombay, they take up residence in a sprawling illegal slum of 25,000 people and Linbaba becomes the resident ”doctor.” With a prison knowledge of first aid and whatever medicines he can cadge from doing trades with the local Mafia, he sets up a practice and is regarded as heaven-sent by these poor people who have nothing but illness, rat bites, dysentery, and anemia. He also meets Karla, an enigmatic Swiss-American woman, with whom he falls in love. Theirs is a complicated relationship, and Karla’s connections are murky from the outset.

Roberts is not reluctant to wax poetic; in fact, some of his prose is downright embarrassing. Throughought the novel, however, all 944 pages of it, every single sentence rings true. He is a tough guy with a tender heart, one capable of what is judged criminal behavior, but a basically decent, intelligent man who would never intentionally hurt anyone, especially anyone he knew. He is a magnet for trouble, a soldier of fortune, a picaresque hero: the rascal who lives by his wits in a corrupt society. His story is irresistible. Stay tuned for the prequel and the sequel. —Valerie Ryan

Автор: Roberts Gregory David
Stiff Lips

Clare, stuck on the wrong side of town, is desperate to live the good life among the writers and artists of trendy Notting Hill, like her friend Sophie. So she doesn't think twice about moving into a house with a horrible history, even if some of its former occupants are still making their presence felt…

But how far is Clare prepared to go for a W11 postcode? As far as sharing a flat with someone who is, as she puts it, "vitally challenged"?

From the author of cult vampire novel Suckers comes a 'sexy, sardonic and distinctly spooky' tale of girls, ghosts and glitterati, set in a part of London that in less than a century has been transformed from a perilous slum called The Piggeries into one of the most fashionable addresses in town.

Автор: Billson Anne

Anne Billson's debut novel is part horror story, part satire and has been praised by (among others) Salman Rushdie, Jonathan Carroll and Christopher Fowler, who in Time Out called it 'dark, sharp, chic and very funny'. It's set at the end of the 'greed is good' decade, and features a gothic love triangle between a man, a woman and the 300-year-old vampire they chopped into easily disposable pieces a decade earlier. But now she's back. and this time she's building an empire…

Kevin Jackson, author of Bite, a Vampire Handbook, wrote: 'This debut novel by Anne Billson, a noted film critic and frequent contributor to the Guardian, was highly praised by Salman Rushdie and others as a sharp and witty satire on the greedy 1980s. And so it was, but that was only part of the story: it is also a gripping adventure yarn, a tale of the nemesis that may lie in store for us if we have ever committed a guilty act, and a delicious character study of an unconventional young woman whose weaknesses (envy, malice, jealousy) only make her all the more charming to the reader. It contains one of the most chilling moments in all vampire literature…'

Автор: Billson Anne

Prentis, the narrator of this nightmarish novel, catalogs "dead crimes" for a branch of the London Police Department and suspects that he is going crazy. His files keep vanishing. His boss subjects him to cryptic taunts. His family despises him. And as Prentis desperately tries to hold on to the scraps of his sanity, he uncovers a conspiracy of blackmail and betrayal that extends from his department and into the buried past of his father, a war hero code-named "Shuttlecock"-and, lately, a resident of a hospital for the insane.

Автор: Swift Graham

Schultz, Sigmund Franz, Impresario, producer of flops in London's West End.

A walking or sometimes chauffeur-driven and often boot-propelled disaster area. Which disasters are often indulgently plotted by his aristocratic partners His Amazing Grace Basil Nectarine and the languid Binky. But more frequently caused by Schultz's desperate need to seduce as many beautiful women as is humanly possible and then more.

Meanwhile fighting furiously in the battle for bachelordom and in an unquenchable quest for the soothing balm of box-office riches embellished by a beautiful woman who will sock him in the spiritual solar-plexus…

Автор: Donleavy J P
Серия: Schultz

Juan José Saer’s Scars explores a crime committed by a laborer who shot his wife in the face; or, rather, it explores the circumstances of four characters who have some connection to the crime. Each of the stories in Scars explores a fragment in time when the lives of these characters are altered, more or less, by a singular event.

Автор: é Saer Juan

Eduardo Lalo is one of the most vital and unique voices of Latin American literature, but his work is relatively little known in the English-speaking world. That changes now: this masterful translation of his most celebrated novel, Simone—which won the 2013 Rómulo Gallegos International Novel Prize — will introduce an English-language audience to this extraordinary literary talent.

A tale of alienation, love, suspense, imagination, and literature set on the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Simone tells the story of a self-educated Chinese immigrant student courting (and stalking) a disillusioned, unnamed writer who is struggling to make a name for himself in a place that is not exactly a hotbed of literary fame. By turns solipsistic and political, romantic and dark, Simone begins with the writer’s frustrated, satiric observations on his native city and the banal life of the university where he teaches — forces utterly at odds with the sensuality of his writing. But, as mysterious messages and literary clues begin to appear — scrawled on sidewalks and walls, inside volumes set out in bookstores, left on his answering machine and under his windshield wiper—Simone progresses into a cat-and-mouse game between the writer and his mystery stalker. When the eponymous Simone’s identity is at last revealed, the writer finds in the life of this Chinese immigrant a plight not unlike his own. Traumatized and lonely, the pair moves towards bittersweet collaborations in passion, grief, and art.

Автор: Lalo Eduardo

On an spring afternoon in 1978 in the loft of a church outside Cambridge, England, an organ tuner named Malory loses his virginity to a dyslexic math genius named Louiza. When Louiza disappears, Malory follows her trail to Rome. There, the quest to find his love gets sidetracked when he discovers he is the heir to the Kingdom of Septimania, given by Charlemagne to the Jews of eighth-century France. In the midst of a Rome reeling from the kidnappings and bombs of the Red Brigades, Malory is crowned King of the Jews, Holy Roman Emperor and possibly Caliph of All Islam.

Over the next fifty years, Malory’s search for Louiza leads to encounters with Pope John Paul II, a band of lost Romanians, a magical Bernini statue, Haroun al Rashid of Arabian Nights fame, an elephant that changes color, a shadowy U.S. spy agency and one of the 9/11 bombers, an appleseed from the original Tree of Knowledge, and the secret history of Isaac Newton and his discovery of a Grand Unified Theory that explains everything. It is the quest of a Candide for love and knowledge, and the ultimate discovery that they may be unified after all.

Автор: Levi Jonathan

Zwei junge Männer stehen an vorderster Front einer überhitzten Konsum- und Leistungswelt — und halten stand, bis die Beschleunigung ihr Leben erfasst, überwuchert: Der idealistische Magnus Taue schreibt für das Kundenblatt eines Ölkonzerns, fühlt sich als Loser und hasst seine Arbeit mit der Wut eines Schläfers. Thorsten Kühnemund, Manager und Macho, leidet insgeheim am erfolgreichen Hochglanzleben voller Druck und Alphatierneurosen, er betäubt sich mit Alkohol, schnellem Sex und Abstürzen im molochartigen Clubbing der Stadt. Aus Schulzeiten bekannt, freunden die beiden sich zögerlich an. Doch dann brechen die Fassaden ein. Magnus fühlt sich zu Thorstens Freundin Laura hingezogen, und alle drei strudeln ins Haltlose. So beginnt eine Suche nach irgendeiner Wahrheit des Empfindens, Denkens und Tuns — eine Suche im Rausch, Schmerz und Wahn, und in der eigenen Seele …

Einfühlsam und radikal erforscht Thomas Melle ein sich immer schneller um ein leeres Zentrum drehendes Leben — bis an die Grenzen des Ichs und darüber hinaus. «Sickster» ist ein großes diagnostisches Zeitbild — und das Romandebüt eines Autors, dessen Sprache, so Iris Radisch, «bis ins letzte Komma aufgeladen» ist.

Автор: Melle Thomas

Sacrifice is the fifth book in the Red Gambit series.

As the bloody days of 1945 give way to the incoming New Year, Europe finds itself in the grips of the most severe winter since records began.

Temperatures plunge, incapacitating the armies of both sides, but not enough to stop the dying. The war descends into a frozen stalemate, marked by aggressive patrolling, death from the air, and the simple struggle to stay alive in record low temperatures.

As the soldiers shiver in their foxholes, spies ply their trade, gathering information, deceiving the enemy, and obtaining knowledge that feeds the planners of both sides, who wait for the time that the snows have gone, and when they can let loose the dogs of war once more.

[The ‘Red Gambit Series’ novels are works of fiction, and deal with fictional events. Most of the characters therein are a figment of the author’s imagination. Without exception, those characters that are historical figures of fact or based upon historical figures of fact are used fictitiously, and their actions, demeanour, conversations, and characters are similarly all figments of the author’s imagination.]

[This book contain a table.]

Автор: Gee Colin
Серия: Red Gambit
Storm Front

In 1941, Adolf Hitler didn’t declare war on the United States. Now, in 1985, the Third Reich stretching from the coast of France to the icy wastes of Eastern Russia, appears supremely powerful. With a powerful force of nuclear warheads and the finest military machine on Earth, there is no hope for freedom for the billions who groan under its rule. Adolf Hitler’s mad dreams have come to pass.

And yet, all is not well in the Reich. The cold war with the United States and the North Atlantic Alliance is destroying the Reich’s economy, while a savage insurgency in South Africa – a war the Reich cannot win and dares not lose – is sapping its military strength. And, while the Reich Council struggles to find a way to save the Reich from its own weaknesses, a young German girl makes a discovery that will shake the Reich to its core.

But the Reich Council will not go quietly into the night…

[Like my other self-published Kindle books, Storm Front is DRM-free. You may reformat it as you choose. There is a large sample of the text – and my other books – on my site: chrishanger.net. Try before you buy.]

Автор: Nuttall Christopher G
Серия: Twilight of the Gods
Still Holding

If there's an even darker side to Hollywood than the one America is familiar with, Bruce Wagner has found it. A twenty-first-century Nathanael West, he has been hailed for his powerful prose, his Swiftian satire, and the scalpel-sharp wit that has, in each of his novels, dissected and sometimes disemboweled Hollywood excess.

Now, in his most ambitious book to date, Still Holding, the third in the Cellular Trilogy that began with I'm Losing You and I'll Let You Go, Wagner immerses readers in post-September 11 Hollywood, revealing as much rabid ambition, rampant narcissism, and unchecked mental illness as ever. It is a scabrous, epiphanic, sometimes horrifying portrait of an entangled community of legitimate stars, delusional wanna-bes, and psychosociopaths. Wagner infiltrates the gilded life of a superstar actor/sex symbol/practicing Buddhist, the compromised world of a young actress whose big break comes when she's hired to play a corpse on Six Feet Under, and the strange parallel universe of look-alikes — an entire industry in which struggling actors are hired out for parties and conventions to play their famous counterparts. Alternately hilarious and heartfelt, ferocious and empathetic, Still Holding is Bruce Wagner's most expertly calibrated work.

Автор: Wagner Bruce
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
SCHKID. Die republik der strolche

Titel der Originalausgabe: Республика ШКИД.

Übersetzung aus dem Russischen von Lieselotte Remane.

So Long, See You Tomorrow

This Orange Inheritance Edition of So Long, See You Tomorrow is published in association with the Orange Prize for Fiction. Books shape our lives and transform the way we see ourselves and each other. The best books are timeless and continue to be relevant generation after generation. Vintage Classics asked the winners of the Orange Prize for Fiction which books they would pass onto the next generation and why. Ann Patchett chose So Long, See You Tomorrow.

In rural Illinois, two tenant farmers share much, finally too much, until jealously leads to murder and suicide. A tenuous friendship between lonely teenagers — the narrator, whose mother has died young, and Cletus Smith, the troubled witness to his parent’s misery — is shattered. After the murder and upheavals that follow, the boys never speak again. Fifty years on, the narrator attempts a reconstruction of those devastating events and the atonement of a lifetime’s regret.

"The novel comes from a place so deep inside the human soul that I cannot imagine a time its wisdom would not feel fresh and applicable."-Ann Patchett

Автор: Maxwell William
Sweet Lamb of Heaven

Blending domestic thriller and psychological horror, this compelling page-turner follows a mother fleeing her estranged husband.

Lydia Millet’s chilling new novel is the first-person account of a young mother, Anna, escaping her cold and unfaithful husband, a businessman who’s just launched his first campaign for political office. When Ned chases Anna and their six-year-old daughter from Alaska to Maine, the two go into hiding in a run-down motel on the coast. But the longer they stay, the less the guests in the dingy motel look like typical tourists — and the less Ned resembles a typical candidate. As his pursuit of Anna and their child moves from threatening to criminal, Ned begins to alter his wife’s world in ways she never could have imagined.

A double-edged and satisfying story with a strong female protagonist, a thrilling plot, and a creeping sense of the apocalyptic, Sweet Lamb of Heaven builds to a shattering ending with profound implications for its characters — and for all of us.

Автор: Millet Lydia
See How Much I Love You

“Wholly entertaining. . a novel that hooks you in from the first line. An original and dramatic love story set in an innovative context.”—Mario Vargas Llosa

“With vivid imagery of desperate village life and keen insight into multicultural influences, Leante’s rich, often poetic novel of romance and international politics evokes a sensuous yet savage period in this region’s tumultuous history.”—Booklist

A huge bestseller in Spain, See How Much I Love You won the 2007 Alfaguara Prize.

An epic love story: Montse and Santiago meet as teenagers in 1970s Barcelona, a poor boy and a middle-class girl ready for seduction. After they break up, Santiago flees to the western Sahara. Years later, Montse braves war and personal danger to find him.

Luis Leante is a professor of classics at the University of Murcia.

Автор: Leante Luis
Seven Houses in France

The year is 1903, and Captain Lalande Biran, overseeing a garrison on the banks of the Congo, has an ambition: to amass a fortune and return to the literary cafés of Paris. His glamorous wife Christine has a further ambition: to own seven houses in France, a house for every year he has been abroad. At the Captain's side are an ex-legionnaire womaniser, and a servile, treacherous man who dreams of running a brothel. At their hands the jungle is transformed into a wild circus of human ambition and absurdity. But everything changes with the arrival of a new officer and brilliant marksman: the enigmatic Chrysostome Liège.

Автор: Atxaga Bernardo
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
South Haven

"[T]his luminous debut…captures precisely the heartache of growing up."

— Library Journal , Top Spring Indie Fiction

"A powerful story…a universal look at the complexity of how people wrestle with guilt and blame amid tragic loss."

— New Haven Independent

Included in John Reed's list of Most Anticipated Small Press Books of 2016 at Big Other

"A son of Hindu immigrants from India grows up in a New England suburb, where he struggles to find his way after his mother dies, while his father becomes immersed in anti-Muslim fundamentalism."

— World Wide Work

"South Haven is an affecting tale of a family's loss, a child's grief, and the search for solace in all the wrong places. Hirsh Sawhney is an incandescent voice in fiction."

— Laila Lalami, author of The Moor's Account

"It's no secret that grief makes us vulnerable, but Hirsh Sawhney's perceptively rendered South Haven presents a volatile mix of second-generation migration, sadness, and cruelty in suburban America. South Haven is bold, accessible, funny, and heartbreaking."

— Jayne Anne Phillips, author of Quiet Dell

"Hirsh Sawhney writes with wit and tenderness about a harsh childhood. And such is his power of insight that this novel, set in a New England suburb, manages to illuminate a larger landscape of cruelty and torment."

— Pankaj Mishra, author of From the Ruins of Empire

"Hirsh Sawhney has produced an intelligent and beautiful novel. It is about America and India, fathers and children, families and loss. The world is changing and here is a new map of belonging."

— Nadeem Aslam, author of The Blind Man’s Garden

"A lyrical yet disturbing look at the grim realities of migration and American suburban life, South Haven manages to be both witty and unnerving at the same time. It is a novel that resonates long in the memory."

— Caryl Phillips, author of The Lost Child

Siddharth Arora lives an ordinary life in the New England suburb of South Haven, but his childhood comes to a grinding halt when his mother dies in a car accident. Siddharth soon gravitates toward a group of adolescent bullies, drinking and smoking instead of drawing and swimming. He takes great pains to care for his depressive father, Mohan Lal, an immigrant who finds solace in the hateful Hindu fundamentalism of his homeland and cheers on Indian fanatics who murder innocent Muslims. When a new woman enters their lives, Siddharth and his father have a chance at a fresh start. They form a new family, hoping to leave their pain behind them.

South Haven is no simple coming-of-age tale or hero's journey, blurring the line between victim and victimizer and asking readers to contend with the lies we tell ourselves as we grieve and survive. Following in the tradition of narratives by Edwidge Danticat and Junot Díaz, Sawhney draws upon the measured lyricism of postcolonial writers like Michael Ondaatje but brings to his subjects distinctly American irreverence and humor.

Автор: Sawhney Hirsh

"Er aß und trank, bürstete seine Kleider ab, leerte den Sand aus seinen Taschen und überprüfte noch einmal die Innentasche des Blazers. Er wusch sich unter dem Tisch die Hände mit ein wenig Trinkwasser, goß den Rest über seine geplagten Füße und schaute die Straße entlang. Sandfarbene Kinder spielten mit einem sandfarbenen Fußball zwischen sandfarbenen Hütten. Dreck und zerlumpte Gestalten, und ihm fiel ein, wie gefährlich es im Grunde war, eine weiße, blonde, ortsunkundige Frau in einem Auto hierherzubestellen."

Während in München Palästinenser des "Schwarzen September" das Olympische Dorf überfallen, geschehen in der Sahara mysteriöse Dinge. In einer Hippie-Kommune werden vier Menschen ermordet, ein Geldkoffer verschwindet, und ein unterbelichteter Kommissar versucht sich an der Aufklärung des Falles. Ein verwirrter Atomspion, eine platinblonde Amerikanerin, ein Mann ohne Gedächtnis — Nordafrika 1972.

Ein mitreißender Agententhriller — und noch viel mehr: ein literarisches Abenteuer, ein außerordentlicher Roman. (rowohlt)

Автор: Herrndorf Wolfgang
September. Fata Morgana

Zwei Väter und zwei Töchter, zwei parallele Lebensgeschichten in den USA und im Irak. Ihre Schauplätze sind weit entfernt, und doch verbinden sie zwei politische Ereignisse: Sabrina stirbt am 11. September 2001 im New Yorker World Trade Center, während Muna 2004 in Bagdad bei einem Bombenattentat ums Leben kommt. "September" erzählt vom Islam, von Öl, Terror und Krieg und von zwei Frauen, die stellvertretend für die Opfer dieses Konflikts stehen.

Автор: Lehr Thomas

Over the course of a season, Boga and the old man work side by side on the sandbanks of the Paraná Delta, cutting reeds to sell to local basketweavers. But when the old man falls sick and dies, Boga abandons himself entirely to the river and the life of solitary drifting he has long yearned for.

Echoes of John Berger sound throughout the evocative prose of this great Argentian writer. A twentieth-century classic, Southeaster is a central work in Haroldo Conti’s oeuvre.

Автор: Conti Haroldo

A lush, raw, thrilling novel of the senses about a year in the life of a uniquely beguiling young woman, set in the wild, alluring world of a famous downtown New York restaurant.

"Let's say I was born when I came over the George Washington Bridge…"

This is how we meet unforgettable Tess, the twenty-two-year-old at the heart of this stunning first novel. Shot from a mundane, provincial past, she's come to New York to look for a life she can't define, except as a burning drive to become someone, to belong somewhere. After she stumbles into a coveted job at a renowned Union Square restaurant, we spend the year with her as she learns the chaotic, punishing, privileged life of a "backwaiter," on duty and off. Her appetites — for food, wine, knowledge, and every kind of experience — are awakened. And she's pulled into the magnetic thrall of two other servers — a handsome bartender she falls hard for, and an older woman she latches onto with an orphan's ardor.

These two and their enigmatic connection to each other will prove to be Tess's hardest lesson of all. Sweetbitter is a story of discovery, enchantment, and the power of what remains after disillusionment.

Автор: Danler Stephanie
Swallowed by the Cold: Stories

The intricate, interlocking stories of Jensen Beach's extraordinarily poised story collection are set in a Swedish village on the Baltic Sea as well as in Stockholm over the course of two eventful years.

In Swallowed by the Cold, people are besieged and haunted by disasters both personal and national: a fatal cycling accident, a drowned mother, a fire on a ferry, a mysterious arson, the assassination of the Swedish foreign minister, and, decades earlier, the Soviet bombing of Stockholm. In these stories, a drunken, lonely woman is convinced that her new neighbor is the daughter of her dead lover; a one-armed tennis player and a motherless girl reckon with death amid a rainstorm; and happening upon a car crash, a young woman is unaccountably drawn to the victim, even as he slides into a coma and her marriage falls into jeopardy.

Again and again, Beach's protagonists find themselves unable to express their innermost feelings to those they are closest to, but at the same time they are drawn to confide in strangers. In its confidence and subtle precision, Beach’s prose evokes their reticence but is supple enough to reveal deeper passions and intense longing. Shot through with loss and the regret of missed opportunities, Swallowed by the Cold is a searching and crystalline book by a startlingly talented young writer.

Автор: Beach Jensen
Some Possible Solutions

What if your perfect hermaphrodite match existed on another planet? What if you could suddenly see through everybody's skin to their organs? What if you knew the exact date of your death? What if your city was filled with doppelgangers of you?

Forced to navigate these bizarre scenarios, the characters search for solutions to the problem of how to survive in an irrational, infinitely strange world. In dystopias that are exaggerated versions of the world in which we live, these characters strive for intimacy and struggle to resolve their fraught relationships with each other, with themselves, and with their place in the natural world. We meet a wealthy woman who purchases a high-tech sex toy in the shape of a man, a rowdy, moody crew of college students who resolve the energy crisis, and orphaned twin sisters who work as futuristic strippers-and we see that no one is quite who they appear.

Автор: Phillips Helen

The objective of advertising is to change the behaviour of the consumer so they purchase more of the product. That, at any rate, is the theory. But Jimmy Lyle may have taken things a bit too far with his controversial strategy for the UK launch of Kwench! When the new orange soft-drink hits the streets, it triggers a series of events he could not have anticipated. Certainly he never dreamed it would plunge him into the twilight world of synchronised swimming. Nor did he think it would end in murder…

Автор: Thomson Rupert
Safe from the Sea

Set against the powerful lakeshore landscape of northern Minnesota, Safe from the Sea is a heartfelt novel in which a son returns home to reconnect with his estranged and dying father thirty-five years after the tragic wreck of a Great Lakes ore boat that the father only partially survived and that has divided them emotionally ever since. When his father for the first time finally tells the story of the horrific disaster he has carried with him so long, it leads the two men to reconsider each other.

Meanwhile, Noah's own struggle to make a life with an absent father has found its real reward in his relationship with his sagacious wife, Natalie, whose complications with infertility issues have marked her husband's life in ways he only fully realizes as the reconciliation with his father takes shape.

Peter Geye has delivered an archetypal story of a father and son, of the tug and pull of family bonds, of Norwegian immigrant culture, of dramatic shipwrecks and the business and adventure of Great Lakes shipping in a setting that simply casts a spell over the characters as well as the reader.

Автор: Geye Peter
Sergio Y.

A startling and inspirational work of transgender fiction by a leading figure in Brazil's "New Urban" fiction movement.

Armando is one of the most renowned therapists in São Paulo. One of his patients, a 17-year-old boy by the name of Sergio, abruptly interrupts his course of therapy after a trip to New York. Sergio's cursory explanation to Armando is that he has finally found his own path to happiness and must pursue it.

For years, without any further news of Sergio, Armando wonders what happened to his patient. He subsequently learns that Sergio is living a happy life in New York and that he is now a woman, Sandra. Not long after this startling discovery, however, Armando is shocked to read about Sandra's unexpected death. In an attempt to discover the truth about Sergio and Sandra's life, Armando starts investigating on his own.

Sergio Y. is a unique and moving story about gender, identity, and the search for happiness.

Автор: Vidal Porto Alexandre
So Much for That Winter

Dorthe Nors follows up her acclaimed story collection Karate Chop with a pair of novellas that playfully chart the aftermath of two very twenty-first-century romances. In "Days," a woman in her late thirties records her life in a series of lists, giving shape to the tumult of her days-one moment she is eating an apple, the next she is on the floor, howling like a dog. As the details accumulate, we experience with her the full range of emotions: anger, loneliness, regret, pain, and also joy, as the lists become a way to understand, connect to, and rebuild her life.

In "Minna Needs Rehearsal Space," a novella told in headlines, an avant-garde musician is dumped via text message. Fleeing the indignity of the breakup and friends who flaunt their achievements in life, career, and family, Minna unfriends people on Facebook, listens to Bach, and reads Ingmar Bergman, then decamps to an island near Sweden, "well suited to mental catharsis." A cheeky nod to the listicles and bulletins we scroll through on a daily basis, So Much for That Winter explores how we shape and understand experience, and the disconnection and dislocation that define our twenty-first-century lives, with Nors's unique wit and humor.

Автор: Nors Dorthe
Surprise Me

A bittersweet debut novel, Surprise Me is an unconventional love story about two writers who see more in each other than they see in themselves, and how that faith transforms them.

The fragile dream of becoming a writer takes hold of Isabelle Rothman during her senior year of college. Feeling brave, she begins a one-on-one tutorial with a once highly praised novelist, Daniel Jablonski, who is known on campus as eccentric, difficult, and disengaged. Despite his reputation, Isabelle loves his early novels and hopes Daniel can teach her the secrets of his luminous prose. But their first meeting is a disaster. He never read the chapters she submitted and will not apologize for being unprepared. He has lived up to his reputation, and she feels dismissed, humiliated, and furious.

But slowly, over the semester, they gingerly form a bond that begins to anchor both of them. And over the next twenty years, as they live very separate lives — she in Northern California and he finally settled in a tiny New Hampshire town — they reach out to each other through e-mails, phone calls, and visits. Their continual connection helps Isabelle find the courage to take greater risks and push Daniel to work through layers of self-loathing and regret that have kept his career from flourishing. They are the single constant in each other’s life and the most profound influence.

Daniel and Isabelle recognize they are among the blessed few who meet at the exact moment they need each other the most, and that their lives are transformed by this connection. In a final collaboration, the boundaries of teacher and student give way to a work that heals something in each of them. They truly see each other as extraordinary — as people do when they love — and that belief makes all the difference.

Автор: Goldstone Deena
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Sons and Daughters of Ease and Plenty

From the award-winning author of No One Is Here Except All of Us, an imaginative novel about a wealthy New England family in the 1960s and '70s that suddenly loses its fortune — and its bearings.

Labor Day, 1976, Martha's Vineyard. Summering at the family beach house along this moneyed coast of New England, Fern and Edgar — married with three children — are happily preparing for a family birthday celebration when they learn that the unimaginable has occurred: There is no more money. More specifically, there's no more money in the estate of Fern's recently deceased parents, which, as the sole source of Fern and Edgar's income, had allowed them to live this beautiful, comfortable life despite their professed anti-money ideals. Quickly, the once-charmed family unravels. In distress and confusion, Fern and Edgar are each tempted away on separate adventures: she on a road trip with a stranger, he on an ill-advised sailing voyage with another woman. The three children are left for days with no guardian whatsoever, in an improvised Neverland helmed by the tender, witty, and resourceful Cricket, age nine.

Brimming with humanity and wisdom, humor and bite, and imbued with both the whimsical and the profound, Sons and Daughters of Ease and Plenty is a story of American wealth, class, family, and mobility, approached by award-winner Ramona Ausubel with a breadth of imagination and understanding that is fresh, surprising, and exciting.

Автор: Ausubel Ramona
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Sarong Party Girls

A brilliant and utterly engaging novel—Emma set in modern Asia — about a young woman’s rise in the glitzy, moneyed city of Singapore, where old traditions clash with heady modern materialism.

On the edge of twenty-seven, Jazzy hatches a plan for her and her best girlfriends: Sher, Imo, and Fann. Before the year is out, these Sarong Party Girls will all have spectacular weddings to rich ang moh — Western expat — husbands, with Chanel babies (the cutest status symbols of all) quickly to follow. Razor-sharp, spunky, and vulgarly brand-obsessed, Jazzy is a determined woman who doesn't lose.

As she fervently pursues her quest to find a white husband, this bombastic yet tenderly vulnerable gold-digger reveals the contentious gender politics and class tensions thrumming beneath the shiny exterior of Singapore’s glamorous nightclubs and busy streets, its grubby wet markets and seedy hawker centers. Moving through her colorful, stratified world, she realizes she cannot ignore the troubling incongruity of new money and old-world attitudes which threaten to crush her dreams. Desperate to move up in Asia’s financial and international capital, will Jazzy and her friends succeed?

Vividly told in Singlish — colorful Singaporean English with its distinctive cadence and slang — Sarong Party Girls brilliantly captures the unique voice of this young, striving woman caught between worlds. With remarkable vibrancy and empathy, Cheryl Tan brings not only Jazzy, but her city of Singapore, to dazzling, dizzying life.

Автор: Tan Cheryl Lu-Lien
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Samko Tále's Cemetery Book

Slovak writer Daniela Kapitáňová’s first novel is narrated by an intellectually and physically stunted creature and arch-conformist who enthusiastically embraces every kind of prejudice both under Communism and in the newly independent Slovakia. This book was a sensation when it appeared in Bratislava in 2000; still a best-seller in its fourth edition, it has been translated into Czech, Swedish, French, German, Arabic, Polish and Japanese and now appears in English. (Description taken from Garnett Press website.)

Автор: ánová Daniela
Still the Same Man

"An invigorating challenge. The reader indeed finds in it entertainment, emotions and intrigue, but also reflection and thought on grave issues." — Lluís Satorras, Babelia

Riddled with problems, Joanes has to travel to the Mayan Ribera to attend his father-in-law's new wedding. There, forced to leave the hotel due to a hurricane alert, on his trip toward safer ground he has a chance encounter with an old college professor, whom he blames for the failure of his career. It will be Joanes' opportunity to settle accounts with him.

Jon Bilbao is a Spanish literary writer and translator who lives in Bilbao, Spain.

Автор: Bilbao Jon
Stone Tablets

“A novel of epic scope and ambition.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

An influential Polish classic celebrates 50 years — and its first English edition

Stone Tablets is a richly rendered novel of the plight of a Hungarian diplomat working in India in 1956. As it opens, Istvan Terey, a poet and World War II veteran, is serving as cultural attaché with the Hungarian embassy in Delhi just a few months before his country is torn apart by the Hungarian Uprising. Though he is personable and popular with Indians and Europeans, communists and capitalists, Terey’s outspoken criticisms of corruption in the Hungarian government and the embassy threaten to undermine his career. Meanwhile, he has fallen in love with Margit, an Australian ophthalmologist working in India, who is still living through a tragedy of her own: her fiancé died under torture during World War II.

Draining heat, brilliant color, intense smells, and intrusive animals enliven this sweeping Cold War romance. Based on the author’s own experience as a Polish diplomat in India in the late 1950s, Stone Tablets was one of the first literary works in Poland to offer trenchant criticisms of Stalinism. Stephanie Kraft’s wondrously vivid translation unlocks this book for the first time to English-speaking readers.

"A high-paced, passionate narrative in which every detail is vital." — Leslaw Bartelski

"[Zukrowski is] a brilliantly talented observer of life, a visionary skilled at combining the concrete with the magical, lyricism with realism." — Leszek Zulinski

Wojciech Zukrowski(1916–2000) was a Polish novelist, screenwriter, and essayist. He worked at the embassy in New Delhi from 1956 to 1959, hence the Indian setting of his novel. In 1996 Zukrowski won the Reymont Prize for lifetime literary achievement.

Автор: Zukrowski Wojciech
Serious Sweet

A good man in a bad world, Jon Sigurdsson is 59 and divorced: a senior civil servant in Westminster who hates many of his colleagues and loathes his work for a government engaged in unmentionable acts. A man of conscience.

Meg Williams is ‘a bankrupt accountant — two words you don’t want in the same sentence, or anywhere near your CV’. She’s 45 and shakily sober, living on Telegraph Hill, where she can see London unfurl below her. Somewhere out there is safety.

Somewhere out there is Jon, pinballing around the city with a mobile phone and a letter-writing habit he can’t break. He’s a man on the brink, leaking government secrets and affection as he runs for his life.

Set in 2014, this is a novel of our times. Poignant, deeply funny, and beautifully written, Serious Sweet is about two decent, damaged people trying to make moral choices in an immoral world: ready to sacrifice what’s left of themselves for honesty, and for a chance at tenderness. As Jon and Meg navigate the sweet and serious heart of London — passing through 24 hours that will change them both for ever — they tell a very unusual, unbearably moving love story.

Автор: Kennedy A L
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Still Here

A profound and dazzlingly entertaining novel from the writer Louis Menand calls "Jane Austen with a Russian soul"

In her warm, absorbing and keenly observed new novel, Lara Vapnyar follows the intertwined lives of four immigrants in New York City as they grapple with love and tumult, the challenges of a new home, and the absurdities of the digital age.

Vica, Vadik, Sergey and Regina met in Russia in their school days, but remained in touch and now have very different American lives. Sergey cycles through jobs as an analyst, hoping his idea for an app will finally bring him success. His wife Vica, a medical technician struggling to keep her family afloat, hungers for a better life. Sergey’s former girlfriend Regina, once a famous translator is married to a wealthy startup owner, spends her days at home grieving over a recent loss. Sergey’s best friend Vadik, a programmer ever in search of perfection, keeps trying on different women and different neighborhoods, all while pining for the one who got away.

As Sergey develops his app — calling it "Virtual Grave," a program to preserve a person's online presence after death — a formidable debate begins in the group, spurring questions about the changing perception of death in the modern world and the future of our virtual selves. How do our online personas define us in our daily lives, and what will they say about us when we're gone?

Автор: Vapnyar Lara
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Shining Sea

A novel about the complicated world of a family in California over years to come, after the sudden death of the father.

Opening in 1962 with the fatal heart attack of forty-three-year-old Michael Gannon, a WWII veteran and former POW in the Pacific, SHINING SEA plunges into the turbulent lives of his widow and kids over subsequent decades, crisscrossing from the beaches of southern California to the Woodstock rock festival, London’s gritty nightlife in the eighties to Scotland’s remote Inner Hebrides islands, the dry heat of Arizona desert to the fertile farmland of Massachusetts. Beautifully rendered and profoundly moving, SHINING SEA by Anne Korkeakivi is a family story, about the ripple effects of war, the passing down of memory, and the power of the ideal of heroism to lead us astray but also to keep us afloat.

Автор: Korkeakivi Anne
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
Stammered Songbook: A Mother's Book of Hours

'What makes me saddest, is the double silence of her being. Language has packed its bags and jumped over the railing of the capsizing ship, but there is also another silence in her or around her. I can no longer hear the music of her soul.' One day, the author's mother no longer remembers the word for 'book'. This seemingly innocuous moment of distraction is the first sign of the slow disintegration of her mind. As Alzheimer's disease sets in and language increasingly escapes her, her son attempts to gather the fragments of what she has become, writing a moving, loving chronicle of the gradual descent into dementia of someone who 'no longer knows who she is, where she is or what will happen'.

Автор: Mortier Erwin
Sorcerer's Apprentice

Interweaving the real and the surreal, Charles Johnson spins eight fantastic tales of transformations and metamorphoses. An Illinois farmer teaches a young slave everything he knows — yielding fatal consequences. A young boy growing to manhood as a country sorcerer’s apprentice learns the difference between power and strength. These stories capture human experiences in a new and startling light.

Автор: Johnson Charles

Europa vor 30 000 Jahren: Der Waisenjunge Eistaucher wird von Dorn, dem Schamanen seines Stammes, aus dem Lager schickt, um zwei Wochen allein und ohne Hilfsmittel in der Wildnis zu überleben. Eistaucher ist auserkoren, einmal Dorns Nachfolge anzutreten, und zu diesem Zweck muss er nicht nur das Überleben in der Natur lernen, sondern auch seine Fähigkeit schulen, mit der Welt und all ihren Geschöpfen »eins zu werden«. Eistaucher trägt von seinem Ausflug zwar einige Verletzungen davon, doch seine Visionen waren so stark, dass er sich nicht mehr vorstellen kann, weiterhin bei seinem Stamm zu leben. Aber welche Freiheit kann es für einen Schamanenschüler in einer Welt geben, in der Bären, Löwen und Luchse lauern und eine andere Menschart — die rätselhaften »Alten« — Jagd auf ihn macht? Eistaucher bricht auf in eine ungewisse Zukunft — die zugleich die Zukunft der Menschheit ist …

Ein atemberaubendes Panorama des eiszeitlichen Europas und eine faszinierende Nacherzählung der Menschwerdung — mit Schamane hat Kim Stanley Robinson einen historischen Roman geschrieben, den es so noch nie gab.

Автор: Robinson Kim Stanley