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New Haven Blues

When you’re short on memory and cash, taking a questionable case is a no-brainer.

But when Mick uncovers a conspiracy that threatens the entire populace, he'll have to tackle the case with more than just his dry wit and seven-shot revolver. It will take unlikely allies and quick thinking to step one step ahead of catching a case of the New Haven Blues.

Автор: Constantine Bard
Серия: The Troubleshooter
Nimrod Squad

A ragtag bounty hunter adventure in the vein of Cowboy Bebop and Guardians of the Galaxy!

When a rogue military general holds an entire Haven captive and a rescue mission is downright suicidal, you don't call in the Armed Services. You call in the idiots too foolish to turn down the payday. You call in the Nimrod Squad.

They are a crew of dysfunctional outsiders: Cash Murdock, a former cop that trusts no one except Deejay, his AI partner. Mateo Lonergan, an enhanced ex-soldier with a cavalier attitude and lethal combat skills. Jinx la Fox, a talented hacker with a knack for making powerful enemies. And Happy, a gun-for-hire with scars and secrets from a hidden past. They might be low on gas and low on cash, but when a bounty is posted, they're ready to roll.

Автор: Constantine Bard
Серия: Bounty Chasers
No Score

Hoping to win over the beautiful Francine, Chip Harrison is astonished when an attempt is made on his life, an event that places him at the forefront of a fast-paced investigation.

Автор: Block Lawrence
Серия: Chip Harrison

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