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Fast One

Two hours of savagery, of silk and leaden lust, of sheer terror await you in the nightmare spell of these pages, this death-song.

The hardest, roughest novel of them all Fast One.

Here is the novel that goes even farther than Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler in bringing to life the savage side of America beyond the law. It is set amidst the dehumanizing desperation of the Great Depression. Its amoral hero is Kells, a cynical, icepick-sharp detective looking out for number one in a human jungle of big-time mobsters, crooked politicians, high-rolling gamblers, and high-priced women. Its action is nonstop, its realism brutally riveting, and its impact unforgettable.

Автор: Cain Paul
Автор: Charteris Leslie
Серия: Saint

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