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Автор: Jenkins Geoffrey
A Brig of War

In A Brig of War, Nathaniel Drinkwater is promoted lieutenant of the brig HELLEBORE. He finds routine convoy escort duties end abruptly when Admiral Nelson, pursuing the French fleet to Egypt, sends HELLEBORE to the Red Sea with an urgent warning to the British squadron there. However, Nelson's apprehensions over French ambitions in the East are more than justified. Edouard Santhonax, Drinkwater's old enemy, is already preparing for a French descent on India. The hunt for this elusive Frenchman and his frigate is combined with British naval operations on the flank of Napoleon's Egyptian campaign. It is during the attack on Kosseir that Drinkwater is left for dead. His escape and the subsequent desperate attack on Santhonax leads to a still more dangerous situation under Augustus Morris, former tyrant of the midshipmen's berth on HMS CYCLOPS.

Автор: Woodman Richard
Серия: Nathaniel Drinkwater
Автор: Jenkins Geoffrey
A Jester’s Fortune

The year is 1796 and the soil of Piedmont and Tuscany runs with blood, another battle takes shape on the mysterious Adriatic Sea. Alan Lewrie and his 18-gun sloop, HMS Jester, part of a squadron of four British warships, sail into the thick of it. But with England's allies failing, Napoleon busy rearranging the world map, and their squadron stretched dangerously thin along the Croatian coast, the British squadron commander strikes a devil's bargain: enlisting the aid of Serbian pirates.

Автор: Lambdin Dewey
Серия: Lewrie
A King`s Commander

Alan Lewrie is now commander of HMS Jester, an 18-gun sloop. Lewrie sails into Corsica only to receive astonishing orders: he must lure his archenemy, French commander Guillaume Choundas, into battle and personally strike the malevolent spymaster dead. With Horatio Nelson as his squadron commander on one hand and a luscious courtesan who spies for the French on the other, Lewrie must pull out all the stops if he's going to live up to his own reputation and bring glory to the British Royal Navy.

Автор: Lambdin Dewey
Серия: Lewrie
A King's Cutter

The second book in the Nathaniel Drinkwater series.

Midshipman Drinkwater is back in the Navy in 1792, appointed to the 12-gun cutter Kestral. Off the French coast, the Kestral becomes involved in the secret and dangerous adventures linked with the rescuing of emigres. Drinkwater plays a vital role in the landing of agents.

Автор: Woodman Richard
Серия: Nathaniel Drinkwater
A King`s Trade

After Yellow Fever decimated the crew of Alan Lewrie’s HMS Proteus, it had seemed like a knacky idea to abscond with a dozen slaves from a Jamaican plantation to help man his frigate. But two years later, Lewrie is now suspected of the deed. Slave-stealing is a hanging offense, and suddenly his neck is at risk of a fatal stretching.Once Lewrie has escaped, the master Foreign Office spy, Zachariah Twigg, arranges for a long voyage even further out of the law’s reach, to Cape Town and India, as escort to an East India Company convoy. At the Cape of Good Hope a British circus and theatrical troupe also joins the party, teeming with tempting female acrobats, nubile bareback riders, and alluring “actresses” like the seductive but deadly archer, Eudoxia Durschenko!

Автор: Lambdin Dewey
Серия: Lewrie
A private revenge

In the aftermath of a typhoon, Captain Nathaniel Drinkwater brings His Britannic Majesty's frigate Patrician into the shelter of the Pearl River on the China coast. Seeking the means to refit, he is unwittingly entangled in bizarre events following the British occupation of Macao and Admiral Drury's attack on Canton.

Initially relieved to be assigned the straightforward duty of a convoy escort to Penang, Captain Drinkwater quickly discovers that the convoy's cargo con­tains a mysterious quantity of silver and a single passenger. An apparently routine task is suddenly complicated by the resurrection of an old, embittered hatred, and Captain Drinkwater finds himself drawn inexorably by treachery, greed, perversity, and cruelty towards a climactic rendezvous in the remote tropical rain forest of Borneo.

Серия: Nathaniel Drinkwater
Автор: Jenkins Geoffrey
A Ship Must Die

January 1944. Out in the wastes of the Indian Ocean, British ships are sinking. The cause: a German armed raider, disguised to deceive unwary merchantmen. In Williamstown, Australia, HMS Andromeda awaits transfer to the Australian navy. After years together in bloody combat with the Nazis, the cruiser's crew will disperse to fight in other ships, in other seas. But a call to Andromeda's youthful captain, Richard Blake VC, changes everything. He puts to sea immediately. His mission: to seek out and destroy the raider. And in this conflict, one ship must die.

Автор: Reeman Douglas
A Ship of the Line

May 1810, seventeen years deep into the Napoleonic Wars. Captain Horatio Hornblower is newly in command of his first ship of the line, the seventy-four-gun HMS Sutherland, which he deems “the ugliest and least desirable two-decker in the Navy List.” Moreover, she is 250 men short of a full crew, so Hornblower must enlist and train “poachers, bigamists, sheepstealers,” and other landlubbers. By the time the Sutherland reaches the blockaded Catalonian coast of Spain, the crew is capable of staging five astonishing solo raids against the French. But the grisly prospect of defeat and capture looms for both captain and crew as the Sutherland single-handedly takes on four French ships.

Автор: Forester Cecil Scott
Автор: London Jack
A Tradition of Victory

After eight years of war between Britain and France there is at last a rumour of peace. But the old enemies are well aware that any settlement will be only a breathing space in which to recover from their terrible losses. To obtain the best terms the French muster a show of strength from Biscay to the Channel ports. At the British Admiralty there are some who see a daring opportunity to even the score at any negotiation table – and who better to undertake it than the young Rear Admiral Bolitho! In June 1801 Bolitho's small squadron is still repairing the scars of battle earned at Copenhagen – and as he receives his orders from London Bolitho is, for the first time in his life, torn between the demands of duty and his real desire to marry. When the squadron sails it is joined by an additional ship, a frigate with many memories from the past. But where Bolitho's flag leads so his captains must follow, if necessary to the brink of disaster – for theirs is a tradition of victory.

Автор: Kent Alexander
Серия: Bolitho
Admiral Bolithos Erbe: Ein Handstreich in der Biskaya

1801 — in der Biskaya. England steht kurz vor einem trügerischen Frieden mit Napoleon und wähnt sich in Sicherheit. Nur ein erfahrener alter Seelord rechnet mit einem Überraschungsangriff und befiehlt Konteradmiral Bolithos Geschwader in die Biskaya. Er soll die vermutlich bei Lorient wartende Invasionsflotte vernichten — eine fast unlösbare Aufgabe! In Sichtweite der Franzosen geschieht denn auch das Unglück: Bolithos Flaggschiff "Styx" rammt ein treibendes Wrack und sinkt in Minutenschnelle. In der Heimat trauert man um den verschollenen Seehelden. Denn bis auf seine Verlobte Belinda und seinen Freund Kommodore Herrick hält jeder den jungen Admiral für tot. Nur sie hoffen wider alle Vernunft auf ein Wunder…

An Eye of the Fleet

The first book in the Nathaniel Drinkwater series.

Tells of the rise in the 1780s of Nathanial Drinkwater to the rank of Lieutenant in the Navy. Prior to promotion he saves a young seaman from the brutal attentions of a depraved midshipman and in the process, wins the love of a parson's daughter.

Автор: Woodman Richard
Серия: Nathaniel Drinkwater
Anthony Adverse, volume one

3-volume novel traces the fortunes of its hero, Anthony Adverse, from his illegitimate birth through his struggle to claim his rightful inheritance. Many ocean sequences.

Anthony Adverse was a love-child begotten in France, born in the Alps and reared in Italy, then launched upon a life of adventure. This is his story.

Anthony was the name the nuns gave the naked and squalling newborn child they found abandoned at their convent gate. They knew nothing of his past, of the star-crossed lovers who were his parents nor of the violent events which made him an orphan.

Playing his solitary games at the fountain in the convent courtyard, the child grew. He did not know enough of the outside world even to dream of the voyages and adventures that would be his nor of the women who would love him.

Автор: Allen Hervey
Ark Found

The follow-up to breakout action-adventure bestseller, ATLANTIS GOLD. Treasure seeker Carter Hunt continues his odyssey with Omega Team to safeguard and preserve the world's treasures so that all may enjoy them for generations to come. The Omega Files Adventure books are meant to be enjoyed in any order.





April 15, 1912, North Atlantic Ocean, aboard the R.M.S. Titanic

A young archaeologist travelling to New York City aboard the liner’s maiden voyage has brought along an intriguing find he hopes to sell to an antiquities collector. When the ship sinks, his artifact is still inside a safe.

Present Day, North Atlantic Ocean, Site of the R.M.S. Titanic shipwreck

When a deep sea submersible dive to the wreck of the Titanic recovers a safe, Carter Hunt and Jayden Takada look forward to seeing if its contents include the rumored map. A map that, if real, would show the way to a find of biblical proportions.

But Omega Team isn’t the only group looking for the ancient document. After an underwater battle inside the Titanic with an unknown submersible, Carter and Jayden manage to escape with their lives. But their troubles are only beginning as they are forced to do battle with a shadowy cabal that will stop at nothing to control the planet’s most sought-after hallmarks of humanity.

Автор: Chesler Rick
Atlantis Gold



One man's quest to find the ultimate treasure and give it back to the world….


Egypt, 1938

A leading archaeologist vanishes while exploring a newly discovered chamber inside the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Mediterranean Sea, Present Day

Ex-U.S. Navy specialists Carter Hunt and Jayden Takada are working one of their first jobs in civilian life — repairing a subsea data cable for an international telecom company — when their mini-sub is attacked by persons unknown wishing to stem the flow of information in and out of Egypt. They survive the encounter only to receive a call from Hunt's ex-girlfriend, Dr. Madison Chambers, an archaeologist currently on an excavation at the Great Pyramid of Giza.

She has a most unusual request — she needs someone to scuba dive inside the pyramid. Hunt agrees to help, but soon finds out that the same people behind his close call on the data cable are also interested in what has been found in the pyramid.

Before long, Hunt and Takada find themselves on the run from a shadowy criminal enterprise that will stop at nothing to obtain artifacts that appear to lead to nothing less than the lost city of Atlantis.

A trail of clues looks like it will lead the accidental explorers to legendary riches of unfathomable worth, but will they be able to safeguard them from those who would do anything to control ancient secrets?

Автор: Chesler Rick

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