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 Название: The Flood
 Жанр(ы): Проза, Современная проза
Издательство: Polygon
Год издания:
ISBN: 978-0-948275-09-8

The action of The Flood, a first novel by Ian Rankin, takes place over a period of twenty years in the life and slow death of a File mining community. At the heart of the novel are Mary Miller is an outcast, believed by some to have occult powers, and her bastard son, Sandy. Mary finds herself caught up in a faltering affair with a local schoolteacher, while Sandy falls in love with a strange gypsy girl. As the action moves towards a tense and unexpected climax, both mother and son are forced to come to terms with the past, in the growing knowledge that their small dramas are being played out against a much larger drama, a drama glimpsed only in symbols and flickering images — images of decay and regrowth, of fire and water, of the flood.

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