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Small Bertrice - книги автора

Творчество автора (Small Bertrice) представлено в следующих жанрах: Любовные романы, Исторические любовные романы, Современные любовные романы

A Distant Tomorrow

My Dear Readers,

Five years have now passed since the Winter War between the Outlands and Hetar. But Gaius Prospero has not given up his scheme to become emperor, and unexpected tragedy causes Lara to once again heed the pull of her destiny. Finding herself across the sea in a secret new world known as Terah, she discovers that her magical abilities grow greater with each passing day.

Using her newfound powers, Lara lifts an ancient curse from the men of Terah, earning its ruler's gratitude – and his deep and passionate love. Magnus Hauk has never known a woman like Lara, and his fascination leads him to venture back across the sea with her to prevent another war. There, however, the ruler of Terah learns that betrayal is an everyday commodity; nothing is exactly what is seems in beautiful, sinister Hetar. And the lovers attract the animosity of Prospero, a dangerous enemy to have. For power, dear reader, does corrupt absolutely.

This take continues to unfold within the corridors of my imagination. I hope you will enjoy Lara's further adventures as she continues to seek out her true destiny. I know I am enjoying writing it for you.

Beatrice Small

A Memory of Love

Rhonwyn, a passionate woman who uses weapons as skillfully as any man, accompanies her husband on the Crusades, where, captured by the Emir of Cinnebar, she learns erotic skills that she utilizes on her return to England to win back her beloved.

A Moment in Time

Young Wynne of Gwernach believes love is an illusion. She devotes herself to managing the great family estate in Wales, vowing to protect it and her younger brother until he comes of age to inherit. Then Madoc of Powys enters her life, and all her beliefs are turned upside down. For Wynne and Madoc have been lovers in another time, another place. And an unfinished destiny lies between them…


Adora, la hija del emperador de Bizancio, cautivó al príncipe Murad el día que este la conoció en los jardines del convento. Pero Adora estaba destinada a ser un instrumento político.

Orkhan El Grande la reclama para su reino y mientras el destino la lleva a otras tierras y otros amores, Murad y Adora lucharán para que su amor no se pierda.

All the Sweet Tomorrows

Bestselling author Bertrice Small continues the blazing adventures of raven-haired, emerald-eyed Skye O'Malley. This time, she is a pawn in the bitter war between England's Queen Elizabeth, and Mary, Queen of Scots. Once again, unprotected and alone, she must fight for her children. At the command of Queen Elizabeth, Skye marries the cruel Duc de Beaumont de Jaspre. Although her new life is horrid at first, Skye transforms it with her hot-blooded desires-only to be shaken with the news that her beloved former husband may be alive in Algiers. Her daring flight into eroticism and danger leads her ultimately to her heart's true destiny-as bold and sensual as Skye herself. She is a woman born to be loved by men, yet too proud and incomparable to answer to anything but the call of her own passionate soul.

"Bertrice Small creates cover-to-cover passion, a keen sense of history and suspense."



Taken captive by Ottoman pirates, Lady India Lindley finds herself falling in love with the man who now owns her, Caynan Reis, ruler of the Barbary state of El Sinut.


The daughter of a powerful desert cheiftain, beautiful raven-haired Zenobia, a descendent of Cleopatra, witnesses at an early age the shocking brutality of renegade Roman soldiers and vows to hate all of the blue-eyed strangers forever. Despite that pledge, she falls hopelessly and passionately in love with Marcus Alexander Britanus, a Roman. And it will take all her cunning and skill in war to keep the precious erotic rapture she can find only in his arms…

"Bertrice Small creates cover-to-cover passion, a keen sense of history and suspense."



"Bertrice Small is a legend… Don't miss this book!" – Linda Lael Miller

Lady Fortune Lindley spares little thought for romantic love, though she has many suitors. William Devers is an ideal match, wealthy and well-favoured, but it is his disinherited brother Keiran that sets Fortune's senses reeling. Caught between two brothers she ignites both passion and revenge.


When Angus Gordon demands that Fiona Hay become his mistress in exchange for a dowry for her sisters, a passionate and sensuous battle of wits ensues that draws the lovers into the dangerous court of King James and into a betrayal that could separate them forever.


Tales of Erotic Romance

An omnibus of novels

An anthology of four sensuous historical romances includes Susan Johnson's "Bound and Determined," Thea Devine's "Dark Desires," "A Lady's Pleasure" by Robin Schone, and Bertrice Small's "Ecstasy," about an enslaved prince who falls under the spell of the seductive queen who owns him.

Crown of Destiny

A hundred years have passed since the Faerie woman Lara last saved the world of Hetar from the darkness. Her youth and her beauty remain as always. The passing years, however, have taken many of her friends and kin. Her influence has waned. Those who remember her heroism in times of peril are few. Even her great-grandson, Cadarn, Dominus of Terah, denies her strong magic.

And all the while Lara's son, the charming but nefarious Twilight Lord, Kolgrim, waits patiently for his moment. But Kolgrim will not make his father's mistakes by waging war. His way is more subtle, and sinister. Despite Lara's formidable powers she fears there is little to be done. Yet before all is lost she will fulfill the long-ago prophecy of her daughter Anoush to unite the world of Hetar.

And as the darkness falls Lara finds that more than ever she needs the wisdom, the love and the support of the great Shadow Prince, Kaliq. While her youngest daughter, Marzina, will prove to all that she is more than just her mother's daughter. In her greatest trial yet, Lara and Kaliq will finally meet her long foretold destiny together.


Set against the rich tropical beauty of a Caribbean island and the splendor of 17th-century England, "Deceived" promises another spellbinding tale of intrigue, suspense, and everlasting love written in Small's steamy, inimitable fashion.

Publishers Weekly

A veteran author of panting heavy-petters, Small (Darling Jasmine, etc.) tells a tale of two stepsisters with the same first name and very different attitudes toward men and sex during the reign of George III. Charlotte Aurora Kimberly and Charlotte Calandra Kimberly swap fates: when Aurora discovers that her late father arranged for her to be married on her 17th birthday to Valerian Hawkesworth, Duke of Farminster, she sends socially ambitious Calandra in her place. All seems well as young Calandra sails with her dashing groom from the Kimberlys' plantation on St. Timothy for England. But when, months later, Aurora visits the motherland to choose a suitable mate of her own, it becomes apparent that something in the Hawkesworth marriage is amissand that Calandra has none of her virgin stepsister's "ardent bent." Aurora becomes engaged to Hawkesworth's rival cousin, but the duke can't hide his attraction to her. When an unwanted pregnancy conveniently claims Calandra's life, Hawkesworth swears he will claim the woman who is his by destiny. The tale shuttles between the West Indies and the court of the young George III, but turgid sex, not well-rendered setting, remains its primary passion.

El Honor De Una Dama

Una joven pierde la virtud, víctima de un vil engaño. Nyssa, bella dama de honor de la reina, es sorprendida en brazos de Varian de Winter, un consumado mujeriego. En realidad, había sido narcotizada para simular su deshonra e impedir así que se convirtiese en quinta esposa de Enríque VIII. El rey, ignorando que el suceso es fruto de una conspiración, los obliga a casarse de inmediato. Contra todo pronóstico, el matrimonio resulta feliz y fecundo, pero nuevas conjuras palaciegas ponen en peligro el futuro de la pareja.

En Manos del Destino

En la Inglaterra del siglo V no hay más ley que la fuerza…

Cailin lo sabe por propia experiencia. Siendo casi una niña, escapa milagrosamente de una sangrienta matanza en la que perece toda su familia. Huérfana y desposeída de todos los bienes familiares, conoce a Wulf, un sajón atractivo y enérgico que la ayuda a rehacer su vida.

Pero Cailin parece condenada a la desdicha: cuando está dando a luz a su primer hijo, alguien le administra un poderoso somnífero y la vende a un traficante de esclavos. Sin embargo, el destino no ha dicho aún la última palabra.


An omnibus of novels

A new anthology of erotic, sensuous historical romance tales presents four original tales, including "Mastering Lady Lucinda" by Bertrice Small, Susan Johnson's "Risking It All," "The Pleasure Game" by Thea Devine, and "A Man and a Woman" by Robin Schone.

Forbidden Pleasure

Unattached romance novelist Emily Shann has gotten by on a vivid imagination, but now her publishers are demanding something sexier, more explicit, and true-to-life. Emily has nowhere to turn for advice except her new editor-tall, dark, and handsome Michael Devlin-who's already stirring her fantasies. So is The Channel-a secret network designed to tutor women in the art of sensual delight. Now, more willing than ever before, she must convince Devlin to teach her everything he knows-if her literary fantasies are to finally become an unedited flesh and blood reality…


A principios del siglo XIX, Nueva Inglaterra y Gran Bretaña están en guerra y el conflicto internacional revuelve las aguas del océano Atlántico. La sangre de los lores de Wyndsong fluye con el vigor suficiente para marcar la ruta que conducirá a Nueva Inglaterra a obtener la victoria en esta segunda guerra de independencia aunque para ello tengan que convertir sus lazos familiares en una fortaleza inexpugnable. Pero el deseo de independencia y la fortaleza de carácter son rasgos que se heredan y Miranda Dunham ama demasiado su tierra natal como para permitir que su derecho de sangre sea devorado por la amnesia de las convenciones sociales.

Królewska Intryga

Córka Jasmine, lady Autumn, za radą matki opuszcza szarpaną wojną domową Anglię i płynie do Francji w nadziei, że tam znajdzie odpowiedniego męża. Najwłaściwszym kandydatem okazuje się bogaty i przystojny markiz d Auriville, do którego Autumn żywi prawdziwe uczucie. Po kilku latach małżeństwa Autumn zostaje wdową i sądzi, że już nigdy nie pokocha żadnego mężczyzny. na królewskim dworze względy okazują jej jednak Ludwik XIV i Karol II. Zostaje wplatana w dworskie inrygi, w których mężczyźni nie wahają się posłużyc piękną kobietą, by zdobyć władzę lub zaznać rozkoszy.

La Dama de Friarsgate

La primera vez que enviudó, Rosamund Bolton tenía seis años. La segunda, no había cumplido los trece y aún era virgen. Comenzaba a desear no serlo, pero la idea de verse libre de marido por el período de luto de un año era muy seductora. Salvo durante tres años, había estado casada toda su vida.

Heredera de Friarsgate, una vasta extensión de tierras entre Inglaterra y Escocia, el destino la llevará de la custodia de un tío cruel hasta la magnífica corte de Isabel de York y a los aposentos del joven y fogoso Enrique VIII. El noble sir Owein Meredith la defenderá de los avances de un príncipe y el vehemente Logan Hepburn no se resignará a renunciar a la mujer que ama desde que eran niños, aunque tenga que desafiar los deseos de un rey.

Esta novela, que recrea con fidelidad y ardor las aventuras y romances de una joven heredera inglesa entre los siglos XVI y XVII, es el primer volumen de una saga cautivante.

La Última Heredera

Elizabeth Meredith, la hija menor de Rosamund Bolton, no se parece en nada a sus refinadas hermanas. Rebelde y espontánea, la bella joven rechaza la vida palaciega y prefiere la tranquilidad de Friarsgate. Sin embargo, para proteger y conservar las tierras que adora necesita un marido, y viaja a la corte para encontrarlo.

Allí escandaliza a damas y caballeros al trabar amistad con Ana Bolena, la amante del rey Enrique VIII, y coquetear con Flynn Estuardo, el hermano bastardo de Jacobo V de Escocia. Baen MacColl ama en secreto a la hermosa dama de Friarsgate, pero ella es inglesa, y eso representa un verdadero inconveniente para él, pues no quiere romper los lazos de lealtad que lo unen con su padre, líder del dan escocés Hay.

¿Podrán Elizabeth y su amor vencer los obstáculos que amenazan con separarlos para siempre? ¿Logrará Elizabeth preservar Friarsgate y al mismo tiempo seguir los dictados de su corazón?

La Pasión De Skye O’Malley

Criada desde pequeña en alta mar como el varón que siempre deseó y nunca tuvo su padre, jefe de una poderosa flota de las costas de Irlanda, la hermosa Skye O'Malley contrae a los quince años matrimonio con un hombre cruel y vicioso, aunque no sin antes perder su virginidad a manos del noble Niall Burke, que ejerce así el tradicional derecho de pernada. En realidad, Skye ama a Burke en secreto y esa única noche de pasión resultará para ella inolvidable.

Pero su vida y sus amores no han hecho más que empezar y llegarán a abarcar con el tiempo desde las brutalidades de su marido irlandés a los refinamientos sensuales de los harenes de Argel…


Welcome, dear reader, to the world of Hetar. A land of Forest Lords, of Shadow Princes and Coastal Kings. A place that is both civilized and savage. Where the social classes know their place, but where anyone can, under the right conditions, advance to the highest pinnacle. This is a place where pleasure is not censured but encouraged; where the ends are justified by the means. And yet all is not as perfect as it may seem. The orderly, elegant veneer of refined Hetar cannot prevent the rebellion brewing in the Outlands, a dangerous place of both magic and mystery.

From the City that is the very center of Hetar, Lara, the beautiful half-faerie daughter of John Swiftsword, ventures forth on a journey that will take her into the heart of darkness and the depths of desire, as she learns the true meaning of love that will last an eternity – a love that will change the destiny of Hetar forever.

Creating Hetar and its many characters has been a great challenge for me, but a wonderful and creative endeavor. I hope you will enjoy Lara's tale.

Love Wild and Fair

A Love For All Time

She is Catriona, Countess

of Glenkirk, the dazzling green-eyed beauty

whose silken sensuality fires the passion of men's

very souls – making her a pawn in a dangerous game

of royal intrigue. wife to a count, unwilling mistress to the

king, she has the undying live of the most courageous lord

in all of scotland…

He is Francis, Earl of Bothwell, who defies his king to possess the woman he loves. Theirs is a romance in the grand tradition of bestselling author Beatrice Small – and epic tale of love and betrayal that sweeps from the snowy Scottish highlands through the glittering palaces of Europe and exotic pleasures domes of Constantinople to find its magnificent conclusion inthe exquisite fulfillment of love's most passionate desires.

Mi Pasión eres tú

Mientras la guerra se cierne sobre Inglaterra y Escocia, la dama de Friarsgate conoce, por fin, a su verdadero amor.

Rosamund Bolton ha tomado el control de su vida. Reclamó la herencia que le pertenecía, rechazó a su último pretendiente y decidió viajar a la corte de su querida amiga, la reina Margarita de Escocia. En ese ámbito suntuoso e impredecible conocerá al hombre que cambiará su destino para siempre.

Patrick Leslie, primer conde de Glenkirk, provoca en la dama de Friarsgate una pasión abrasadora, a pesar de su trágico pasado. Mientras la guerra se cierne sobre Escocia e Inglaterra y Enrique VIII intenta convertirse en el monarca más poderoso de Europa, Patrick y Rosamund emprenden una peligrosa misión en nombre del rey Jacobo IV, en la que pondrán a prueba su lealtad y la intensidad de su amor.


Po śmierci ojca i wyjeździe matki do Francji obdarzony stanowczym charakterem syn Jasmine, Patrick Leslie, książę Glenkirk, odkrywa, że odpowiedzialność za włości i ludzi z nimi związanych spoczywa teraz wyłącznie na nim.

Przypadkowe spotkanie podczas polowania sprawia jednak, że samotność księcia dobiega kresu, gdyż aby pozyskać opuszczony zamek i otaczające go ziemie, musi przyjąć coś jeszcze – narzeczoną.

Flanna Brodie, dziedziczka Brae, jest dziewczyną pełną życia, do tego piękną jak szkocki krajobraz – i równie dziką. Nie pragnie mężczyzny, ale wolności. Jednak namiętność, jaką rozbudzi w niej Patrick, sięgnie głębiej, niż tylko w sferę ciała.


Philippa Meredith, la hija mayor de Rosamund Bolton y heredera de Friarsgate, sufre una terrible desilusión cuando el joven con quien pensaba casarse la abandona para ordenarse sacerdote. Sin embargo, ese inesperado giro del destino permite a la bella e impetuosa Philippa volver a ocupar su lugar en la corte de Catalina de Aragón y conocer a Crispin St. Claire, conde de Witton, un hombre sofisticado, elegante y, además, un excelente candidato para casarse. La pasión arrebatadora del noble caballero enloquece de deseo a Philippa.

Pero cuando ella se entera accidentalmente de un complot para asesinar al rey Enrique Tudor, y ambos se ponen en marcha para desenmascarar a los conspiradores, su amor se resiente por la dura prueba que deben atravesar. Sensualidad, drama e intriga abundan en este relato ambientado en la corte de Enrique VIII

Pod Naporem Uczuć

Lady Fortune Lindley jako dwudziestoletnia stara panna opuszcza Szkocję, by zamieszkać w Irlandii, w Maguire's Ford, gdzie się urodziła. Ma odziedziczyć tę posiadłość pod warunkiem, że wyjdzie za mąż za irlandzkiego protestanta. Ostatecznie Fortune zgadza się rozważyć kandydaturę Williama Deversa, arystokraty o odpowiednim statusie i majątku. Wkrótce jednak poznaje jego młodszego brata, Kierana, i ogarnia ją namiętność, jakiej do tej pory nie zaznała. Ten wybór pociąga za sobą serię dramatycznych zdarzeń. A to dopiero początek jej zawiłych losów…

Private Pleasures

Nora Buckley's worst nightmare has just come true. After years of being a devoted, dutiful housewife, she's found out her husband is leaving her for a younger woman. Her only comfort comes from her friends-the women of Ansley Court, who meet every Monday morning for coffee and gossip.

Seeing Nora's desperation, her friends decide it's time to let her in on their delicious and dirty little secret. It's called The Channel… and it lets every woman unleash passions beyond her wildest dreams. Suddenly Nora is living out her most intimate and sensuous fantasies- and before long, she realizes she can have everything she ever wanted…


Piękna Arabella Grey, osierocona królewska krewna, jako młodziutka dziewczyna ma być wydana za mąż za sir Jaspera Keane'a. To zaaranżowane przez króla małżeństwo ma zapewnić ochronę rodowego zamku Greyów na niebezpiecznym szkockim pograniczu. Tymczasem w dniu ślubu do kościoła wkracza młody Szkot Travis Stewart, podstępem oraz groźbą zmusza pana młodego do odstąpienia od swych praw i sam bierze ślub z młodziutką panną młodą. Jak potoczą się dalsze losy Arabelli?

Skye O'Malley

There has never been a woman like luscious, raven-haired, hot-tempered Skye O'Malley. She is the courageous seafaring captain of her own mighty fleet, and intelligent enough to win a battle of wits with Queen Elizabeth herself. Follow along as Skye O'Malley is swept up in a journey filled with romance and passion that takes her from glittering Ireland, to lush Algeria, to the heart of London in pursuit of a unique and eternal love…

Sudden Pleasures

Ashley Kimbrough has everything a woman could want. Not only is she wealthy and successful, she has a more than satisfying sex life in The Channel, a secret network that allows women to live out their wildest fantasies. But if she doesn't find herself a husband she could be in danger of losing it all.

Then multi-millionaire Ryan Mulcahy enters Ashley's life. With that Celtic warrior's body and drop-dead gorgeous face, he makes her fantasies run wild. Although their marriage is one of convenience, Ashley is starting to wonder whether she can use everything she learned from The Channel on her unsuspecting husband.

The Captive Heart

From the New York Times bestselling author – the third passionate romance in the Border Chronicles series.

The year is 1461, and the winds of war rage across England, uprooting Alix Givet, the daughter of Queen Margaret's physician, and the rest of Henry VI's court. Alix's plight becomes bleaker still when, out of duty to her queen, and to her ill, widowed father, she's locked into a loveless marriage to a cruel Northumbrian. But when her luck changes, Alix has another chance to flee – this time to save herself. Escaping north over the border into Scotland, she throws herself at the mercy of a dark and brooding laird who might provide the everlasting love of her dreams – if she can warm his cold heart.

The Duchess

In this lush new novel, Bertrice Small has created a moving story of consuming passion and undeniable love set against the noble splendor of Georgian England…

As the daughter of the richest man in England, Allegra Morgan attracts a number of fortune hunters willing to overlook her flawed pedigree to gain her enormous wealth. Her most ardent suitor is the arrogant but impoverished Quinton Hunter, duke of Sedgwick, who has little to offer a prospective wife except his grand title. Allegra decides that if she must marry, she might as well be a duchess. So she agrees to the match with one condition: her husband must never ask for her love. She has seen the misery love can cause and has vowed to give her heart to no man-especially a dangerously alluring duke.

Quinton is dazzled by his new wife's grace and fortitude, as well as the fierce desire that rages between them. Despite his best intentions, he finds himself falling in love with her. Then the terrors of the French Revolution hit close to home, and the two of them set off on a treacherous adventure that could cost them everything… including their final chance at happiness.

The Innocent

When her brother dies and she becomes heir to her family's strategically valuable estate, Eleanore of Ashlin is ordered by King Stephen to marry one of his knights.

The Shadow Queen

Mourn me but briefly.

Then find your destiny, Lara, my love, my life.

Now let me go.

With those words, the spirit of Magnus Hauk, Dominus of Terah, leaves his body – and thus the fate of a nation rests upon the faerie woman Lara's shoulders.

While Lara's son Prince Taj is well loved by the people of Terah, he is too young to rule, and Lara must obey Magnus's dying command and govern in his stead. Thankfully, she has a powerful ally in Prince Kaliq of the Shadows, though never was there a more seductive friend or foe. Yet some in Terah still believe that a female must never wear the crown.and Lara and her daughters will face old enemies who escaped the wrath of Magnus but are not yet finished with their schemes for power and revenge.

Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
The Sorceress of Belmair

A Past Awakened

Magic coursing through his blood, Dillon, son of Lara, Domina of Hetar, follows his mystical path to Hetar's brightest star. Belmair is a forgotten world. And, it turns out, his people's lost heritage. Summoned to marry the king's daughter and inherit the throne, Dillon discovers Belmair is beautiful, enigmatic and seductive – as is his strong-willed new queen, and the mystery lying at Belmair's heart.

A Love Unimagined

Cinnia, sorceress of Belmair, expected to claim her rightful place as ruler, not as the wife of a stranger chosen by Belmair's magical guardian. But the enchantment that seals a marriage of power and greatness soothes her wounded pride, allowing her to use her magical gift to uncover the darkest secret of a bright planet whose young women are inexplicably disappearing…

The Twilight Lord

Lara, Domina of Terah, has mysteriously disappeared while visiting the New Outlands. The Dominus is frantic to find his beloved wife, but when no trace of her can be discovered, Magnus Hauk turns to two strong allies-Prince Kaliq of the Shadows and his mother-in-law, Ilona, the most powerful of the faerie queens. Who has stolen Lara? And why?

In the Dark Lands, Kol, the Twilight Lord, revels in his victory. The faerie woman Lara is now his possession, and her powers will soon help him to conquer first Hetar and then Terah. But the Emperor of Hetar is hatching schemes of his own-having learned of Lara's disappearance he believes Terah is now vulnerable, and plans to go to war against Magnus Hauk.

Скачивание и чтение запрещены по просьбе уважаемого Автора
To Love Again


Legendary for her exotic novels of faraway places teeming with adventure and intrigue, New York Times bestselling author Bertrice Small once again pens an extraordinary tale of passion and history, sweeping readers back to fifth-century Britain and Constantinople, where battles of love and war are fought with equal skill and voracity-and victory is savored with sweetest pleasure…


Beautiful, headstrong, and defiant, Cailin Drusus possesses the pride of her Celtic-born mother, though she has been reared amid her Roman father's wealth and privilege. When Cailin's family is destroyed and their farmland seized, she marries Wulf Ironfist, a Saxon of enormous strength and power-a gentle giant who opens the door to a world of heady sensuality. But her happiness is short-lived. For an unknown enemy drugs her as she labors in childbirth-and she awakens to find herself sold to a slave merchant and transported to Byzantium, not knowing what happened to her child…

Until You

The beautiful Rosamund Bolton is determined to live her own life. Now that she has claimed her inheritance, the magnificent Friarsgate estate, and rejected her latest suitor, she has decided to travel to the court of her dear friend, Queen Margaret, in Scotland. It is against this lavish and unpredictable backdrop that she will meet the man who will forever change her destiny.

About the Author:

Bertrice Small is the New York Times bestselling author of more than twenty-five historical romances and two erotic novellas. She has been married to her husband, George, for forty years. They have a son, a daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren.

Zuleika and the Barbarian

Princess Zuleika of Dariyabar has no intention of marrying her ruthless cousin, even if she has to give herself to the enemy, the barbarian AmirKhan, to be free of him. AmirKhan is both intrigued and amused by this outspoken, beautiful creature who seems so willing to be his. Certainly, the idea of taking her in his arms appeals to him, but something about her innocence appeals to both his white-hot desires and his protective higher nature. And with each night of seduction and surrender, the barbarian finds himself succumbing to love's decisive victory…


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    — Один раз, Настя! Это будет один раз… Поняла?!

    — Да.

    — Я уеду. Ты не звонишь и не пишешь, иначе отправишься в бан… — шипит тихо в губы.

    — Х-хорошо…

    — Никому ни слова.

    — Я обещаю.

    — И помни — это никогда не повторится.

    Я сдержала свое слово, а "последствия" той ночи оставила себе.

  •  Как достать профессора
     Романова Ульяна
     Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы

    — Раздевайтесь, профессор! — на выдохе выпалила я, врываясь в аудиторию.

    Не обращая внимания на обалдевшее лицо «уголовника», быстрым шагом приблизилась к нему, опустила на пол пакет и потянулась к его пиджаку.

    — Ну, быстрее, у нас пара через десять минут начинается!

    Взялась за лацканы пиджака, пытаясь стянуть его с плеч Руслана Евгеньевича, когда за спиной раздался громогласный голос ректора:

    — Руслан! После пар ко мне в кабинет!

    — Мама! — пискнула я, убирая руки с плеч преподавателя.

    Ректор ушел, а «уголовник» выдохнул и перевел горящий взгляд на меня:

    — Раздевайтесь, Синицина, — процедил Руслан Евгеньевич.

    — З-зачем?..

    Он положил горячую ладонь мне на талию и дернул на себя:

    — Теперь, когда ректор думает, что я сплю со студенткой, вы просто обязаны компенсировать мне моральный вред, причиненный вами!


    Логинов Руслан Евгеньевич — наш новый преподаватель уголовного права. Строгий до зубовного скрежета. Серьезный настолько, что сам себе в зеркало не улыбается. Мы возненавидели друг друга с первой встречи. А потом оказалось, что от ненависти до любви один… зачет!



  •  Мама на Рождество
     Орлова Екатерина
     Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы

    — Папочка, — шепчет Милли, взбираясь ко мне на колени. — Смотри, наша мама танцует с другим дядей. Пойди ударь его.

    — Милли, я не дерусь с мужчинами, которые танцуют с женщинами. К тому же, она не «наша» мама.

    — Так пусть ею будет! Я сегодня напишу новое письмо Санте. Пускай забирает кукольный домик и сделает Эйку моей новой мамой.

    Закатываю глаза и пытаюсь не рычать от злости. Как вот ее разубедить? Как, нахрен, себя убедить теперь, что я ее не хочу?

    Утром Эрика Коулман бесила меня. Вечером привлекла. А теперь я хочу ее до зубовного скрежета. Это какая-то ненормальная реакция организма. Но она сама виновата во всем этом. Потому что бросала на меня эти многозначительные взгляды. Улыбалась другим мужчинам, танцевала, демонстрируя чулки. Чертова Эрика!

  •  Заберу тебя себе
     Майрон Тори, Влад Мэри
     Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы, Короткие любовные романы, Эротика

    Мы с ним из разных миров. Видим друг друга первый и последний раз в жизни. Я для него просто девушка на ночь. Он для меня — единственное спасение от мерзких планов моего отца на моё будущее. Так я думала, когда покидала ночной клуб с незнакомцем. Однако я и представить не могла, что после всего одной ночи он украдёт моё сердце и заберёт меня себе.

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