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Творчество автора (Pournelle Jerry) представлено в следующих жанрах: Фантастика, Космическая фантастика, Научная Фантастика
Творчество автора (Pournelle Jerry) представлено в следующих сериях книг: Janissaries, , Codominium, Codominium, Jupiter, Super + fiction, Man-Kzin Wars

Birth Of Fire

Editorial Reviews

Ingram Birth Of Fire is the story of Garrett Pittston, wrongly convicted of murder. Pittston faces a choice: life in prison, or near-slavery on Mars. Under the appalling conditions imposed by those who run the mines from Earth, Pittston and his fellow workers start a revolution to wrest their freedom from the penal colony. Display advertising in science fiction publications. Previously published by Pocket Books.

Customer Reviews

Avg. Customer Review:

One of the Best Mars Colonization Novels Ever, November 7, 2001 Reviewer:

I had not read any of Jerry Pournelle's other books, when I picked this up years ago. It is an amazingly good yarn dealing with the now cliched notion of the colonization of Mars. The lead protagonist Garrett is given the option to stay in jail in overcrowded earth or get shipped out to Mars on a work detail.

He opts for the latter and gets involved in a revolution to free Mars from the oppressive multinational corporations back on earth. I read this book at least thrice! Great writing. The author moves the action at a good pace. The book felt very believable.

Good story - classic Pournelle, August 3, 2001 Reviewer:

After I read 'Janissaries' I had a 'Pournelle reading frenzy' and this is one of the novels I bought as well.

I like it, it's quite classic. Boy gets to mars 'cause he doesn't have much of a future back home. When arriving on Mars it seems he won't have much of a future there either. But the locals help him out and suddenly he finds himself caught up in a revolution… classic, not the most complex plot ever, but a good read never the less. A juvenile in the Heinlein tradition, August 30, 2000 Reviewer:

Garrett Pittson is a youth without a future in a Washington slum. After a fight between gangs he is convicted to exile and slave labour on Mars. There he is picked up by the Marsmen, emigrants and former convicts turned settlers outside the cities and mines governed by companies - and lands in the midst of a revolution in growing. Allegiance to new-won friends and love to a settler's daughter makes him join the revolution and together with the revolution the Project - using nukes to make volcanoes spew out enough water and gases to strengthen Mars atmosphere sufficiently for humans to live without space suits on Mars. Some fight scenes of the Falkenberg quality. All in all a lot like Heinlein's juveniles - in atmosphere as well as in message. solid but unexceptional Pournelle, May 24, 2000 Reviewer:

A Birth of Fire is an entertaining read with all of the Pournelle elements you would expect. The character of the young protagonist is developed nicely. The plot is solid and moves along well; helped by some interesting military tactics. The Martian setting is very well developed.

However, the book doesn't have the same spark as most other Pournelle novels. The biggest disappointment is that only the main character is developed enough to make the reader care about his fate. We never really learn enough about the thoughts and motivations of the girl who is one of the two supporting characters to become caught up in her story. The Martian colonial society also has a few small but nagging inconsistancies.

De splinter in gods oog

Gedurende het Tweede Imperium van het grote Aardse ruimterijk wordt plotseling een ruimteschip van onbekende herkomst ontdekt dat, aan de koers te zien, afkomstig is uit de richting van ‘Murchisons Oog’. Dit betekent het allereerste contact met ‘buitenaardsen’. Murchisons Oog is de enige ster in de Kolenzaknevel die op grote afstand nog te zien is. Het is een grote, rode ster, met in een hoek een klein wit lichtend puntje, dat De Splinter in Gods Oog wordt genoemd.

Een kleine expiditie van twee schepen wordt derwaarts gestuurd en men maakt al snel contact met de vreemde Splinterbeschaving. Door gesprekken en bezichtigingen probeert de expeditie zich een betrouwbaar beeld te vormen van dit volk. maar waarom houden de vreemdelingen een aantal zaken uit alle macht verborgen? En wat is de betekenis van de vreemde Fyunch(klik)s, die de expiditieleden overal volgen? Eén ding is overduidelijk: de Splinters hopen binnenkort de mogelijkheid tot emigratie te verwerven. En dat is voor het Imperium onder deze omstandigheden een bijzonder moeilijke beslissing…

Der Splitter im Auge Gottes

In ferner Zukunft: Die menschliche Rasse hat einen Teil der Galaxis besiedelt, hat Großreiche gegründet, die wieder zerfielen, hat Bürgerkriege ausgefochten und neue Imperien aufgebaut, ist in interstellares Neuland vorgedrungen — auf eine andere intelligente Rasse ist sie nie gestoßen. Da naht aus dem Bereich des Kohlensack-Nebels, aus einem System, dessen Zentralgestirn Splitter im Auge Gottes genannt wird, ein rätselhaftes Flugobjekt — eine Sonde, die von einem Lichtsegel angetrieben wird. Ein Schiff der Raumflotte fängt das Objekt ab, bevor es in eine Sonne stürzt. Das seltsame Lebewesen, das sich an Bord befindet, kommt bei dem riskanten Bergungsmanöver ums Leben. Es war der Abgesandte einer völlig andersartigen, offensichtlich uralten und technologisch hochentwickelten Rasse. Hatte er die Möglichkeit, vor seinem Tod eine Botschaft an seine Heimatwelt abzusetzen? Hat er die Begegnung mit den Menschen als Angriff auf sich und sein Schiff interpretiert? Es gibt nur eine Möglichkeit, der potentiellen Gefahr zu begegnen und guten Willen zu beweisen: das Heimatsystem der Fremden aufzusuchen. Ein Wettlauf mit der Zeit beginnt.

Der Splitter ist ein Werk über die Begegnung von Menschen mit einer anderen hochentwickelten Spezies. Niven und Pournelle haben dafür ein schlüssiges Universum generiert und sich weitgehend an die Erkenntnisse der Physik und Astronomie gehalten.

El martillo de Lucifer

Cuando EL MARTILLO DE LUCIFER, el cometa gigante, chocó contra la Tierra, hizo pedazos la civilización. Los días felices habían terminado. Estaban viviendo el fin del mundo. Los terremotos eran tan fuertes que no podían medirse con la escala de Ritcher. Las olas marinas alcanzaban alturas incalculables. Las ciudades se convirtieron en océanos, y los océanos en nubes. Era el principio de la nueva Edad del Hielo. Y el final de los gobiernos, los planes, los hospitales y el derecho. Y sobre ellos, igual que otro martillo del demonio, la más terrible selección del hombre hecha por el hombre que jamás se había producido.


The book depicts the arrival of members of an alien species called the Fithp that have traveled to our solar system from Alpha Centauri in a large spacecraft. The aliens are intent on taking over the Earth.

Physically, the Fithp resemble man-sized, quadrupedal elephants with multiple trunks. They possess more advanced technology than humans, but have developed none of it themselves. In the distant past on their planet, another species was dominant, with the Fithp existing as animals, perhaps even as pets. This predecessor species badly damaged the environment, rendering themselves and many other species extinct, but left behind their knowledge inscribed on large stone cubes (called Thuktunthp, plural of Thuktun in the Fithp language), from which the Fithp have gained their technology. The study of Thuktun is the only science the Fithp possess. The Fithp are armed with a technology that is superior rather than incomprehensible: laser cannon, projectile rifles, controlled meteorite strikes to bombard surface targets, lightcraft surface-to-orbit shuttles the size of warships, etc.

Nominated for Hugo and Locus awards in 1986.

Higher Education

Kicked out of school after a misfired practical joke, Rick Luban takes a job mining asteroids and is surprised by the industry’s fierce competition and dangers, which include sabotage and murder.

Серия: Jupiter
King David's Spaceship

The novel forms part of Pournelle’s Future History known as the CoDominium series. Chronologically, it is second to last in the series, contemporaneous with events in The Mote in God’s Eye.

In content it resembles Pournelle’s military fiction series Falkenberg’s Legion, also from the CoDominium series, in that it is the story of a capable military leader undertaking a campaign on a backward planet. In this case the leader is from a planet that has recovered technologically to the steam, steel and coal stage, who visits a planet of city states surrounded by barbarians, fighting with medieval weapons.

The story is notable for showing the conflicting motives of the different factions without demonizing any of them, save possibly the merchants’ faction whose motives are to use the forces of the Imperial Space Navy to enhance their own profits.

La poussière dans l’œil de Dieu

D’un trou noir dans les profondeurs de l’espace a jailli un rayon de lumière rubis cent fois plus brillant que la Lune.

Était-ce l’Œil dans le Visage de Dieu ou le soleil sanglant de nos premiers visiteurs intergalactiques ?

La mission de l’astronef Mac Arthur est difficile. il doit rechercher et affronter un monde extra-terrestre où des êtres étranges et peu communicatifs défient toute biologie connue... où des créatures minuscules, à la fois savantes et idiotes, sont utilisées en guise d’armes redoutables... où des sourires rassurants dissimulent un secret planétaire dont l’utilisation aurait un effet dévastateur dans l’Univers.

« Surtout, en dit Frank Herbert, l’auteur célèbre de Dune et La Ruche d’Hellstrom, ce roman présente une approche nouvelle et brillante du problème fascinant de la première rencontre avec des extra-terrestres. »

« C’est peut-être, le meilleur roman de science-fiction que j’ai jamais lu », renchérit Robert Heinlein, l’un des maîtres les plus fameux du genre.

Серия: Super + fiction
Lucifer's Hammer

The gigantic comet had slammed into Earth, forging earthquakes a thousand times too powerful to measure on the Richter scale, tidal waves thousands of feet high. Cities were turned into oceans; oceans turned into steam. It was the beginning of a new Ice Age and the end of civilization. But for the terrified men and women chance had saved, it was also the dawn of a new struggle for survival — a struggle more dangerous and challenging than any they had ever known…

Nominated for Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1978.

The Man-Kzin Wars 02

The alien Kzinti had almost conquered the humans, but after the initial surprise, the humans fought back with a ferocity the Kzinti had never faced. But that was centuries ago, and the humiliation of lost battles has not faded. The Kzinti are back… and spoiling for a fight! Includes stories by Larry Niven, Dean Ing, Jerry Pournelle and S.M. Stirling.

Серия: Man-Kzin Wars
The Man-Kzin Wars 03

The Mind Slavers are back--and only the cat-like Kzinti can save mankind now. This volume includes all-new tales of Larry Niven's Known Space--including one by Niven himself. Another blockbuster in the ongoing chronicle of humanity's greatest war.

Серия: Man-Kzin Wars
The Man-Kzin Wars 05

After losing three significant battles to the humans, the Kzin begin to wonder if their combative diplomatic style is working and decide to reevaluate their strategy, in a volume featuring contributions by Larry, Niven, S. M. Stirling, Thomas T. Thomas, and Jerry Pournelle. Reissue.

Серия: Man-Kzin Wars

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